Chapter 19: THE Storm part 1/Script

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  • Character count: ~25900
  • No spaces: ~21000
  • Character with most lines: Amy (100)
  • Character(s) with least lines: Hindo, Narrorator, Shadow (1)

Page 1

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)We were about to make love under the stars, but i stopped him..

SonicScript.pngSonicWhat's wrong Amy?

AmyScript.pngAmyNothing is, everything's so perfect. I'm the happiest i've ever been but, i want to wait until i'm married before making love.. I'm sorry Sonic, please don't be angry with me.

SonicScript.pngSonicAngry? Why would i be upset about that? I feel like, it's amazng the way that we are now. I couldn't ask for anything else.

AmyScript.pngAmyI don't know.. I thought that, maybe you wanted more from me or something.

SonicScript.pngSonicYou joking? I'm not going to push you into doing something you don't want to do. So if you want to wait until you're married? Then i will respect that ok? Let's just enjoy this really good thing we have, and maybe one day we will get married. Let's just worry about it then haha.

AmyScript.pngAmyHehee.. Thank you Sonic.

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)So we held each other tightly for hours, holding onto just another moment longer.. Staring so deeply into the other's eyes, so in love.. But, where there is a clear sky, a storm is bound to follow.

(Sonic and Amy are seen cuddling each other, asleep. Sonic wakes up in a shock.)

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)we woke up to an odd sound..

SonicScript.pngSonicwhats thats noise?

AmyScript.pngAmyI'm not sure, it sounded like it came from over the mountains.

SonicScript.pngSonicOhh shit!! No, no, no!

AmyScript.pngAmyWhat is it Sonic?? Tell me!

SonicScript.pngSonicI fucked up Amy.. I wasn't thinking at all, and i fucked up bad...


SonicScript.pngSonicI can't believe it, it didn't even cross my mind.. I'm so fucking stupid! Amy, i found this place only becaue i've been running from a very evil man.. His name is Eggman, and he wants to capture me so he can bring me back to hs lab, so he can continue experimenting on me like a rat..

SonicScript.pngSonicIf.. If he finds this place... Then, he will turn it into a wasteland.. We have to get out of here NOW!!

Page 2

AmyScript.pngAmyBut we can't leave, this is my home Sonic.. I... I just can't leave it.

SonicScript.pngSonicListen to me, i'm not fucking around Amy! This man.. He will do horrible things to us if we're captured ok!? We have to leave NOW!.. I am so sorry i've brought this upon you and this, beautiful paradice.. But we don't have a choice. We have to go or we will never see outside of his lab again.. Please! I don't want to see you get hurt Amy...

AmyScript.pngAmyBut the gems...

SonicScript.pngSonicDo you trust me?

AmyScript.pngAmyThis is my home Sonic! Id rather die then leave this place.. You can leave if you want to..

(Sonci gets emotional.)

SonicScript.pngSonicYou don't understand, there won't be anything left of this place.. We will get captured if you stay! He won't kill us right away ok? He will experiment on us in his lab, until there's nothing left... Then he will freeze us in thhis ice chamber until he needs us again.

SonicScript.pngSonicI've seen it, i've lived this. I broke out of tht disgusting place.. I was his most prized project, he gave me and others the ability of abnormal speed. But it doesn't matter how fast or how far i run, because he can track me some how... I should have told you last night, i'm so sorry Amy.. Please... I don't want you to be captured, please?..

AmyScript.pngAmyJust leave..

SonicScript.pngSonicI can't leave you...

AmyScript.pngAmyThen we will see what happens.

SonicScript.pngSonicOk.. Whatever happens then, just know that i love you. I know we just met, but i wanted you to know that. We miht just need some hope to hold on to...

AmyScript.pngAmyYou don't love me.. You ruined everything.


(Eggman approaches.)

Page 3

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)Eggman finally caught up to Sonic and found this amazing place.. He started making his way over the lake to where we were, i couldn't even look at Sonic. I blamed him for letting all of this happen, instead of putting my faith into the love we shared that irreplaceable night before. I thought i was ready to face whatever lied ahead, but i didn't have a clue. And i regret not trusting in Sonic.. I regreted it every single day of my life..

EggmanScript.pngEggmanLooks as he stopped running, perfect...


EggmanScript.pngEggmanHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!! I FINALLY found you! Who knew you would be hiding in such a Spactagular scenary! Ohh what's this? You found a lover?? What a shame Sonic, i only have one crane in this pod. Lucky lucky girl, but very well.

AmyScript.pngAmyRun Sonic, you still have a chance to escape..

SonicScript.pngSonicI can't.. My leg is damaged.

AmyScript.pngAmySo you mean you aren't staying because of me?

SonicScript.pngSonicI didn't mean it like that and you know it..

EggmanScript.pngEggmanOhh how romantic. Love, love is so..PRECIOUS!! Isn't it? So deep beyond words could ever express hahaa.. Such a shame to rip it apart, but i must be on my way. So i will be needing back my specimen, if you will be so KIND!

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)I remember a glare shine into his eyes from that lake that caught his interest.

EggmanScript.pngEggmanNow you're...... .

(A Chaos Emerald shines in the water.)

EggmanScript.pngEggmanAhh, what do we got here?

(Eggman extracts an emerald from the lake using a claw. Marlin and Dory are spotted gawking in the lake.)

EggmanScript.pngEggmanMy my my, this gem is unlike anything i ever seen! Very fascinating indeed! I will take this back to the lab to analyze.

(Sonic appears meek.)

Page 4

(Eggman places the Emerald in a small capsule.)

AmyScript.pngAmyI thought you were a good person Sonic.. I trusted you!


EggmanScript.pngEggmanI find it rather suspicious that you haven't started running away Sonic! Oh ok, isee. It's that girl isn'tit? You stay in hope to save her? Hmm?? HAAHAHAHAAA!! Oh, you should see the look on your face Sonic! It's simply priceless.

EggmanScript.pngEggmanSO! New plan. Due to the over all fact, that i am able to locate you no matter where you choose to hide.I've decided to take your precious lover instead! AAAHAHAHAHAA!! See this as payment, for wasting so much of my time. I will be back for you and of course the rest of these, um.. Gems, as well yes? '

SonicScript.pngSonicDon't you touch her you mother fucker!

EggmanScript.pngEggmanFarewell Sonic!

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)As the crane grabbed me, all i could think about is how this beautiful place would soon be a wasteland.. Nothing left but te memories that lives within Sonic's soul, for i feared i wouldn't have been alive for much longer.

(A claw snatches Amy.)



(Sonic tries to hold on to Amy's hand, but Amy is pulled away.)

SonicScript.pngSonicThere is no way in hell I'll let you have her.

(Sonic gets ready to chase.)

Page 5

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)But despite Sonic's leg being damaged, he ran at full speed and jumped to grab my hand. And i could tell just from the tightness of his grasp, and the torn look in his eyes. That i would probably never see the light of day again.

(Sonic rushes across the surface of the leake and leaps into the air, catching Amy's arm again.)

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)But for a moment, i remembered that I've seen something fat more beautiful than any plot of earth. I've seen this beauty dwelling deep within Sonic's eyes as he stared into mine, that night before... At that point, i knew the memory of all of this, was in the rightful hands. So all fear drifted away as he carried me off, and i was prepared for anything.


AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)Tears drained down his face as he struggled to hang on. i felt his love for what could have been the very last time. I knew he would blame himself so i took advantage of that moment to tell him.

(Sonic begins to tear up.)

AmyScript.pngAmySonic, let go.

SonicScript.pngSonicId rather die god damn it!

AmyScript.pngAmyIt's not your fault okay? It's mine, i should have trusted you. Just forget about me, i will be ok.

Page 6

SonicScript.pngSonicI can't let him take you!!

AmyScript.pngAmyI love you too, keep the memory of this place alive for me okay?


AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)The look on Sonic's face was heart breaking. He then lost his grip and crashed into the lake below us..


(Sonic falls into the lake.)

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)I take one more glimpse at the home ive grown to love with all of my heart. As i am drifted away into a world i never wanted to know..

(Back to the Weed Party.)

TailsScript.pngTailsWhy are you telling me all of this huh?

AmyScript.pngAmyBecause you need to know.. I will explain the rest of the story, so listen well Tails.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesHey Tails, hand me that bag of weed. This joint is dead..

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)We have finally arrived, to what looked like a mad scientists laboratory. He lowered the crane placing me into the custody of one of his minion robots.

(The scene shifts to Eggman's lab. E123-Omega amd Emerl's body parts are seen in the lab, as well as a brain floating in a jar and a blackboard with complex mathematical equations. Eggman's pod drops Amy into Metal Robotnik.)

Page 7

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)During the flight, i mentally prepared myself for what Sonic had described. I figured od be some kind of lab rat, but the things he did to me were unexpected. Since his anger for Sonic was deep, he had other plans for me..

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)His robot minion dragged me into this prison-like bed chamber.

(The scene shows an ornate bedroom, with a white carpet, and pink walls/bedsheets. Roses are scattered on the bed. A painting of a unicorn is also on the wall.)


(Metal Robotnik grabs Amy and tosses her into the floor before exiting. Amy begins to slightly bleed from a wound on her head.)

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)Before long i was visited by Eggman.

AmyScript.pngAmyWhat do you want with me?

EggmanScript.pngEggmanComfortable darling?


EggmanScript.pngEggmanYou are lucky my dear, why you might ask? Because you have obtained the generous luxury of my hospatality, sweet sweet darling!

EggmanScript.pngEggmanYou see, Sonic took something of mine when he escaped. Ahh yes, it was my precious, and very complex i might add, super computer battery. It was very meaningful to me and without it, i can't power some of my more complicated machinery see?

Page 8

EggmanScript.pngEggmanWhy am i sharing this information with you hm? Well, i thought you should know that if those gems prove to be useful, then perhaps this could work even more to my advantage. Once i pull them all out of that lake, i won't have any more use for Sonic or my battery. Besides, Sonic may be my most prized experiment, but he can be easily replaced.

(Eggman begins salivating.)

EggmanScript.pngEggmanI am assuming you are curious, as in why i decided to share this infomation with you, yes? Because i have no fears of your escape. Hahaa.. Not only will you never see Sonic again, you will never see outside of this comfy room either! Hahaha!!

AmyScript.pngAmyYou're wrong.. He will come save me, i seen it in his eyes.

EggmanScript.pngEggmanHAAHAA! A dreamer indeed. But you are right about one thing, but it isn't him saving you, oh no. He will join you! Welll, not exactly you see? He will be in my lab, likely inside of a rest tube but you? Hmmhmhm.. I have other plans instored for you, my darling!

EggmanScript.pngEggmanSonic took something of mine. It's only right if i return the favor RIGHT?! HAHAHAAA!!

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)He then pushed me onto the bed. I tried my hardest to fight him off, but it was pointless. I knew that even if i did manage to push him off, there was still no way to escape.

(Eggman pushes Amy onto the bed and licks her neck while feeling her up.)

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)I unwillingly lost my virginity that very moment, to a disgusting man i did not love.. I cried, but he didn't stop. I continued to fight, but it only caused him to become even more agressive. Which lead to undescribeable pain to both, my body and soul. So i gave in, it hurt less if i didn't struggle.

(Amy is in tears as Eggman lies on top of her, drooling. Nothing explicit is shown.)

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)The only thing i could think about, was how much i regret not making love to Sonic that special night before. A night i am blessed to have the honor of spending with such an amazing person.. My eyes were open from that point on...

(Flashback to Chapter 18: The eye of the storm, Page 21 where Sonic and Amy kiss and stare at each other. This is shown in parallel to Amy's tears/struggle as she is raped.)

AmyScript.pngAmyI regret it so much.

(Both Tails and Knuckles are wide-eyed in shock.)

Page 9

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckles (thinking)God damn you Eggman.. I will kill you, i fucking sware it. If i can get out of here, i will hunt you down and kill you with my bare hands son of a bitch.

(Tails glances away, still wide-eyed.)

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)He kept me locked in that room for what seemed like years.. He would come visit me once a week to have his way with me. I laid there as if i were a corpes every single time, just thinking about the lake, and about Sonic. There was nothing else keeping me going at that point..

(After some time has passed, Eggman still continues to rape Amy. Amy, numb to the experience, lays with no reaction as Eggman chokes/rapes her, dreaming only of the Spring Water Lake.)

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)But.. One of those times, Eggman was again having sex with me. I pictured that Sonic were the one making love to me instead.. I had an orgasm for the first time in my life, and it was to Eggman.

(Amy appears to have an orgasm, seeing Sonic in Eggman's place. Eggman smiles as he rapes Amy, who has a small reaction of disgust. She tears up.)

EggmanScript.pngEggmanI knew you would warm up to me, my love.

(The scene shifts back to Fudd's escape, who is in a state of shock as he recalls this portion of Eggman's memories.)

HindoScript.pngHindoCOME BACK HERE FUD!!

Page 10

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)I was so disgusted with myself, disgusted to the point where i tried to suicide the following day.. I felt like a whore... I felt as if, even if Sonic did come to my rescue, that i couldn't be what he wanted anymore. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror, i couldn't eat. I never been such a wreck in my life.

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)I would often look out the iron barred windows, and just dream.. Hoped and prayed that the afterlife will be just like that beautiful lake. The one i loved so very deeply.

(Amy stares out the window, seeing a thunderstorm.)

AmyScript.pngAmy (thinking)Good bye sonic, i hope you find someone who deserves you.

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)This time, i grabbed my bed sheets and tied them together to make rope. I then tied the rope to whatever i could.. Wrapped it around my neck and attempted to hang myself. But unfortunately, Eggman had cameras in my room. He was alerted to my actions, so he rushed in and restrained me..

(Using the bedsheet, Amy creates a makeshift noose and ties a poart of it to the window and lamp on the cieling. She stands on top of the bed and attempts to hang herself. Eggman is alerted by an alarm and sees Amy hanging herself. He barges into the room and pulls Amy down.)

EggmanScript.pngEggmanDamn it all!! What is the meaning of this?

Page 11

AmyScript.pngAmyNo!! No!! Nooo!!

(Amy is pulled down, alive.)

EggmanScript.pngEggmanWhat do you think you're doing love? I thought we had something special, it would be a shame to see it end so suddenly.. I guess all hopes of Sonic coming to have you finally broke. Better late than never i suppose.

AmyScript.pngAmyPlease, please, let me die... I beg you.. Please?..

EggmanScript.pngEggmanNow, now, why would i kill my wife? What kind of mad man would i be, if i let my beloved die? You should be grateful i cared enough to stop you darling!

AmyScript.pngAmyGo fuck yourself, tiny dick fat fuck! I HOPE YOU DIE!! I Hope you DIEEE!!!

EggmanScript.pngEggmanHahaha.. Such a rude thing to say.

EggmanScript.pngEggmanYou will love me one day, and see the error in your judgement. How hard is it to realize how better i am for you than Sonic hm?

AmyScript.pngAmyYou will NEVER! Be as good as Sonic!

EggmanScript.pngEggmanI guess he wasn't all that special, since i caught him and stuffed him back into a tube, where he belongs. This time i decided to end his life, his DNA will come in handy for years to come. And your precious little lake? I turned it into a crater. Hahaa..

AmyScript.pngAmyYou're lying.. You liar!

EggmanScript.pngEggmanAm i now? Well, you're a dreamer after all.

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)Ever since then, he kept me chained up with my legs spread for easy access. He fed me through a tube.. I spent the remainer of my time there, as an empty soul. Without a single thought cross my mind, without feeling a single emotion. Just, dead inside. Waiting for my chance to die..

(Amy is now chained to the bed. Eggman grims evilly. A tube is connected to her mouth, keeping her fed.)

Page 12

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)The next thing i remember is Sonic entering the room, but i didn't believe it.. He wasn't real in my eyes. I've pictured him in my mind so many times that it eventually created illusions, my mind would play tricks on me and make it seem like he was actually there. So why would this be any different?

(Amy appears surprised as Sonic enters the bedroom. She sees Sonic undoing the chains with a key and carries her out.)

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)He undid the chains and restraints, picked me up, and carried me out. After we made it out, he placed me down in the grass. he tried to get a response out of me..

(Eggman watches from the cameras, smiling. Sonic takes her to the Spring Water Lake and places her in the flowers. He begins to cry.)

SonicScript.pngSonicAmy!! Amy i'm here now! What did he do to you?.. Oh god Amy, please talk to me... Please talk to me...

SonicScript.pngSonicPlease be okay.

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)I wanted to tell him that it was too late, but i couldn't speak. He carried me to his hideout and took care of me as if i were a newborn. Eventually, i started to realize that Sonic actually did save me..

(Sonic and Amy are now in a cave. Sonic, smiling, attempts to feed Amy some form of soup.)

SonicScript.pngSonicThis isn't the home we imagined ourselves in but i like it. Oh, i know the food looks bad but it taste pretty good i promise.

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)I started to talk more and more each day. Though i made no sense to him, he still replied calmly, even know i could see the pain and confusion in his eye.


SonicScript.pngSonicWhat is it Amy? Do you need anything? Try to tell me.

AmyScript.pngAmyDre, dreamerr...

SonicScript.pngSonicI don't know what you're trying to say. It's okay.. We will get you all fixed up, just like you took care of my leg. Do you remember that? I want to help you now, so just rest fo now ok? Don't push yourself.

AmyScript.pngAmyOo.. Okay...

Page 13

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)Two years passed. One day he returned from one of his adventures, holding you in his arms Tails.. He said that he found you in one of Eggmans labs. So, even know i was still recovering from everything that has happened, i took care of you as Sonic did for me. I owe Sonic my life, and i know i could blame him for attracting Eggman to the lake, but i don't. Because it was my fault for not listening to him when he was warning me about this monster.. He not only saved me from Eggman, he helped me through the darkest times in my life.

(Sonic brings in a young Tails.)

SonicScript.pngSonicDon't worry little buddy you're safe now. I won't let anyone hurt you i promise.

(Tails looks at Amy. Amy smiles.)

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)These gems the lake held became known as the Chaos Emarolds. See the only way Sonic could save me, was to make a deal with Eggman.. When Sonic fell into the lake that very day slipping from my grip, he plucked out all of the Chaos Emarolds from the lake walls. Hoping Eggman would soon return for them.

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)Sonic travled to the same lab that he was trapped in, but he realized that it was abaondoned. Eggman knew Sonic would return to attempt int rescuing me. So me made home in one of his other countless labs scattered across the world, just to cause Sonic and me even more suffering. It took Sonic four years to find me.. Eggman never cared to track Sonic down because that single gem he pulled out of the lake to test back in his lab, had enough power to create another super computer battery. And he know Sonic would eventually bring him the rest of the Chaos Emarolds. So he just put his main priority back on what he normally did before meeting Sonic.

(Sonic appears in a jungle-like area. He approaches a lab.)


(Sonic enters the lab. It is empty aside from a computer displays the text "Try again.")

Page 14

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)Just as Eggman predicted. Sonic made a deal with Eggman in extange for my freedom. The Chaos Emarolds, for me. It was a trade Eggman was too greedy to decline, thought Sonic would only give the location to the gems after he got me to safety, to prevent getting into an even worse situation.

(Chaos Emeralds are shown around the world, one being atop a reef, one being in the snow. Eggman is then seen admiring said Emeralds in capsules.)

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)Sonic kept some of the Chaos Emarolds because he discovered that they had special preperties, for whoever learned how to use them. Eggman used them as batteries to power his machines, but we used ours to fight Eggman's armies of robots and lab creatures. We gained more friends along the way. Knuckles, Shadow and so on..

(Sonic observes some of the Emeralds he is holding.)

SonicScript.pngSonicRemarkable these gems can slow down time.

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)Sonic gave Shadow one of the Chaos Emarolds at the conclusion of ther intense battle. Sonic won that fight but instead of killing Shadow, because Sonic couldn't end someone's life. He offered Shadow peace, gane him the Emarold and walked away.

(Sonic and Shadow fight a bloody battle. Sonic emerges victorious.)

SonicScript.pngSonicI hate this, why does it have to be this way? All this bloodshed.. If i'm not fighting Eggmans robots i'm fighting someone else. Where does it end? I don't want to go through this chaos all of my life, i want to end this hate.

ShadowScript.pngShadowYou don't understand, it can't be done. Peace can't be done.. So take your victory and end me, no one will miss me. I'm just some freak experiment... I don't have a family, friends, loved ones, i'm all alone. There can't be peace with people like Eggman out there, os just end me. I don't want to hear your empty preaching.

Page 15

SonicScript.pngSonicI don't believe that, i think peace can be obtained. Even if it's just with kind actions, thinking of someone over yourself. If there is enough peace, it can over take the hate.. And the hate will fade away.

SonicScript.pngSonicHere, you seem to need this Chaos Emerald more than me. Maybe it will help you in some way, help you get through your struggles..

SonicScript.pngSonicGood bye shadow, i hope one day you find peace.

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)It wasn't until years later that Shadow showed up explaining to Sonic how he saved his life. If Sonic never gave Shadow that Chaos Emarold, then Shadow would have died. They become very good friends, and that friendship lasted for years.

(Shadow appears. Sonic is happy and the two shake hands.)

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)See, Shadow was driven by revenge. But so was Sonic in some ways.. One day after i recovered enough long after Sonic saved me, i opend up to him and told him about the horrible things Eggman did to me.. It broke his heart, in so mant different ways. He had troubles keeping stable since then. His mind was always set on finding and killing Eggman. But everytime he had the chance, he couldn't take it. He just couldn't take another persons life.. He hated and blamed himself for everything that has happened. He oftenly said that he failed me, that he couldn't avange me for the things Eggman did. He would leave for months at a time, to find and kill Eggman, but he never could..

(Amy opens up to Sonic about what Eggman did to her.)

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)Remebering it now i can't hear myself speak, i know what i said but i cant allow myself to rehear those horrors. I Feel a put of revolting aching pitch surrounding me.


(Sonic is broken. His eyes turn white and his skin color darkens as he transforms into Dark Sonic.)

AmyScript.pngAmyIt's not your fault, it's okay Sonic, it's okay..

(Dark Sonic lets off a powerful energy wave, lifting the rocks in the cave the two made their home. The cavern collapses. Amy emerges from the rubble, injured.)


Page 16

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)He never made love to me and i understand why, but it hurt me.. We would often push each other away, and fight. But we always came to realize just how much we needed each other, so we always came back. Still, i waited patiently for that moment when we become whole, regardless of all the things that happened..

TailsScript.pngTailsHey Sonic!! Hey Sonic!! Hey Sonic!! Can you show me that backflip trick again? I want to be just as cool as you when i get older.


NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorLater that day

AmyScript.pngAmyWhat is your problem huh?? I just moved your shoes out of the fucking way. I kept stepping on them. You know why? BECAUSE THEY'RE IN THE FUCKING WAY!!


SonicScript.pngSonicMy god.. Would you get off my fucking bad?? All i get is nag nag nag, over WHAT!? STUPID SHIT THAT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE!! You're always in a bad mood and it's getting on my nerves damn it! SHUT UP!!

SonicScript.pngSonicIt's always something with you... SHOES, THE DISHES! Some random crap about Tails! Instead of giving me this bullshit, WHY DON'T YOU ACTUALLY TELL ME WHY YOU'RE MAD AT ME!! Instead of WASTING MY TIME!! GOSH! How frustraiting this is.. I don't need to hear this nonsense!

AmyScript.pngAmyFUCK YOU SONIC! Don't act like you don't know.. YOU KNOW WHY I'M ANGRY YOU JERK!! And don't try to turn this on me, YOU'RE THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM! ASSHOLE!!


SonicScript.pngSonicI'M DONE!! I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT!!

AmyScript.pngAmySo how was your walk?

SonicScript.pngSonicI was trying to clear my thoughts.. It was ok, why do we keep doing this? Keep finding reasons to drift apart...

AmyScript.pngAmyI don't know Sonic.. But i don't care about what we said, it was stupid. I'm sorry..

SonicScript.pngSonicNo it's my fault, i'm sorry Amy. I don't know why i acted the way i did.. Please don't be mad at me.

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)One day not too long ago, he walked up to me. He was so angry for some reason, going on and on about these trolls calling me a slut.. And it stired up all of the shit we struggled with. And then he kissed me, before long we were having sex.. But, it didn't feel right, it was a moment i waited so very long for, and it felt as if i was back in that room with Eggman. Sonic didn't make love to me, he just fucked me like i was a slut to relieve his frustration.. It broke my heart, so i broke up with him..

SonicScript.pngSonicThose trolls don't know anything.. Calling you a slut, they'll pay. Hmm... No one says that about you. Why would they do that??

SonicScript.pngSonicWhat do they know huh? NOTHING! Stupid trolls, you're not a slut! Damn it, i can't even think clearly. AHH!!

AmyScript.pngAmy (thinking)Something's off, this isn't right.. His touch, his kiss...

AmyScript.pngAmyMe and you, are done. Get the fuck away from me.

SonicScript.pngSonicWait what?! Are you breaking up with me? But why!?

AmyScript.pngAmyWhy?.. WHHHY?! You don't even SPEAK to me much, let alone kiss me.. I'm not your WHORE BOOTY CALL!! I'M NOT SOME SLUT YOU CAN GO TO EVERY TIME YOU WANT TO RELIEVE YOURSELF!! Get the FUCK OUT OF MY SIGHT!! I can't even look at you after you treating me like some SEX OBJECT!!

SonicScript.pngSonicOk.. I'm sorry.

Page 17

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)We talked from time to time, but his mind was all over the place.. Then i heard of his death.. I still don't know what to think or how to feel about it... That wasn't the Sonic i fell in love with, and i spent most of my life waiting for something that never happened.. I don't feel like it was a waste, i just believe that Sonic deserved more than the life he was forced to live because of me. I ruined his life Tails..

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)I remember me and Sonics last conversation together, i knew something was wrong with him.

SonicScript.pngSonicHey.. Um, all i need is for you to watch Tails until Knuckles gets here. Villains hmm, maybe Shadow was right..

AmyScript.pngAmyOkay Sonic I'll watch him, could you at least tell me what happened? Who beat up Tails?

SonicScript.pngSonicI couldn't keep my promise i made to Tails. I said i wouldn't let anyone hurt him, but i failed with that too.. Maybe there can't be peace, maybe our struggles are proof of that...


SonicScript.pngSonicHahah.. What am i saying, Shadow would be rubbing it in my face if he heard me right now. Oh well... Don't worry about anything, i am just tired is all. After today, i'm sure things will change.

SonicScript.pngSonicI'll be back i promise.

AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)Next thing i remember is Knuckles telling me the bad news about Sonic passing.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesHey Amy.. I know you must be wondering how everyone is doing. Well, they're doing.. Umm... Alright, nothing to worry about..

AmyScript.pngAmyOh my god something happened didn't it? Was it another one of Shadows episodes? Did Tails get beat up again? What happened? Knuckles tell me.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesIt's.. Like i said, nothing to worry about.

AmyScript.pngAmyI know you're lying Knuckles, something is wrong. Tell me what's going on, is somone hurt??

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesOf first off, i took Tails to the Water Park to make sure he didn't get in the way. He disappeared, he's gone and i can't find him. That's not the only thing. It gets worse, so so much worse..

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesSonic was killed by the trolls who hurt Tails.. They were too strong for him... I'm really sorry Amy.

AmyScript.pngAmySonic's dead....


(Amy falls to her knees in shock.)


(Knuckles places his hand on her shoulder, attempting to comfort her.)


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AmyScript.pngAmy (narrating)But, i know if he gave me his dying wish, it would have been to take care of you Tails, with my life. and that is what i promised him, the very day he brought you back in his arms.. That is what he would have wanted from me, and i will respect his wishes..


AmyScript.pngAmyI didn't have the life i dreamed of Tails, you think i wanted to go through all of that? You think i wanted to ruin Sonics life?? I no longer have meaning in my life.. But the last thing i could ever do, is be there for you...


KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesAmy do it, this is the only way that could prevent it.. She is getting very inpatient.

TailsScript.pngTailsWhat did you just say?

(Amy suddenly kisses Tails. Tails is surprised.)

HelloKittyScript.pngHello Kitty......

HelloKittyScript.pngHello KittyHmm...

(Hello Kitty, watching from a distance, is angered. She begins to make her way to the hot tub.)

TailsScript.pngTails (thinking)This kiss is for Sonic.. It's not direct towards me. Why is she kissing me?

TailsScript.pngTailsOh shit..

(Ronald appears behind Tails, faintly. Amy lets off an evil grin as Hello Kitty gets closer.)

TonyaScript.pngTonyaUm, Cheeto Man. Hello Kitty doesn't look very happy..

CheetoManScript.pngCheeto ManI know bitch, shut up.

TonyaScript.pngTonyaSorry da.. Cheeto Man..

HelloKittyScript.pngHello KittyYou fucking, bitch!

TailsScript.pngTailsWait hold on a min, she didn't mean anything by it..

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(Hello Kitty reaches out.)


(Hello Kitty grabs Amy, dragging her out of the hot tub.)


(Hello Kitty holds Amy under her arm and pummels her.)

HelloKittyScript.pngHello KittyFuck you bitch!!

(Hello Kitty continues punching until Tails holds her back. Knuckles glares.)


KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesAre you ok? Sorry about your nose.

AmyScript.pngAmyIt's okay.

(Amy begins to bleed from her nose. She licks the blood and grins at Hello Kitty.)

HelloKittyScript.pngHello KittyFuck you bitch, you're lucky these guys split us up bitch! I was gonna fuck you up.



(Knuckles glares at Hello Kitty.)

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(Knuckles puts his hand on Hello Kitty.)


(Knuckles looks down at his other hand and clenches his fist.)



(Knuckles and Hello Kitty stare each other down.)

TailsScript.pngTails (thinking)Oh shit, he's going to hit her. Oh god! He's pissed, shit he's going to hit her... Oh fuck!

(Knuckles glances aside at Cheeto Man.)


(Cheeto Man glances back at Knuckles, angry.)

CheetoManScript.pngCheeto Man........

(Knuckles seems startled.)

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesDon't test me, i think this got a little out of hand Tails.. Calm her down or something, she's really stressed and seeing things.

TailsScript.pngTailsI think i'm seeing things haha. Bitches be crazy man.

TailsScript.pngTailsSorry About all of this, come on Hello Kitty.

(The group splits up.)

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesI think i need to smoke some more weed, bitch making me stress some.

AmyScript.pngAmySo what next?

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesWell, we have to hurry into the back room before Cheeto Man confronts the situation.

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AmyScript.pngAmyOkay, i hope this works..

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesI do too Amy..

(Cheeto Man comes over.)

CheetoManScript.pngCheeto ManMy homie, Tails man. What's with all this noise?

AmyScript.pngAmyWe're fine..

TailsScript.pngTailsHello Kitty just pounded Amy's face in, i'm not exactly sure why though..

CheetoManScript.pngCheeto ManI think i know.

HelloKittyScript.pngHello KittyReally now babe? We'll see bout dat girl, we'll see. You two go run along now, ima take over da hot tub. Don't do anything you finna regret.

TailsScript.pngTailsI'm really confused right now.. I don't know what the fuck is going on anymore.

CheetoManScript.pngCheeto ManMm, you don't worry bout a damn thing Homie, my nigga just enjoy, just enjoy.

TailsScript.pngTailsUh, ok.

CheetoManScript.pngCheeto ManCome girls, let us swim.

(The girls enter the tub, with Ronald appearing behind Candy Kong.)

HelloKittyScript.pngHello KittyFuck your friends, always startinn shit. Those mother fuckers getting everyone on my ass. Please, i ain't that stupid. No way in hell that happening again, nah fuck that.

TailsScript.pngTailsHello kitty please i think we all had enough stress for one day, my god.

HelloKittyScript.pngHello KittyWhy are you defending her? Are you blind?? She's a stupid twat. How do you even know her?

TailsScript.pngTailsYeah, i'm done trying to settle this... Just really tired of it. Amy is my friend, she has been for years and if you can't accept that then i don't really care.

TailsScript.pngTailsYou have been starting shit with her for no reason, i don't know why you act like this. It's like you want to start drama or something.

HelloKittyScript.pngHello KittyYou serious?