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Spoiler warning! Read with caution.


Biographical info
Physical description
Species Cheetah
Gender Female
Skin color White
Fur color Light brown
Eye color Black
Personal information
Occupation Prostitute
Position Cheeto Man's "main hoe"
Allies Cheeto Man
First appearance Chapter 18, Page 11
Last appearance Chapter 20, Page 10
In real life
Actual name Tonya
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 18, Page 11 (2013)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
I won't lie to you daddy..
Tonya, Chapter 18, Page 12

Tonya is a minor character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. She is one of Cheeto Man's hookers and one of the guests appearing during the grand party occurring within the Defenders' Base.


Tonya appears as a cheetah similar to her "Daddy", Cheeto Man. She is light brown and has black dots across her face. She also appears to wear heavy black eye-liner. Clothing wise she appears with a dark brown / burgundy coat and a short black skirt.


Tonya first appears in Tails Gets Trolled as a surprise visitor, joining Cheeto Man and his weed filled gathering. Cheeto Man pulls her aside into a side room so they can speak in private, where Tonya explains that she was able to come early because Marlyn took over for her shift.

Cheeto Man is enraged due to his distrust for Marlyn but calms himself. He then allows Tonya to join the party but warns her not to refer to him as Daddy or give out any potential hints of what his true business is. Following this event, Tonya accompanies Cheeto Man as the party goes on. After Amy explains her story to Tails and kisses him, she notices that Hello Kitty is enraged.

Tonya attempts to talk to Cheeto Man, but is quickly told to be silent. She then accompanies Cheeto Man as his group moves to relax in the hottub. Hello Kitty, in the process of taking Tails to Cheeto Man's bedroom, is unsettled as the tension rises between Cheeto Man and his wife. She is the pulled down under the water to give a bothered Cheeto Man a blowjob in the hottub.

According to Knuckles, after escaping with Tails from the base, Tonya is implied to have gotten the clap in between the events of the party and their escape.


Tonya is fearful of Cheeto Man, begging for him not to hit her when she returns from her shift early. She is also shown to comply quickly under the threat of being put into Cheeto Man's "well". As one of the characters who is aware of Cheeto Man's true nature before it is revealed to Tails, she also appears to be extremely uncomfortable seeing Hello Kitty flirt with Tails.


Tonya has not displayed any special physical abilities thus far.