Chapter 18: The eye of the storm/Script

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  • Character count: ~19400
  • No spaces: ~15800
  • Character with most lines: Amy (62)
  • Character(s) with least lines: Skat, Fluttershy (1)

Page 1

(Tails and Cheeto Man continue to smoke weed from the round table's bong.)

NarroratorBack to Doug

DougDamn man... That puking was surely somethingawful if i don't say so myself. Wow.. My head is killing me.. God i'm so horny right now too, i think i might have to relieve myself, with some Vivian tang.

DougI definately won't need Viagra this time, i totally have a raging boner up in my britches. I need to share my fruitful sprinkles with my Vivian booty momma. I will get her to totally scratch my testicles with her teeth.

(Doug enters a random room and finds Skeeter asleep in a bed.)

DougOhh.. I know, you've been waiting long time, for me. That wait is finally over and we will now make sweet sweet love, my Vivm.. Vivi.. . Vivian.. I am here baby, don't worry. You aren't alone anymoreeee.. I am going to make love to you, in all holes, even the ear bitch.

SkeeterHuh? Doug, you ok?

DougShhhhhh.. It's ok baby, it's ok..

SkeeterDamn it Doug.. We went over this already about 10 years ago, that we would just be friends

(Doug turns the light off.)

SkeeterDoug, turn the light back on..

NarroratorBack to Tails and the gang.

Page 2

KnucklesHey Cheeto Man, who the hell is that guy staring at us from the window? Seriously, he has been there since we came in. What's with that dude?

(A strange brown haired human dressed in black, resembling a Bitmoji character appears riding Fluttershy.)

SkatHail Hitler!! ICH BIN SCHWUL!!!

(Translation: I AM GAY!!)

Fluttershy Umm.. Derrr... Ima horsey!

Cheeto ManOh, yeahhh he shows up from time to time, then he disapears. We've tried to catch him, but dat nigga has a horse. Nothing can be done so just ignore it homie.

KnucklesAhh gotcha, hahahaa.. Tails ate all of the cheese wall.

Tailsit ain't easy being cheesy

SpyroThat's fucking badass bro!!

TailsOhh that, was good cheese.

(Tails begins to bleed from one of his eyes.)

KnucklesDamn Tails! What the fuck is wrong with your eye??

Cheeto ManHeh.. His vein popped or somethin.

TailsIt's ok, i can still see i think.

SpyroI can hear talking, girls talking, Hey, the bitches are here, fuck yeah.

KnucklesTime to get your dick sucked Tails hahaha.

TailsUmm ok, sounds ku sounds koo.

(Candy Kong dressed in her clothing from the more recent games, Jessy from Team Rocket, Rouge, and Patty from Doug appear.)

RougeOhh wow, what a nice man cave you got here. Knuckles was right.

Page 3

Cheeto ManCome on in ladies, the beers are cold. Grab some joints and light those fuckas up.

PattyFuck yeah.

KnucklesHey Candy, i didn't know you were coming.

Candy KongWell baby, i was having sex with Rouge when you call me mhmm. Donkey Kunt tried to give me da clap but i know betta then to fuck dat asshoe.

KnucklesOhh haha yeah, i am shocked he hasn't given Rouge the clap yet then, since he fucked her too. Wait, why were you with Rouge?

Candy KongHe fucked her before he got da clap. I think he got dat shit from dat Peach bitch he was fuckin. And baby, i gotta get my sex somewherez.

KnucklesHaha nice.

Candy KongWell you gonna introduce us to your friends baby?

KnucklesOh yeah. Well, that's Cheeto Man, this is his crib. Uhh, that is Spyro, he is a dragon.

SpyroNo shit dude.

KnucklesAnd this natural is Tails, he is a virgin but he cool.

TailsHey man.. Why are you so blunt about certain things god..

Tails (thinking)Hmm.. I remember what Ronald mentioned to me about not thinking about other peoples perspectives, i think i understand what he meant now that i think about it.

PattyEww.. What happened to his eye?

KnucklesUhh, i don't know, i think a vein popped or something. Hey Patty, didn't you used to be Dougs bitch at some point?

PattyDoug? Ohh god no.. It's been years since we talked, what was it like 10 years i think? Yeah i had a crush on him and i wanted him to make a move but he never did. I remember asking about it one time and he started to cry and yell at me, saying that he wasn't gay.. But i didn't even imply that he was. I just wanted him to make a move already i mean fuck....

(Tails glares.)

KnucklesHaha oh wow, that's ironic. He just told us a bit ago that he once gave Skeeter a handjob.

Page 4

PattyWhat? You seen him? Is he

KnucklesYeah he is, he's passed out in Spyros room. We came over here because he puked all over his floor.


TailsHahahahahaa.. Who does that?? What an idiot hahaha!

PattyOh okie dokie. Well, i'm going to go say hi to Doug, i will be right back.

KnucklesWatch out for puke.


Cheeto ManIght, let's get this shit started peoplez.

KnucklesI'm down for some pool, game Spyro? I think i can win now that iv been practicing.

SpyroBitch, there is no way in heaven or hell that you will out-awesome my awesome skills at pool. They're just too damn good. Too, damn, good, bitch.

JessyOooo i wanna play!

RougeMe too..

KnucklesOk, let's play teams then. me and Rouge vs you and Jessy.

(Patty walks through the hallways of the base.)

PattyWhich room is it? They didn't really tell me that part.

PattyOkie i will check this room first then i guess.

(Patty notices the trail of puke.)

PattyOh.. This must not be Spyro's room...

Page 5

PattyOh there's the puke.. Seems like he stepped in it, and created a trail out of the room. I guess i will follow it.

Narroratoroutside the room

PattyMm.. Looks like he is asleep. No wait, there seems to be some movement, a lot of movement.

(Patty approaches a dark room. Two figures are seen in a bed, one on top of the other. Patty turns on the light.)

PattyOh my god, Skeeter? I'm so sorry! It all makes sense now...


(Skeeter smiles smugly.)

PattyOkay, good bye!

SkeeterCan you turn the light back off? Honk Honk.

PattyI should post about this on facebook or twitter, to see what my girlfriends have to say.

(Amy suddenly appears.)

AmyExcuse me, is this the right place? I'm looking for Knuckles.. He asked me to come to this very odd address... Can you help me please? I hope no one minds that iv parked my friends plane in the backyard.

Page 6

PattyOhh, yes he's here umm.. Follow me.


NarroratorBack in the party room

JessyAnd that, is ga-ga-game. Me and Spyro in, we're just too damn good.

(Jessy wins the pool game.)

KnucklesI never thought id see the day when someone plays pool better then you man but damn.. I wish she was on my team, this isn't very fair.

SpyroNo one in this world is as badass as i am, though she is ok to below average. Howed you get so hardcore at pool bitch?

JessyOh, i'm used to handling Balls ;)

SpyroMmm i bet you are girl, i bet you are.

(Jessy seductively rubs the pool stick between her breasts. Meanwhile, Hello Kitty approaches Patty and Amy.)

Hello KittyWhat's all this noise? i can hear it in my room.. I got curious to see what it was.

PattyOh hi, we are having a party. Would you like to join?

Hello KittyWell i better not.. I have many things to do tomorrow.

PattyCome on girl, you look like you need it and besides, they have lots of dank and beer. Take load off hehe, get it?

AmyGet what?

Page 7

Hello KittyHehe load.. Well ok, i guess i can party for the night.

PattyYay! Let's go in.

KnucklesYo Amy! Over here!! Glad you could make it, was beginning to think you weren't coming. But i will change that, OH SNAP!!

AmyChange what? Is it ok that i parked the plane in the back? Oh my god, is that Tails? HEY TAILS!

KnucklesOh, im gonna park my plane in the back, OH SNAP!!

Cheeto ManPretty girl you got there my man, not bad at all. Doesn't appeal to my taste, but i can see how she could for many other guys though hahaa. Enjoy da party my nigga, have fun.

(Tails runs up to Knuckles and Amy.)




TailsAmy? How are you? it's been awhile..

(Amy hugs Tails. Hello Kitty looks annoyed.)

AmyMe and Knuckles thought you were dead.. It's so good to see that you're alright and doing well.

AmyI am so sorry about Sonic.. I know you two were like brothers.

TailsYeah.. It's ok now. The Trolls will pay for what happened to Sonic, i promise you.

AmyTails.. Shadow made that same promise.. Please don't do anything stupid okay?

TailsDon't worry, i won't. Besides, that's why i'm here, iv been training to fight the Trolls. I don't think i will end up like Shadow.

KnucklesOhh dude, Shadow has gotten so much worse since the last time you seen him.


Page 8

Tails (thinking)Damn it shadow.. Don't you see that sonic had a point?

KnucklesYeah... But let's not worry about any of that tonight, let's have fun ight? My jiggy dogs?

AmyAnyway it's good to see you Tails..

Hello KittyHe heard you the first time.

AmyOhh.. Well, i know.

Hello KittySo you repeat yourself on purpose?

AmyWell no..

KnucklesWoahhh girls relax, we having a party herez, let's get high. Come grab a beer Amy, and maybe other things too.. Like a joint, MY JOINT! OH SNAP!!

AmyLike weed? Ohh.. i never done that before, i don't know...

Hello KittyBitch doesn't look like she done anything.

AmyDo you have a problem with me or something?

Hello KittyOhh, of course it's always gotta be about you. I already seen that coming.

TailsGuys, let's just have fun ok?

KnucklesYeah come over here Amy, check out this epic round table Cheeto man's smoking at now.

(Candy Kong and Cheeto Man use the bong machine.)

AmyOkay, anywhere is better then near this nasty twat.

KnucklesOhh shit she fires back! This is awesome.

Hello KittyOh hell nah bitch, you best get da fuck away from me and do as you told. I'm a mean twat if you piss me off, don't get me fuckin started. Princess virgin.

Page 9

TailsGirls come on.. We are all friends here. Let's just relax and smoke some weed.

KnucklesCome on..... You, OH SNAP!!

(Amy flips off Hello Kitty as she leaves. Tails looks uncomfortable.)

KnucklesDon't worry about her Amy, she just thinks you have feelings for Tails haha.

AmyFeelings for Tails? Hmm..

(Spyro and Jessy are seen making out.)

TailsOh wow, Spyro is making out with that girl.

Hello KittyAre you not even going to say anything to me?? Try to calm me down because you have stupid fucking friends? Huh??

TailsI'm sorry.. I never seen Amy like that before, but please don't fight.. I just want to relax after all the shit that has happened with my friends, and with Ronald.

Hello KittyYeah, you're right i'm sorry Tails.. I'm just in a bad mood today i guess.

TailsIt's ok.. Here, smoke some weed, it will calm you down.

Hello KittyOh yeah, i have been craving a smoke all day.

TailsGirl, you have no idea how motha fucking high i am, right now.

(Tails blows out a large puff of smoke.)

TailsI feel greeaattttttt..

Page 10


AmyAhhhhh... This hot tub is great.. it's just what i needed.

KnucklesOhh i got something else you need, OH SNAP!

AmyHuh? What else?

KnucklesUhh this joint, here try some Amy.

AmyI don't know..

KnucklesLook, you're stressed the fuck out woman. This will help you ok? You gotta learn to let go sometimes.. I think we all deserve it after all the shit that's been going down right?

AmyMmm fine.. I will try it if you think it will help..

(Knuckles passes a joint to Amy.)

AmySo i just smoke this right?

KnucklesYeah girl, but you got to make sure you inhale it, or you won't get much of it's effects. And this weed has a kick to it, so don't worry about the caughing.

KnucklesTry to savor it's flavor. It's so strong so it won't take long for it to hit you like a bag of bricks.

(Amy attempts to smoke but ends up caughing.)

AmyCaugh!! Caugh!! Caugh!! Caugh!! Caugh!! Caugh!!

NarroratorBack to spyro

(Spyro has bent Jessy over the pool table and is railing her from behind. Her breasts are pushed against the table. Spyro is also licking the inside of her ear using his long tongue.)


RougeCan i join?


SpyroUhh, sure bitch. Bend over the pool table as well.

RougeOh i never had dragon before!

Narroratorback to cheeto man at the round table

Page 11

Cheeto ManHaahhaa.. I knew dat mutha fucka was gay! Send dat picture to my email darlin, it's

PattyHehe yeah now i understand why he never made a move on me. Ok, i sent it but why do you want the pic?

Cheeto ManIma make posters and glue that shit on everyones wall tomorrow.

Candy KongGirl, you shoulda been da one who made da move on him baby. You know that most men are stupid and can't see da signs. Mhmm girl, they sure can't.

PattyYeah, you're right. But i'm pretty fucking happy i didn't make a move, id rather not go through the akwardness of him trying to explain why his dick didn't work hahahaa.

Cheeto ManHahahaaa, hell nah!

(A well dressed female Cheetah suddenly walks in and approaches Cheeto Man.)

TonyaHey Daddy.

Cheeto ManTonya? Hold on a moment homies, ima have a word with Tonya here.

(Cheeto Man and Tonya leave to go to a private room.)

Cheeto ManGood, we have some privacy. Be sure to shut da door behind you.

TonyaYes Daddy..

Cheeto ManHmm..

Cheeto ManYou're early, what's wrong? You been keeping da other bitches in line hm?

TonyaYes Daddy.. Marlyn took over my shift. She will bring you the earnings from the mornin. Along with cash from the drug shipments, Daddy.

Cheeto ManMarlyn?

Page 12

(Cheeto Man is angered.)

Cheeto ManDamn it girl, you know she been slippin some coke.. Why da fuck did you let her take your shift?? She post to be down in da well, taking her fucking punishment!

Cheeto ManDo i have to put you down there to take her place? HUH??

(Tonya puts up her hands in self defense, even though Cheeto Man has not done anything.)

TonyaNo daddy! Jim said he would watch her. He let her out, because one of his girls got shot earlier and needed someone to fill it for couple hours, while he finds a new bitch.. He said that you owed him the favor daddy..

Cheeto ManJim said dat? is he watchin her now?

TonyaMhm, ye he did. And he is watching her as we speak. I won't lie to you daddy.

Cheeto ManYeah i did owe dat nigga the favor, but he should have went to me, and i want you to tell him that. You hear me bitch??

Cheeto ManNow why are you here huh? Get da fuck back on da street, and do your fuckin job or ima throw you down da fuckin well again. Do you want dat?

TonyaNo daddy!.. You told me yesterday that i could come to the party.. Forgive me daddy.

Cheeto ManOhh yeah, i rememba. You brought in an extra grand. I wanted to reward you for your hard work. That's ight, you can stay for da party bitch but..

Cheeto ManNext time don't just walk on in like you own the mutha fuckin place, being rude to my quest like you is. Just give me a phone call bitch, you fuckin hear me??

TonyaYes daddy, my mistake.. I understand, it won't happen again.

(Cheeto Man's eyes become visible.)

Cheeto ManAnd if you call me daddy in front of my quest, or talk about anything business related. Then i i'll do worse then put you in da well. You understand dat?

TonyaYes, i understand.

Cheeto ManGood, now let's join our guest at the round table ight? And enjoy da party.

NarroratorBack to Spyro

(Spyro is mounted on top of Rouge, having intense sex with her. Rouge's nipples are barely visible.)

RougeThis is much better then humans!

SpyroDamn right it is, take my mother fucking dragon dick!

Page 13

(Jessy lays on the table, breasts slightly exposed.)

JessyFuck me with the pool stick at the same time you fuck her!

SpyroOk bitch haha, i gotcha.

(Spyro grabs a pool stick and rams it between Jessy's legs. The scene cuts away before anything explicit is shown.)

Narroratorback to tails

TailsOh wow, Spyro is fucking them girls hahahha.. That escolated quickly. Well, he is badass after all.

Hello KittyTails.. Can i ask you something? It's really important for me to know this. So please pay close attention to what i'm about to ask you, can you do that for me?

TailsUhh sure.. Is there something wrong?

Hello KittyDo you believe that the world could be peaceful one day?

TailsWhy are you asking this from me? Wouldn't you get a better answer from Pacman?

Hello KittyTails.. God, i'm not asking Pacman, i'm asking you.. You know what? Forget i even asked, because you can't take anything seriously..

TailsWhy are you acting like this? WOW...

Hello KittyForget about it.. Just go have fun with your friends..

TailsSigh.. Ok, i will be serious then.. Sorry, i just don't know what to focus on right now.. There are so many things happening at once, and everyone keeps telling me how i should feel, or how i should think. It's just so confusing to me ok? I never asked for any of this.

Hello KittyYou think any of us asked for all of this shit to happen to us? You aren't the only one with shit on their plates Tails.. You need to pay attention to the things around you..

TailsHmm.. Ronald said that to me too. And Kirmit tried to explain stuff to me, and i didn't listen.. Sonic tried to guide me, but i didn't listen.. You're right ok?

TailsYes.. I believe that the world will one day be peaceful. And i know now that it's my fate to try to bring the new era of peace.. It's just something i feel in my chest.

Page 14

TailsI am still an innocent child right now, and i have so much to learn, but at least i'm willing now.. The more that i think about it, the more i know this. I will be the hero this world needs, or i'll die doing what know is right.

Hello KittyI see, then you're a hero in my eyes Tails. No matter what happens.. Please remember that ok?

(Hello Kitty blushes.)

Hello Kittyi have one more question for you..


Hello KittyDo you believe in true love?

TailsUhh.. I don't know anything about love to be honest.. So i couldn't answer that.

Hello KittyFollow me ok? I want to show you something.

(Tails begins to sweat and blush.)

TailsUmm okay..

(Tails and Hello Kitty hold hands and walk together.)

KnucklesYeah, i already thought of that possibility..



(Amy notices Hello Kitty and Tails holding hands.)

AmyHey Tails! Come here! hehee.. Jump in the hot tub with me.


(Hello Kitty glares at Amy.)

KnucklesAhh don't worry about Amy dude, she is just a little drunk hahaa.. I'm watching her but um... were you holding hands with Hello Kitty? Or am i blind?

AmyCome on Tails, get in please? I want to tell you how me and Sonic met.

TailsI guess i can get in for a few..

Page 15

TailsGo hot tub! Oh yeah.

Hello Kitty.........

(Hello Kitty becomes very angry.)

KnucklesTails, you're one cool dude, remember that yo.

AmyThanks for hopping in, ain't the water great?

KnucklesAh damn, it looks like your joint ran out dude. I don't know if you have anymore on you, but if you need some, check out the bag behind the hot tub.

TailsSweet. Oh, are you joining Hello Kitty?

Hello KittyReally Tails?.. I'm a cat, i don't like water... But whatever, i will be over there for when you finish up here, so we can finish our conversation..


(Hello Kitty sits on a couch, pouting.)

TailsUhh ok.. Sorry.

AmyDon't say sorry to her.

KnucklesAmy don't.

AmyDon't worry i won't tell him..

TailsWhat's going on here? Why is everyone being so fucking secretive?? Just come out with it already.

KnucklesUh hey Amy, i think me and Tails both to hear the story of how you and our epic friend Sonic met. Please share if you can.

AmyOkay then.

NarroratorThe breeze of the storm

Page 16

(A large lake with close to some mountains is shown. Amy happily sits in a field of flowers, admiring her surroundings.)

Amy (narrating)So Tails, i used to go to this secret place everyday. It was hidden from the world.. It was a breath taking field of flowers, surrounding this crystal clear spring water lake.

Amy (narrating)You see, this lake was special. It held these unique gems inside the walls of the lake underwater.

(Chaos Emeralds are seen glitteringin the lake.)

Amy (narrating)So you see, these gems were so special and beautiful, that they lit up the lake full of sparkles every night when the moon shined upon them.. The sparkles from the lake would glare onto everyone of those flowers, and it would create light shows.. Anyone would be so lucky to witness it...

(The moonlight strikes the lake, causing it to sparkle with the colors of the Chaos Emeralds.)

Amy (narrating)I would lay there all night, every night. Just drifting away into such a dreamy and peaceful place. A one of a kind creation of nature, at it's fullest..

Amy (narrating)I was the only one who knew where this special place was.

Amy (narrating)One day, when the sun was shining bright, a handsome man stumbled down from the mountains that were surrounding the lake.

(Sonic enters the scene. He is standing on top of a mountain and loses his footing.)


(Sonic lands face first into the flowers.)

Page 17

(Amy hides in a field of grass, her head peeking out.)

Amy (narrating)I was scared because i didn't know if he was a person, or a good one. So i hid in the flowers to spy on him..

Amy (narrating)I noticed he hurt his leg and was in pain.

(Sonic sits in the field, his leg wounded.)

SonicOuch, that was one nasty fall.

Amy (narrating)But when he looked up and finally laid his eyes upon his surroundings.. It was like, i seen all of the beauty in the world in his eyes, as he gasped, Breathless as he stared. I was convinced that he never in his life seen anything else like it. At that point, i knew he was a good person.


Amy (narrating)But it didn't matter, i was still to sky to show myself.. So i continued to watch him in the distance. He then talked over to the lake, and then sat down to put his feet in the water.

(Sonic makes his way to the lake and relaxes his feet in the water.)

Amy (narrating)Then he laid down, and fell asleep. I could tell he was pretty tired.

(Sonic falls asleep.)

Page 18

Amy (narrating)So i snuck closer, but i tripped on a root and he heard me..

SonicWho's there?

SonicWhere did that sound come from?

SonicSo weird..

(Amy hides in the grass.)

Amy (narrating)I tried to hide, but a breeze of wind blew the flowers to the side and revealed me.

(A breeze reveals Amy's position.)


Amy (narrating)But i was so shy.. I covered my head in the flowers, with my eyes closed.. I was scared, and when i realized he was approaching me, i became even more afraid. So much that i couldn't move..

(Amy braces herself as Sonic approaches.)

Amy (narrating)But to my surprise, as he stopped right next to me, i opened my eyes just to see his hand reaching for me..

(Sonic extends his hand.)

Page 19

SonicIt's ok.


SonicI won't hurt you.


(Sonic helps Amy up.)

Amy (narrating)Then we walked back over to the lake.. He was clearly in pain, i could see it on his face even know he was probably too damn stubborn to admit it heh...

SonicI had no idea a place like this existed, it's calming..

AmyYes it is. Oh is your leg hurt?

SonicPhh! This is nothing!! Iv been through worse, so don't worry about me.

Amy (narrating)So i took off my jacket and ripped it, so i could wrap up his leg. There was a lot of blood.

(Amy tears a piece of her coat off.)

SonicUhh.. You don't have to you know, i will be ok.

AmyNo reason why you can't be better then okay.


SonicThank you.

Page 20

Amy (narrating)So we laid by the lake talking all day. Just laughing away, as if we had no worries in the world.

(Amy and Sonic laugh and spend time with each other.)

Amy (narrating)Iv never met anyone like him before. He was heroic and passionate about life, and all of the creatures who live in it. It was like the wind blew me my dreams right to me, with that lucky breeze..

Amy (narrating)I'm happy to have experienced that moment.

SonicAww it's almost night, do you have to go?

AmyThis is my home goober, i don't have anyone or anywhere else to go to.

SonicOh, i'm sorry.. I didn't mean anything by that.

AmyIt's okay, i love it here. There is no where else id rather be.

SonicI'm starting to feel the same Amy..

SonicOh but shouldn't we get some fire wood or something? The sun's going down.

Amyhaha no, we are fine. Trust me, just wait and see.


Page 21

Amy (narrating)When the moon finally came out, the gems began to sparkle bighter with each passing minute. In that moment, i believe i seen his true colors. He was at peace with himself..

(Sonic is amazed by the sight of the lake at nighttime.)

Amy (narrating)But when he looked at me.. I could tell that every little ounce of beauty in this world, could never compare to how beautiful he seen me, in that very moment.. I felt like nothing could ruin our peaceful bliss. I felt lucky to be alive..



(Sonic and Amy gaze into each other's eyes before they kiss.)

Amy (narrating)No words were needed to be spoken, we were just lost into each other. The outside world didn't matter anymore.. It was just me and him, sharing something that could never truly be described perfectly. Other then, it was perfect for me, and for him.

Amy (narrating)It's a feeling of love so overwhelming, that it could last even after life it's self. You can only have that moment with someone you were meant to be with. It felt like it was fate..

(Sonic and Amy stare at each other lovingly.)