Tails (Ultimate Alternate reality)

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Tails (Ultimate Alternate reality)

Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles The Gangsta!
Physical description
Species Fox
Gender Male
Fur color Yellowish orange and white
Eye color Blue
Personal information
Affiliation The Troll Slayers
Allies Shadow
Enemies Sonic, The Trolls
Likes villains, trolling, knives, guns
Weapons/powers Guns of various kinds
First appearance UAR: Chapter 1, Page 1
Last appearance UAR: Chapter 2, Page 30
Alive, working with The Troll Slayers
In real life
Actual name Miles "Tails" Prower
First appearance Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)
Franchise Sonic the Hedgehog

Tails is a character that apperace in Tails Gets Trolled Ultimate Alternate Reality. In comparison to his main series counterpart, this Tails is significantly more bloodthirsty than before.


AR!Tails is mostly the same as normal Tails, but has a single tail compared to his main series counterpart.


In the Ultimate Alternate reality, AR!Tails is first seen minding his own business before the Retard Double Threat appear to troll him. However, instead of reacting with shock, this version of Tails brushes them off and continues on his way.

He then meets up with the Sonic and Shadow of his reality. Sonic, still behaving the same as his main series counterpart, attempts to resolve the "conflict" using no villains, confusing Tails who was not bothered at all by what they said. Regardless, Tails sets off with Sonic to confront the trolls. Utterly confused, Butter Tits apologizes for his actions and Sonic leaves with Tails, angry.

AR!Tails then goes back to confront the duo again again, this time with Shadow. The two set off, with Knuckles and find Butter Tits alone. In contrast to his main series counterpart, AR!Tails joins in with Shadow in trolling Butter Tits and even stops Shadow from killing him, only to do so himself moments later. After blasting Butter Tits with his gun, AR!Tails helps Shadow and Knuckles bury him. The next day, AR!Tails is confronted by Sonic and does not deny killing Butter Tits when asked.

Sonic, still stuck to his main series counterpart's role, reacts with his usual lines, confusing him. Afterwards, AR!Tails is not seen again until after Shadow's battle with Mario. There, he taunts Sonic about having sex with AR!Amy alongside Shadow and refuses to get Knuckles as Sonic begs him to. Tails then pulls out a shotgun and murders Brandon, angering Sonic. He then watches as Sonic turns dark and attacks the air before calming down and telling him to fuck off.

AR!Tails is not seen again until the start of Chapter 2, where he is seen giggling with a knife in hand. AR!Tails encounters Kirby and AR!Alex and picks a fight with the latter after watching him compliment Kirby. AR!Tails then pulls out another weapon to kill AR!Alex in cold blood before smoking a cigarette and walking away. Later that night, he encounters Sonic once more and knees him in the crotch before pissing on his face. Tails then meets up with Shadow's group with AR!Amy in tow, and joins the newly formed Troll Slayers as "The Gangsta!". Together, the group makes their way to Peach's Castle where they begin brainstorming a plan to kill the trolls for their niceness.


In stark contrast to his main series counterpart, AR!Tails does not appear to be as kind or naïve as his alternate counterpart. He is shown to be unnecessarily mean to Sonic and AR!Alex in particular, finding joy in harassing these two, and eventually murdering the latter. He is also unfazed by trolling, brushing aside insults and fires back with ruthless words of his own.


This version of Tails appears to be proficient in using firearms, as he pulls out various types of guns throughout the Alternate reality. He is also noted as being unbitchable by Shadow.