Metal Robotnik

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Metal Robotnik

Biographical info
Physical description
Species Robot
Skin color Red and black
Eye color Red
Personal information
First appearance Chapter 19, Page 6
Last appearance Chapter 19, Page 7
In real life
Actual name Metal Robotnik (Black Eggman in JP)
First appearance Sonic★the★Hedgehog (1996)
Franchise Sonic the Hedgehog

Metal Robotnik is one of Eggman's robots appearing in Tails Gets Trolled.


Metal Robotnik first appears in during Amy's flashback in Chapter 19: THE Storm part 1. After Eggman captures Amy, she is moved and held within Metal Robotnik's chest and then tossed into a lovely pink room.


Metal Robotnik is capable of storing things inside its large compartment on its stomach.

Real Life Origins

File:Metal Robotnik actual.png

Metal Robotnik is the main antagonist in the Sonic★the★Hedgehog OVA.