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"yea theres even trolls talking about it on myspace"

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The Trolls
A group of trolls.
Location of base Troll City, various camps
Purpose To troll others
First appearance tails gets trolled, Page 10 (first indication of a group)
everyone has to know the name of the trolls
Troll King, Tails Gets Trolled, Chapter 3, Page 19

The Trolls are a group of trolls, and one of the main antagonistic groups of Tails Gets Trolled. They are lead by the Troll King, and generally aim to spread chaos and misery around the world. A troll is defined as a character that partakes in the act of trolling others. Despite the name, a person of any species can be a troll, most often being humans.


The Middle Ages

Despite their name, the art of trolling was not invented by The Trolls, rather, it was started by humans prior to the formation of the group - their leader, the Troll King, merely perfected it. Using his skills, he gathered many to join him, such as women who were also treated poorly and some robbers, to besiege the city of Alferd, which would become Troll City in the future. The number of Trolls would only increase after Troll King took Alferd. Half of the populace remained while another have left. This lead to a short-lived rebellion wherein Troll King, after recruiting a skilled knight, besieged and destroyed the village consisting of those who fled from the city. The only known survivor of this attack was Pacman.

Modern Times

In the modern age, The Trolls are mostly situated within Troll City, where they continue their daily lives of trolling and other degeneracy. Some trolls are found outside the city either in small camps or wandering outside.

The Trolls are not brought into action until the deaths of Butter Tits and The Dick Taker causing Troll King to begin seeking revenge. He sends Pori to find the culprit behind their murders. Pori discovers it to be Shadow and warns him that The Trolls are now after him. He later appears with other trolls (Toke and Kei-so, alongside Brandon), but escapes when Sonic shows his dark side and kills the others.

Shadow then forms The Troll Slaiyers to fight back against the trolls and together, they stage a fake Justen Bever concert in an attempt to wipe out most of them inside by blowing the stadium up. Their plan is unsuccessful and tensions begin to arise into an all out war between the Slaiyers and the trolls, as well as other groups that are caught up in between them. The Trolls are mostly seen within Troll City either defending their home from intruders (such as The Neutrals or Demaro) or hunting said intruders down (such as Silver). It is revealed after Silver meets with Heimerdinger that Troll King has an interest in creating an army of troll bots to help bolster the group.

From then on, The Trolls as a whole are mostly situated in Troll City, watching the chaos at the castle unfold while Troll King travels in search of the area where the Words of Death are learned. Some trolls move in to assist with the castle's defense, but many are slain by Demaro as they interrupt his battle with Coyote.

Notable Trolls

Name Notes
Troll King's right hand man.
Bill and Dill.png
The Fantasy Starwars Crue
Appears in The Adventures of Underbite Troll. Consists of Bill and Dill. Star Wars fans who also have an obsession with Underbite Troll.
Fish and Pork
Consists of Sirpigsalot and Mysushi. Also appears in Chapter 6 to pursue Silver.
Fist in Poo Clan.PNG
Fist in Poo Clan
First appeared in Chapter 2, they are quickly killed off by Bowser. They also appear in The Adventures of Underbite Troll, where they are seen pissing on a rabbit and end up getting trolled by Underbite Troll and Markus.
First seen in Chapter 3. Dies fighting his brother, Demaro, in Chapter 13. His ghost later reappears to aid Coyote in his battle against Miladox.
Purple troll who summons Sonichu. Introduced and dies in Chapter 22: The conclusion Part 2.
First seen in Chapter 5. Currently battling Rob.
Jacko the Troll
First appeared in Chapter 8 as one of the trolls who attacked Silver's group in Underbite Troll's apartment. Later appears in Chapter 21 where he trolls Demaro and is killed in the same chapter.
Mario's father. Killed by his son in a flashback during Chapter 7.
Former member. Not "formally" a member as he was only a very skilled troll that did not work for Troll King's "main" forces. Partook in a massive trolling competition between himself and his friends that resulted in many of them committing suicide or being left broken.
Underbite Troll's best friend. Died in Chapter 8.
Mole for The Defenders.
Butter Tits and the Dick Taker.png
Retard Double Threat
The pair of trolls who troll Tails in Chapter 1, ultimately kick-starting the plot. (Expanded upon in Tails Gets Trolled Polished.)
Shadow new.png
Former member. Leaves after seeing how disgusting trolls can be.
Troll King.png
Troll King
The leader of The Trolls.
Troll Face
Troll King's son.
Underbite Troll
Main character of the spin off series, "The Adventures of Underbite Troll". He is the best friend of Markus. Died in Chapter 8 of Tails Gets Trolled.

Minor Trolls

These trolls may not play a large role in the overarching story, but are distinct enough to be given names.

Name Notes
Autism squad.png
Autism Squad
Appears as a group competing in the Troll-Off in The Adventures of Underbite Troll. Consists of Machick and O.
Brothers from another mother.png
Brothers from another Mother gang
Consists of Toke and Kei-so. They are one of the competing teams in the Trolling Tournament and are gay lovers. Killed by Sonic in Chapter 1 of Tails Gets Trolled.
Chris-chan madness.png
Chris-Chan Madness
Consists of Goobie and Varic. Appears as backup for Alex during Silver's escape in Chapter 6.
Henry, the Reporter Troll
Appears in The Adventures of Underbite Troll. Works as the announcer for the Troll-Off.
Appears in The Adventures of Underbite Troll. Based off of the creator of the website Something Awful.
Appears in the Adventures of Underbite Troll. Winner of the previous Troll-Off.
Appears in the Adventures of Underbite Troll. Two bimbos that appear to on Underbite Troll's side.

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