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Biographical info
Physical description
Species Bat
Gender Female
Skin color Brownish
Fur color White
Eye color Green
Personal information
Affiliation None
Allies Knuckles
Enemies Cheeto Man
First appearance Chapter 1, Page 12
Last appearance Chapter 20, Page 13
Chapter 20, Page 17
Dead (killed by Cheeto Man off screen, was later destroyed by Shadow, although unlikely compared to other whores)
In real life
Actual name Rouge the Bat
First appearance Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)
Franchise Sonic the Hedgehog
Ohh wow, what a nice man cave you got here. Knuckles was right.
Rouge, Chapter 18, Page 2

Rouge is a side character in the Sonic franchise, an anthropomorphic bat. In Tails Gets Trolled, she is a promiscuous woman with the clap. She has sex with Knuckles and Donkey Kong, passing the clap onto them and eventually onto Cheeto Man and his prostitution ring.


Rouge is an anthropomorphic bat, having brownish skin. She wears blue eyeliner and has black wings. Her normal outfit is similar to what she wears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, being a black unitard with a pink, heart shaped breast piece.


Rouge is first seen sleeping with Donkey Kong and Knuckles during Chapter 1: tails gets trolled after a night of sex. The next morning, Knuckles confronts her and asks to make sure she wasn't "fucked up in any way" when they had sex, but she does not give an answer before Tails calls Knuckles away.

Rouge is not seen again until she is called to join Cheeto Man's party by Knuckles. She arrives alongside Jessy, Patty, and Candy Kong. She is impressed by Cheeto Man's man cave and joins Knuckles in a game of pool against Spyro and Jessy, but loses. After Knuckles goes with Amy, Rouge joins Spyro and Jessy and has a threesome with them, experiencing dragon dick for the first time in the process.

Unfortunately for her, as the party ends, she is killed by Cheeto Man after Knuckles reveals that they were infected with the clap. Her body is dumped into a pipeline that Knuckles would soon show Tails.


Rouge does not have much of a notable personality to note other than she enjoys sex. She is shown to have slept with Knuckles and Donkey Kong, Spyro, Candy Kong (prior to the party), and implied to have had sex with other humans as well.


While Rouge has never been shown in combat, she does possess the clap, an ailment feared by Knuckles and Cheeto Man, and can transmit it to others.


This is much better then humans!
—Rogue as Spyro has sex with her, Chapter 18: The eye of the storm, Page 4

Real Life Origins

Rouge the Bat is a character appearing in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is primarily a treasure hunter but also works as a spy. She tends to be at odds with Knuckles the Echidna.


Rouge does not demonstrate any of her powers from the main series in Tails Gets Trolled nor is there any indication of her treasure hunting background. Appearance wise she appears to lack the pink bands along her knees that are present in her actual design.

She does not have gonorrhea in the Sonic series.