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Donkey Kong spreading the clap to Knuckles.

The clap is a disease mentioned several times by Knuckles and Cheeto Man. Several characters are implied or stated to have it, including Amy, Rouge, Candy Kong and Jessy. Due to the actions of Knuckles, he, Cheeto Man, and Spyro are also afflicted by the disease.


It is unknown within the universe of Tails Gets Trolled exactly what having the clap entails, though it is implied to be a serious disease as Knuckles uses it to his advantage to ruin Cheeto Man's empire.

Confirmed characters

In summary: Peach contracts the clap from an unknown source. She passes it on to Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong spreads the clap onto Knuckles and Rouge, as well as Candy Kong some time later. Knuckles creates a plan to destroy Cheeto Man and his empire by passing the clap onto him, and passes his clap onto the girls he calls at the party beforehand (barring Rogue and Candy Kong since they already have it), infecting Patti and Jessy in the process. Presumably off-screen, Cheeto Man contracts the clap from one of these girls, and passes it onto Tonya (his "main hoe", according to Knuckles). Spyro unfortunately gets the clap from having sex with Rouge and Jessy. Later in the party, Knuckles willingly has sex with Amy in order to give her the clap so that she can be killed by Cheeto Man and released from her suffering.

Real Life Origins

The clap is a way of referring to gonorrhea, a disease transmitted through sexual activities. It typically results the release of pus from one's eyes or other parts of the body, or swelling.