Chapter 20: The Storm part 2

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Spoiler warning! Read with caution.

Chapter 20:
The Storm part 2
Release dates
Cover date September 12, 2014
Page date October 16, 2014 -
May 22, 2015
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Script Script
Character debuts Casey, Birdo, Tyler
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...Are you still not seeing it? Hasn't anyone told you to pay closer attention or to open your eyes?
Knuckles, Page 14

Chapter 20: The Storm part 2 is the twentieth chapter of Tails Gets Trolled. As Amy's story ends, trouble arises within The Defenders' base forcing Knuckles and Tails to flee and see the true nature of things around them.


A Moment of Peace

Tails and Hello Kitty are left alone together as Knuckles and Amy go to a separate room following the two girl's scuffle. Hello Kitty once again grabs Tails' hand and makes her way towards Cheeto Man's bedroom. They pass by the hot tub and Cheeto Man briefly asks how Tails is doing. Candy Kong very bluntly states that he'll be enjoying the party more as he and Hello Kitty are about to have sex, causing things to become tense. Tonya almost speaks up but is stopped by Cheeto Man. He asks to where Tails is headed, and Hello Kitty replies stating that they are going to his bedroom. Cheeto Man makes a vague threat to her before she and Tails run off and Cheeto Man angrily forces Tonya to give him a blowjob.

The other party guests are briefly seen, with Spyro finishing his love making antics with Rouge and Jessy, while Doug and Skeeter are seen still in bed. Skat is also shown to have snuck into the base and prepares to have sex with Fluttershy. Meanwhile, Knuckles and Amy are alone in a room together. Amy asks Knuckles to look after Tails after she "leaves" and Knuckles promises to try. Before they can move on to the next stage of their plan, Knuckles begins to confess his feelings to Amy. He states that she has been the object of his affection ever since they first, but Amy pushes him away and urges him that he should look elsewhere. Knuckles refuses and continues to insist that he can find another way to go on with their plan and that he can protect her, but Amy is unfazed, stating that she will never love him back no matter what and that she will only destroy his life like Sonic's.

Hello Kitty's scars.

Knuckles and Amy then have sex, with Amy seeing a vision of Sonic in Knuckles place one last time. The scene them moves to Tails and Hello Kitty laying down together. Hello Kitty asks about Tails' past and he explains it to the best of his memory. He recalls being trapped in a cage before being rescued by Sonic. Under his care, Sonic would act as an older brother to him and teach him how to survive in the wild. Hello Kitty describes Tails as the "light" of The Defenders and that despite his lack of confidence, she believes Tails to be the one who will save them all. Kitty then asks Tails if he likes her, causing Tails to get flustered. She reassures hima dn then moves in to have make out with him before removing her robe to have sex, revealing a large amount of scars on her naked body.

The Clap

In another room, Arthur is seen with Vivian attempting to discern visions of the past and future. Arthur panics as he feels a evil vibe and tells Vivian that a black cloud is rising. He tries to focus more to learn about what he senses, but struggles as he feels "pure evil" and sees the light taking two roads, one to emptiness and one to selflessness. Arthur then looks into the past to learn more about the light and sees a "clash" and sees the light gorwing in a harsh environment. Vivian puts up a Shadow Shield to prevent others from disturbing Arthur before leaving to inform Pacman of what they have learned.

Later in the night Tails is awoken by a nightmare of him being surrounded by a black fog as someone speaks from inside him. In another area, Amy and Knuckles are awake. Knuckles is shaken and begs Amy to give up on their plan, still insisting that there must be another way. Soon after, Cheeto Man emerges from the shadows and it is revealed that he will be taking Amy to join his prostitutes.

Knuckles taunts Cheeto Man.

As Amy leaves, Knuckles suddenly grabs ahold of her arm and tries to stop her from going, but eventually lets go. He then speaks to Cheeto Man directly, and tells him how much he wants to rip him to pieces before getting ready to fight. Before they can begin, Knuckles drops a bombshell on Cheeto Man by stating that the chucks he brought over to the party were all infected with the clap and that now, everyone involved has it, including Cheeto Man. Furious, Cheeto Man charges at Knuckles and moves fast enough that he vanishes from Knuckles perspective. He suddenly appears behind Knuckles and puts him in a chokehold, screaming in rage, telling him to pray to his hamster god before he chokes the life from him. Knuckles nearly passes out until he hears the voice of Tails, giving him the strength to fight back while Cheeto Man is momentarily distracted. Knuckles creates a shockwave by punching his fists together, staggering Cheeto Man, and then delivers a heavy blow right to his face, knocking him away.

Tails enters the room and is surprised to see Knuckles and Cheeto Man fighting. He asks for them to stop and the two agree, with Knuckles taking Tails outside. In Cheeto Man's crib, Spyro is alerted by the noise from Knuckles and Cheeto Man's brief encounter and panics, rushing over to see what had happened.

Truth behind the Defenders

Knuckles quickly leads Tails outside the base, unaware that they are being tailed by Ronald. Knuckles learns from Tails that he was kidnapped to join the Defenders and then scolds him for not paying attention or even stopping to question the reality of his situation (such as why a "good guy group" would have individuals such as Ronald and Trix Rabbit around). He then begins to explain the reality behind the Defenders.

Trix Rabbit's true purpose in The Defenders


He reveals that Cheeto Man owns him and forces him to sell drugs for him. He also points out how Cheeto Man is the only member who does not need to report to the supposed head of the group, Pacman, and tells Tails that Cheeto Man is the true owner of the Defenders. Knuckles explains that Cheeto Man had kidnapped many of the Defenders closest friends and family (including Miss Piggy and Pacman's family) in order to keep everyone in control. In the process, he also reveals that Cheeto Man's actual profession is a pimp and that Trix Rabbit also runs a child sex ring.

Knuckles then mentions that Cheeto Man owns the only STD-free prostituion business in the whole world, explaining his access to his vast amount of drugs. A brief flashback is then shown of Knuckles and Amy chatting in the hot tub before Tails arrived, with Amy being concerned as to why Tails is there to begin with. Knuckles theorizes that Cheeto Man might be grooming Tails to become his new right hand man, and may also be using him to eventually kill Shadow for sleeping with his wife, Hello Kitty.

Tails is shocked to hear that Hello Kitty is Cheeto Man's wife. Knuckles is enraged when Tails revealed that he had slept with Hello Kitty, effectively dooming him to be killed by Cheeto Man in an act of revenge. As the sky behind them changes (indicating the end of Coyote and Demaro's battle) Tails refuses to believe a word of what Knuckles has said.

Tails questions as to why Knuckles would seemingly "sacrifice" Amy to Cheeto Man. Knuckles explains his true intentions - to infect everyone at the weed party with an STD. Knuckles states that due to his actions in Chapter 1, he wound up getting the clap from Rouge. Before the party had began, he had spread his clap to the other sluts and eventually Amy so that she may be killed and finally find peace in the afterlife.

The Real Cheeto Man

Tails still refuses to believe Knuckles, leading to himg grabbing him by the hand, stating that he will show Tails the "Real Cheeto Man". Along the way, Knuckles begins to have flashbacks of Amy as they approach an exposed pipeline. Knuckles leads Tails to the opening.

The bodies of countless people killed by Cheeto Man.

Tails is mortified when he sees the corpses of countless mangled bodies dumped into the pipe, including the girls that Knuckles called over and Amy, all placed on top of a pile of old bones. Tails falls to his knees in tears and throws up from the horror of it all while Ronald watches from a nearby tree, laughing. Knuckles takes him away from the pipeline and rests with him on a rock. He then advises Tails to stay in the area and hide while he finds Shadow to help them. According to Knuckles, Shadow has evaded death at the hands of The Trolls and Cheeto Man for the longest time, so rejoining him would be their best chance at survival. As Knuckles leaves, Spyro appears in tears and tells Tails that he must bring him in back to the Defenders' Base.

Spyro refers to Tails as his only real friend and regrets the fact that he must take him in, or else his son will be killed and he himself will be chained up and starved. Tails pleads with Spyro to let him go and that he can save his son, but Spyro points out that he has not even finished his training or learned the Soul Bind. Tails insists on going to finish his training alone so that he can make Cheeto Man pay for what he did, but Spyro then reveals that Cheeto Man's actual power surpasses that of the Troll King, and the entire reason why the King needed to learn the Words of Death was due to losing to Cheeto Man. Tails, defiant, insists on Spyro letting him go, saying that he will stop Cheeto Man at any cost. Spyro eventually budges and allows Tails to escape because they are friends, but warns him that if they meet again, it will be as enemies.

Meanwhile, in the Defenders' Base, Cheeto Man is seething over Tails' escaping with the assistance of Knuckles and for sleeping with Hello Kitty. He confronts Hello Kitty and asks if she did have sex with Tails, but she is defiant. She does confirm to Cheeto Man that she did indeed sleep with Shadow and "them" while insulting Cheeto Man's stamina in bed. Angered, Cheeto Man chokes Hello Kitty and begins strangling her, stating that he can always find another girl. Hello Kitty then yells that she is pregnant, causing Cheeto Man to drop her on down. He leaves to get a pregnancy stick to test her bluff and threatens to kill her if she is not pregnant as she claims.

Just before the chapter ends, the scene moves back to Demaro and Coyote, who continue their battle.