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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Princess Peaches
Place of birth Mushroom Kingdom (presumably)
Relatives Unnamed father
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Skin color Light
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Personal information
Occupation Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
Position Princess
Affiliation Mushroom Kingdom
Allies Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad
First appearance Chapter 2, Page 9 (mentioned)
Chapter 26, Page 11 (actual appearance)
Last appearance Chapter 26, Page 14
In real life
Actual name Princess Peach Toadstool
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Franchise Super Mario

Princess Peach (alternatively known as Princess Peaches in Tails Gets Trolled Ultimate Alternate Reality) is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. She is one of the more prominent figures of the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario's lover.


Peach appears much like her regular appearance in the Super Mario franchise, wearing her long pink dress.


Before her actual appearance, much of what is known about Peach is mentioned by other characters. Before the events of the main story, she and Mario became lovers, but Mario had left the Mushroom Kingdom at some point in time to search for his father and eventually begin his conflict with The Trolls. It is stated by Candy Kong that she has had sex with Donkey Kong in the past, and passed the clap onto him during their encounter, making Peach the original source of the disease that would soon go on to infect other characters in the series. She is informed through a Toad of what had gone down between Mario and the Trolls during Chapter 5: tails kid napped and later sends some backup to the plumber in the form of additional Toads. The Trolls then begin moving in on her territory, causing her father to keep her indoors as a safety precaution.

Peach first appears on Chapter 26, Page 11, as Mario returns to the Kingdom. She turns to greet Mario as he enters her chambers. Angry, she reaches out to Mario and grabs him by his shirt, demanding to know what had happened. She is broken when she learns that the rumors of Luigi's death were true and breaks into tears. As she and Mario argue, she defends the lives of her soldiers and urges Mario to stop his feud with The Trolls in fear of destroying their truce. Unwilling to listen, Peach is offended when Mario calls her a whore in his anger and reveals that she had been cheating on him with Bowser and Donkey Kong while Mario was away.

Peach is then slapped by Mario, causing her to alert the Toad guards to seize him. She then watches as Mario escapes from her castle.


Peach cares deeply for her people as seen when she argues with Mario on Chapter 26: Anguish, Page 13. She goes so far as to say there are not disposable pieces, eerily mirroring Mario's own words to Shadow as he spoke of the deaths of Bugs and Daffy. Much of her viewpoints seem to stem from whatever is best for the Mushroom Kingdom as a whole, as seen when she asks for Mario to give up his grudge against The Trolls.

Her relationship with Mario himself appears to be strained as she freely admits to having sex with other men as Mario is away.

Real Life Origins

Princess Peach is one of the central characters in the Super Mario franchise. She is often kidnapped by Bowser, causing Mario to set off on various adventures to rescue her.


The Princess Peach in Tails Gets Trolled is not as refined as her game series counterpart, cursing and throwing out vulgarities at Mario during their argument. She is also shown to be in an explicit relationship with Mario as Mario alludes to them "still loving each other" as he returns


  • There were 11 years between when she was first mentioned in the comic and her actual appearance, the longest of any character.