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Biographical info
Physical description
Species Electric Hedgehog Pokémon / Monkey (self-proclaimed)
Type Sonichu
Gender Male
Skin color Pink / Light Red
Fur color Yellow, Red (cheeks)
Eye color Green
Personal information
Affiliation Grapeface's Pokémon
Enemies Grapeface
Weapons/powers Trolling, physical combat
First appearance Chapter 22, Page 16
Last appearance Chapter 24, Page 34
Dead (speared by Coyote and obliterated by his own bomb)
In real life
Actual name Sonichu
First appearance Christian's Favorite Hits! Album cover (2000)
Franchise Sonichu
Sonichu, Chapter 22, Page 16

Sonichu is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. Initially summoned by Grapeface, he appears as the purple troll's weapon but quickly leaves after causing a scene.


Sonichu appears similar in body shape to Sonic, but possesses some parts resembling Pikachu, such as his ears and red cheeks. He also has a similar tail to Pikachu's.

Sonichu is also seen mimicking other characters and morphing his own appearance. He briefly appears with Donald Trump's face and swaps between a hyper realistic smile and Tom's smile at different points.


Sonichu first appears when summoned out of a Pokéball by Grapeface. After reciting a quick prayer to Shrek he proceeds to take a shit on the grass. Demaro swings at Sonichu, but the yellow fiend dodges and kicks Demaro, sending him backwards. He then reaches into his shit and hurls it into Demaro, staining his chin.

Grapeface orders Sonichu to use "Thunder Thighs", but due to lacking the needed Gym badges to tame Sonichu, Sonichu refuses. He then trolls Grapeface by fleeing and leaving him to die.

It is revealed in chapter 24 that Eggman had Sonichu for a short while.

Later, he appears to aid Troll Face to take down Coyote.


Sonichu is a man of chaos, making random references to various media during his short appearance in Chapter 22. Sonichu does not seem to take the battle or his current situation seriously, and spends much of his time cracking jokes. He also claims to be suicidal due to being trapped within a Pokéball by Grapeface for an extended period of time and struggles with the will to live when seeing his master's deformed face.

Sonichu is also shown, like his trainer, to be a believer in Shrek, uttering a prayer to the ogre before commencing battle.


Sonichu displays many abilities during his brief encounter with Demaro. He appears capable of spontaneously morphing his face into other various characters, such as Donald Trump, gaining their hair and facial structure, though it is unknown if this is due to a gag or if he is a shapeshifter.

He is also adept at combat, effortlessly dodging Demaro's Miladox claw and even knocks back a powered up Demaro a fair distance by simply kicking him.

Real Life Origins

Sonichu is the main character of Chris Chan's infamous comic series titled Sonichu.


In his original comic, Sonichu was originally a Pikachu mutated by the power of the Chaos Emeralds after colliding with Sonic the Hedgehog. It us unknown if this is still the case within the universe of Tails Gets Trolled. Sonichu is also summoned into battle using a Pokéball, as opposed to the S-Chu Balls used within his home universe.


  • Some of the panels Sonichu appears in during Chapter 22 reference other pages from the series.
    • The panel in which he smiles, showing his teeth, before throwing shit at Demaro references Tom's face during Chapter 9, Page 2.
    • The panel in which he flees references the way Tails leaves on Chapter 1, Page 3.
  • Sonichu's "Joins the Battle!" panel is a reference to Super Smash Bros. character reveal trailers. Usually, each revealed character has their own tagline, but for characters who don't, "Joins the Battle!" (参戦 in Japanese) is used.