chapter 3: the truth/Script

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  • Character count: ~5000
  • Character count (no spaces): ~4200
  • Character with most lines: Troll King (22)
  • Character(s) with least lines: Fudd, Travous (1)

Page 1

ShadowScript.pngShadowyou mother fucker

LuigiScript.pngLuigi my beef is with mario!! im done being in your shadow. im done following you around mario no one thanks me its all thank you mario

LuigiScript.pngLuigino one thanks me!!! its always Mario! you get everything you get the good games the better women!!

MarioScript.pngMarioi didn't know you felt like this?

TeemoScript.pngTeemoLuigi needs to stop crying

LuigiScript.pngLuigiits time we settle this once and for all brother!!!

MarioScript.pngMarioif you feel that way about it i can't stop you. alright luigi lets do this

AlexScript.pngAlexif any of you steps in ill kill this duck!

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratormario vs Luigi

Page 2



(Mario and Luigi are enveloped in an aura. Mario becomes Racoon Mario and Luigi gains a cape.)

MarioScript.pngMarioare you sure about this we can talk this over

LuigiScript.pngLuigino more talking!

(Mario and Luigi fly at each other.)

Page 3

(Mario punches at Luigi but misses, Luigi counters by spinning and knocking Mario away.)

MarioScript.pngMariohes gotten stronger

(Luigi rushes Mario from behind. Mario takes notice.)

Page 4

(Mario unleashes a wave of fire in Luigi's face. Luigi appears burned but emerges from the flames as a statue).

MarioScript.pngMariohe changes forms really fast

Page 5

MarioScript.pngMarioi got to step it up a bit

(Mario changes forms.)

LuigiScript.pngLuigifrog suit!

(Mario jumps behind Luigi.)


(Mario kicks Luigi in the face.)

Page 6

(Mario moves towards Luigi to attack once more, but Luigi protects himself by turning his arm to stone.)

MarioScript.pngMarioluigi has really mastered this suit! he can turn any body part to stone

(Mario leaps behind Luigi, who attempts to shoot a wave of fire at him. Mario kicks Luigi's hand upwards, sending the flame up. He then kicks at Luigi's stomach, but fails to damage him as Luigi turns his stomach to stone.)

Page 7

LuigiScript.pngLuigitime to die mario!!

LuigiScript.pngLuigiits almost time for him to see my secret weapon hahahahahhahahah!!!

(The brothers exchange blows.)

MarioScript.pngMariothis stone is starting to hurt my legs! Theres only one way to break the stone ill have to punch it with all my power

Page 8

(Mario rushes at Luigi and punches him, causing a huge explosion/smoke cloud. Luigi is depowered but reveals a star in his hand. Luigi lands a decisive blow using the star.)


Page 9

MarioScript.pngMarioalright luigi you win

LuigiScript.pngLuigimario you gotten in my way long enough now its my time

LuigiScript.pngLuiginow die!!!


ShadowScript.pngShadowim not gonna lose a good member because of some gay rabbit and his gay fucking duck friend

(Shadow shoots Daffy.)

Page 10


FuddScript.pngFuddi didn't know it was duck season ?

BugsScript.pngBugsno you killed my love daffy .......

ShadowScript.pngShadowget the fuck away from mario if you guys try anything ill kill all of us!!

AlexScript.pngAlexdo as he says hes not fucking around he will not Hesitate to kill all of us!!

ShadowScript.pngShadowmario get over here

ShadowScript.pngShadownow me and my team are gonna leave and your gonna die!!

MarioScript.pngMarioalright shadow


ShadowScript.pngShadowno dont break the remote!!

(Bugs lunges at Shadow, grabbing the remote.)


(The remote falls to the floor, and is broken.)

Page 11


ShadowScript.pngShadowyou've fucked up all my plans!!

(Shadow shoots Bugs in the head.)


(Shadow continues to shoot at Bugs' body.)

MarioScript.pngMarioshadow stop hes already dead

Page 12

AlexScript.pngAlexi didn't know you had it in you shadow your more fucked up then we are!........ i wouldn't try anything if i was you. your still out numbered

(Shadow rushes at Alex, punching him in the face.)

AlexScript.pngAlexyou hit harder then tails ill give you that

AlexScript.pngAlexdo it!!

Page 13


(An unknown character rushes in, kicking Shadow away.)


TeemoScript.pngTeemowho the hells that?

HulkScript.pngHulki dont know?

ShadowScript.pngShadowwhere the hell did he come from ? i didn't see him coming

GarryScript.pngGarryget up you fucking noob. if your gonna feed you should just uninstall right now

AlexScript.pngAlexi didnt need your help you tall mother fucker

Page 14

MarioScript.pngMarioshadow we need to get out of here we don't know how many more people that will come out of no where

TeemoScript.pngTeemohes right shadow there is no way we would know how many more are waiting to attack

ShadowScript.pngShadowdamn it your right


GarryScript.pngGarrynoobs better run

LuigiScript.pngLuigilets kill them and end it already my brother will die!!

HulkScript.pngHulkif you do anything ill smash your bones

ShadowScript.pngShadowthis isn't over i will end you trolls

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratormean while

EggmanScript.pngEggmansonic i almost have a location... give me a secont... mmmmm almost found it

EggmanScript.pngEggmanfound it. there do you see it ?

Page 15

SonicScript.pngSonicgood now print me a copy of location

EggmanScript.pngEggmanhere ya go

SonicScript.pngSonicgreat now i only got two things left to do

SonicScript.pngSonicone is find and destroy the trolls

EggmanScript.pngEggmanwhats the 2nd thing?


(Sonic pulls out a knife and stabs Eggman through his seat, killing him.)

SonicScript.pngSonicthis is for fucking with me and my friends for so many years you peace of shit

(Sonic retrieves his Chaos Emerald.)

SonicScript.pngSonicnow ill be taking this back and start destroying them trolls

Page 16

(Sonic falls to his knees and is covered by a dark aura. His eyes turn black and red.)

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorevil sonic

(The scene moves to a cavern entrance.)

TravousScript.pngTravoustheres a blue creature by the neme of sonic coming this way (this text is written in DejaVu Sans)

TFScript.pngTroll Facefather what should we do? You are the leader of the trolls

TKScript.pngTroll Kingwe will return to the city of trolls as soon as i deal with this little problem

TFScript.pngTroll Facewhats your plan?

TKScript.pngTroll Kingare you a retard i pretty much told you my plan ill deal with this problem

Page 17

(Sonic approaches the cave.)

SonicScript.pngSonicthere it is

PoriScript.pngPoristop right there sonic i wont let you pass

TKScript.pngTroll Kingpori leave him to me. theres some things we need to Discuss sonic

PoriScript.pngPoriyes sir

TKScript.pngTroll Kingwe meet at last sonic im the leader of the trolls and you should really blame shadow for us meeting like this. he started a battle he can't win and you can't win

SonicScript.pngSonicwhat the? your an actual a troll

TKScript.pngTroll Kingyes me and my son are actual trolls its deep in our blood. let me Explain to you so you will understand

Page 18

TKScript.pngTroll Kingim gonna tell you the truth about us trolls. our story

TFScript.pngTroll Facedad just kill him theres on need to tell him shit

TKScript.pngTroll Kingthe art of trolling was actually started from humans but it wasn't called trolling it was called being a dick but back in the middle ages i was being made fun of because i wasn't human

(A flashback occurs, showing Troll King under a bridge.)

TKScript.pngTroll King (flashback) so i hided under a bridge but it was only a matter of time before they would find me. so thats when i decided to pay them back and make fun of them and thats how it started

TKScript.pngTroll King (flashback) i planed it out. then i trolled anyone i could because they was dicks and they steal peoples lands

TKScript.pngTroll King (flashback)but i wanted all humans to feel like shit so thats when my army started. i started looking for people that was worthy to join me

(Troll King enters a village, with a robe over him as a disguise.)

TKScript.pngTroll King (flashback)and i found some. acouple females because back in that time females was also treated like shit and a couple of robbers

TKScript.pngTroll King (flashback)thats how i found my beautiful wife and how we started our family

(Troll King is holding hands with a large, obese woman in a purple dress.)

TKScript.pngTroll King (flashback)my son was the cutest babby you would ever see) {Troll Face is seen in pink baby clothes.

Page 19

TKScript.pngTroll King (flashback)well i knew with my family i needed a real home

TKScript.pngTroll King (flashback)so when i got enough trolls on my side we decided to take over the city

(Troll King, armed with a sword and shield, rides a horse.)

TKScript.pngTroll King (flashback)and we send our army of trolls to take over the city and thats what we did

(Troll King now appears with a crown.)

TKScript.pngTroll King (flashback)after taking over the city i gave the people a choice join me or leave the city

TKScript.pngTroll King (flashback)half of them left and half stayed

TKScript.pngTroll King (flashback) but the ones that left seeked revenge and came back years later trying to take the city back

(A man appears.)

TKScript.pngTroll King (flashback)but failed they was killed and us trolls wasn't done trolling no everyone has to know the name of the trolls

(The same man is shown dead, with a sword sticking out of his chest.)

TKScript.pngTroll King (flashback)you and your friends are the 2nd group of people that tried to stop us and you will die as they did

(Back to the present.)

TFScript.pngTroll Facecool story bro

SonicScript.pngSonici dont care. you hurt my friend and now your gonna die!!

Page 20

(Sonic becomes Super Sonic.)

TKScript.pngTroll KingCOME ON!!!!

(Sonic rushes at Troll King. Troll King raises his fist and slams Sonic down into the ground. Pori is seen watching in terror. Sonic's body emerges from the ground.)

Page 21

(Sonic takes a fighting stance and punches at Troll King. Using only his index finger and thumb, Troll King effortlessly stops Sonic's punch. He then kicks Sonic, sending him upwards and away.)


TKScript.pngTroll been alive for a long time. i learned a thing or two in my years

(Sonic begins charging an orb on energy in his hands.)