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Biographical info
One-off names sexy ass bitch (Chapter 24: Coyote's Wrath, Page 4)
Wonder Hulk (Chapter 26: Anguish, Page 16)
Physical description
Species Human
Type Mutate
Gender Male
Skin color Green
Hair color Black
Gray (some early panels)
Eye color Black
Brown, gray (early panels)
Personal information
Affiliation Troll Slaiyers
Allies Troll Slaiyers
Enemies The Trolls, Mario
Dislikes Midgets, short people
Weapons/powers Physical strength, boulders
First appearance Chapter 2, Page 8
Last appearance Chapter 27.5, Page 2
In real life
Actual name The Hulk / Dr. Robert Bruce Banner
First appearance The Incredible Hulk #1 (1962)
Franchise The Incredible Hulk
i was trolled until i got bigger and stronger then them now i am feared
Hulk, Chapter 2, Page 8

Hulk is a large, muscular green man who joins the Troll Slaiyers in their efforts to fight the trolls.


Hulk is a large, buff, hulking figure with black hair and purple pants. His eye color appears brown at first but becomes black in later panels. The shape of his eyes also change, being small and squinted early on to more round. In his early appearances, he is usually shown gritting his teeth together, but as the series goes on, he is drawn with his mouth closed normally. He is noted by the Cashier in Chapter 24: Coyote's Wrath to have a nice ass which is somewhat notable as he leaves the store.


Prior to joining the Slaiyers, Hulk became a victim of trolling in the past. He managed to overcome the trolls by becoming strong enough to the point where he is now feared by the trolls.

Hulk first appears in Chapter 2: trolls attack as one of the allies called in by Mario. He explains his story to the group and then poses with them to form the Slaiyers, with his title being "the power". Due to his immense size, he is not able to fit into Bugs' rabbit hole when the group moves there to think of a troll slaiying plan, but he is kept up to date regardless.

Hulk wearing his glasses.

Hulk assists in building the fake Justen Bever concert stadium and later explains the Fucking Awesome plan to Mario. Their plan does not go as expected, however, and the group is forced to retreat after Luigi's betrayal. The Slaiyers go back to Bugs' place to retrieve their belongings and flee, but are paused momentarily when a bloodied Vector makes his way to the group. Vector explains what had happened to Sonic earlier and how the Troll King has put his sights on Shadow. Shortly afterwards, Mario reveals his own plan to Shadow and how Luigi's betrayal was staged, and the Slaiyers get into a fight with Mario. Hulk, tired of standing around doing nothing, throws a rock at Mario but misses and he escapes.

Hulk then sticks around with the group as they think of another plan to defeat Mario and the Trolls. Bowser suggests sparring with one another to help train for their upcoming battle. After some time battling, Hulk decides to spar with Shadow. Shadow, annoyed with everyone "holding back", slams Hulk into a wall. Shadow then leaves angry as he is called out by Knuckles, while Hulk stays with the rest of the group to continue thinking of what to do next. When Shadow returns, he explains a new plan to the group, leaving Hulk and the others amazed at its ingenuity, with the latter describing it as "fucking genius". Shadow calls more friends to join up, and the Slaiyers move out.

After much time passes, the Slaiyers are seen again, joined by a freshly respawned Teemo and new allies such as Pikachu and a random Foot Ball Player. The Slaiyers decide to pose once more with their newfound members, with Hulk retaining his title of "THE POWER".

Later on, Hulk is seen at the store purchasing Wonder Bread. Wanda Bread makes small talk with Hulk, with Hulk stating that he "killded a lot of people". Hulk briefly chats with the store cashier, and pulls out the Bible to seek guidance on marriage. He is unable to read it as he does not have his reading glasses, however, and leaves shortly afterwards.

On his way back, he is bothered by Boyfriend whom he quickly crushes with a rock. After moving through the wasteland left behind by Sonichu's bomb he finds himself in Cocoa Jungle. He is then confronted by a crazed Wanda Bread who appears to have stalked him into the jungle.


Despite his rough appearances, Hulk can be quite caring and cooperative. He shares the Slaiyer's passion for getting rid of trolls and is willing to work with them to help achieve this. He is also not all "dumb muscle" as Teemo and Vector tease him with, as he mentions that he likes to read while he is thinking as seen in Chapter 10: silver's plan and tails training, page 4.

He does not appear to be familiar with romance, as he shrugs off many of the Wanda Bread's attempts at small talk. Hulk also appears to be somewhat religious as he tries to read the Bible to seek advice on when to marry.


Hulk's main usefulness centers around his super strength. He is large and muscular, capable of picking up large rocks and hurling them at his opponents.


fuck this im done standing here doing nothing

Mhm.. Oh, he said that!? Damn.. Is what i would have said if i could read it, but i don't have my glasses...
—Hulk attempting to read the Bible, Chapter 24: Coyote's Wrath, Page 4

Real Life Origins

The Incredible Hulk is a fictional character known for his strength. He possesses an alter ego known as Robert Bruce Banner who is the complete opposite of what the Hulk represents (shy, weak, "in control", as opposed to the Hulk's strength, massiveness, and loud personality). In the movie Avengers: Endgame he is seen as a professor wearing glasses with a much calmer, more intelligent demeanor.


There is no direct mention of Bruce Banner's existence in Tails Gets Trolled aside from a possible hint of Hulk having a likeness for reading when he must think.