chapter 4: Deceit/Script

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  • Character count: ~5000
  • Character count (no space): ~4300
  • Character with most lines: Troll King (32)
  • Character(s) with least lines: Pori (1)

Page 1

(Sonic fires a beam towards Troll King. Troll King effortlessly shrugs it off and counters by punching Sonic in the face.)

Troll Kingsonic if you was fighting anyone else you wouldn't loose but my fist are harder then metal harder then brick

Page 2

(Sonic stabs Troll King in the leg.)

Troll Kingreally dude?

Troll Kingyour starting to loose your power. you wont be in this form for much longer

(Troll King raises his fist and slams it down on Sonic. Troll Face screams in pleasure/excitement.)

Page 3

(Sonic escapes, but loses his super and evil forms.)


Troll Kingyou cant run from me!!!

(Troll King launches a shockwave towards Sonic, paralyzing him. Sonic falls to his knees.)


Troll Kingdo you want to know what i just did to you? Well that is my most powerful move its a shock wave that shuts down your muscles for a short amount of time

Troll Kingyou are helpless a pretty easy way to kill someone this could also be used in perverted ways just ask my son. now that your stuck and helpless i will kill you and let my son do schticky to your body

Troll Kingwell you have nothing to fear this will be painless

Page 4

(Sonic's friends appear.)

Espioget away from sonic you bastard

Emerldont worry sonic we got this


Troll Kingi would listen to sonic if i were you

Creamsonic you told us to never run from a fight

Vectorshes right we are going to save you

Espionow im gonna kick you right in your hairy ballsack

(Troll King fires his shockwave, immobilizing Espio.)

Sonicdont touch my friends!!!

Troll Kingor what?

(Alex, Garry, and Luigi arrive.)

Alexsorry to interrupt what ever this is but we have returned sir

Page 5

Espiowhat the fuck i cant move?

Emerlinteresting move

Alexlets get him

(Alex and his group run foward.)

VectorEspio watch out there coming!!

(Cream jumps in front of Espio.)

Espiocream get out of the way!!!!!


(Alex kicks cream aside.)

Espioyou bastard!!

(Troll King and Sonic watch the battle unfold.)

Sonicstop this!!

Troll King you have nothing to worry sonic ill kill you before you can see your friends deaths

(Troll King faces Sonic.)

Page 6

Troll Kingnow you die!

(Troll King is attacked by his own shockwave move.)

Troll Kingwhat the hell?

Sonichow did you do that?

Emerlback away from sonic

Troll Kingi dont know how you was able to copy my move but because of my age that move has little effect on me. it only slows me down

Emerlback away from sonic your fight is now with me troll

Troll Kingalright robot ill fight you. you've caught my interest

Page 7

(The scene returns to Sonic's friends versus Alex's group. Vector runs forward.)

Vectorstay away


(Garry stomps on Vector's head.)


(Luigi punches Vector on the side of his face. Alex follows up with an uppercut, sending Vector flying back near Espio.)

Espioyou mother fuckers im gonna kill you!!

Luigiyea right

Alexwhat ever homo

Page 8

(Alex and Luigi begin kicking Espio. Garry does the same to Vector.)

AlexKick the shit out of him !

Garrytake this you stupid fucking alligator

(The scene moves to Troll King and Emerl who collide fists and push each other back. Emerl uses the shockwave on Troll King and then maneuvers behind him to kick him.)

Troll Kinghes quick ill give him that

Page 9

(Troll King uses his shockwave on Emerl.)

Troll Kingshit that move has no affect because hes a robot

(The scene moves to Sonic's friends. Espio and Vector are still in the process of being kicked, and are bleeding heavily. Cream stumbs around, injured and in tears.)

Creamahhhh arm.. i think it might be broke..

(Close up on Cream's face.)

Luigitake this you stupid bitch

(Luigi releases a wave of fire towards Cream.)



(Cream's body slowly burns.)

Page 10

(Cream's charred corpse falls to the ground.)


(Alex smirks, Garry continues kicking Vector. Troll King and Emerl continue their battle.)


Alexwait i got an idea


Alexrip out one of the alligators eyes

Page 11

(Vector bites at Garry's leg.)

Garryyou can bite me all you want

Garrycome here this wont take long

(Garry rips out Vector's eye.)


Troll Kinghurry up and kill espio so you can help me end this little stalemate i have with this robot


(Emerl fires a wave of fire, like Luigi's, burning Garry's face.)

Troll Kingi see it now

Page 12


Luigihow did that robot know my fire move?

(Garry's flesh is scorched.)

Garrymy FACE!!

Alexahahahahahahh in your ugly face try not to feed

Troll Kingdont use any moves that you haven't used already used. he copys everything he sees

Garrystop laughing!!

Alexlol BURN!!!

(Luigi pulls out his hammer and crushes Espio, splattering him on the floor. Emerl looks on in shock.)

Troll Kingnow its over robot

Page 13

Emerlperpair to be annihilated

(Emerl fires both the shockwave and Luigi's fire beam. Troll King dodges and Alex/Luigi ambush Emerl fron behind. Alex kicks Emerl and Luigi attempts to crush him with his hammer, but Emerl evades.)


Page 14

(Troll King punches Emerl, launching him.)

Troll Kingkill him

(Sonic tears up.)

Sonicemerl you got to get up your our only hope

(Luigi once again tries to flatten Emerl using his hammer, but Emerl resists and holds the hammer up.)

Soniclook out!!!

(Alex kicks Emerl.)


Page 15

Alexi just peter pan kick his ass


(Emerl's leg is torn off by a yellow blade/disc of sorts?)

Emerli got to do something fast

Troll Kingyou ant run from me

(Emerl curls into a ball like Sonic and dashes away.)

Troll Kingtry to run from this

(Troll King tosses a spear/stone, impaling Emerl through the chest. Sonic looks on in shock.)

Page 16

Emerloh shit..... well im dead

Troll Kingahhhhhhhhh!!

(Troll King uses a sword and slashes Emerl in two.)

Troll Kingnow its over sonic

(Sonic begins to enrage and enters his dark form.)

Troll Kingoh no you dont

(Sonic beomes Dark Sonic.)

Page 17

Troll Kingthis will not save you

Poriits just like before

(Troll King grabs Sonic by the neck, choking him. Sonic is depowered.)

Troll Kingdie!!!!!

(Troll King tightens his grasp, popping Sonic's head off, killing him.)

Troll Kinghahah yes..... YES!!

Page 18

(Vector and Pori are terrified.)


Troll Kingdont kill the alligator. let him live

Troll Kingtell shadow what happened here and tell him he's fucking next


(Vector flees.)

Troll Kingwelcome luigi.... now everyone get your stuff we are leaving

Narroratormean while

Page 19

Shadoweveryone get your shit. luigi must of told them where we are and we need to get out of here so hurry the fuck up

Teemoi am chill out we still have time

Shadowthere probably on there way here

Marioshadow theres someone out side. he looks like shit


Vectorshadow wheres shadow? I need to talk to shadow now

Vectorshadow come on!!

Hulkshadow you need to hurry

Vectorreally do shadow im missing a fucking eye

Shadowdude what the hell happen to you?

Shadowreally?what the fuck happened to you. you look like you got hit by a car

(Vector pukes out a stream of blood onto Shadow.)

Shadowdamnit dude you got blood in my eye. now everyone is gonna think i was ragged on

Vectorlisten to me. the trolls killed cream the pink guy and the robot .there deader then a black guy in a town of racist red necks . thats not even the worse part

Vector the boss killed sonic with out even trying and sonic went all out and even went super saiyan and everything. the boss troll didn't even get hurt... and he let me live so i could let you know your next


Page 20

Shadowoh my god they killed sonic

Hulkyou bastards

Vectoryour brother was also there mario

Mariowitch reminds me theres something i need to tell you shadow come over here

Shadowalright mario

(Shadow and Mario move away from the group.)

Teemowhats so importen that he cant tell us about?

Mariowhisper whisper whisper whisper

(Shadow is shocked.)

Shadowwhat!!! ? why didn't you tell me this before! !

Marioi told you when we first met i would deal with them my self

Shadowwhat about my friends ?

Mariowhat i did was no different from what you did to daffy and bugs

Shadowit is different daffy and bugs are nobodies

Mariomay be to you

Shadowthose are my friends your talking about!!

Marioyours not mine

Hulkwhat the hell are you talking about?

Page 21

Shadowtell them what you told me

Mariofine. first off me and luigi's fight was staged i lost on perpose

Marioi was the one who came up with the consert and i came up with the plan to full everyone to think luigis one of them

Mariobut to make them believe that luigi would work for them. you guys also had to believe so.we did what we could to confence them.

(Shadow grits his teeth in anger.)

Vectorbut luigi helped the trolls kill sonic and our friends

Mariothat Sacrifice had to be made to make the trolls believe he was on there side

Mariobut i dont really give a fuck about you freinds you guys are no different then daffy and bugs.Disposable items to use to reach our goal



(Shadow punches Mario to the ground.)

Shadowim gonna kill you!!!!

Mariohahahhaha shadow you have it in you to kill some trolls and push the bar but you dont have it in you to stop the boss.. but i do hahahaha!!!