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Biographical info
Physical description
Gender Male
Skin color Orange
Hair color Blue
Eye color White with black sclera (left eye)
Blue with white sclera (right eye)
Personal information
Position Spy for The Defenders
Affiliation The Trolls, The Defenders
Allies The Defenders, Tails
Enemies Shadow
Weapons/powers Sword
First appearance Chapter 1, Page 10
Last appearance Chapter 26, Page 1
In real life
Actual name Pori
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 1, Page 10 (2011)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
As a spy for the Trolls for so many years, i am able to see the whole picutre.
Pori, Chapter 17, Page 6

Pori is an original character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. A secretive person, Pori chooses to work "behind the scenes" as opposed to getting involved in direct confrontations. He initially appears to be allied with the Trolls, but is later revealed to be the 7th person to join the secret group known as The Defenders.


Pori has slightly brown skin and and animal like nose. His eyes are mismatched color wise, one being white with black sclera, and one being blue with white sclera. He wears a yellow/red headband and has blue hair.

While working with The Trolls, he wears a black suit/body armor with his sword strapped around his back. While with the Defenders, he wears a white hoodie with the number 7 imprinted on the back to indicate that he is the 7th member of group.


After being slashed by Kryzeal, he is shown to have another third eye above his normal eye.



Pori is first seen reporting to the Troll King after Butter Tits and The Dick Taker are killed by Shadow. The next day, he sets out to confront Shadow over their deaths after hearing that he was seen "high as shit with a shovel" the previous night. Pori warns him that the trolls will be coming after him before the two are ambushed by Mario, who is searching for the person responsible for trolling Toad. Pori accuses Shadow and escapes while Mario attacks Shadow.

The next day, Pori returns with backup while Sonic nags Shadow for killing Butter Tits and the Dick Taker. He chooses to stand back and watch as his cohorts troll Sonic, not partaking in it himself, and eventually witnesses Sonic go berserk. Pori eventually leaves as the others are killed. The next time Pori is seen is after Sonic kills Eggman and learns of the location of the troll's hideout. He is guarding the entrance to the cave and stops Sonic, but is told to step aside once the Troll King himself appears to confront the hedgehog. As a battle between the Trolls and Sonic (joined later by his friends) breaks out, Pori stands on the side and watches in horror as Sonic is eventually beheaded by the King.


Pori in his secret lab.

Some time later, Tails is kidnapped by The Defenders and is chained up for interrogation by Doug. Pori eventually arrives and explains to Doug that Tails is not a troll. He then introduces Tails to the Defenders, explaining their purpose as a secret underground group that fights against the trolls and his story of how he was friends with trolling victims, leading to him joining the group to help assist in their fight. After introducing Tails to Frogger and Leap Frog, Pori reports of his findings to Pacman and leaves (but not before being asked by Vivian about the state of Mario and Luigi) to rejoin the trolls.

Pori is later seen watching Tails train with Spyro. He explains to Tails where their base is located exactly in the "Cocoa Jungle". Later, after Spyro and Tails finish training for the day, Pori leaves for his secret lab, adding Silver's DNA (taken from the device he left in Troll King's castle) to his mysterious collection. As Tails runs into a problem with Ronald McDonald refusing to train him, Pori steps in to speak with Ronald in private for about thirty minutes. Afterwards, Pori exits the room and explains that Ronald should now be willing to work with Tails (not explaining how he forced Roland to cooperate, however).

Wicked Influence

Later on Pori finds time to visit Mario while he is plotting of a method to defeat the Troll King with the Toads. Pori explains to Mario the role Shadow played during the hedgehog's time as a troll. He explains that Shadow was a recruiter that had convinced Mario's father Kario to become a troll and gives him a photo of Shadow and his father posing together as proof. Pori then leaves, encouraging Mario to win in his battle against the trolls.

Off-screen, Pori witnesses what he believed to be Chinese attackers raid a camp and brutalize the members, and rushes to inform Troll King of what had happened. After realizing that the group is the Troll Slaiyers, he begins to rush back to Troll Fortress. Pori then appears after the battle at Troll Fortress concludes, and is surprised to see Mauller alive. He relays his information to Troll King before he is tasked with hunting down the attackers of the Fortress. Pori gathers some trolls (named FabGhettoZuko, Hogwart, Perky Jackson, and Jasper) and enters the woods where the tracks lead. After a bone-chilling roar is heard, Pori suddenly begins to smile as a form of black liquid oozes from his mouth and eyes. As he explains to his group that the roar is from the Hell Hounds, he turns to face Silver's hiding spot and draws his sword.

Pori orders his cowering trolls to attack as he and his group rush at Silver. He is restrained by Silver using his telekinesis, but manages to break free. He then lunges at Silver, sword drawn, and slashes him across the face. However, Silver manages to use his powers and pushes Pori a distance away. Now separated, Pori ponders the current situation for a moment before a Hell Hound locates him and attempts to maul him. Pori cleaves through the Hound, destroying it in a single blow before Kryzeal appears. Kryzeal swoops in to fight Pori directly after tossing an exploding hell spear. Pori is then struck by Kryzeal, with half of his face being torn open. Despite this, he is able to continue fighting and destroys Kryzeal after he makes the careless mistake of standing on his sword.

After belittling Satan, he makes his way back over to the area where Silver's group once, but is unable to find the group. He looks over the bodies of the dead trolls that had accompanied him and smiles to himself.

In Tails gets Trolled ultimate Alternate Reality

Alternate Pori is first seen being tasked by Alternate Pacman with hunting down the killers of Alternate Butter Tits. He then confronts Alternate Shadow and is disgusted by him carelessly admitting to murdering Butter Tits. Alternate Mario appears, seeking out the person who helped Toad and the three get into a battle.


Despite his secretive nature, Pori does appear to have a genuine interest in stopping the trolls. As noted by others, during his time spent with the trolls, he refrains from insulting others. Pori also assists Tails when Ronald refuses to train him.


He also appears to be extremely arrogant when it comes to Satan (and demonic entities in general), believing him to be a coward who does not wish to face him in direct combat after disposing of Kryzeal. The presence of demons also appear to break his stoic demeanor as he begins smiling devilishly as he realizes the Hell Hounds are approaching.


Despite his positions within the Trolls and the Defenders, Pori is not shown in many battles. He has shown to be able to wield a sword properly as seen during his face off with Shadow during Chapter 1, however.

It is not until Chapter 25 where his powers begin to show.

After Satan unleashes the Hell Hounds, he begins emanating a black aura, disturbing his comrades. He is shown to have regenerative powers as his skin fixes itself after being cut open by Kryzeal. His sword is also quite lethal as it is capable of slaying a Hell Hound in one blow and makes quick work of Kryzeal.

In the alternate reality, he is seen using his sword to deflect Alternate Shadow's bullets. He also throws it as the black hedgehog, scarring his cheek.


  • Pori is left-handed.