chapter 2: trolls attack/Script

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  • Character count: ~8000
  • Character count (no spaces): ~6900
  • Character with most lines: Shadow (39)
  • Character(s) with least lines: Pori, Garry, Coyote (1)

Page 1

Narroratorback to tails

(Cut to Tails holding a lolipop)


Tailswhats that sound?

Alexpainfully because of your ugly face

Alexi can only imagine how it must be for you not having a penis. I mean theres no way to recover from that messed up deformity

Alexi wouldn't want to see the two creatures that made you ehhhh.

Tailstheres a troll. just remember what shadow showed me

Tailshey troll!!!!

(Tails turns to the camera and puts his middle finger up)

Tailsfuck you

Page 2

Alexoh you must be tails

Tailsand you must be a asshole troll that talks shit about everyone

Alexi point out everyones flaws and problems simplely pointing out your nothing

(Tails flips Alex off)

Tailsfuck you trolls


(Tails flies towards, Alex, attempting to drop kick him. Alex blocks it using his elbow.)

Tailshe blocked it

TailsAlright . You better get ready to die!!

Page 3

(Alex punches Tails right in the face, causing him to bleed and fall over.)


(Tails attempts to fight back by swiping his tails at Alex. Alex steps back and elbows Tails in the stomach midair.+

(Tails is knocked onto the ground.)

Tailsi didnt know there was trolls that knew how to fight

Alexif you was smart you will take this as a warning for next time

Page 4


Alexif you was smart you would leave

(Tails punches Alex. Alex is completely unfazed and remains emotionless, but also begins to bleed.)

Alexwell now i know your not smart

Tailsfuck you!!

Tailsyou need to die troll

Alexif this is all you got then i should warn you. if you keep this rought you'll die

(Alex chokes Tails.)

Alexlet me make me self clear. dont even try it.

Alexi could of broke your fucking neck


(Tails flees.)

Alexget out of here

Alexahhhh i need a smoke

Page 5

ShadowHmmmm how many people are gonna step on that leaf? Who ever it is come back later I haven't had any sleep

SilverIts me shadow and I need your help

ShadowLet me guess your getting trolled. Come on dude cant this wait until tomorrow

SilverNo it can't.. this guy isn't like any troll I've seen before. He was smart...

ShadowThat is odd most trolls are stupid. Alright ill help you

Shadowim gonna call some friends to back us up so we can end them for good

Tooth D. Cayyour small and funny to look at and stuff

Concave Headed Mother Fuckeryea duh......your a butt hole face

Unknownyour boss gots to be retarded i know i would be if i had to deal with you. ugly

Bowserwho is talking about me !!!!

Page 6

Bowseri dont take Insults lightly and i dont really care for morons like you!

Tooth D. Cayummm we didn't mean anything with our insults

Concave Headed Mother Fuckerahhhh............ we was just joking

Bowser i dont like jokes and i dont like assholes

Concave Headed Mother Fuckerwe are sorry. it wasn't a vary good joke ill tell you that now but theres no need for us to not start over

Bowserahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lies!!!

(Bowser scorches the purple FiPC member)

Concave Headed Mother Fuckerno!!

Page 7

Concave Headed Mother Fuckerahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Concave Headed Mother Fuckerim so so so sorry if you let me live ill suck your dick

(Bowser grabs the bald FiPC member's head)

Concave Headed Mother Fuckerahhhhhhhhhhh!!

Concave Headed Mother Fuckerahhhhhh!!

(Bowser squeezes, and crushes his head)

Bowserthem trolls are really was anoying

Page 8

Shadowthey should be here soon ?

Silverthey are look

Shadowso who else did you guys get?

Mariowell we found some of the best troll fighters they are really good at what they do

Luigiyes they have there own way for fighting the trolls

Teemowell i know from being on league of legends for so long its pointless to talk back to the trolls so i just agree with them and it pisses them off

Bugsi used to be trolled but i found out a way to stop it. i do all kinds of stupid and gay shit. they cant troll you if you dress up as a girl and kiss them. i dont like doing it but it works

Hulki was trolled until i got bigger and stronger then them now i am feared

Robhi im rob people cant troll me because i have no ears. they can't troll me if i cant hear them

(Each member cuts to a panel of their own where Shadow gives them a title.)

the awesome

the power

the gay

the bastard

the guy with no ears

the fire power

the sissy

(The group poses together)

Everyonetogether we make the troll slaiyers

Page 9

Silverhey what about me you didn't give me a name? im a part of this group too

Shadowahhhh fine ill give you a name

("the money guy" appears above Silver.)

Silverthe money guy is a retarded name call me the smart guy or something

Luigiyea i didn't really like the name you gave me the sissy

Shadowfuck the names there nothing

Shadowok back to what i was talking about we need a hide out

Robwhats did you say!!

Shadowi said that we need a hide out

Robwhat is he saying i cant hear! what?

Shadowoh yea i forgot he cant hear

Robwhat? I dont have fucking ears

Mariowe cant stay at peaches castle to much toads there

Bugswe can hide out at my place. we will never be found

Page 10


(Tails, injured, stumbles towards Sonic.)


Sonici got you buddy

(Sonic grabs Tails)

Sonicsorry tails if this looks gay to the viewers

Tailsits alright

Sonicwho did this to you?

Tailssome emo looking troll

(Sonic frowns, angrily, as the scene cuts to Bugs' hole.)

Shadow (presumably)ok guys do to the fact hulk isn't able to fit down here one of you will have to fill him in on the plan later but for now we will come up with the plan

Page 11

Shadowok everyone! do you guys see this paper? well theres nothing on it yet but there will be

(Bugs points at Rob's drink)

Bugshey can you put that on a coaster?

Shadowbugs he cant hear and you really need to chill we will clean after our self

(Luigi is now dressed as Mr. L)

Luigiwe need a plan

Marioluigi why are you dressed up we are not super heros. we are troll killers so why dont you take that gay shit off

Shadowguys come on!! we need a hide out focus. ok any ideas to stop the trolls so one and for all

Teemowe need something that they couldn't help to troll and something that will draw more then one troll too something even the boss want to troll

Bugswe need to draw them in with something even none trolls hate something everyone hates. something so big. all the trolls couldn't miss

Luigii got it there is only a couple of things that all the trolls couldn't miss to troll. we stage a fake justen bever concert

Page 12

Troll King (obscured)what is it?

Alexsir we found justen bever consert flyers on the internet we should get ready

Troll King (obscured) its a trap shadow set this up to draw us in. i know i read bevers blog

Poriwhat should we do sir?

Troll King (obscured)i have something that will put this in our Favor

Garrywhats that?

Troll King (obscured)i have a hostage and they wont think to try anything when they find that out

Troll King (obscured)bring him in

(Daffy appears, injured)

Page 13

Shadowthanks again for all paying for the stage and all of it. i can't thanks you enough

Coyoteits my Pleasure you guys did help me kill the road runner after all! its the lease i can do. oh and i hope your troll killing goes as plan. im gonna go home and take me a bite out of some road runner

Shadowi guess i was wrong hes the money guy

Silverfuck you shadow

Hulkok everything is set up the stage and everything is finally builded

Teemohey we should let the word go out a bit before having the consert. let the word spread more


Luigitrolls are already on facebook twitter and youtube talking about it

Marioyea there tweeting like crazy

Bugsyea theres even trolls talking about it on myspace

Page 14

Shadowyea i dont think we are gonna need to wait long the word has reached myspace for goodness sake

Luigihes right teemo if the word can reach to myspace then its really big

Bugsso when are we gonna have the conert ?

Teemoplease tell

ShadowTomorrow ahahahahaha!!! they will all die!!

Marioi got a question how will we kill them all at once?

Luigireally? how?

Shadowhulk you tell them the awesome fucking plan

Hulkok ill tell them the fucking awesome plan

(Camera zooms out to show the stadium entance)

Hulkall the trolls come in ready to troll

(Eagle eye's view of the stadium)

Hulkthen shadow will come in and say that there gonna die then we will all leave and then blow up the stage and the trolls


Page 15


Narroratormean while

Knucklestails wake up! You fucked up big time


Knucklesyou do know sonic is out for blood now. he wants all the trolls dead

Tailsi know i should of got you and shadow to back me up

Knucklesyou do know theres only one person that sonic can go to that could possible find the trolls for him

Tailsyou dont mean?

(Sonic appears at a cave entrance)

Sonichello egg man its been awhile

Page 16

Sonici need your help i need to find the trolls so i can destroy them

Eggmanwhy would i help you? what do you have that i want?

Sonicalright lets make a deal what do you want?

Eggmani want all the chaos emeralds

Sonicfine ill get you all of them but not until the trolls die

(Sonic gives Eggman a blue Chaos Emerald)

Sonicill give you my emerald so you'll know im not fucking around

Eggmanalright sonic we have a deal follow me to my lab and ill find them trolls

(Eggman uses a computer)

Eggmanthis may take awhile

(Zoom in on Eggman's face)

Sonicas long as they die

Page 17

(Nighttime, a poster of Justen Bever is seen on a wall)

ShadowTomorrow will be the end of trolls as we know it hahahahah!!!

Shadowthis whole stage will be filled

Mariowe should get some rest and get ready for the best momment of all time!!

(The next day, trolls begin to enter the stadium)

Blue hair trollyou guys got your bottles to through at bever

Teemotheres over 1000s of them

Mariolet them in so we can get this started

(Bugs and Shadow stand in the stadium)

Bugsits almost time to kill them all dock.


Page 18

(A crowd of trolls gather in front of the stage, featuring Bill and Dill of the Fantasy Starwars Crue and Machick.)

Dillwheres bever?

(An empty mic stand)

(Shadow emerges from the shadows)

Shadowim afraid bever isn't coming

Shadownow see this in my hand?

Bugsyou like playing games dont you shadow

Shadowim gonna blow all of you up so your all gonna die

Bugsyou hear that! you are gonna die!!!

Alexwe already know that you plan on killing us. its been awhile shadow

Bugswho are you. are you the boss of the trolls?

Page 19

Alexno our boss couldn't make it sorry i guess ill have to do

Alexhey shadow you forgot to tell your freinds that you was a troll until you decided to leave

Shadowi left because i found out how much i trully hate trolls

(Daffy appears with a bag on his head beside Alex)

Alexdont even try it. if you do i will kill your friend right be side me

Mariowho the fuck it that?

(The bag is removed, a gun is pointed at Daffy)

Daffyhey bugs ..........


Shadowyou know him. is he your friend?

Bugswell hes sort of my friend

Page 20

Shadowwell i dont know who he is and bugs doesn't really seem to care so kill him i don't give a fuck


Shadowyou know what?

(Shadow points his gun at Daffy)

Shadowill fucking kill him

Bugsno!! you cant kill him i... love him.... ...


Bugswhen i was getting trolled he was the only one there for me and when i was acting gay i actually became gay with daffy

Alexwho the fuck is that?

Shadowi have no idea?

(Fudd appears)

Fuddi want that wabbit

Page 21

Fuddi want that wabbit

(Fudd points his shotgun)

Shadowpoint the gun at them

(Close up of Fudd smiling)

Bugshes a moron shadow ...

Shadowif you help us ill get you something better than wabbits


(Fudd points the gun at the trolls)

Shadowthe only reason you got daffy is because someone told you bugs was in our team. so who tipped you off?

Alexwhy dont you ask luigi

Luigiyes i told them