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Biographical info
Physical description
Species Yordle
Gender Male
Fur color Beige, red (collar)
Eye color Blue
Personal information
Affiliation The Troll Slaiyers
The Troll Slayers (UAR)
Allies Troll Slaiyers
Enemies The Trolls
Likes Agreeing with trolls to piss them off
Dislikes Dumb questions
Weapons/powers Revive, "penta kills", poison mushrooms
First appearance Chapter 2, Page 8
Last appearance Chapter 27.5, Page 3
Alive (technically immortal)
In real life
Actual name Teemo
First appearance League of Legends (alpha) (2009)
Franchise League of Legends
yeah i did die. i remember the pain of being smashed into that mountain. but i had revive but i guess it wouldn't matter if i didn't have revive seeing it takes one minute for me to respawn. you guys must not play league of legends that wasn't the first time I've died before. i can't stay dead I'll always come back to life
Teemo, Chapter 15, Page 13

Teemo is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. He is a member of the Troll Slaiyers and uses his past experiences in League of Legends to help deal with trolls.


Teemo is a short creature with gray fur. His eyes are typically closed, but are seen open when he realizes the fatal flaw of Knuckles' canan plan. Teemo wears a red shirt and pants, with similarly red shoes as well. He also wears a brown cap with blue goggles on top of it. Early on, he is shown wearing a yellow backpack as well.


Prior to becoming a Slaiyer, Teemo existed within the universe of League of Legends where he would often come face to face with trolls. Over time, Teemo realizes that it is pointless to talk back to the trolls and he comes to adopt the strategy of agreeing with them to troll them back in retaliation. After an unknown amount of time, Teemo is approached by Mario, who is looking for allies to join Shadow's group. Upon arrival, he is dubbed "the bastard" and the Troll Slaiyers form.

Teemo assists the Slaiyers with the Awesome Fucking Plan and helps in the construction of the fake Justen Bever concert stadium. When the day of the plan comes, Alex reveals that the trolls have taken Daffy hostage, causing the Slaiyers to hesitate. Teemo watches as Luigi betrays the party and duels Mario. The plan falls apart when Shadow kills Daffy and Bugs, in retaliation over the death of his lover, destroys the detonator to the stadium. Backup for the Trolls begin to arrive, and Teemo urges Shadow to retreat. The Slaiyers eventually do so and make their way back to their hideout.

Teemo is launched into a mountain by Knuckles, dying in the process.

After Mario betrays the Slaiyers, the group is joined by Bowser and they begin to formulate a plan to defeat Mario. Teemo suggests creating a list of Mario's abilities, and shortly afterward, Knuckles joins the group. He suggests taking advantage of Teemo's ability to get penta kills and fire him out of a canan directed towards the troll's base and kill them all. Despite Shadow and Vector's objections, Teemo goes through with the plan. Knuckles places Teemo in the canan [sic] and fires it, but midway through the air, Teemo has a realization that the plan won't work if Knuckles doesn't know where the base is. He then crashes into a mountainside and dies.

Days later, after Shadow gathers new allies to join the Slaiyers, Teemo suddenly appears, shocking everyone. He explains that he did die, but respawned a minute later. Hulk wonders as to why it took Teemo so long to reappear, and he explains that after respawning, he had to travel to find out where the Slaiyers had gone, and that he also recruited two new members along the way: Pikachu and a Foot Ball Player. After demeaning Hulk for asking such a retarded question, he asks Shadow about the locations of the other Slaiyers/members (Silver, Rob, and Fudd) but is brushed off. In an effort to lighten the mood, Teemo suggests that the Slaiyers should group up again just as they did before. The Troll Slaiyers are then reunited, with Teemo being dubbed as "The annoying", a name that pleases him greatly.

The Slaiyers then, off screen, move to attack various troll camps, slaughtering those within them. Teemo is not seen again until Chapter 26: Anguish where he is seen with Chucky Kong smoking weed at a camp. The two talk about their current situation, noting that the trolls are not much of a threat to them. Teemo senses that one of his mushrooms has been triggered and is able to tell it is Knuckles. The two of them wonder if they should act and rescue Knuckles, but as they talk, Shadow appears from behind to threaten the two of them into saving him, stating that he will kill Teemo again if he does not.


Teemo can be snide at times, often quipping at other characters from the sidelines, such as stating that Luigi should stop crying as he battles Mario, or asking about Hulk's strange arm proportions mid-battle. He also takes pleasure in being named "The annoying" by Shadow, indicating that he takes some amount of pride in berating others.


Perhaps the most unique ability of Teemo is his power to respawn. In his own words, he states that he cannot die as he can simply respawn after waiting a minute. Respawning appears to place Teemo at the spot where he had died, as he explains to Hulk.

He is also able to "Revive" as he mentions when he returns, but does not see the use of it due to only needing a minute to respawn. Teemo also has difficulties seeing due to his eyes always being closed. He, according to Knuckles, can hit penta kills. How he does this and if he really can is currently unknown. Teemo also possesses poisonous mushrooms that he can lay down and use as a trap, which cause gas to spew out when step on. He also appears to have the ability to either see or sense who triggers the traps, as during his conversation with Chucky Kong he is able to confirm that it was Knuckles who stepped on his mushroom.

Real Life Origins

Teemo is a playable champion within the game League of Legends.


Knuckles mentions that he can get "penta kills", though it's not known by which methods he would use to do so.

In terms of appearance, Teemo wears a yellow helmet with blue goggles in Tails Gets Trolled, as opposed to the green helmet and red goggles he wears in his original game, as well as a different outfit, consisting of a red shirt and pants, compared to the brown pants and green gloves, boots, and backpack he wears in League of Legends. He also lacks the "spots" over his eyes in TGT.