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Biographical info
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color Blue
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Personal information
Affiliation The Defenders
Allies Doug
Enemies The Trolls
First appearance Chapter 5, Page 11
Last appearance Chapter 20, Page 4 (in person)
Chapter 20, Page 15 (part of Knuckles' explanation)
In real life
Actual name Skeeter Valentine
First appearance Doug
Doug Can't Dance (1991)
Franchise Doug
Damn it Doug.. We went over this already about 10 years ago, that we would be just friends
Skeeter, Chapter 18, Page 1

Skeeter is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. He is Doug's (former) gay lover and is a member of The Defenders alongside him.


Skeeter has blue skin and is similar in size to his friend, Doug. He is mostly seen wearing his Defender robe, but later, when he is seen in his room, he is shown wearing a purple shirt. Like Doug, he also has small strands of hair growing from the top of his head.


Doug and Skeeter starred in a TV show in the world of Tails Gets Trolled, as evidenced by Tails recognizing Doug when they first meet. During this time before joining the Defenders, Skeeter and Doug are said to have been in a secret, homosexual relationship with one another, one that Doug is quick to deny, and one that would damage his relationship with Patty. At one point, he is stated to have given Doug a handjob in the past as Doug admits while high on weed. However, they later call off their relationship and remain as friends at some point in time 10 years before their appearance in Tails Gets Trolled.

Skeeter presumably joins The Defenders with Doug after Doug's dog, Porkchop is gangbanged to death by trolls. He is first seen with Doug attempting to interrogate Tails after he is captured and brought to the Defenders' Base. He and Doug are told to hold off on interrogating Tails by Pori, who explains that he is not a member of the trolls. From then on, as Tails begins his training, Skeeter is passed over (alongside Doug) due to Tails already being stronger than them.

Skeeter is not seen again until Doug stumbles upon him in his room, mistaking him for Vivian. Doug gets in bed with him and the two begin to have sex. Patty later walks in on the two and snaps a picture of them before running off. Skeeter remains in bed with Doug who is confused over what had just happened.


Not much can be said of Skeeter's personality other than he willingly goes along with Doug's antics. He is also not as defensive as Doug regarding their past relationship. Even though he initially expresses annoyance at Doug when he walks into his room, he does not stop Doug from having sex with him.


Skeeter has not shown any abilities of note in Tails Gets Trolled. He is shown to be weaker than an untrained Tails given that Pacman instructs him to skip both him and Doug, indicating that he might not have any powers of note. Judging from Doug's perplexed reaction after laying in bed with him, he may be adept or knowledgeable in the ways of sex.

Real Life Origins

In his own series, Skeeter Valentine is Doug's closest friend. He is highly intelligent and often speaks with clown-like honking noises when he talks.


He and Doug are merely friends in Doug, but the two are portrayed in Tails Gets Trolled as being (secret) former lovers. Similar to how Doug is drawn, the top of Skeeter's head has a proper outline drawn. His normal outfit seen when he is in his bedroom differs from his signature clothing usually seen in the shows being a simple purple shirt.