chapter 14: puppet battle/Script

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  • Character count: ~16900
  • No spaces: ~13900
  • Character(s) with most lines: Rob, Coyote (29)
  • Chracter with least lines: Blaze (1)

Page 0.1

(Rob and Hindo are suddenly engulfed by a golden aura.)








Page 0.2





Robtheres actually no relevance to us powering up to the actual battle its self, so what the fuck is it for?!!!!


(A random Dragon Ball Z-style character appears.)

Unimportant characteroh my god jesus christ lord all mighty, ITS OVER 9000, its so much power im jizzing in my pants

(The scouter worn by the DBZ character explodes.)

Unimportant charactermy machine breaking means this is awesome and a high power level even thought they seem no different then they did before



Page 0.3


Unimportant character.................... i have no importance to this story line what so ever, i think im gonna go


(Hindo and Rob becomes Super Saiyans 1 and 3, respectively.)

Narroratorrob super saiyan 1

Robwhy would someone do this for so long its time consuming and tiresome and just a over all waste of time just powering up like this it really has no effect in the battle at all, why would any good guys or bad guys wait until after we are done transforming to attack, i mean whats stopping them?

Narroratorhindo super saiyan 3

Hindowell i just had my mouth opened longer then someone sucking a dick

Narroratorthis is dragonballz see the difference

Page 1

(Back to reality.)

Robi just had the weirdest day dream ever

HindoUnlucky for you, I got elmer to make these gloves that amplifies my electricity and makes it stronger

(Hindo fires a stream of lightning at Rob.)

RobUnrelenting Force!!

(The lightning is cleared by Rob's shout. Hindo turns into his electric form and runs into the wall.)

Robhes in the wall, i know what to do

RobAura Whisper!!

(Rob spots Hindo's aura.)

Page 2

Robhes fast im gonna need to slow things down a bit

RobSlow Time!!

(Rob looks at Hindo's aura.)

RobWhirlwind sprint!!

(Rob rushes at the wall where Hindo is and punches through it, pulling his body out.)


(Rob slams Hindo into the ground. Hindo is surprised.)

RobFire Breath!!

(Rob breathes fire at Hindo, but misses as Hindo turns into electricity to dodge.)

Page 3


Hindohes stronger then i thought he was, im going to have to take this seriously

Narroratormean while

(Granny has a troll in a chokehold, while the dogs of Tom are mauling a troll to pieces.)

Tombreak his neck granny

(Granny snaps the troll's neck.)

Sylvestereven if you continue to steal my kills, i will still have more kills then you, because im awesome and your ok to below adverage, its cool man

Tomfuck you, now your just trying to piss me off, i will kick your balls son

Sylvesterhurry up and use a tampon so you can focus and stop ragging

Tomlol ok man, well let me even the score a bit you pussy

(The scene moves to an obese troll at a computer.)

Hacker trollfucking noob

(The troll has Mozilla Firefox open.)

Page 4

Hacker trolloh u just have this guys youtube and deviantart account, im so bad as duhhhhhh...... .... im liker. ........super master troll hahah hmmmm good doe nut

Hacker trollall these people getting so mad, hmm this is so turning me on, im gonna spank it.... oh.. yes

(The troll begins salivating.)

Hacker trolloh.... there so mad right now ahhhhhhhh oh........ im so awesome with my 70 youtube and deviantart and facebook accounts, people say i have no life, the internet is my life oh yeah,,.... oh... im about to explode in my pants

Sylvesterhey tom theres another troll in here this one is mine, i get thie kill bitch

(Ernie the Giant Chicken is sent.)


(Ernie slashes the hacker troll's jaw.)

Tomwho the hell is that?

Sylvesteri don't know. hes forgotten, no one will remember him,

Sylvesterok the score is my 14 to your 5 kills, it looks like im owning your sorry ass

Hump in the fuckim hump in the fuck and i hoe when you know to the dildo, slickidy hoha

Page 5

(The singing troll stomps on Tweety, crushing the bird.)

Tomdude did that troll just step on tweety bird? lol oh my god that is so fucking funny dude, that guy is pretty cool now, lol dude thats funny

Sylvesterdude thats not funny, thats fucked up and it ticks me off alittle, i mean i knowi have to keep my composure in times that one would react with emotion, tom kill him i can't i would feel to much joy from doing it my self, if you do it,it won't be the same

Tomi don't know if i want to, im enjoying this like hell man, its funny how that bothers you, to me, i mean lol you need a tampon man? hmmmmm


Tomdon't start ragging man, you need a tampon dude? hmmm? do you have a bloody bah J J? i will kill him if you admit im awesome

(Granny is sent towards the troll.)

Sylvestersigh..... fine, your awesome, ok now do it tom.... you ass hole

Hump in the fucki don't know what i stepped on but it was kind of nasty yeah yeah, i follow the beat with my meat, i got so much swag

Tombreak his neck granny

(Granny snaps the troll's neck.)

Narroratormean while

Page 6

Silveryou trolls really are stupid, i mean theres a easy way to get out of the cages and it hasn't crossed your minds, its obvious dude

Chip please don't kill me, i have a pet turtle at home that needs me, please i will blow you if i have to

(Silver stabs Chip.)


Silverhey blaze how is it going with you over there? no problems is there?

Blazenot really, i mean im not gonna feal bad for them, they kind of put this trouble on them selves, i mean its there fault it had to be like this

Silveryeah, hey blaze i was thinking about this funny joke you want to hear how it goes? ok i put this spear in someones face and say, hey you wanna touch my tip hahah get it lol

Narroratorback to coyote

Coyote (thinking)Hmmm this place is out of my comfort zone, this is out of my element, I need to get out side where there is plenty of sand, this landscape is no good i need a change in scenery

Demaro (thinking)its been over a hour, i can get this started

Demarotaste my power, taste the darkness

(Dusk Hunter emerges from a portal.)

Dusk Hunterahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Coyoteinteresting, so you have one of the guardians under your control, your main strength im guessing, hmmm this might be easier then i thought it would be, don't get me wrong the guardians are strong but well... hahaha

Demarodon't fucking ridicule me!! i have a legendary guardian, a monster thats not living but not dead, FUCK YOUR IGNORANCE YOU THINK SATAN OR THE GUARDIANS ARE TO BE MOCK AND MADE FUN OF!!? FUCK YOU!!

(Coyote's strings appear.)

Page 7

(Coyote reaches into the ceiling, creating a hole.)

Demaro (thinking)what the hell is he doing?

Coyotehave fun

(Coyote leaves through the hole.)


(Demaro gives chase and ends up above ground.)

Dusk HunterAHHHH!!


Coyoteoh now its on, i will show you my powers

Page 8

(The sky turns red.)

Coyoteso this guardian of yours is the guardian of the moon

Coyotetime to get this started, this won't take long

(Coyote pulls a book out of his body bag.)

Demaro....what the hell? a book in side a bag of blood?

Coyotedo you like to read? it doesn't seem to be your thing

(Coyote flips through the book. A pair of snakes known as the Yin Yang Serpends and Road Runner emerge as he flips through the pages.)

Coyoteoh i finally get to use you, i remember when i finally got you killed

Coyotei remember when you died road runner, you had one of the more tastier brains road runner, oh it was so glorious

Page 9

(Flashback to the Troll Slaiyers in a canyon area.)

Shadowbugs said you could help us out with our financial problems and also help us with getting explosives

Knuckleshey guys before we start this, we got to wait until my drug dealer arrives

Shadowmake sure you don't get ripped off this time and make sure you get what you paid for, we need a break of your own weed that you grow

Knucklesalright man, hes over there waiting by the road give me a sec

Knucklesyour not a cop are you?

Cheeto Mannope dude

(Shadow talks to Coyote in the meantime.)

Shadowhey do you smoke weed? if not you should try it, its awesome

Cheeto Manyo dog mother fucker, before we do this you have to agree that if you get arrested we never met, you don't speak about me ight?

Knucklesman don't worry about it, im no snitch dude, i also sell weed on the side, i know how it is, so how much weed would i get from 400 bucks

Cheeto Manthis much, here is half of my weed, its some great a shit from canada

(Cheeto Man pulls out a large bag.)

Knucklesholy shit man the blunts are already rolled up and ready to smoke, sweet

Coyotewhat do you need these things you've asked for? i need to know if i even think about agreeing to anything, i must know first

Shadowfucking damnit, alright look me and my friends are staging a fake justen bever concert so we can kill all the trolls

Coyotethat sounds extremely stupid, im not convinced that this is a good cause to give you money and explosives, i just don't think i can help you with that, i mean first off im not someone you can mooch off of, its a no

Shadowno its a awesome fucking plan im telling you, ok look we hear that you was loaded with a fuck loads of cash and you have a shit load of explosives, fucking damnit one second, BUGS I DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING BUT YOU GOT TO GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE AND CONVINCE THIS GUY WHY THIS IS A GOOD IDEA, he will tell you why this is a good investment dude , trust me this is a awesome fucking deal

Bugswell dock it is a good reason and a good purpose, we need the help and there must be something you need as well? perhaps we could help each other out dock, make a deal, what do you say? hmmm

Page 10

Coyoteactually there is something you can help me with, theres this bird by the name of road runner, extremely fast, the fastest thing i have ever seen, I've been trying to kill it for some time now if you kill the bird with out breaking any of its bones or ripping it a part i will help you out, i suggest if you have the chance shoot road runner in the head

Shadowalright i will kill that fucking bird for you, and i will do it quick hahahaha!! knuckles its bird hunting time

Knucklesok shadow, this is gonna be awesome, yeah

Coyotealright just wait a minute, he normally comes through this direction at this time, you hear that,

Shadowok i see it coming, im going to blow its brains all over the fucking road

(Shadow aims his gun and fires at Road Runner, but misses.)

Shadow....................... holy shit that thing is fast, he ran right past my bullet with out no problems, i never thought i would see something faster then sonic

Knucklesthat bird is a lot faster then sonic, he makes sonic look slow as fuck, its the fastest thing i have ever seen

Road RunnerBEEP! BEEP!

Shadowknuckles hurry up and get the shovels, we are gonna dig a big hole cover it up and then next time the bird comes this way it will fall in the hole

Shadowlets get digging

Knucklesshadow dont forget, high shovel dude

Bugshigh what?

Shadowhigh shovel

Knuckleshigh shovel

(Some time passes and the Slaiyers make a small hole in the road.)

Shadowyou just wait we will have that bird dead in no time

Knuckleshaha yeah shadow

Page 11

Shadowok get ready this is so gonna work

(Road Runner runs over the hole, unaffected.)

Shadowfuck this, we make a trap and he walks over it like it wasn't even fucking there, im gonna kill this bitch

Shadowcome back here

(Shadow chases Roadd Runner.)


(Shadow shoots at Road Runner using his gun but misses.)

Shadowdamnit the bird just incressed his speed even more then it was, this is already starting to piss me off

Coyotenow you understand why road runner hasn't been killed yet

Knuckleshey shadow no need ot get mad, i know how we are gonna get the road runner, well more me but i just have to time it right

Page 12

Shadowhell yeah knuckles you got this shit dude, fuck this shit up

(Knuckles gets close to the ground.)

Knuckles...................................... ok ............................................................. i have to time this perfectly

(Knuckles punches the ground. A hole appears in front of Road Runner, large enough so that Road Runner's foot is stuck, tripping him.)

Road RunnerBEEP! BEEP!

Knuckles................................................just a little bit


Coyoteimpressive he hit the ground and it crack in a completely different spot then he hit it,

(An explanation of Knuckles' attack appears.)

Narrorator"he hits the ground here and with his power made it crack here this example is for the not so bright moe foes"

Shadowgreat work man, that bird can't run now

Page 13

(Shadow rushes at Road Runner.)


Shadowtake this mother fucker

(Shadow shooots Road Runner in the head.)

Coyote.................................. i can't believe it.......... you..... you don't know how long i waited for this bird to die

Coyoteanyways, i don't want to be filled with to much joy, no now now we had a deal. tell me where and you will get all the help you will ever need for this concert, lets get this started

(The Troll Slaiyers work on building the concert stadium.)

Bugswatch out for that dog shit hulk


Coyote (narrating)so we got started on making the conert

Coyote (narrating)the building process was long

Shadowa little to the left silver


Knucklesshadow i got to go sonic just text me saying tails is hurt and i need to watch him

Coyote (narrating)but we finally built it

(Flashback to the panels from chapter 2: trolls attack, Page 13).

Shadow (flashback)thanks again for paying for the stage and all of it. i can't thank you enough

Coyote (flashback)its my Pleasure you guys did help me kill the road runner after all! its the lease i can do. oh and i hope your troll killing goes as plan. im gonna go home and take me a bite out of some road runner

Page 14

Tomim guessing the road runner is no more? sweet man thats fucking cool

Coyoteyeah, it took a lot of restraint for me not to jump up happy with joy, by the way where is elmer fud?

Sylvesterhe went to go kill bugs bunny to get his corpse,

Coyotebugs in in a group of people that just helped me kill the road runner in return i help them build a concert filled with explosives, so lets just keep a eye on elmer fud and make sure he doesn't get killed or run into an explosion or anything like that

(Flashback to Chapter 2, when the Justen Bever concert is happening.)

Coyote (narrating)we made it to the concert right when it was getting started

Coyote (narrating)we hid in the crowd keeping our eyes opened looking for fud

Tomwow a lot of these people are fat as fuck dude

Coyotewe got to keep focus and look closely to all the details we can, we might need it later, understood

(Every page showing the Awesome Fucking Plan, Mario and Luigi's fight, Silver entering and exiting Troll City, Fudd revealing his powers, and the group meeting Coyote is shown.)

Coyote (narrating)so we just watched fud from a far, we only would enter if it was needed, and it never was needed for some time, watch fuds progress with hsi new friends, tom and sylvester got bored and left watching elmer fud to me, i studied all that i could about fuds new friends, i found out alot to, it was interesting, but then fud got chaptured and i could of stepped in and saved him but my feelings got the best of me and i knew i couldn't jump in without feeling something, so i had no choice but to stay hidden, i then got control over my self and confronted silver and his friends

Coyote (narrating)and everything else came ot play, and now i am where i am about to fight a satanic neutral and save elmer fud

Page 15

Coyotebefore we fight would you mind telling me your name? hmmm

Demaromy name is demaro.

Coyoteprepare to see a real master necromancer at work, prepare to be amazed demaro

Narroratormean while

Fuddthis is not good, im not good at up close combat, and i have nothing to fight with, troll face took my gun, i left my puppets behind, i need to find something i can use

(Fudd makes his way into a morgue.)

Rigor Mortpisstime of death, about 1 to 2 months

Fuddhello lad, i am the new guy. i was told to help you with your job, im gonna give some of the corpes a look. so i can observe and learn.

Rigor Mortpissreally? no one told me about this, but no one tells me about anything. i mean them trolls could at least. be thankful i go out of my way to do this job, but what can you do? am i right? go ahead and look

Page 16

Fudd........... this person looks familiar, hmmmmmmm

Fuddyes, yes i remember him, its been so long since then. i think this corpse will be my best corpse yet

(Fudd discovers Luigi and a flashback to when his betrayal is revealed occurs.)

Luigiyes i told them

Luigino one thanks me!!! its always Mario! you get everything you get the good games the better women!!

Fuddhey why is this corpse in perfect condition? none of the other corpses are nearly this taken care of

Rigor Mortpissoh you must be talking about luigi, well im not allow to do a biobsy on any of troll faces corpses, he is the one that keeps the bodies clean like that, he does schticky to there bodies, he keeps them in a freeer most the time. he has this idea. if anything is gonna make this body dirty it's him. troll faces words himself. a highly disturbed individial, he cleans them in such a way to make them last longer, sick fuck

Fuddthis is perfect for me, hahah i got something better then wabbits

(Fudd reanimates Luigi, then uses him to unleash a wave of fire.)

Rigor Mortpisswhat the hell!!

(Rigor Mortpiss is burned to ashes.)

Page 17

Luigielmer fud is a fucking awesome

Fudddamn right

(A pair of trolls appear.)

Vinny the Piss what the hell is going on?

(Luigi enters combat with the two, punching through the heart of one and blowing him up with flames.)

Vinny the Piss ..........oh my god!!! shit

(The troll wearing a beanie is kicked down.)

Page 18

(Fudd blasts open a hole in the wall using Luigi's fire.)

Fuddwe need to get the hell out of here! and we need to avoid hindo, and i really hope the troll king is still gone. ok we got to look for any exists

Luigiwe have no clue where the exits are at. we don't know which way to go.

Fuddif we can't find any exits we might have to create one our selves, lets just get the fuck out

Narroratorback to rob

Robcome back here you ass hole

Hindotime to die!!

(Rob is electrocuted. His body explodes into many pieces.)

Hindoi knew he was weak, i almost thought for second that he was gonna give me a challenge, what a shame

Page 18.1

??? why? simply because it could be done, oh how it must feel to lose something that means so much before fate came to play, perhaps it was fate to be lost before the quest at hand was complete...can one die for such reason?

??? to watch as all expectations shatter like glass piercing hearts, through the eyes i choose to spy, deep with in the expectations before shattered, and grins after, it isn't death that fuels the falling star, it is the fear of it that grants traits of control, simply due to showing signs some would find a form of weakness, and leverage for others, "no please don't kill him no!!" the target becomes what you begged to keep alive, yet so easy to kill, and forced to watch as blood fills the pool regardless of what your actions were to prevent it...

??? what would life be like without that attachment still breathing? would you be relieved? would you no longer find meaning if you believed in that special bond was your meaning would you ache with pain for years to come? consuming anything and everything that would slowly kill you as long as it meant that you would be able to stay in your fucking dream world of denial? perhaps raising fist of anger cursing whoever caused or failed to stop it, forced to find ways to accept and move on? finding ways to not believe it even happened?

??? maybe that is real fate, perhaps reality, knowing it will happen, knowing you can't stop it, knowing you could cause it as much as prevent it, what is the difference from being connected to that which was lost or not being? the pure essence of something meaningful, no matter if physically real or simple illusions cast from the mind of a story teller, attachments are as precious as diamonds, and will forever be used as such...

??? watch as beautiful diamonds intoxicates ones perspective of reality, and i shall watch as expectations forever shatter, it is my diamond...

(Rob's head appears in a swirl of blood.)

Page 19

Hindofucking noob, wasting my time

(Hindo unzips his pants.)

Hindobitch i'll piss on your face

(The previous scene is revealed to be a vision/day dream, and Rob is alive.)

Robi just had the worse day dream ever, i need to focus!! which reminds me i need to avoid that electricity or that could happen for reals

Hindoits time to use my thunder ball

(Hindo charges a ball of electricity, which splits into smaller balls.)

RobWhirlwind sprint!!

(Rob jumps over the ball, but Hindo charges at him mid air in his electric form. Hindo kicks Rob into the ceiling.)

Page 20

Hindoyou cant match up to me dragon born!! hahah

(Hindo gives chase.)

RobIce form!!


(Hindo is frozen. Rob grabs the crystal Hindo is frozen in, then grabs Hindo as he thaws.)


(Rob hurls Hindo away.)

RobWhirlwind sprint!!

(Rob chases Hindo as he is still being thrown away.)


(Rob punches Hindo in the gut.)


Page 21


(Rob continues punching Hindo in the stomach.)

Robtake this fucker!

(Rob punches Hindo in the face, sending him flying through the wall.)

Hindo............. damnit, this dragonborn is starting to get on my nerves, alright then you've ask for it dragonborn, im going to crush you.


(Hindo enters his electric form.)

RobAura Whisper!!

RobSlow Time!!