Chapter 15: The Guardians part 1/Script

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  • Character count: ~15100
  • No spaces: ~12400
  • Character with most lines: Demaro (28)
  • Character(s) with least lines: Tiny Kong, Bowser, Trix Rabbit (1)

Page 1

(Hindo splits into multiple different entities, each of which is seen by Rob's Aura Whisper.)

Robthis is not looking good it appears that he is splitting a part from his self. what the?


(The Hindos all emerge from the wall, attacking Rob in a flurry of punches from all directions.)



(The Hindos merge up top. Hindo then begins to charge his up a beam.)

Page 2

Hindotime to die dragonborn!!


(Hindo fires his beam downwards. Rob jumps back, dodging it.)


RobWhirlwind Sprint!!

(Rob runs up the lightning beam.)

Hindofucking damnit

Page 3

(Rob punches Hindo. The two are sent flying up together through the roof of Troll Fortress.)

Hindothis is gonna be fun after all

Robwhat the hell is going on out here? why is the sky red?

Hindoim gonna kick your ass so hard on this fucking roof. you'll wish you never fucked with me. prepare to schooled in battle noob

Robhave you've not notice it yet? i don't have fucking ears

Narroratorback to coyote

Coyotewell im ready whenever you decide to make your move demaro


(Demaro and Dusk Hunter stare Coyote and Road Runner down.)


Page 4

(Demaro mounts Dusk Hunter.)

Demaro (thinking)i have to step it up if i want to kill him like i want. so no fucking around

Coyoteany time now. its ok take your time

(Demaro creates a wave of vines and tries to swarm Coyote in them. Coyote jumps back. Road Runner charges through the vines, slashing them to bits.)

Road RunnerBEEP! BEEP!

Demarothat thing is fast. its ripping up all my vines. shreding them into pieces

Demaroyou bastard i'll knock that smug smile off your face

(Demaro shoots a beam of strings at Coyote. Coyote sidesteps it.)

Coyotealmost got me that time budy

Page 5

(Demaro jumps at Coyote.)


(Demaro and Dusk Hunter land at Coyote's position, creating a dust cloud. Coyote jumps back, unharmed. From within the cloud, Demaro fires another beam of strings. Coyote uses his own strings to pull himself down towards the ground and dodge.)

Coyote (thinking)he just did a combo of 3 attacks effortlessly, im curious to see if that is all he can do, i might have to play with him for awhile

Page 6

(The white Serpend attacks Demaro.)


(Demaro dodges.)

Demaro (thinking)was that a snake?

(The black Serpend attacks Demaro as well, but Demaro dodges once more.)


Demarodamnit that was too close

(Demaro puts up his spirit shield.)

Page 7

Coyotehahahahahahahaha you gotta watch out for those snakes, one bite and your dead with in a few minutes, their names are the "yin yang serpends" they were feared by many before i captured them

DemaroSHUT YOUR MOUTH!! nothing will stop me from ripping out your throat!!

Coyotewe will see about that now won't we? its my turn to attack so i hope you can keep up

(Coyote forms an orb of his strings.)


(Demaro prepares his string spear attack.)


Coyote (thinking)road runner is almost useless on offensive tactics while he is mounted on his gaurdian i'll have to fix that

Page 8


(Demaro begins levitating using the power of his shield.)

Demaroprepare to be shredded into little coyote chunks ahahah


(Demaro launches his projectile at Coyote.)

Coyotehere i hope you enjoy this

(Coyote throws his orb at Demaro.)

Coyotethis shall be humorous

(Coyote attaches himself onto Road Runner using his strings.)

Road RunnerMEEP!! BEEP!!

(The projectiles meet mid-air. Coyote's sphere travels straight through Demaro's projectile.)

Page 9

(The sphere continues towards Demaro.)


(Coyote, using Road Runner, dodges the spear. Meanwhile, Demaro runs from Coyote's orb.)

Demarodamnit i can't shake this ball attack of his crap

(Coyote's orb collides with Demaro's shield, causing it to disappear.)

Demaroit was aiming for my shield

Road RunnerBEEP BEEP!!

Page 10

Demaroshit i can only levitate when i have my spirit shield on and i can only create a shield once every 5 minutes and they only last for 1-2 minutes before the strings unstable

Demaro (thinking)i have to watch out for those snakes

(Demaro and Dusk Hunter land.)

Demarowhat is this? what is this windy breaze sound im hearing?

NarroratorForest ChamBers

(Demaro and Dusk Hunter are lifted into the air by a swarm of leaves.)

Demaroi can't control my gaurdian?

(Demaro jumps off of Dusk Hunter and lands. The black Yin Yang Serpend attacks him.)

Page 11


(Demaro quickly uses his strings to fling the black Serpend away.)


Road RunnerMEEP!! MEEP!!

(Road Runner zooms by Demaro, tripping him. Demaro falls into the grass face first.)


(Demaro is attacked by the white Serpend. He is almost bitten in the face before he uses his strings to push himself away.)

Demaroson of a bitch

(Road Runner trips up Demaro from behind.)


(Demaro envelopes himself in a vine shield.)

Page 12

(The vines take Demaro underground.)

Coyoteoh so he decided to hide to give himself time to think, interesting

NarroratorMEAN WHILE back to shadow

Booty Hunteri wonder what the hell is gong on to make the sky so red?

Booty Hunterhey do you guys see this shit? or am i the only person? this is some apocalypse shit here

Vectorwho knows it might just be the apocalypse and that shit about 2012 is true but they was just off on the date. 2012 your late

Shadowi dont give a rats ass what it is and i could care less if its there.

Tiny Kong so what are you Knitting anyways? your knitting like a granny

Shadowi already explained to you my plan and im not gonna repeat my self because your a dumb fucking monkey

Teemohey guys

(Vector, Hulk, Bowser, Chucky Kong, Guy, Tiny Kong and Shadow are surprised.)

NarroratorWHAT THE?

Vectorwhat the hell teemo? your suppose to be dead

Narroratorwhat is going on with these new turn of events? teemos alive what the fuck!?

Page 13

Teemoyeah i did die. i remember the pain of being smashed into that mountain. but i had revive but i guess it wouldn't matter if i didn't have revive seeing it takes one minute for me to respawn. you guys must not play league of legends that wasn't the first time I've died before. i can't stay dead I'll always come back to life

Hulkif it only takes you a minute to come back to life then why did you take so long to get back to us? i mean its been days and days sense your death

Teemohulk that was one of the dumbest things I have ever heard and i will tell you why. one you guys traveled away from where i died so it was hard to find you again. two i got my two friends beside me to give us a hand. i thought it was hard to see with my eyes closed but i guess you are the blind one

Vectoryeah hulk you moron why don't you think for once? or is all your brain just a big piece of crap?

(Hulk flips off Vector.)


Teemomy friend to my right is a pokemon from japan or china or some shit like that name pikachu hes cool and my bud to the left well its obvious what he is. i dont think i need to say much about him. oh by the way where the fuck silver go anyway? i miss the money guy

Pikachupika... pikachu

(A football player appears next to Pikachu.)

Guyso let me get these right theres a rat talking chinese and a dumb looking base ball player. i wonder how useful they will be

Chucky Kongnot to be a stick in the mud but what you just said was incorrect, i will tell you exactly how. ok pikachu is from japan a complete different country from china and pikachu is speaking pokemon not chinese and the man is a foot ball player not a base ball player

Teemohey shadow where did silver rob and elmer fud go again? do you know where they went? it took me awhile to notice they were gone until now

Shadowi don't fucking know where silver or rob or what ever his name is or tails and i don't fucking care right now. im working on something so shut the fuck up

Bowser (thinking)hmmmm i don't like how he treats his comrades, like were all disable. im not sure if im comfortable with following his lead. but it is his plan so i will let him stay in control for now but i will be sure to keep a eye on him

Teemoget guys you know what would lighten the mode and be fun if we do another slaiyers picture for the hell of it. i mean there aren't that many old members left and we have some new ones so lets give it a go

Shadowfine we'll do it but only if you shut up

Page 14

(Each member, once again, cuts to a panel of their own where Shadow gives them a title.)

The awesome


The annoying

The butt pirate

The real fire power

the retard

the rodent

the guy with no name

The douche

The fat gay monkey

the dumb bitch

Together we make
The troll slaiyers

Vectorreally shadow the butt pirate

Teemoomg dude i love my new name it has flair to it man. i love it man

(Booty Hunter gets emotional.)

Booty Hunterim extremely hurt you would think im a douche. it might not look like it but i have feelings and you hurt them

Booty Hunterahhhhhhhhhhh

(Booty Hunter runs off in tears.)

Guyd..... dude i think you actually hurt his feelings. he looked very upset

Chucky Kongi actually like the name you gave me but i think there should be a MR at the start of it like MR.fat gay monkey

Shadowif you don't mind i would like to finish Knitting this

PikachuPika pika pika pika pikachu

Narroratormean while

Narroratorback to tails

Tailsahhhhhhhh damnit. every time i get close it takes me forever for me to get that close again

Page 15

Ronaldtails maybe you should take a break and come back to it later. i mean we all aren't fast learners sometimes theres need for us to paste our selves

Tailsim not taking a break until i get this done and if over doing it kills me and pushes me to far then so be it.

(Tails raises several pillars of chakra energy.)

Ronaldyour pillars are weak you should straighten the glass a bit or it will shatter again

Tailsalright i got it

(The pillars are covered by shadows.)

Tailscome on come on come on come on!!

(The shadows begin to form into clones of Tails.)

Ronaldtails the shadows are coming together sloppy again you might want to stop rushing it and focus before they unstable and disburst again

Tailsok........... i can do this i can do this i can do this...............

(The shadows begin to resemble Tails.)

TailsYES!!! oh f...... fuck yeah. i did it. all i need to do is add some color and i got it down and i can continue my training oh yeah

Page 16

(The copies hold hands and jump for joy.)

Tails (copy)yes!!

Tails (copy)yes!!

Tails (copy)yes!!

Tailsthanks bro

Ronaldseeing that your a noobie illusionist I will explain to you the many levels that can be reached

RonaldThe first and easiest level of creating illusions is of course copying your self. The easiest thing to create because you know the details to your self better then anyone. There's many things you can do in this level of illusions but before that I'll explain how to notice the signs that you are in a illusion. Depending on the illusion will determine if you notice your in the illusion or not. In the first level the signs are pretty simple unless the illusionist is spot on to the copy he creates. We can never copy something 100 percent accurate unless it is our self and that of its self is not always easy

RonaldLet me explain how I can tell the real you a part from your clones. One there will be a small detail that might be different from the original. Clone one tails. His three spikes are to spiky compared to your spikes. The 2nd clones head is shaped weird and one of his pupils are bigger then the other.clone Three His facial details and over all head details are spot on but he is missing a finger. you would wonder how i know that its obvious if you look closer, as an illusionist you have pay attention to everything. Because there will always be a chance you will battle another illusionist. If you are cut or have any battle damage you will have to copy the damage exactly or your foe with notice the difference

Ronaldits understandable why cloning your self would be easier then cloning someone else. Because you know your own body features better then everyone else. the next level of illusions is a bit more challenging. Changing little things about the land scape to trick your foe. Like cliffs anything really. Adding stuff removing stuff. The bigger the object the harder it is to make it seem like its not there.level Three is also a tough thing to do as well. Copy someone and making them speak. To impersonate someone this person might know, you will have to get his personality at least 85 percent right. This illusion is one of the hardest to completely fool someone with. If they notice one little odd thing. Then they will look for more slip ups More red flags. Meaning you wont be fooling them. The next level is to change the land scape all together. To suddenly change the scenery to put them into a mental state of disadvantage. the next level is to create a whole illusion in there mind. It goes deeper then there eyes from a different change of scenery. They will be stuck in a daze and you'll inter into there mind to create dreams, illusions in there thoughts. In naruto terms a genjutsu. To create people to pretty much shift anything that this persons sees. This person is in your world now. And the final level is to create a illusion on there own body. To make them believe its actually there is very difficult. Illusions are a tricky thing. If the person your fighting or just doing the illusion to knows its a illusion then its less effective and that sums it up

TailsAHAHA!! I AM TAILS OF THE BADASS!! oh wow im exhausted wow

(Ronald smiles and claps.)

RonaldGrats Grats Tails, you completed my training! I kind of expected that you would have taken months to finish but....

RonaldHmm.... He hasn't mastered it yet but he learned it in half the time it took me, and I am a master of illusions, this.. This just won't do

TailsThat was difficult, but not enough to stop me! You should show me some more challenging stuff later, not that clones are easy but well heh... Anywayz thanks man for all the training, now I can finally move on to the next person..

RonaldOhh no problem no problem haaa.. I enjoy teaching one of such hype, it was my pleasure


(Tails extends his hand for a handshake. Ronald seems wary.)

Page 17


(Ronald's hand slips by Tails and he grabs his throat.)

TailsUghhh.. What are you doing??

(Ronald slams Tails against a mirror.)

RonaldHaaa... Tails, Already full of yourself and you haven't even did the soul bind yet? Well this won't do at all ahaahaaa, no this won't do you see?

Tails (thinking)what do i do? i remember over hearing kermit say something about some of the members weren't to be trusted

(Flashback to Chapter 10, Page 20.)

Kermit (flashback)hello kitty and tails don't realize it yet but some of the people in the defenders are unstable and not trust worthy, i hope they don't put to much trust in them, that could end up disastrous

Tails (thinking)This is what Kermit must have meant

TailsWhat are you doing huh? Let me go uggghh... AHHH!! WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM!! So Why are you choking me you crazy FUCK!?!

RonaldCrazy? Ahahaaaa... Crazy huh? Ohh my.. Oh my, I do enjoy how you have no sense of another persons perspective Tails, no, no you see? You don't even use that prodigy mind of yours to thinkn "OH maybe I shouldn't say things like that??" Ahhhaahaa.. But yet you don't.. yet you don't what so ever..


RonaldHahahaaa.. You just don't understand my fur filled FUCK!! heheee, You don't understand what your words might effect others, not at all, not at all, not at all, AHHHHHHHHH!!! I CAN'T STOP IT!! AHAHAHAAAAA TAIL!!

RonaldAHHHHHH!! OHHHH!! I USED TO BE A GOOD PERSON!! I used to have so many friends Tails.. I USED TO BE LOVED!! But now? HAHAHAHAAA!! NO!! NOT NOW TAILS!!


RonaldOhh the chosen one must have seen it coming did he not? A moment where you are completely helpless, yeeeesssss.... An under dog slain before his precious spotlight of being the worlds perfect little hero aaaahh yessss, I can see it now, you being expected for so so so so so so so so so so MUCH!!! I can see all the disappointed faces and tears from the hope that has been crushed before their very eyes Tails, Yes I can see it all... heeeheeeheeeeee.... Would be a shame if that fate was shortened yeaaahhhh? They can't FUCKING WORSHIP YOU IF YOU'R DEAD TAILS HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! Ohhh OHHH!! You know what?? I Will Kill you righttt nowww!!

(Ronald lifts Tails higher.)

Page 18


(Tails' face begins to turn red.)

Cheeto ManHows my homies training going? Whaa? Hey! What are you doing Ronald!!


(Cheeto Man runs towards Ronald and grabs his arm.)



(Cheeto Man gets angry, revealing his eyes.)

Cheeto ManLET GOOOO!! NOW!!



(Cheeto Man punches Ronald.)


(Cheeto Man assumes a fighting stance. He then kicks Ronald in the face.)

Page 19


(Cheeto Man punches Ronald, knocking him back. Cheeto Man then grabs Ronald's hair and knees him in the face before kicking him again.)


(Ronald is sent flying. He catches himself on the ceiling and stands upside down.)

TailsAghh Ehhh.. Aghhhhhhhhh. Cuuhhh.. YOU'R WRONG RONALD!! Ahhm......



(Ronald vanishes.)

Cheeto Mani knew he was gonna bail

Page 20

KermitWhat is going on in here?

Hello KittyOh my god are you ok Tails?? What happened?

TailsRonald tried to kill me.. I'm ok don't worry, Cheeto Man saved me just in time..

KermitWhy did he try to kill you? I knew he was unstable but I never would have thought he would try something like this.. Does this mean he betrayed The Defenders? Tell us what happened in detail Tails if you can so I can properly inform Pacman..

(Hello Kitty hugs Tails.)

TailsUhhh Ummmm.. Well, That is the problem.. He kind of just attacked me out of no where, I wasn't expecting it at all.. And I think I made it worse after he first grabbed my neck because I called him crazy.. he then kinda just snapped? I don't know man..


KermitRELAX TRIX RABIT!! Nobody took your breakfast, now I will give this info to Pacman and we will get to the bottom of this before you continue your training Tails, but until then please stay with Cheeto man Ok?

(Hello Kitty lets go of Tails.)

TailsOk, that sounds fine

Hello KittyI'm glad you're ok

TailsUhhmm Thanks

KermitAlright, I'm going to inform Pacman, keep in eye out for Ronald Tails

TailsI will don't worry

Cheeto ManTails, lets go outside for some fresh air buddy, It's cool guys ima watch him yeaaaaahhhh!

Hello KittyOh ok, be careful

NarroratorMEAN WILE

Page 21

Tomyou know after thinking about it. it seems fit that granny would avenge poor tweety birds demise. i told you that bird was useless

Sylvesterthat bird is still more useful to me then your brain has ever been to you

Tomfuck you!! you tiny dick mother fucker. your as bad as you are in fist fighting as you are in fucking pussy

Sylvesterwell your sister didn't seem to mind when i was fucking her pussy

Tomnot cool man. not cool. you crossed the line dude. not cool at all. thats my sister bro. not cool. gently cares you man

Sylvestercould you focus a little more. keep your eyes open we are still looking for left over trolls

Tomsince you haven't notice it yet, this place is a dead zone. all the trolls are dead. there is no life in this place because the trolls are dead. so relax. our plan should be giving coyote and rob a hand

Tomstop ragging

Sylvesterim just saying we need to always be on our guard

Tomdude stop being paranoid

SylvesterWHAT was that sound? hmmmmmm something doesn't feel right

(Troll Face emerges from the shadows. He then points a shotgun at the cats and fires a shot.)

Sylvester (thinking)theres a bullet coming right at us...... no wait its aiming for tom!! I HAVE TO STOP IT

SylvesterTOM LOOK OUT!!!

(Sylvester pushes Tom out of the way, taking the bullet.)