Santa Claus

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Biographical info
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color Brown
Hair color Light gray
Eye color Unknown
Personal information
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled Christmas Special, Page 4
Last appearance Tails Gets Trolled Christmas Special, Page 5
In real life
First appearance A Visit from St. Nicholas

Santa Claus is a character appearing in the Tails Gets Trolled Christmas Special.


Santa appears as a large, brown skinned man whose eyes are covered by shadows. He has a grey beard and wears a dark red outfit with green shoes and gloves.


Santa first appears in the Christmas Special, zooming through the night sky with his reindeer. As he flies in he catches The Narrorator on his sled, preventing him from committing suicide. Santa then lands nearby and carries his bag of gifts towards the group. He then reaches into his bag and pulls out Christmas weed for everyone to enjoy.

Real Life Origins

"Merry Old Santa Claus" by Thomas Nast (1881).

Santa Claus is a historical figure known for delivering gifts for children on the holidays. Originally derived from tales of Saint Nicolas, the general story of Santa Claus came to be when his story made its way to America around 1664. The iconic look Santa is traditionally drawn in was not adapted until political cartoonist Thomas Nast draw the version of Santa commonly seen today.[1]