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Biographical info
Physical description
Species Toad
Gender Male
Skin color White
Eye color Black
Personal information
Affiliation Mushroom Kingdom
Allies Mario
First appearance Chapter 17, Page 4
Last appearance Chapter 17, Page 4
In real life
Actual name Toadsworth
First appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (Young version) (2005)
Franchise Super Mario
be careful mario, these trolls are much stronger then goombas
Toadsworth, Chapter 17, Page 4

Toadsworth is a minor character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. He is one of Mario's advisors seen during Chapter 17: Psychological Assessment.


Toadsworth, unlike his fellow Toads, has a beige cap patterned with brown dots. He also has a brown mustashe. Toadsworth's vest is also red and orange and wears a red bow-tie, something that other Toads do not wear.

In Tails Gets Gay: The Dickfenders, Toadsworth wears a pink vest instead of his red one.


Toadsworth is first seen during Chapter 17 as one of the characters overlooking the Holy Star. He presents to Mario a potion that causes its user to become temporarily deaf and gives it to him for protection against Troll King's Words of Death. He then urges caution as a Toad informs Mario that an unfamiliar person is approaching.

In Tails Gets Gay: The Dickfenders

Toadsworth makes a brief appearance in the Dickfenders, though he does not say anything.


Toadsworth appears respectful of Mario, wishing him the best when gifting him the potion of deafness, and stating that The Trolls will soon fear him. He is also cautious, contrasting Russ T. who suggests using the potential troll intruding on them as a hostage. Toadsworth advises instead that the group should retreat and warns Mario before he leaves that the trolls are stronger than the average Goomba.


Toadsworth has not shown any particular abilities of note.

Real Life Origins

Toadsworth the Younger (left) and Toadsworth as he usually appears in the Super Mario series (right).

Toadsworth is an advisor to Princess Peach in the Super Mario series. He often worries greatly over her and panics when she is often kidnapped.


The Toadsworth in Tails Gets Trolled is based on his younger version appearing in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time as opposed to his elderly form which is more commonly seen.