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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles The real fire power
Relatives Bowser Jr. (son)
Physical description
Species Koopa
Gender Male
Skin color Yellow / Green
Hair color Red
Eye color Red
Personal information
Affiliation The Troll Slaiyers
Allies Troll Slaiyers, Goombas, Bowser Jr.
Enemies Mario, Luigi
Dislikes assholes and jokes (Chapter 2, Page 6)
Weapons/powers Fire breath, brute strength
First appearance Chapter 2, Page 6
Last appearance Chapter 15, Page 14
In real life
Actual name Bowser
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Franchise Super Mario
oh not this time. your act of being the goodguy is over
Bowser, to Mario, Chapter 5, Page 1

Bowser is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. He is a rival to Mario and a member of the new Troll Slaiyers.


Bowser is a large, turtle like creature with yellow skin and a massive green, spiked shell on his back. He wears spiked bands on his legs, arms, and neck. Bowser has two white horns emerging from his head similar to a bull's.

He is shown to tower over the Fist in Poo Clan during his initial appearance but later on, he is similar in size to Shadow and Foot Ball Player.


Bowser first appearing from the shadows.

Before the events of the main story, Bowser was engaged in a battle with Yoshi which he lost. According to Mario, he was not seen again until the brothers were older.

Bowser is first seen in the main series when two trolls are found trolling a Goomba in his lair. He approaches the two and destroys them before leaving elsewhere. The next time Bowser is seen is after Mario reveals his plan to Shadow. He shows up just in time to help the Slaiyers fight Mario, and from then, he joins the group in their efforts to hunt the plumber and fight against the trolls.

While a part of the group, Bowser helps compile a list of Mario's abilities and suggests finding a good landscape to trap him in. The group also agrees to start training together by sparring with one another.

After Shadow destroys a village of innocents and reveals his "fucking genius" plan to the group, the Slaiyers grow in numbers. Bowser tags along and silently expresses his disapproval regarding the way Shadow treats his newfound allies. When the Slaiyers reform, he is given the title of "The real fire power".


Bowser is surprisingly cooperative when it comes to dealing with Mario, immediately joining up with the Troll Slaiyers to assist them in their hunt for the red plumber. He is rather knowledgeable in regards to Mario's abilities as well.

Bowser is also shown to care for his allies, as shown by his comment regarding the way Shadow treats his friends like they are all disabled, and killing two trolls who were harassing a Goomba.


Bowser is capable of breathing fire from his mouth, which is hot enough to burn people to ashes. His fire breath appears equal to Mario's own fire powers when the two clash in Chapter 5. He is also incredibly powerful physically as seen when he crushes one member of the Fist in Poo Clan's head simply by grasping him hard enough.


hmmmm i don't like how he treats his comrades, like were all disable. im not sure if im comfortable with following his lead. but it is his plan so i will let him stay in control for now but i will be sure to keep a eye on him
—Bowser thinking to himself after seeing Shadow insult his former allies, Chapter 15: The Guardians part 1, Page 13

Real Life Origins

Bowser first debuted in Super Mario Bros. as the main antagonist. Since then he usually takes on the role of Mario's arch nemesis but has shown to be amicable with the protagonists on certain occasions, sometimes willing to work alongside them, such as in Super Paper Mario, or partake in friendly sports like baseball or golfing.


In Tails Gets Trolled, as with many characters, Bowser is more willing to commit actual murder to achieve his goals such as when he violently kills the Fist in Poo Clan.

Appearance-wise, Bowser's spikes on his head are typically light brown, but they are white in Tails Gets Trolled. The spikes on his back also share this distinction.