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Biographical info
One-off names booty mamma
Relatives Sisters (mentioned)
Physical description
Species Shadow
Gender None[1]
Expression Feminine[1]
Skin color Purple
Eye color Pink
Personal information
Affiliation The Defenders
Allies The Defenders, Mario, Luigi
Enemies The Trolls, her sisters
Weapons/powers Shadow powers
First appearance Chapter 5, Page 14
Last appearance Chapter 25.5, Page 15
In real life
Actual name Vivian
First appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
Franchise Super Mario
...but you have time to rest and such before you continue your training, we have plenty of time, you want to fuck?
Vivian, Chapter 11, Page 13

Vivian is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled as one of The Defenders. She is a master of shadows, capable of using her power to hide herself in the floor. Vivian also appears to be plotting with Arthur and Pacman, using Arthur's powers to attempt and discern the future.


Vivian is a purple, shadow-like figure who possesses no feet, but instead appears to be "emerging" from the ground in her appearances. Aside from her pink/white hat and white gloves, she does not wear any other clothes of note. Her face is obscured by her hat/pink hair, leaving only her mouth and pink eyes (or, her blush marks depending on the page) visible.


Cheeto Man explains to Doug that Vivian has no gender, but chooses to shapeshift into a female form. This was further clarified by Embergram that Vivian does not consider herself to be a specific gender, but prefers to present as female and to be referred to by she/her pronouns.[1]


Vivian shows off her powers to Tails.

Prior to joining the Defenders, Vivian used to be trolled by her sisters before deciding to help Mario. Some time after helping him, a group of trolls troll Vivian, causing her to snap and murder them. Afterwards, the Defenders ask Vivian to join them once they catch wind of her actions.

Vivian is first seen when Pori introduces Tails to the rest of the group after he is kidnapped. As Pori is leaving, she stops him to ask about Mario and Luigi and is disappointed to hear that they have changed when Pori urges her to not meet with them.

The next time she is seen is when Tails is instructed to train with her. She describes her ability as being able to channel the dark chakra in her body to change her shape and tries to get Tails to do the same. When he is unable to do so, she instead takes a different approach and teaches Tails how to adapt her power in his own way through making his own body lighter in order to increase his run speed.

Vivian is not seen again until much later, when Arthur performs a ritual to attempt and see the future. After exhausting himself, Arthur asks her to create a "shadow shield" to prevent others from discovering what he had been doing. It is then revealed during Chapter 24: Coyote's Wrath that Vivian is on Tails' side, and is seen with Dexter discussing the new situation the Defenders have found themselves in.


Vivian is friendly to her allies, posing no trouble nor attitude to Tails when it is her time to train him. Despite not being in contact with Mario for a while, she does appear to be disappointed / concerned when Pori mentions that they are no different from the Trolls now.

Vivian appears to be quite a flirt with the other Defenders based on a comment by Spyro in Chapter 17, who mentions that she often asks others if they want to have sex as a joke. Doug in particular also appears to be somewhat smitten with her, referring to her as "booty mamma" at one point while he is high. She also flirts with Tails after they train together, casually asking if he wants to fuck afterwards, much to his shock.


Vivian has the ability to alter the form of her body and hide within the floor. It is also mentioned by Arthur that she can create a shadow shield, presumably acting as a barrier to stop others from intruding or approaching.


wow your eyes are red as fuck, damnit cheeto man, always hot boxing people
—Vivian upon meeting Tails, chapter 11: wild tempers, Page 9

Real Life Origins

Vivian is a character appearing in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Initially she is an enemy to Mario but comes around after he shows kindness to her.


Vivian's backstory is similar to her actual story in TTYD, but it is not clear if it follows the exact same circumstances, or if the events of TTYD have occurred within the universe of Tails Gets Trolled. In the Japanese version and most localizations, Vivian was born male and identifies as female, but in Tails Gets Trolled, she is a genderless being who usually takes on a feminine form.

Her "blush marks" also act as her eyes in the art style of Tails Gets Trolled, particularly seen on Chapter 20: The Storm part 2, Page 8.