Chapter 16: The Guardians part 2/Script

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  • Character count: ~22500
  • No spaces: ~18300
  • Character with most lines: Rob (38)
  • Character with least lines: Road Runner (1)

Page 1


Sylvesteryou idiot i told you to always be on your gaurd, you're lucky i saved your sorry ass


Sylvesterhahaha...... b..because i wanted to. .... what can i say? you just don't get it do you

Troll Faceahahaha im so excited i haven't fucked pussy in ages

Tomwhy did you save me? why would you save me!? i don't understand

Sylvesterbecause i consider you family and would do anything for family, all that stuff i said and did was just to give you something to better your self with, if i was always your rival then you would always try to surpass me. i hhhhhhh I've always respected you tom.

Tomeverything is gonna be alright man. y..... you just gotta stay with me man. st....stay man. no no. NO!! STAY WITH ME MAN!! NOO... J....j...j..j. just stay awake man!! we... i'll wel.... will get through this man. HELP!!! help will be on the way. just stay with me dude. FUCKING STAY WITH ME!!

Sylvesteri........hhhHHHH ..............f..ahhhhh..


(Sylvester dies.)


(The symbols on Tom's hand are lifted from him as his powers are stripped away. He vibrates before puking out a massive stream of blood.)

Troll Faceits truly sad when friendships die. the bond is so disconnected. ahahahah whats wrong noob? don't have the stomach to bare the sight of your friends corpse? oh you have no clue what its going to look like after i get done with it. this sight you see now will seem pretty compared to what it will look like when im done with it well. anyways im gonna kill you and fuck yo

(Troll Face takes aim at Tom.)

Page 2

(The bullet flies towards a paralyzed Tom before Silver appears, stopping the bullet using his powers.)


(The bullet stops just before Tom's face.)


(Silver sends the bullet flying back towards Troll Face.)

Troll FaceNEATO!!

(Troll Face ducks and dodges the bullet.)

Troll FaceMISSED ME!!

Troll Facefuck the police and fuck yah moma hard

(Troll Face shoots another bullet. Silver stops it again.)

Troll Facehahah can't touch this you faggot. you better watch out im goign to tea bag your friends corpse

Troll Faceif you leave your friends corpse I'll do schtichy to his body..your friend will be a nice butt hole to add into my collection!! have you've ever seen 2 girls in one cup i ask because i plan to shit on your friends coprse. i like a little doodoo on my penis whlie i fuck

Silveryou sicken me. i swear to god i will fucking murder you!!

Troll Faceahahahahahahahah!! oh my god!! you're so mad? you mad? you mad bro!! this is just to classic. trolling is so amazing because my trolling can't be stopped your proof of that

(Silver is irritated.)


Page 3

Troll FaceYou are proof trolling works ahahahaha!!

Silverget ready to die. You're a fan of rape? Well I hope you get all the pain you gave others with your sick ways but i hope you get it back ten fold in hell.. because I'm going to end you!!

(Silver uses his powers to pull chunks of rocks from the wall. He then sends them flying towards Troll Face.)

Troll FaceHmmm I need to straighten my jump to dodge this.

(Troll Face points his gun downward and fires it, propelling him into the air.)

Troll Faceyaaaaaa!!! this is so fun


Troll Facei call that combination of moves. the pogo shot gun dodge slash add on to it the witch shot gun broom stick stance

Silver..... damnit hes just a little bit out of my range. I won't be able to grab a hold of him.. by how hes acting i think hes aware of my range. hes taunting me

Troll Facehahahahahah hahah your friend is deader than myspace. I'm so so sorry for your loss. Good bye.

Troll FaceFUCK YOU!!

(Troll Face frolics away.)


Silverson of a bitch. that coward, the thing that im confused about is how he knew the range of my powers and stood out of it

Silvertom are you ok?

Page 4


Silver....... i promise im gonna make troll face pay..... ok well im gonna tell blaze what happened with this walky talky

Blazeim watching the entrance like you ask me. something odd is going on the sky is red? and theres thunder bolts flying in all different kinds of directions from the roof. i think theres some kind of battle going on up there of some sort I'm not sure. so what about you? did you find anybody?

Silveryeah i found tom and sylvester but.... well how do i put this...... sylvester is dead..... i couldn't stop it

Blazethats horrible.... who all knows about this?

Silverno.... no one knows but me and tom......... damnit i wish i could of saved him

Narroratormean while back to coyote

Coyotehe has no idea what his next move is going to be and hes trying his hardest to figure out what to do.

(A bolt of lightning lands near Coyote. Coyote puts up a barrier using his strings, blocking it.)

Coyotethat thing is fast

Coyoteas i thought. that lighting bolt wasn't intentionally aimed at me. it was the cross fire with robs fight over there that he is having with the electric troll

(Rob and Hindo are seen fighting in the distance, on the roof of Troll Fortress.)

CoyoteI'll be sure to avoind getting near that battle and its cross fire

(Meanwhile, Demaro stands underground in his vine sphere.)

DemaroDAMN IT!! i can't get anywhere near him if im always on the defense! OK THINK GOD DAMN IT THINK!! he uses that fast bird and those snakes in a never ending strike rotation and even know i managed to have decoded the tatic methods i still can hardly dodge them, i never expected him to be so good with simple corpses... yeah that's what ill do ill trap them to take them out of the battle like he did to my gaurdian

(The white Yin Yang Serpend sneaks up on Demaro.)

Page 5

Coyotemm he doesn't realize that i adapted my strings to my creatures vision and ear drums, i can see and hear everything they do, and i have my snakes under ground listening to him ranting trying to find a solution to the situation, thought i must admit i find it fascinating how smart he is getting just with in the battle, he is progressing rapidly in his skills as well

Coyotethough im shoked we was able too dodge my offensive tatics, but i wouldn't have been able to put him in the situation where i could even use offencive tatics if i didn't use the yin yang serpents to use their ablility forest chamber to trap him, i wonder if he picked up on that or not, or does he still think it was me that created the trap myself?

Demaroyeah i have to aim for his puppets that is the only way I'll be able to get to coyote


(Demaro notices the serpend. He reemerges above ground with the serpend trapped in a sphere of his strings.)

DemaroHAHAHA NICE LITTLE TRICKS COYOTE!! but i can see through them now and its time for me to kill you like I've always wanted to AHAHAHAHAA!!

(The black serpend moves into attack but is likewise trapped. Road Runner also rushes in.)

Page 6

(Road Runner is trapped in a sphere.)


DemaroHAHAHAHA you are so predictable coyote, it don't matter what you do now!! i will figure it out and counter it, i thought you were a PRODIGY!! i knoew what ill do after i kill you, im going to have you stuffed and keep you as a trophy HAHAHAHA!!

(The white serpend effortlessly slips out of the sphere.))

DemaroWHAT THE FUCK HOW DID HE GET OUT?? is this another one of your fucking tricks coyote?? huh??

(Coyote smiles.)


(The black serpend and Road Runner escape from their spheres.)

Road RunnerMEEP MEEP!!

Page 7

DemaroDAMN IT!! i have to calm down and think, i still have back up traps just incase something like this happened which is probably why the snakes hasn't attacked me again yet, which also means he picked on to my traps hmm

Coyotedo you like dances demaro? because you'll love this one

Demarowhat is this?

(The serpends form a circle and begin spinning around Demaro's feet. This creates a psychedelic effect, causing Demaro's eyes to bug out. The serpends then fall asleep and are retreated into Coyote's book. Demaro is left puzzled, but notably, his third eye remains normal.)

Coyoteoh this should be good road runner, hes gonna trip fucking balls

(Demaro waves his arm in front of his face.)

Demarowhat happened? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?? i can't tell the difference between distance anymore!!

(From Demaro's point of view, his arm is blurred.)

Demarowhat the hell is going on?

CoyoteHAHAHAHA!! oh demaro your reactions are priceless, you see that dance is another one of ying yang serpents, special abilities, do you like it?

DemaroFUCK YOU!! do you think this will stop me from draining your blood all over the grass you ran to like a FUCKING PUSSY? you must be smug to think so, well watch closely coyote, WATCH CLOSELY HHAHAHAHA!!!

Page 8

(Demaro attaches his strings to his eyeballs.)


(Demaro tears out his eyeballs from their sockets.)


Coyotefascitnating! he is trying to use his strings to adapt to his tampered vision, ironically the same way i had to when i was trying to capture the yin yang serpents

Coyoteat this point he is actually learning as fast as i do, its a shame though

Coyotei wish he wasn't my enemy, we could have made a great team..

(Demaro puts his eyeballs back in their sockets.)

Demaroyes!! HAHAHAHA i knew it would work i just knew it!! i told you COYOTE!! NONE OF YOUR TRICKS WILL WORK ON ME!!

Coyotecan i ask you a question before we continue?

(Demaro frowns.)

Narroratormean while

PacmanWhat is it that you need Ronald?wakka

RonaldSir, I Fucked up ok? I Fucked.

Pacmanmm? What did you do exactly? wakka wakka wakka wakka

Page 9

RonaldI don't know I don't knooow.. I.. I I I just attacked him.. I couldn't stop it! I just attacked him..I don't know whyyyyyy!!

PacmanRelax Ronald, I can't understand, calm down and explain, you attacked who? wakaa?!

(Ronald begins weeping.)

RonaldI attacked Tails.. I Tried to kill him and I don't remember why.. I don't remember.. I I I I just want him to forgive me.. I fucked up.. He just wanted to be my friend and I fucked up.. I ALWAYS FUCK UP!! I betrayed everyone.. I betrayed you Sir.. I can never repay you, I can never repay the group for my FUCK UPS!! ahhhhh.....

PacmanI see, Is Tails alive?


PacmanListen Ronald, you have to listen, Tails is the chosen one, but that doesn't make you any less important to The Defenders, he has a Quest, and so do you, you have been hurt inside long ago yes I know this, but that is why we fight.. we fight for peace, so no one else can go through the horrible situations that we all had to growing up.. We fight to stop future pain and suffering and you know this, but how can we win this war if the war is with in our group? Do you understand? You see you have to beat this mental war with in yourself before you are even able to beat the war out there, I know Kermit has been helping you psychologically but.. This is something you really need to get under control, or you will hurt the people who want to be your friend, we have to work as a team here or we will all fall apart" wakka wakka

RonaldYeah you are right.. I feel really bad and I want to apologize to Tails if that's ok?

PacmanIf Kermit stays by you, and if you truly mean it then.. I can't see why we can't fix this, but you have to work on your jealousy or I will have no choice but to ban you from the group.. I will give you another chance so make good of it all wakka wakka

RonaldAaaha.. Thank you so much Sir! I won't let you down I promise!

(Kermit rushes in.)

KermitSir.. Sir I have important news! Ahh..

PacmanYes Kirmit, I am aware of some of the situation and I will have you fill me in on the rest later but, for now take Ronald to Tails, he wants to apologize for attacking him, if you will wakka...

KermitUhh, Yes Sir, Right this way Ronald

Pacmandon't make me regret this

(Ronald and Kermit leave.)

Page 10

KermitDid you not listen to anything I have told you? All of this mental training and you snap and attack the very person we all have been training to help stop the trolls? Just wonderful.. I am sorry I am being rude but you must understand how frustrating this is for me since I have spent so much of my time trying to prevent something like this..

RonaldI am sorry, I lost control, don't be mad at me.. please..

KermitI'm not mad at you, I'm just a little disappointed is all.. But are you in control now?

RonaldYes.. I am, it's just.. I never snapped like this before.. I don't know how to explain it, I had full awareness but I still couldn't stop it.. Nor could I remember why I snapped in the first place, but I remember the whole fucking thing! I just don't understand why I tried to kill him.

Kermitthat is odd, you don't normally snap like that hmm.. I might have to raise a level 1 intellect bond on you later so we can find out what happened in detail..

RonaldThat will be very helpful yes

(The scene moves to the Cocoa Jungle, where Cheeto Man and Tails smoke weed together.)

TailsOhhhh yeahh... This hits the spot...

Cheeto ManSo what's on your mind my man?

TailsCan I ask you a personal question?

Cheeto Manyeah man watchu wanna know?

TailsWell.. What did it feel like to be made fun of by the trolls when you were in that cage?

Cheeto ManNever thought you would ask a question like that bro, listen though.. I is not the type of person who dwells on past drama yo, know what I mean? But I am gonna tell you anyways because I think you cool ya know? So here it is man, I was a kid when I was captured, I don't really remember much of what happened but I was taken from my parents, my brothas and sistas man.. Like I was some kind of animal.. I mean don't get me wrong dude, I know what I am, but why are we treated like animals when we can speak?.. We have feelings man, Just because we aren't human or apart of the trolls doesn't mean we don't have souls..

Cheeto ManThe trolls captured me so I can one day be their so called little war pet bro.. For you to even begin to understand what it felt like, you have to focus and picture it in your head, and picture if you were in that situation, how would you feel? I can sit here and go on and on about how I felt then or how I feel now,but you still won't understand it the way that I do, even if you have gone through it yourself, every persons point of views is different man, so that is what determines how you handle the situation you happen to go through, you get what I mean?

Page 11

TailsYeah I think I get what you mean man..

Cheeto ManIt's too rare for 2 different people to go through the same situation anywayz, and even if by some odd chance that they do, it doesn't mean they would feel or see it all the same you know? Everyone has some form of demons in them from whatever traumatic situations they have been through in their life time, and what ever way you want to see those situations is what not only determines how your perspective grows and how you will see things in the future, but also how you handle any future or old demons that you have all stored up deep in your soul


Cheeto ManSee homie, you are still very new to all of this, you are innocent, it is harder for you to understand all of The Defenders stories because you have never been through similar situations, there for you can only see the concept of it, you see trolls take that concept and use it to their advantage, because their minds are limited in this sense. they aren't able to understand the feelings part, even if they have went through a similar situation their minds still choose to block out any of the meaningful part of it all,

Cheeto Manwhich means they think it is ok to poke and poke your personal issues because they believe deep down inside that you are a lower life form for even having such intense emotions, because they don't understand how it feels, but they all expect you to give them pity for when they finally feel actual emotional pain man that is if they actually do in their life time, even after them poking at you for your problems, putting you down for the things that everyone else does, because they are so full of themselves to ever admit that it is their fault, that they are the true scum.. But their perspectives are so broken, and so twisted man, that they will never in their life be able to see it all in a reasonable way, so after awhile man, I started to understand something, I started to understand that they are the animals, they are the ones who never got passed their problems in life, so for them to harass me on my faults? Ha! Homie, look at yourself troll, you are the scum, don't cry if we don't wanna fucking be like you, ya lonely douche bags, what is wrong? Don't think about anything other then yourself hmm? Oh man i love weed..

TailsYeah im high as fuck man lol..

Cheeto ManTails due to your innocence, you can be crafted into a troll with your current perspective man, so im gonna tell you some good advice because I respect you dude, start paying attention, start focusing on the things around you, the things about yourself, find the right way to handle how your friend died, with out giving into pure revenge, start to focus on the deeper meanings of everything man, things go so much more beyond an upfront or the simple, on a mentally related subject man, so dig for it, reach for it, so you can build your own full proof perspective out of the mistakes of the others that they refuse to work out, as an example of what not to do.. so you homie can be someone who can help them fix these problems, not just to help them with war or fighting physical battles, but mental and emotional battles, so you can be the hero you were always meant to be man"

TailsWell that's the thing bro.. I don't know if I can ever be everything that everyone wants me to be.. I don't think I will be strong enough, or smart enough to stop this war let alone anything else that ever happens..

Cheeto ManNah man you got this, people get smarter and stronger, people learn.. You are the only one who can play this role, and you need to find a balance between cockiness and confidence with in yourself.. To not let one over take the other, but you still have to believe in yourself, because you are the only one who can do this, you may not see this yet but you are, you will find that out one day, and you will be humble and intelligent, so give yourself credit man, you are a very fast learner, once you hit a certain level dude then we will never catch up with you, and we will respect you as what this world needs, a hero, but you have to learn how to respect yourself before that can happen man.. Learn how to see just how valuable you are to finally having peace in this cruel cycle of events, this world.. You have to be the one who gives people hope my man, because no one else can

TailsYeah I understand what you are saying man, kinda think about it.. I don't think I have ever focused this much on what a person is telling me before, I will try to be more confident

Cheeto ManWeed man, when you are at a state of mental or emotional block, get high and discover the world you want to find homie..

Tailsahahaaa.. Yeah I guess youre right, now I understand why shadow and knuckles always smoke.. Anyway.. Thanks man for the conversation

Cheeto ManNah we homies it's cool

Page 12

(Kermit and Ronald arrive. Tails appears angry.)

KermitRonald would like to say something to you Tails

TailsI don't want to hear a damn word from that lunatic, Fucking psychopath

RonaldI understand that I wronged you and I don't deserve it but I want you to knoew that I'm extremely sorry and I don't expect you to forgive me, I have a problem and I'm sorry you was on the receiving side of it

Cheeto ManI don't buy it, I'm calling bull shit on this motha fucka, I wouldn't listen to a damn thing he has to say

KermitWell Ronald you did all that you could we should leave them be

RonaldIf you want to have your revenge then do it now! If you want me to suffer then do it now! If you really want to get me back then do it...

Cheeto ManIt's one of his tricks don't fall for it Tails, He's baiting you

TailsYou know what? I would like to see you in pain right now...

RonaldThen do it.. I deserve it so do it, make it fair!

Tails.............................What would sonic do?.. Would he forgive him even know he would be awre that he might try to take his life again? Is this what Sonic had to go through with Eggman? To spare someone who would harm you regardless?

Cheeto ManDon't ask for it Ronald because I will give you pain dog

TailsCheeto Man don't he's not worth it, that's just what he wants.. I don't accept your apology but I'm not gonna snoop down to you level either Ronald.. And that Is all I have to say to you

(Ronald is puzzled over Tails' decision.)


KermitAlright Ronald lets go

RonaldWhy don't you want to get me back? Why not wish for my demise?

TailsBecause you're not worth it.. I'm doing what sonic would have done

Page 13

Cheeto ManRonald if you try attacking Tails again, I won't hold back and I will kill you, keep that in your head fool

(Ronald and Kermit leave.)


Hindooh i can see this in the history books earless dragonborn fails and is crush by the all mighty hindo ahahah

HindoI've just had enough of this mother fucker, he's starting to get on my nevers, lets just see how well he fights agents my spark spiders

(Hindo's stomach and mouth area suddenly fills up, giving the appearance that he is about to throw up.)

Robwh......... what in the world?

(Hindo barfs out a stream of electric orbs. When the orbs land, they grow legs and become spiders.)

Hindothere's a lot of them.....his attitude has shifted, hes taking this 100 percent serious now. he is going to give me everything now, this should be a challenge for sure, but I'm excited. i haven't a great fight in years. he is a perfect foe to test my skills on!!

Page 14

(The spiders jump at Rob, who dodges by jumping back.)

RobFire Breath!!

(Rob incinerates a small portion of the spiders. He jumps up into the air, but a spider lands on his back.)


(The spider explodes, launching Rob downwards.)

Hindoto bad that wasn't nearly enough to kill him

Page 15

RobFire breath!

(Rob fires while upside down. He then repositions himself and fires at the spiders coming from below.)

HindoDo you understand now huh!? Or is the only way for you to understand is for me to drag your lifeless body out of here. Then you'll learn dragonborn

Hindospiders kill him, now you die!!

(Rob lands on the ground.)

Robfire breath

(Rob burns some of the spiders before jumping to dodge more coming at him from all directions. He lands on a pillar on the edge of the roof.)

Robhmmmm.... these creatures are everywhere, i have to be quick on my feet or i will continue to get caught off gaurd by these things

(The spiders begin crawling up the pillar.)

Robthese things are starting to clime up which doesn't give me much time to think over a strategy

Page 16

RobSlow Time

Robthis slow should give me enough time to think, a few minutes at the least.. okay think... i need to slow down with the fire breath and give it a rest its starting to burn the inside of my mouth... but i need it as well.

(Rob jumps up into the air.)

RobUnrelenting force

(Rob uses Unrelenting Force straight down, pushing the spiders away.)



RobI'm gonna kick your sorry ass!!

Robwhirlwind sprent

Hindooh your death will be all the more enjoyable dragonborn

(Rob lands on the castle roof.)

Page 17

(Rob dodges several spiders.)

RobFire Breath!

(Rob burns more of the spiders.)

Robdamnit that one stung a bit, fuck that burns

(A spider gets close to Rob as he reels in pain.)

RobUnrelenting Force!

(Another spider comes from behind.)

RobIf I don't deal some real damage soon, all this energy I'm wasting dodging these spiders would have been for nothing

Hindohmm... hes been able to keep up with my spark spiders, I'll have to change that

HindoStatic Field

(A field of static envelops the rooftop.)

Page 18

Robthat's odd, at first glance I thought it was a attack that deals damage but that doesn't seem to be the case

Robdamn it, its difficult to move even in the slightest. This static field is surely slowing me down a lot but I'm guessing that was the plan, it feels like I'm being held down by an anchor

Hindohe shouldn't be able to dodge my spark spiders but to make sure he dies I will let those spiders do all the damage they can while I charge up my thunder bolt

(Hindo commands the spiders to attack.)

Robdamn it my body feels so heavy I need to do something quick or his spiders are gonna fuck me up, this might be risky but I'm gonna try something I have never tried to do before its my only shot

RobMultiple Unrelenting Force!

(Rob fires many beams, knocking away several spiders.)

Hindothat won't change anything dragonborn

Page 19

(The spiders continue to swarm Rob.)

Hindoyou should of retreated when you had the chance, trust me there is no escaping now. no nothing will prevent your glorious demise, it will be bitter sweet, i can already taste it, you will fucking die you little brat

(A lightning bolt begins to form in Hindo's hand.)

Robdamn it there surrounding. i won't be fast enough to hit all of them even while using multiple unrelenting force, i need to think at this differently, speed won't work i can't outspeed them spiders. i need to make a stream out of unrelenting force, but i would need to be fast enough to spend around to in circles to kill of the bad spiders

RobWhirlwind Spin

RobUnrelenting Stream!!

(Rob spins and knocks away the spiers surrounding him. As he is spinning, Hindo tosses a bolt of lightning at Rob.)

Page 20

Robits to fast what do i do? this static field is slowing me down, im slower then an old man in a wheel chair

(Rob sees the lightning bolt and jumps into the air.)

Hindoyou can't dodge this you scrub, you've wasted my time long enough

(The bolt stops before hitting the roof and begins to move up to Rob's position.)

Robit stoped!! Shit he can control that thunder bolt! there's no way I'm gonna be able to dodge this attack, the only thing i can do is use whirlwind Spin to weaken the damage on impact!

Robi was to slow, shit!!

(Rob is struck and is sent flying from the roof.)

Hindoand the hero falls to the ground, the fool should of listen to me, hes just as bad as somethingawful is at listening

Page 21

(Rob falls into the lake.)

Robwhat am i doing? am i really letting this slip, slip away? i can't seem to beat him

Robno matter what i do, he always has something to counter it something to step up his game! i don't know if i can keep up anymore

(Flashback to Fudd being kidnapped by Hindo during Chapter 6.)

Robi couldn't stop elmer from being captured, what was all my determination for? what was it for if i still can't stop these things from happening?

RobI'm not strong enough. i can't beat hindo can i?

Robi put all my efforts into this and i am still out matched, what am i suppose to do?

Robhe's to fast for me, to strong. was all the stuff i said mean nothing?

Robi don't think i can fight anymore, it just seems to be wasted effort, nothing is enough

Robmaybe he was right, maybe I'm not strong enough

HindoSo you're the dragonborn? huh guess Alex was Lying when he said you were strong

(Rob imagines himself alone in the dark. He begins to cry.)

Robi thought this time was different, i thought i was strong enough this time. but i gave it my all and i still can't win this battle

Robsorry everyone i have failed you

(Flashback to chapter 13: taking action part 2, Page 16.)

Robi promised to get fud back and thats what im going to do, i don't break my promises

Robyeah, i promised and i don't break my promises, giving up is not an option. no! fuck that shit. i am not gonna lose god damnit!!

(Rob awakens himself underwater.)