chapter 13: taking action part 2

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chapter 13:
taking action part 2
Release dates
Cover date September 19, 2012
Page date September 20, 2012 -
October 10, 2012
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Script Script
Character debuts Miladox, Chip, Yogurt Tits, Big Mouth (2017), Cut Off John, Foghorn Leghorn, Ernie the Giant Chicken, Big Bird, Penguins of Madagascar, Hector, Spike (Tom and Jerry), Tyke, Spike (Looney Tunes), Chester, Granny, Nathen Fredrick Tailor "NFT", xX_ShadowGamer_Xx, Ebenezer D. Nutz, Orompolisteranicumdumporistalinocopoliosis
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chapter 13: taking action part 2 is the thirteenth chapter of Tails Gets Trolled. Demaro and Garry conclude their epic battle as Silver's group and The Neutrals begin their attack on Troll King's castle.


Continuing from their fight in Chapter 12: taking action, Garry removes his mask to tear the remaining necromantic strings from his face. He retreats to bend the searing magma into a suit of armor, and he declares it his final technique. Demaro is unable to fight back, quickly accepting death is inevitable, and readily offers himself to his lord, Satan. As Magma Garry launches a devastating punch, Demaro's third eye begins to stretch open, and its iris turns white. Garry finds himself armorless in another place, with a white sky and bizarre architecture in the middle of vast, hilly terrain. Above him is Miladox, which lunges for him. He tries to bend the stone pillars nearby to repel the giant creature, but it is in vain. Miladox begins tearing Garry apart, before extracting Garry's soul from his body with a tractor beam-like series of pulses from its white eye. It consumes Garry through its eye, and Garry's body is shown to have died outside of this dimension as well. Demaro is baffled, completely unaware of the events that just transpired. He pushes on, deciding that finding Fudd is too important to delay any longer.

Garry summons his Magma Armor.

He removes his wounded arm and tattered cloak and heads upstairs to find Fudd. Heimerdinger explains that, because Fudd absorbed Eggman's brain, Fudd possesses all of Eggman's advanced intellect. Fudd argues with the puppets over the way to free the Man in the Ice properly, which Daffy points out is unnecessary, as it's Fudd speaking through them. Fudd recognizes Demaro as a fellow Neutral, and when Demaro attacks him he sends his puppets at him. Bugs and Daffy are quickly detained, alongside Heimerdinger, but Hindo warns Demaro it's his duty to protect Fudd. The two are interrupted by an explosion outside, which Fudd uses as a diversion to use in his escape. He flees, and Demaro figures that since Coyote must be behind that explosion, his true target has delivered itself.

Outside, the Neutrals, Silver, Blaze, and Rob are making their advance on the Troll City. While waiting for the trolls, Tom, Sylvester, and Coyote argue over porn, its' innate homosexuality, and the ethics of the porn industry before they're interrupted by the attacking trolls. Coyote uses a riddle to confuse them while Silver drops a giant cage over them. Silver and Blaze stay behind to execute the captured trolls, but not before Silver can fail to perform a high shovel spear with Blaze. Tom and Sylvester withdraw their puppets, and Rob casts Aura Whisper to search for where Fudd probably is. Coyote remarks on there being more to Rob, wondering where Rob's powers come from and why he cares so much about rescuing Fudd.

While Silver continues failing to flirt with Blaze, Tom and Sylvester's fighting continues as they continue through the castle. Troll Face makes a "very important" appearance, before Coyote's group approaches a waiting Demaro. Demaro and Heimerdinger argue over the former's level of fucked in the headness, in which Demaro experiences a blinding fit of rage that involves him revealing his leftover hatred and obsession for Kelic. Coyote and Rob arrive in the room with Demaro, and Rob continues on to stop Hindo from catching Fudd. Coyote is unable to recognize Demaro, but recognizes his third eye as a definite threat. As Rob searches for Fudd, he catches up with Hindo, who he recognizes as the troll that abducted Fudd in the first place. The two challenge each other to a battle, just as Demaro and Coyote begin theirs.