Cocoa Jungle

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Tails training with Spyro in the Cocoa Jungle.

The Cocoa Jungle is a well known jungle within the world of Tails Gets Trolled.


Tails is taken to the Cocoa Jungle after being kidnapped by The Defenders, and then brought to their underground base. After completing his training with Hello Kitty, Tails is taken by Spyro outside the base to train his flying skills. Pori explains to Tails that they are located within the Cocoa Jungle, a distance away from The Troll Slaiyers base of operations and Troll City so that they could keep an eye on them. Knuckles also visits the troll camp located within the jungle to smoke weed with the trolls residing there at one point. Some time afterwards, after Ronald attempts to strangle Tails, Tails and Cheeto Man take a break outside the base and smoke weed together. Cheeto Man begins to speak of his backstory and his viewpoint on The Trolls while also advising Tails on how to be a better person. They are soon approached by Kermit, escorting Ronald after the clown wishes to apologize to Tails. Tails refuses to accept Ronald's apology but also recalls the actions of Sonic and how he struggled not killing with Eggman, and chooses not to get revenge on Ronald, stating that it's what Sonic would have done.

At the conclusion of the grand weed party, Knuckles takes Tails out of the Defender's base and into the jungle, far away. As Knuckles reveals the true details regarding the history of the Defenders, the sky above them begin to change from red to green, then blue, indicating that Coyote's battle with Demaro has ended. Knuckles leads Tails to a pipeline and shows him the mutilated bodies of the girls who came to the party, causing him to break down in tears as he realizes the type of person Cheeto Man is. Knuckles then leaves Tails and advises him to hide and seek out Shadow to stay with now that the Defenders are after them. As he leaves, Spyro appears to confront Tails and tearfully explains that he must bring him in or suffer the consequences. Spyro reveals that his son has been taken hostage and that if he does not comply, his son will be killed. Tails vows to grow stronger and rescue Spyro's son in exchange for being spared. Spyro agrees, but warns Tails that the next time they meet, they will be enemies.


  • A single troll camp - visited by Knuckles.
  • The Defenders' Base - where a majority of Tails' training takes place.
  • Cheeto Man's dumping grounds - a pipleline containing the corpses of Amy, Rouge, Patty, and Jessy as well as countless other remains.
    • It was revealed that Shadow absolutely destroyed the dumping grounds by setting it entirely on fire after he buried Amy nearby. This also distraught Frogger and Leap Frog, allowing Shadow to infilterate the base and hunt for Cheeto Man. The dumping grounds was later turned out to be nearly intact when Tails looked for it.
  • Pori's lab - a mysterious laboratory that Pori vanishes to often. Contains several strange organisms within the jars.


  • The Defenders
  • Skat and Fluttershy - mentioned by Cheeto Man to be a constant nuisance to the group by constantly spying on them through a window.
  • Various trolls at the camp - as ween when Knuckles visits them in Chapter 10, Page 5.