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Page 1

NarrateurWith a heavy heart, I now announce this as the last page of TGT.

NarrateurMeanwhile.. back to Tails..

(Ronald walks up to a bunch of boulders.)

Ronald McDonaldWhat the actual fuck just happened?

Ronald McDonaldDid Tails really try to defeat a bear for this cave?

Ronald McDonaldTails you're a crazy mother fucker.

(Ronald talk Tails out of the boulders and places his body on the ground.)

Ronald McDonaldHoly shit... he's fucking dead.

Ronald McDonaldPacman will not be pleased..


(Cut to a grave stone with "TailS R.I.P." engraved on it.)

(The Defender are all standing infront of the grave, crying/looking sad (except for Trix Rabbit).)

PacmanOh Tails.. I had so much faith in you.. and I was blinded by that faith that I forgot you were still just a mere child. Wakka wakka..

A Defender (probably Pacman or Kermit)I should've guided you better..

PacmanWakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka...

(Pacman starts crying.)

(Spyro starts crying, but wipes the tears off.)

SpyroAt least he's no longer suffering.. may you be smoking weed with all the awesome people on the other side bro..

(The Defenders leave the grave.)

(Cheeto Man walks up to the grave.)

Cheeto ManHAHAHA. What a stupid ass mother fucker. I'm glad you're gone nigga. About fucking time.

(Cheeto Man takes off his glasses.)

Cheeto ManHmph, I only wish I could've killed ya myself.

Cheeto ManThey should've left ya to rot with the rest of the worthless garbage.

(Cheeto Man spits on Tails' grave and walks away.)

NarrateurTHE END.

Page 2

NarrateurBonjour, c'est moi, le nouveau Narrateur.

(Translation from Google: Hello, it's me, the new Narrator.)

NarrateurHappy April fool's day!

NarrateurOuais, c'était foutu. Lazerbot semble un peu en colère contre moi pour avoir fait ça. Mmmm. Je suis sur û que ça va. De toute façon.

(Translation from Google: Yeah, it was fucked up. Lazerbot seems a little angry at me for doing this. Mmmm. I'm sure it's okay. Anyway.)

NarrateurTGT is NOT canceled and will continue its normal flow.

NarrateurThank you. I hope everyone takes care of themselves, more content on the way.

NarrateurYep, that's right. You have been trolled.

NarrateurI want to take a moment and thank our Patreon supporters. You are awesome.

NarrateurMuffin-Dono, NinjaGrump, Puke Fukem, Soggy, TheRebeloftheRebellion, Steve of Acres

Narrateuradalwin1, Avril Japeeries, C. Quelacot, Doomguy, ehb, Jaylen Johnson, Jeremy Vargas, Lila, Corpsegrave, LordMune, MarkyJoe1990, McRyde, Null, Reoko, Wes, William Troegler

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Suditeh, Tallcat, ThomrrrBaümer, Vaughn Brown

NarrateurCC, Christopher Roger Simons, Hugo Dahlgren, Peter Garnett, Tad I Guess

NarrateurI also want to thank the TGT production team.

NarrateurThank you, I hope everyone takes care of themselves, more content on the way.


Tails Gets Trolled Chapter 28 - Knuckles wakes up and gets high.

Page 1

(It shows in the middle of Cocoa jungle, a well-known jungle. And it shows Knuckles unconscious underneath a tree. Vector sitting on a log near him.)

(The first panel is zoomed out and the second one is closer.)

(Knuckles wakes up and notices Vector.)

KnucklesOh.. I'm not dead.

VectorI was surprised you didn't wake up earlier, I was pretty loud when I was jacking off.

Knuckles (confused)What the fuck? That wasn't what I was expecting to hear.

VectorAlmost as unexpected as what I did to your foot earlier while you were still asleep.

Knuckles (worried)What the fuck did you do to my foot?

(It shows Vector with an evil smile.)

Page 2

(Knuckles looks at Vector.)

KnucklesWhat the fuck happened to Shadow? Why didn't he kill me?

VectorI don't know. I would've done it.

KnucklesNot cool man.

KnucklesI don't remember ever being a dick to you. We were supposed to be friends.

VectorGood point. I'll go ahead and start now. Then we can be just like how we are in the games.

KnucklesI don't know if that'll be an improvement. You're barely shown. I don't think you've ever gotten your own game.

(It shows Vector looking all serious.)

VectorIt's because the world wouldn't be able to handle it motha fucka.

(Vector does a gangster pose.)

KnucklesWhat the fuck happened to Shadow?

VectorOh, he went after that Cheeto Man guy and got killed. Shadow is dead Knuckles.

(It shows Knuckles looking shocked.)

Page 3

KnucklesDamnt, I told him not to fucking do that.

KnucklesThis is bullshit, this is all bullshit.

(It shows Vector looking sad.)

KnucklesThis isn't happening!!!

KnucklesHold on, I need to smoke my denial weed.

(Knuckles pulls out a massive bong from behind a rock.)

(Knuckles smiles.)

KnucklesSo that's where I got the bong before. Who knew you'd find that in a place like this. No wonder Cocoa jungle is a well known jungle. You can find bongs randomly out here in the cocoa jungle, which is a well-known jungle.

(It shows Knuckles smoking weed out the bong in slow motion. There should be rap music playing in the background.)

(Knuckles passes the bong to Vector with a smile.)

(Vector takes a big hit from the bong, blowing smoke everywhere.)

(Vector passes the bong back to Knuckles.)

(Vector doesn't pass the lighter.)

(Knuckles pulls out his second lighter.)

KnucklesYou didn't pass me the lighter but I got another one. So it's chill.

VectorWhat lighter?

(Vector sneaks the lighter into his back pocket.)

(It shows Knuckles taming a hit from the bong and its cashed.)

KnucklesI better fill it back up.

(It shows Knuckles pulling put a bag of weed. On the bag it says "My Laughter Weed".)

(Knuckles proceeds to put the weed in the bowl for the bong.)

(He takes out the piece and gentle and slowly puts the weed in the bong. He is very delicate with his weed, he makes sure it's well packed and full.)

(Knuckles puts the piece back into the bong.)

(Knuckles tries to take a hit but there's no suction.)

KnucklesI think I packed it too much, there's no suction.

(Knuckles pulls out a toothpick and starts poking at the bowl, trying to move it around so they could have more suction.)

KnucklesI think that'll do.

(Knuckles lights the bong and it works, he's able to light the weed and fill the bong up with smoke.)

(Knuckles then inhales the smoke and shoots it out, watching it flow it the air and disappear.)

KnucklesSo Shadow is fucking dead?


VectorOh by the way, I was gonna ask if you wanted to be the new leader of the Troll slayers?

KnucklesHAH is that a joke? I would do terrible!!

Vector (starts to laugh uncontrollably)That's what I was thinking!!! Haha Ahahahahaha.




KnucklesHAHAHAHA I can't stop laughing HHAHAHAHA hahahaha!!!

VectorMe neither!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Knuckles and VectorHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

KnucklesI can't breathe!!

(Knukcles's face starts turning purple.)

(Knuckles and Vector both suddenly drop dead, the bong hitting the ground and breaking. Glass covering the floor.)

(It shows Knuckles and Vector dead on the ground.)

Tails Gets Trolled - Chapter 28 - Sinu's sneak attack.


This is the end half of this chapter after Shadow dies from Cheeto Man and Knuckles and Vector die after smoking weed. The Troll slayers all go separate ways but we didn't get around to writing that. (Just like the Shadow scene.)

Page 1

(It shows the night sky above Cocoa jungle, a well-known jungle.)

(It zooms in on a camp, showing tents and the church survivors surrounding a campfire getting warm.)

(The characters are Mike Power, Alice, Boah, Chad, Gene, Skinny and Kit.)

(Alice looks sad as she stares at the fire.)

Boah (concerned)What's going on Alice?

AliceI'm still just feeling depressed over what happened at the church camp…


AliceI just can't believe everyone there died…

BoahIt's hard to believe… I'm sorry Alice, Adna was a good girl.

AliceIt's okay. I'm more sad about my parents to be honest.

BoahOh me too. But it was still really traumatic.

Alice (smiling)Yeah, just more trauma to add to my collection. That's all.

(It shows Chad looking impatient.)

ChadWhere's the fucking food? I'm hungry, you're wasting my time. I want a hot pocket.

(It shows Kit looking frustrated as he and Mike Power are preparing food for everyone.)

KitUgh, if he survives long enough, I will probably end up being the one to kill him.

Mike Powerno, será otra persona. No puedo decir quién.

(Translation from Google: no, it will be someone else. I can't say who.)

Kit (agreement)Yeah. What he said. Whatever it was.

(It shows Gene looking around.)

AliceSomething the matter, Gene?

GeneNo.. I just thought I heard something..

(Suddenly an arrow gets shot from a crossbow from behind a bush and it goes into Gene's head killing him.)

Page 2

(It shows everyone looking freaked out.)

AliceHoly fucking shit balls

Kit (freaking out)WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!!

(It shows Minions armored corpses coming out from the vegetation and surrounding the camp.)

(Everyone in defensive poses.)

(It shows Mike Power looking around with sweat dripping from his head.)

(It shows Sinu and Minion coming out with an amused smile.)

MinionI told you I could find them Sinu.

Sinu (smiling)You did good.

Boah (scared)What do you want with us??..

(It shows a dramatic panel of Sinu.)

SinuI want… you all dead.

Page 3

(It shows the armored corpses attacking the group of survivors, everyone fighting back.)

(It shows Alice getting an arrow shot through her chest and then set on fire and decapitated by Sinu.)

(It shows Boah looking shocked as he sees Alice dead near his feet.)

BoahNo… Alice…


(Boah charges at Sinu.)

(It shows Sinu grinning as he lifts his arm up and shoots strings out and it kills Boah.)

(Boah hits the ground dead.)

(Suddenly, Sinu begins teabagging Boah's dead body.)

SinuTake my Satanic nuts you damn side character.

(Minion creates a giant sword and cuts Chad in half. His blood and guts flying everywhere.)

(It shows Kit, Mike Power and Skinny fighting for their lives.)

KitI don't know If we can do this. Even with one of the legendary warriors on our side!

Mike PowerSí, vamos a morir

(Translation from Google: Yes, we are going to die)

(It shows Skinny pulling out his gun and start shooting at the armored corpses.)

SkinnyDie niggas!!

(It shows Sinu grabbing the bullets with his strings and slinging it back at Skinny, the bullets hit Skinny and his head explodes.)


Sinu (smugly smiling)I think it's time we finish this.

(Sinu lifts his hand slowly and closes it, and it shows Kit and Mike Power being lifted up off the ground.)

SinuYou were no match for me. Just like the rest of your Christians.

(It shows a close up on Sinu's mouth.)

SinuNow you will die.

(Sinu closes his hand and it shows Mike Power and Kit both dying from the inside, blood pouring out as their spirits leave their bodies.)

(It shows their lifeless bodies hit the ground as Sinu laughs.)

SinuI did it.. I defeated the legendary Mike Power!! Lord Nem you hear me?? I fucking did it. HAHAHAHA!!!

Tails Gets Trolled Chapter 29 - Troll King's revenge.

Information -

This takes place after Shadow's death, and the Knuckles and Vector scene. Also after the Sinu scene.

Page 1

(It shows Troll King sitting in his lair in the dark.)

Troll KingI am very pissed right now. I feel like if I don't get any good news I will kill the first person I see.

(It shows Pori come in the room.)


(It shows Troll King looking over with anger.)

Troll KingOooh, you better be careful.

Troll KingI'm about to lose it.


(Pori scratches his head.)

Troll KingCome on! Out with it! Don't be a retard.

(It shows Pori clearing his throat.)

PoriWell sir.. I wanted to give you an update on the status of my mission….

Troll KingHurry the fuck up!!

PoriWell sir, I failed and Silver's group got away.

PoriOh, and all the trolls that came with me are dead.

(It shows Troll King grabbing Pori's face.)

Troll KingAAHHHH!!! DIE!!

(Troll King quickly smashes Pori's skull killing him, it shows his head explode with blood and brains everywhere.)

(It shows Troll King with his teeth showing looking extremely pissed.)

Troll KingThem trolls really was annoying.

Page 2

(It shows Leon appearing in front of Troll King.)

LeonI know where Silver's group is hiding sir.

LeonI have a clone watching them now, they're broken and still recovering. It'll be easy prey.

Troll King (surprised)Oh really?

LeonYes sir, they didn't go far. Their spirits are broken and one of them is in a coma and missing a hand. It's only 3 of them, staying at an old abandoned cathedral just right outside our territory.

(It shows Troll King getting a big smile.)

Troll KingThis is going to be a good day.

(It shows Troll King point at Leon.)

Troll KingYou!!

(It shows Leon looking startled.}}

Troll KingYou are better than Pori was!! You are promoted! Welcome Leon, my new number 1.

Leon (smiling)Fucking awesome.

Troll KingNow come on. Let's go kill them.

Page 3

(It shows Rob and Blaze sitting while Silver is unconscious on a worn out bed mattress.)

RobBlaze.. I don't think Coyote survived.. I haven't felt his strings since everything happened. He would've communicated with us by now if he was..

(It shows Blaze looking at Rob.)

BlazeI don't think Silver is gonna wake up either..

RobYou mean he's stuck in a coma forever?..


Rob (screaming)Damn it… damn it… DAMN IT!!!

(Rob punches the ground and it creates a small crater.)

(It shows Blaze looking sad.)

(Blaze and Rob are now standing looking down at Silver.)

(It shows Blaze shedding a tear.)

BlazeWe simply don't have the resources to keep you alive in this state.. We've been barely surviving ourselves..

BlazeIt's impossible.. we will all die if we keep this up..

(It shows Rob crying.)

(It shows Blaze kissing Silver on the head.)

BlazeI'm sorry Silver.. we must do this..

(It shows Blaze giving a pillow to Rob.)

BlazeOkay, go ahead and do it Rob.


RobI'm not fucking doing it. Fuck that!”

(It shows Blaze sighing.)

BlazeOkay.. I guess I'll do it..

RobI do agree that it's the right thing to do..

(It shows Blaze crying her eyes out as she suffocates Silver with a pillow until he dies.)

Page 4

(It shows Blaze and Rob exiting the building.)

RobWe'll get somewhere safe, far away from this land. And one day.. We'll make things right.

BlazeNo.. I'm done.. I don't want any more of this..

(Suddenly Troll king and his army coming out and surrounding Blaze and Rob.)

(It shows Blaze and Rob looking scared as they get in defensive poses.)

(It shows Leon reconnecting with his clone as he stands by Troll King.)

(Leon should now be wearing a crown and have bling bling.)

LeonI'm Troll King's number 1 bitches.

LeonAin't no one got nothin on me. I just fucking screwed you guys over! You're dead. No escaping this bitch.

Troll KingHe is right. You both are really fucked.

(It shows Troll King launching himself off the ground as he hurls down at Blaze and crushes her entire body killing her instantly, creating a massive crater on the ground knocking Rob away.)

Rob (shocked)BLAZE!!!!!!

Troll KingHahahahaha, that was so easy.

Troll KingShe died faster than that blue hedgehog.

Rob (screaming)FUCK YOU!!!

(Rob charges at Troll king.}}

(It shows Rob hitting at Troll king but he blocks the attack.)

(Troll king punches Rob in the face as Rob gets knocked back.)

(Troll king rushes back at Rob and starts doing a combo on him, Rob attempting to block.)

Rob (thinking)Damn it.. I'm still recovering from my last battle.

(Suddenly Troll King punches Rob’s head off, his body hitting the ground. Showing blood everywhere.)

Page 5

(It shows Troll King standing over Rob's dead body.)

Troll KingWhy did it take so long to do this? They all must've been really weak, because these two were pathetic.

Troll KingI always have to do everything myself.

(It shows Leon coming outside from the building.)

LeonSir, the other one was already dead.

Troll KingGood, now let's go home. I must celebrate.

New NarratorLater that day

(The second panel should just be the new Narrator posing like a supermodel.)

(It shows Troll King in his lair, with Leon chilling next to him. They should have a bunch of balloons in the room and a cake. Trolls everywhere celebrating.)

Troll KingI feel like a weight has fallen off my back. Thank you Leon. I would suck your dick if I was gay.

LeonThank you sir.

(It shows Mauller entering the room holding a briefcase.)

MaullerTroll King, I need a moment of your time.

Troll KingAlright, everyone leave the fucking room. Except you Leon, you stay.

Leon (happily)Yes!..

(It shows everyone leaving the room as Mauller puts the case on a table.)

MaullerBe weary, what I hold in this case could literally change the world. It's epic shit man.

Troll KingOh? What is it?

MaullerI've discovered something very rare and dangerous. It was not easy to get my hands on this.

Troll KingMmmmm.

MaullerThis thing.. is so powerful that even the gods are weary of it. Its very essence could break the balance of the whole world. It's serious stuff man.

Troll KingOkay man, just get on with it.

(It shows Mauller taking a deep breath.)

(It shows Mauller unlocking the case.)

MaullerWhat lies inside this case is something extraordinary, Troll King.

(It shows Troll King face palming)

Troll KingJust open the fucking case.


(It shows Mauller opening the case to reveal the Death note book from the show.)

Page 6

Troll KingHoly shit! How the fuck did you find this?

Troll KingMauller you are now my number 1. Leon give him the crown and the bling bling.

LeonDamn it.

(Leon gives Mauller the crown and bling bling.)

(It shows Mauller with a smile as he wears the crown and bling bling.)

Mauller (crying)Hey man, thank you. This is all I ever wanted in life.

(Troll King grabs the death note and suddenly Ryuk appears in front of Troll King.)

RyukAhhh, my name is Ryuk, I am a Shinigami. How very interesting that someone like you ended up with the Death note.

RyukThe rules are simple, they're written on the first page but I will go ahead and explain it to you.

RyukThe human whose name is written in this note shall die. This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected. If the cause of death is written within the next 40 seconds of writing the person's name, it will happen. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack. After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

RyukThere it is, word for word. How interesting yes?

Troll KingI know what the death note does, I've seen the show.

Troll KingI'm going to kill so many people.

(Troll king quickly opens up the death note and start writing down names, starting with Shadow but nothing happens.)

Troll KingHm, is this book working?

RyukYes its working but this Shadow is already dead.

Troll KingServes him right. He was an asshole.

(Troll king writes Coyote's and Demaro's names.)

(Coyote is meditating and Suddenly he has a heart attack and dies.)

(Demaro freezes in shock.)

Demaro (angry)What the fuck?

(Demaro is struck by lightning and dies from it.)

(Troll king stops writing in deep thought.)

Troll KingFuck! What was that Cheeto guy's name again? Hmm…

Troll KingI can't remember. Guess he'll die a different day..

(Troll King writes down Mario's name and Lord Nem’s name.)

(It shows Mario dying suddenly and then it shows Nem drop dead.)

Troll King (smiling evilly)Muahahahaha!!!

(Troll king then writes down Kirby, Donkey Kong and Micah Rat’s name.)

Troll KingDie!!! Die!!

(It shows Kirby die by choking on a cake he was eating.)

(Donkey Kong is taking a dump and Suddenly a coconut falls out a tree and hits Donkey Kong on the head busting it open, killing him.)

(Micah rat dies of a heart attack.)

MicahEat Cheese!!

(Micah is holding his chest in pain about to die.)

(Micah rat falls to the ground dead.)

(It shows Troll King with a wicked grin.)

(It shows Troll King putting the pencil down.)

Troll King (satisfied)Finally, I've been waiting to do that for such a long time..

(Troll King walks over to Troll Face.)

Troll KingSon, I have decided to make you the new Troll King and I will become ruler of the world.

Troll FaceThanks daddy, I've always wanted to be Troll king. I'll be a better Troll king than you ever were.

Troll KingKeep talking like that and I give the job to someone else and make you clean all the toilets in Troll city.

Troll KingYou better behave son, or I'll write your name next.

Troll Face (scared)...

Troll KingCome Mauller, Leon and Ryuk, let us go rule the world together.