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Welcome to the Ultimate Tails Gets Trolled Wiki!
A wiki covering all things Tails Gets Trolled that anyone can edit.
Be warned, as the wiki contains spoilers!
There are currently 376 articles and 1,720 files, with 15,305 edits made since April 2019!


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New pages
1 December 2023
I got this. Page 8 of Chapter 27.5 was released.
13 November 2023
Bro.. Stop.. Page 12 of Chapter 27 was released, the final one of this chapter.
10 November 2023
Please don't do this wakka. Page 30 of Ultimate alternate reality was released.
7 November 2023
I sence a presence.. is there a ghost nearby? Page 7 of Chapter 27.5 was released.
4 November 2023
Page 29 of Ultimate alternate reality was released, featuring: a man in a fancy suit.

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Other updates
10 June 2022
A specialized forum for Tails Gets Trolled fans has been created.
19 June 2022
TGT: Volume 2 (a physical release of Chapters 7 to 13 of Tails Gets Trolled) is now available for purchase from Amazon! Find the links here.
18 January 2022
The poll for voting on suggested names for unnamed characters has gone live.
10 January 2022
A poll for naming unnamed characters has started. This part is for submitting names, while the actual vote will happen roughly one week later.
31 October 2021
Happy Halloween! A Spanish translation of Tails Gets Trolled was made public. Find it here!

Did you know...

Tom dyk.png
  • ...Kario doesn't even have a door on his back door?
  • ...Cheeto Man hates them white tigga posers?
  • ...the Joker did nothing wrong according to Batman?
  • ...Mario and Luigi would not exist if unprotected sex wasn't so awesome?
  • ...Sylvester has fucked Tom's sister in the past?

What is Tails Gets Trolled?

"Tails Gets Trolled is a post-ironic masterpiece, an Iliad for the digital age. It's a clusterfuck of revenge fantasy, shonen anime, and self-aware DeviantArt humor, and you owe it to yourself as a citizen of the Internet to read it."

Tails Gets Trolled is a comic series primarily written by Lazerbot, later assisted by his brother, Embergram. It focuses on the story of a young fox, Tails, being trolled by random trolls. From there, he seeks the help of his friends, but things quickly take a wild turn, with future events touching on topics ranging from morality, sex, war, and weed.

Many are genuinely intrigued by different aspects of the comic, ranging from its wild crossover of fictional characters, overarching and strangely captivating plot-lines, or its plethora of reaction images.

The comic is still ongoing to this day, with Lazerbot and his brother Shimshomo leading a team of artists to help complete his vision. Lazerbot himself still contributes to the comic as well.

Helping out

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All are welcome to contribute and add your knowledge about the greatest story ever told!
It is advised to check the Guidelines first before editing. Otherwise, create an account and feel free to...
add a page that is currently missing
help complete stubs
update outdated articles
● or proofread any existing articles.
Check here for a more specific list of things you can help out with.
In addition, Tails Gets Trolled is currently being translated into different languages such as Russian or Japanese. Interested in lending a hand or translating a chapter into a different language? Ask in the Discord!

Random article


Spyro is a member of The Defenders, based on the main character of the Spyro the Dragon franchise. He refers to himself as "fucking awesome" near constantly, and teaches Tails how to fly more efficiently.


Random quote

Ahhherrr Whyyyy!! Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nomnomnommm....
Rosie ODonald, Chapter 17: Psychological Assessment, Page 13

Random image

Underbite photos.png

A collection of Underbite Troll pictures covered in semen.


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"hello im tails and we have somthing special for you viewers of the tails gets trolled comic. we have made fan creations and cool things for you to enjoy and we thank all you people that like this comic and for the people that dont like it well you can go fuck your selfs lol were just joking you dont have to like these links we would like if you did but hey all good in the land of sonic characters and such"

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