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Damn.. I've never seen the Boss this mad before.. He's really fucking mad bro..
General Plastro, Chapter 24: Coyote's Wrath, Page 9
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A template for displaying a random quote from Tails Gets Trolled. Add your own by editing this page and using the following, inserted between a new set of option tags, itself being in between the two choose tags:

{{Quote|insert quote here|[[who said it]]|{{Link|X|Y}}}}

X being the Chapter number for where it was said (P/U/D/G will link to Polished, TAoUT, Dickfenders, and TGG respectively), and Y being the page number. This will make the proper links to each Chapter/Page. See Template:Link for further explanation.

Note: Links to a page can be made by using brackets. For example,


will create a link to Tails' page. Inserting a "|" can create a link using different text, so

[[Sonic|blue guy]]

will create a link to Sonic but display it as blue guy.

It may be advisable to CTRL+F and see if your quote is listed already. Ideally, you should link to a page in the wiki somewhere in the quote but it's not a hard requirement.