Chapter 27: Shadow's Nightmare/Script

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Page 1

NarrateurScript.pngNarrateurTAILS VS ALEX

(Cut back to the Tails vs. Alex fight)

RonaldScript.pngRonald (Thinking, hidden)Oooo I wasn't expecting this! This day has been full of surprises.

RonaldScript.pngRonald (Thinking, hidden)Maybe he's strong and he'll kill Tails and I'll get what I've been wanting to see.

(Alex gives Tails the finger)

AlexScript.pngAlexI was one of the people who helped the Trolls kill your friends. I beat the shit out of that pink guy. I fucked him up good and saw Luigi smash his head in with a hammer.

AlexScript.pngAlexI saw that blue rat die. Troll King made him his bitch and Sonic sucked his dick.

(Tails punches Alex in the face. Then, he kicks him in the face)

AlexScript.pngAlexThat kind of hurt actually.

TailsScript.pngTailsI’m ready to FUCK YOU UP, I just killed a panther.

(Alex punches Tails in the face. Its not very effective. Alex then tries to punch Tails again, but this time Tails blocks it, and then kicks him in the stomach. Tails then fires a rocket at Alex, but Alex dodges)

AlexScript.pngAlexHoly shit that almost fucking killed me.

Page 2

(Alex picks up a stick and tries to hit Tails with it, but Tails grabs the stick with his left hand and gives Alex an uppercut. Tails then beats Alex with the stick and Alex is knocked over. Tails throws away the stick and starts beating the ever living shit out of Alex in the face.)

UnknownScript.png"Me"Kill him. Kill him.. Kill him.. Kill him..

UnknownScript.png"Me"Pull out your knife and stab him.

(Tails starts pulling out his knife)

Page 3

AlexScript.pngAlexDO IT! FUCKING KILL ME!!! Slit my throat and watch me bleed...


(Tails starts glowing a red aura)

AlexScript.pngAlexWhat happened to you?.. how?..

TailsScript.pngTailsI need you to SHUT THE FUCK UP now and listen to me closely!

TailsScript.pngTailsYou will never speak about my friends again, or I will find where you sleep and haunt you. You have no idea what I've seen. What I've experienced. You're nothing to me now!

TailsScript.pngTailsI have seen so much worse than you could ever wish to be.

TailsScript.pngTailsI would kill you if it wasn't what you wanted. I know now the worst thing I could ever do to you is let you live.

TailsScript.pngTailsYou revealed that weakness to me, and that was your mistake...

AlexScript.pngAlexWhat the fuck...

(Tails then punches Alex in the face, an stops glowing)

RonaldScript.pngRonald (Hidden)HMMMMMM...

TailsScript.pngTailsIf you were smart you would take this as a warning for next time.

(Tails takes out a blunt)

TailsScript.pngTailsAhhh I need a smoke.

Page 4

NarrateurScript.pngNarrateurMeanwhile, back to Shadow.

(Shadow is sitting on a tree branch, smoking some weed next to Knuckles' unconscious body)

ShadowScript.pngShadowThis is some good weed..

(Knuckles wakes up)

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesWhat happened to me? I feel horrible. Like worse than a hangover, kind of horrible. Like worse than a nasty waffle, kind of horrible. Worse than the clap, kind of horrible..

ShadowScript.pngShadowYou triggered one of Teemo's mushrooms, they barely made it to you in time to cure the poison. You almost died thanks to Teemo.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesOh, that explains it. I'm glad I found you. We gotta talk bro.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesBut first. My calm weed.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesThat's weird... Now where is it..


ShadowScript.pngShadowI'm dissatisfied, you brought a cannon in my possession and didn't provide ammunition with it. Do you recall where you found it? It would be quite useful for me.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesNo, what!? Dude some major shit happened. This Cannon shit doesn't matter. This Mario shit doesn't matter anymore. The Trolls don't matter bro..

ShadowScript.pngShadowHave you forgotten about our friends? Their lives are no more because of the actions of the people you just spoke about. Cream? Espio, how about fucking Sonic? Do their lives not matter?

(Shadow hands Knuckles the blunt)

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesThere just is a lot going on that you don't know about. So much fucked up shit man! You don't get it man. It's crazy man. Like, man.. what the fuck..

ShadowScript.pngShadowBy all means, Share, it seems to have captured your mind.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesUm.. you remember your time in the Trolls right? Well, you remember Hello Kitty and how we both tapped that bitch. Well there was a big backlash for us getting sticky with her nasty parts, let me tell yah.


KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesLike, damn. I've never had that big of a backfire over pussy before and I fucked Rouge the bat and got the clap. It was intentional of course. The sex and the STD but I'll get to that later.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesI'm just saying, we both fucked up. You more so than me because you fucked her more..

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesDo you remember Troll king's war pet Cheeto man? I know you've only met him a few times in the Trolls and when I was getting weed from him..

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesI got my weed from him when we were in the desert catching that bird? Do you remember? What was it's name? Mode Runner? Trode Trunner?

ShadowScript.pngShadowYeah, I vaguely remember him and it was Road Runner, Knuckles.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesWell that mother fucker turned out to be a fucking crazy asshole who was married to Hello kitty and he's been wanting you dead for some time. Like high level stalker man. serial killer kind of shit. I need to tell you about him Man, that fucking Cheeto man.

Page 5

ShadowScript.pngShadowWhy didn't he attack me in the desert if he had such a Vendetta against me? He stood there and acted as though he never meet me. Why?

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesBecause he doesn't want to kill us, man. He wants to ruin us. I think he wanted you and the Trolls to pick each other to pieces before he finally strickes, taking us and the Trolls down all at once. He was building himself up before he did anything.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesThey've been watching us man..

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesThat dude beat Troll King in a fight and then created a criminal empire

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesThe dude sells drugs, women and even fucking children. He's a high class piece of shit.

(Knuckles give Shadow the blunt back)

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesHe's disgusting and worse than anything we've ever delt with..


KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesYou see, he has people under his control. He holds their friends and loved ones captive to make sure they do his dirty work. Some of them are really good people.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesSome of them not so much and some of them are derpy rats who throw people's dogs onto tables.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesWe can't defeat him man. We've made too many enemies, Shadow. We have to leave. Forget Mario, forget the Trolls..


KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesDid you Fucking hear me? Shit has definitely hit the fan. The fan has too much shit on it.

ShadowScript.pngShadowI heard you. Anything else to share?

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckles (Thinking)What the fuck happened to Shadow since I left? Before he was on edge and impulsive. I'm surprised he hasn't flipped out on me. What's the deal?

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckles (Thinking)He isn't acting normal. He's to relaxed considering everything I just told him

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesHe approached me, told that he wanted Amy to be one of his whores because he's a pimp. You know, selling women and all that.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesThey have a lot of people with rare powers. They could have taken her away at any moment and he was forcing me to work for him to keep Amy alive but they were forcing me to hand her over. I pleaded for her to leave but she wouldn't lisen. She didn't want to be alone. All she wanted was to die after Sonic's passing..

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesSo we came up with a plan to ruin Cheetoman's clean prostitute business and that was to get a bunch of dirty sluts to bring to his party he was having, so we could spread that disease infestation to his bottom bitch and his whores.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesAmy knew she would die if she had it and she couldn't be his whore so I gave it to her and I couldn't let her do it but she wouldn't listen.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesShe wouldn't listen.. why wouldn't she listen!?

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesWe went to the party and Tails was there.


(Shadow is shocked)

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesAt first I thought he got Tails to keep me in line which was probably his first motive for kidnapping Tails at the Waterpark.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesBut Tails wasn't in chains or anything like that, he saw potential on Tails and started brainwashing him. He made Tails believe they were his friends and they were good guys against the Trolls.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesAt the party before she was taken away and killed. She told us her horrible story with Eggman.

(Shadow gets angry)

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesOh.. I'm sorry Shadow.. I didn't think about it before I said it..

ShadowScript.pngShadowSo it really was Goodbye..

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesI'm sorry man.. I should've mentioned that one earlier..

Page 6

ShadowScript.pngShadowSo, she finally told you..

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesYou mean her story? You Knew?

ShadowScript.pngShadowYeah.. She told me. I remember it like it was yesterday.

(Start flashback. Cut to Amy sitting in the field from next to the Spring Water Lake. Shadow walks up to her)

AmyScript.pngAmyWhat the fuck you want? Please leave me alone.

ShadowScript.pngShadowAnother fight with Sonic?

AmyScript.pngAmyIt's none of your fucking business.

ShadowScript.pngShadowI know what's going on and I know the reason why you're fighting so much with Sonic.

AmyScript.pngAmyYou don't know shit.

ShadowScript.pngShadowI know what tortures you. I know what Eggman did.

AmyScript.pngAmyHow? How did you know that?

ShadowScript.pngShadowWhen I was at one of his labs I found out about it and I've despised that pig fuck ever since.


AmyScript.pngAmyDo you know why I'm angry at Sonic?

ShadowScript.pngShadowBecause he won't touch you. It kills him to think about What Eggman did. So he won't sleep with you.

AmyScript.pngAmy..So you do know.

AmyScript.pngAmyIt's not just that but he won't even talk to me about it. Ever since then I've been tainted by Eggman and that's keeping Sonic at bay. It keeps us from fully loving each other. He's still holding onto the old image of me but not who I am now.

AmyScript.pngAmyNo one truly sees me. They just see the old innocent me that died a long time ago. And every time I show anyone this me they freak out and block it out.

ShadowScript.pngShadowI understand. Anything dark and tragic they block from their minds. I'm unable to truly tell anyone the things I've been through or seen.

ShadowScript.pngShadowIt's hell all the time. These things gravitate my way. I'm not designed the way Sonic is. I witness every horrible thing and everyone is pulled to me to share their agony.

AmyScript.pngAmyOk. I'll tell you what happened to me. My version of the story.. but you have to promise you'll never tell anyone.

ShadowScript.pngShadowFine. I promise.

(End of flashback. Shadow finishes his weed)

ShadowScript.pngShadowShe was dead way before she died.


Page 7

ShadowScript.pngShadowWhat happened to Tails?

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesI took him a distance away from their base and came here to find you. We gotta get a boat and get the fuck out of here man.

(Shadow gets of the tree branch and stands up)

ShadowScript.pngShadowYou fucking left Tails behind in enemy territory?

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckles...I didn't know what to do..

ShadowScript.pngShadowWhere did you leave him? We have to go get him.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesHe's east of our old base. The one you found me in. It's a few hours walk from there. You'll know when you're close cuz there will be a moutain nearby.. And..

ShadowScript.pngShadowYou left a clueless weak child all alone in the freezing cold! He's probably dead becuase you abandoned him! What the fuck!!

(There are a bunch of red eyes in the forest)

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesI don't want to fight you bro. Don't mess with me man..

(Shadow gets really close to Knuckles. Knuckles punches his fists together and pushes back Shadow. Shadow goes away in the darkness, and appears behind Knuckles and punches him. Knuckles tries to punch back, but Shadow dodges. Shadow spin kicks Knuckles to the ground. Knuckles gets up and punches Shadow into the forest)

Page 8

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesLook bro, I don't wanna hurt you.

(A bullet get fired and lands next to Knuckles' foot)

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesWoah! You shot at me!? What the fuck is your problem? You trying to kill me?.

(Shadow spin attacks Knuckles from behind. Shadow then spin attacks Knuckles' legs)

Page 9

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckles (Thinking)He keeps hiding himself in the darkness where I can't see him. And he's using his speed to strike me when I can't react to it. I don't feel fast enough to dodge or block.

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckles (Thinking)The combination of his speed and the darkness is really difficult to fight, Shadow has been training, I can tell bro.

(The silhouette of the Troll Slaiyers can be seen)

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesChanging scenery doesn't seem to be an option. And even if I were to win against Shadow I'd still have to fight my way out of here.

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesTalking won't heppen either. He has his mind set on fighting. Then so be it, I'll just have to kick his ass.

(Shadow pulls out his gun behind a tree. Knuckles punches the grown with both of his fists and picks up a piece of the ground. He then throws it at Shadow, but Shadow dodges. Knuckles tries to punch Shadow, but Shadow dodges. Shadow then back-kicks Knuckles in the back of his head. Knuckles falls to the ground, but gets up)

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesAhh damn it I wish I had my fighting weed.

Page 10

(Knuckles starts walking backwards)

HulkScript.pngHulkhehehe Hulk smash.


UnknownScript.png???He won't wim.

UnknownScript.png???Kill him already!!

UnknownScript.png???I can't believe they're fighting, this is so cool.

(Knuckles hears Shadow’s footsteps. Knuckles then punches the ground and makes a crack towards Shadow. Teemo and Guy jump out of the way. Shadow stands between the crack. Shadow then shoots towards Knuckles, but Knuckles digs himself into the ground. Knuckles then jumps out of the ground behind Shadow and punches him in the gut, and gets flung agent a tree)

Page 11

(Shadow disappears and teleports in the sky behind Knuckles. Knuckles turns around, but is too late. Shadow kicks Knuckles in the head and into a tree. Before Knuckles is able to hit the tree, Shadow grabs Knuckles’s face and pushes his head against the tree. Knuckles tries to hold back, but it’s too late. Shadow then grabs Knuckles by the face again and slides it into the ground. He then throws Knuckles into the air and punches him in the face. Shadow then grabs Knuckles and throws him into the ground.)

Page 12

(Knuckles gets up.)

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesBro.. Stop..

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesSonic wouldn't of wanted this.. What happened to high shovel, bro..?

(Shadow lands on the ground.)

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesYou've changed man.. I don't even know who I'm seeing anymore.

(Shadow grabs out a Chaos Emerald.)

ShadowScript.pngShadowCHAOS CONTROL!!!

(Time stops.)

ShadowScript.pngShadowYou left Tails to die. You insult our cause after what Mario and the Trolls did to us. Cheeto man killed Amy, someone you loved and all you want to do is cry and run like a bitch.

ShadowScript.pngShadowThat is not alright. You were fucking around this entire time while our friends were dying. You had this coming mother fucker.

(Shadow starts beating the shit out of Knuckles. Knuckles gets knocked out.)

(Time is now back to normal.)

ShadowScript.pngShadowThe only reason I'm not killing you is because of our friendship. But if you ever fuck up like this again I will end you.

ShadowScript.pngShadowVector get Knuckles out of here and make it clear to him that he can't come back. I'm going to get tails.

(The rest of the Troll Slaiyers appear.)

VectorScript.pngVectorDamn you fucked him up. Nicely done Shadow.

ShadowScript.pngShadowJust get him out of here.

VectorScript.pngVectorDo you think Tails is still alive?

ShadowScript.pngShadowI'll find out soon enough.

Page 13

(Cut to FabGhettoZuko running through the forest)



FabGhettoZukoScript.pngFabGhettoZukoI'm fucking lost!! Why did I go out into the wilderness!? I don't like it out here! I'm not a nature person!! I like Disco!!

FabGhettoZukoScript.pngFabGhettoZukoDamn I like that movement you get from the perfect song. I love the groove! The glitter and clothes are by far the best of any genre.

FabGhettoZukoScript.pngFabGhettoZukoWhere the Heck am I at?

(FabGhettoZuko steps on a net and gets trapped)

FabGhettoZukoScript.pngFabGhettoZukoHuh!? AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

FabGhettoZukoScript.pngFabGhettoZukoWhat!!!... No... what's going on?!.. is this a trap?..


NarrateurScript.pngNarrateur2 HOURS LATER...

FabGhettoZukoScript.pngFabGhettoZukoHelp.. someone.. please..

FabGhettoZukoScript.pngFabGhettoZukoThere has to be trolls out here somewhere trolling woodland creatures! It's so common and I never understood why..

(FabGhettoZuko pisses their pants)

FabGhettoZukoScript.pngFabGhettoZukoAh! Not again.. it's the forth time today..


FabGhettoZukoScript.pngFabGhettoZukoWhat the heck was that sound?

(Two people (one man, one woman) come out of the darkness)

Page 14

FabGhettoZukoScript.pngFabGhettoZukowait a minute... that sound...people! it's people!!!

FabGhettoZukoScript.pngFabGhettoZukoHelp! Can you help me get free!? I accidentally got myself trapped in here.. Hey, are these traps yours?

WillowScript.pngWillowShould I collect the fertilizer or you?

WilsonScript.pngWilsonYou can. I want to focus on getting berries and shit like that.

FabGhettoZukoScript.pngFabGhettoZukoHey, can you get me out? I've been stuck up here forever!

WillowScript.pngWillowI can collect stones while I'm at it. We have to get thermal stones before the cold gets worse.

WilsonScript.pngWilsonYeah that's a good idea. I'll get some wood and twigs.

FabGhettoZukoScript.pngFabGhettoZukoHi! I'm FabGhetto Zuko, and you are?

(Wilson grabs FabShettoZuko by the neck)

FabGhettoZukoScript.pngFabGhettoZukowhoah hey! Easy on the neck buddy I just-


(Wilson snapped FabGhettoZuko neck. Wilson then gets FabGhettoZuko out of the net and carries him on his shoulder)

WillowScript.pngWillowWe'll need to get more meatballs to go with that. Do you think this will make meatballs? What other recipes can we cook with this kind of meat?

WilsonScript.pngWilsonDon't know, never seen one of these before. They must've added that with the newest update.

WillowScript.pngWillowI hope it's not monster meat.

WilsonScript.pngWilsonEh, I'm fine with that.

WilsonScript.pngWilsonWe should get back my sanity is fucking with me..

WillowScript.pngWillowGet the food ready. I'm going to collect some grass.

NarrateurScript.pngNarrateurLATER THAT NIGHT

(Cut to Willow and Wilson eating FabGhettoZuko’s grid body at a camp)

WilsonScript.pngWilson"Munch" Eh...I've had better.

WillowScript.pngWillowThis needed more meat. This won't help us long. We'll have to get more food.

WilsonScript.pngWilsonWe have to hurry because winter has just started and Deerclops will be showing up again soon and I really don't want to rebuild our base.

WillowScript.pngWillowI can't go out right now. I'm starting to lose my shit and I don't want to go through that right now.

WilsonScript.pngWilsonYou need sleep. Your sanity is not doing good. You get crazy and usually burn shit down when you're unstable.

WillowScript.pngWillow (offscreen)You're onw to talk. You love Setting shit on fire.

WilsonScript.pngWilsonYeah, true, I do, Who doesn't?

WillowScript.pngWillowHaha Haha ha.

Page 15

(But to Demaro, still knocked out in Coyote’s book. We then flashback to, what looks like, a young Demaro and a green hair girl. They are holding hands at a playground and they sit down on the swings)

DemaroScript.pngDemaroI love you..

NickyScript.pngNickyI love you too..

(Then they kiss. Flash forward to see that Nicky has died)


(Demaro starts crying and hugs his uncle, Damian)

DamianScript.pngDamianI'm sorry Demaro...

DemaroScript.pngDemaroHow did this happen?..

DamianScript.pngDamianI was in a satanic cult and left to be more of a part of this family. This must have been a retaliation..

DamianScript.pngDamianThis has to be Sinu


(Cut back to the Present. Demaro has woken up and is about to use his spirit strings, but nothing happens)


DemaroScript.pngDemaroCome on .. damn it why isn't it working?

DemaroScript.pngDemaroFuck. He must have put his strings back in my body. It's preventing me from attacking him..

Page 16

DemaroScript.pngDemaro..What the fuck? Has Coyote been blessed with holy strings?

DemaroScript.pngDemaro (thinking)Damn it!! How did Coyote become so powerful? Even after all the deals I made I was still no match against him..

(Demaro walks away from Coyote)

DemaroScript.pngDemaro (thinking)I didn't stand a chance.

DemaroScript.pngDemaro (thinking)The only reason out fight lasted as long as it did was because he was toying with me..

DemaroScript.pngDemaro (thinking)That smug mother fucker.. Why am I here? What are your plans with me?

(Cut to Coyote)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (thinking)Pokri? Sylvester? Where are you? I would like to speak with you.. Please talk to me..


(Coyote opens his eyes)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (thinking)Hm, so Demaro has enough strength to move? .. I wonder how much information he has? I wouldn't mind knowing more about Satan and his followers..

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (thinking)He definitely despises me, especially after out fight.. I completely crushed his ego and humiliated him, I don't regret it of coutse. But gathering any sort<of information from him won't be easy.

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (thinking)It will be borderline impossible to get him to cooperate with me, but he's the only connection to the Satanists that I have. Other than the bald guy's corpse. But with how Satanists can be I'm not sure if eating his brain is a wise decision.

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (thinking)After everything that happened I need to know more about them. I can't afford to be blindsided again, like I was by Satan. That was way too close. I could have lost my powers. I also need to regain my strength and find Elmer Fudd. Gathering information from Demaro will have to wait until things on the outside are resolved.

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (thinking)That will give me enough time to strategize over what tactic I should use on Demaro that will yield me the best results.

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (thinking)If I approach him unprepared he'll lash out in a rage and complain about my smugness and tell me how unwothy be believes me to be, as he already has multiple times during out battle.

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (thinking)I also don't want to give the Trolls too much time to recover from the damage we caused.

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (thinking)I need more time to rest.. I have a lot of tasks to do that require my focus and I am way too burned-out to even know where to begin.

(Cut back to Demaro. Demaro runs into Garry)

GarryScript.pngGarryFuck you.

(Demaro walks through Garry)

GarryScript.pngGarryYou armless fucktard!! Go suck a dick! You lost to a fucking animal, ya bitch!!

(Demaro gives Garry the bird)

Page 17

(Cut to Leon)

LeonScript.pngLeonI'm in over my head.

LeonScript.pngLeonTroll City has been infiltrated by outsiders. The forstress has been completely destroyed.

LeonScript.pngLeonSeveral high-ranking Trolls have been killed in battle.

LeonScript.pngLeonAnd I still can't make any progress on finding the Traid.

Nita (hidden)We can't afford to waste any more time, Leon. You know that.

LeonScript.pngLeonOf course I know that! But they're not giving me anything. Just recon and more recon.

LeonScript.pngLeonTroll King gives his asswipe son free reign to stick his dick wherever he pleases, but I'm still no closer than I was when I first started working for him.

LeonScript.pngLeonHe had me locate Silver's camp...

LeonScript.pngLeon...but Pori's group found them first.

LeonScript.pngLeonSo did one of Satan's hell-

LeonScript.pngLeonPori, he...

LeonScript.pngLeon...he tore it to pieces in an instant.

LeonScript.pngLeonAnd then he shrugged off a direct hit from a demon like it was nothing.

LeonScript.pngLeonPori is something else entirely.

Nita (hidden)Satan is getting more involved, then.

LeonScript.pngLeonThat's not all.

LeonScript.pngLeonHe appeared to Coyote in person.

LeonScript.pngLeonAn angel, too.

LeonScript.pngLeonThe angel won him over, but that's no better than the alternative.

Nita (hidden)Keep an eye on it. Your top priority is still the Traid.

Nita (hidden)And... Leon?


NitaBe careful, big brother.

LeonScript.pngLeonI will, Nita.

(Leon disappears)

Page 18

(Cut to Bibi, Primo, and Colt)

BibiScript.pngBibiWesn't Nita supposed to meet us for drinks an hour ago?

ColtScript.pngColtTold you she wouldn't show, Bibi.

ColtScript.pngColtProb'ly ran off to join the trolls like her damn brother.

PrimoScript.pngPrimoMaybe you should lay off the drinks for now, my friend.

PrimoScript.pngPrimoBesides, it helps nobody to assume the worst. You know how Nita is, always late.

ColtScript.pngColtThat's exactly my point, Primo.

ColtScript.pngColtEver since Leon disappeared she's been skipping out on everything. She missed Pam's cookout last week.

ColtScript.pngColtAnd of course her and Leon were the only ones to miss the funeral--


PrimoScript.pngPrimoThat's enough.

ColtScript.pngColtNo, I've had enough!

ColtScript.pngColtWe all lost friends that day, but I lost my wife. More than that, even.

ColtScript.pngColtNeither of them bothered to even show up for the service!

ColtScript.pngColtEverybody else turns a blind eye to it, but not me! Oh ho, not me...

ColtScript.pngColtSatanists, Christans, the fucking trolls for all I care!

ColtScript.pngColtWe throw in with their lot--any of them--we're the ones who lose.


(Flashback to Colt and Piper)

ColtScript.pngColtI told you, I've got work to finish first.

PiperScript.pngPiperWe'll miss you at the beach.

ColtScript.pngColtI'll join you after I'm done. Promise.

PiperScript.pngPiperFine...I just want to make sure we see each other on our anniversary.

PiperScript.pngPiperI've got a surprise for you.

ColtScript.pngColtI'm only there til 9.

ColtScript.pngColtWho knows, maybe Mr. P will let me off early.

PiperScript.pngPiperI love you.

ColtScript.pngColtI love you too, honey.

(Colt and Piper kiss)

ColtScript.pngColtHey. Have a good time.

PiperScript.pngPiperI will!

PiperScript.pngPiperI've always love the beach.

(Piper walks out of her house and onto a carriage)

Page 19

JessieScript.pngJessieWhere's Colt?

PiperScript.pngPiperHe'll be catching up with us after work.

GaleScript.pngGaleThat boy, always working. He's a workaholic, 'swhat he is.

GaleScript.pngGaleNext time, tell that cowboy to call in.

PiperScript.pngPiperHe says he'll try to get off early.

GaleScript.pngGaleI can’t believe Mr. P is working him on his anniversary.

GaleScript.pngGaleIt's an outrage!

PiperScript.pngPiperIt's quite all right. We'll see him soon enough.

PiperScript.pngPiperLet's be off.

PennyScript.pngPennyDoes he know yet?

(A pregnancy test is shown with the text reading: You're hella pregnant.)

PiperScript.pngPiperI plan to tell him tonight.

SproutScript.pngSproutCongratulations, Piper!

PennyScript.pngPennyI'm gonna be the babysitter, okay? This is settled!

PiperScript.pngPiperOh, thank you so much, everyone!

(Piper looks outside and notices smoke in the distance.)

PiperScript.pngPiper...I wonder what that could be?

SproutScript.pngSproutProbably just a trash fire or something. They burn all sorts of shit this far out.

GaleScript.pngGaleIt's a bit of a hike from here to the beach, but it's worth it, I tell ya.

GaleScript.pngGaleYa'll be sure to put on sunscreen too, now. Don't wanna get burnt out there.

GaleScript.pngGaleAnd don't forget to put on--

PiperScript.pngPiperBug spray, yes. I know. Can we go now?

GaleScript.pngGaleByron, Barley, and I gotta get the horses set up here.

GaleScript.pngGaleWe'll catch up with ya in a bit.

BuzzScript.pngBuzzWell, don't take too long! Haha.

GaleScript.pngGaleWe'll be right behind ya, Buzz.

(The scene moves to the beach where Piper, Jessie, Colette, and Brock are chatting.)


BrockScript.pngBrockHoly shit, you're pregnant?

ColetteScript.pngColetteI bet it's gonna be a boy!

BrockScript.pngBrockColt finally did it. About time man.

PiperScript.pngPiperI'll tell him you said so.

BrockScript.pngBrockGirl, I'll text him myself.

PiperScript.pngPiperWait! He doesn't know yet. I'm telling him tonight.

BrockScript.pngBrockA surprise, huh? I gotcha.

Page 20

PennyScript.pngPennyI'm surprised Carl isn't here. He loves surfing.

LouScript.pngLouApparently he got the flu along with Leon and Nita.

SproutScript.pngSproutThat sucks. Hope they get better soon.

LouScript.pngLouPoko is taking care of him. He's in good hands, trust me.

PennyScript.pngPennyHe's way better than the last guy. What was his name? Doctor Frank? Fuck that guy. I bet his license was fake too.

SproutScript.pngSproutFrank was a doctor?

PennyScript.pngPennyDifferent Frank.

(Cut to Pam and Piper)

PamScript.pngPamI heard Frank and Nita hooked up last week.

PiperScript.pngPiperWhat? I thought Frank was gay.

PamScript.pngPamWhat makes you say that?

PiperScript.pngPiperI saw him checking El Primo out the other day.

PamScript.pngPamHm. Y'know they would be cute together.

PamScript.pngPamShame all the big fellas are gay, huh? I wouldn't mind getting a piece of Primo, if you catch my drift--


(Cut to Barley, Gale and Byron)

BarleyScript.pngBarleyRemember back in the day when we didn't have this technology shit and we literally had to walk to the store to buy some bread for a few cents?

ByronScript.pngByronBarley, you're a robot.

BarleyScript.pngBarleyWait, how about that chicken factory we all used to work at, though? You guys remember that shithole?

GaleScript.pngGaleHa! How could I forget?

ByronScript.pngByronI remember that old bastard of manager. Never could understand personal space.

GaleScript.pngGaleWhat was that?

BarleyScript.pngBarleyProximity sensor. There's a lot of them... all with a strange energy signature.

BarleyScript.pngBarleyI can't even begin to describe--

(Gale get shot in the chest by a green arrow)

Blank200x200.pngBarley and ByronGale!

ByronScript.pngByronDamn it. Barley, cover me.

(A bunch of Minion’s skeletons appear)

BarleyScript.pngBarleyOh, dear.

Page 21

(Byron and Barley take Gale and hide behind a haystack. Byron takes out a syringe and heals Gale)

ByronScript.pngByronCome on, old friend...

(Gale gets up)



BarleyScript.pngBarleyScanners are registering more and more of them every second.

BarleyScript.pngBarleyIf you're finished with reoairs, Byron, I suggest we re-eveluate our strategy.

GaleScript.pngGaleThat...never gets easier...

BarleyScript.pngBarleyGale. You're the fastest rider we've got. There's a path around the forest through the plains that will get you to the beach on horseback.

GaleScript.pngGaleI'm not just gonna leave you here?

ByronScript.pngByronBarley is right, Gale. We can't let these tossers get the drop on the others.

ByronScript.pngByronYou're the man for this job. We'll draw them away and regroup later




(Gale rides away on a horse, while Byron and Barley fight the skeletons)

GaleScript.pngGaleDon't die on me, you two...

Page 22

(Barley and Byron are throwing molotovs and syringes att Minions skeletons respectable, but more skeletons are coming)

ByronScript.pngByronWhat kind of magic is this?

(Byron and Barley get on fighting)

(Byron gets shot in the arm)


MinionScript.pngMinion (offscreen)Your healing abilities are quite impressive.

MinionScript.pngMinion (offscreen)I'm glad you'll be amoug the first to die.

(Minion freezes Byron with some kind of neutral power)


ByronScript.pngByron...I can't move.

(Byron, controlled by Minion, hit Barley back of his head)

ByronScript.pngByronThat wasn't me! I'm not in control of my body!

BarleyScript.pngBarleyKZZT...What's going on--?

(Barley gets shot in the back of the head)



ByronScript.pngByronWho are you--? Why are you doing this?!

MinionScript.pngMinionBecause it's fun.

MinionScript.pngMinionWhat other reason do I need?

Page 23

MinionScript.pngMinionI really do like your miagic.

MinionScript.pngMinionBut I have no need for healing.

MinionScript.pngMinionI care only for destruction.

MinionScript.pngMinionWith my magic, it's so easy to control people.

MinionScript.pngMinionAnd my magic is superior to yours.

(Minion makes a spear with their Spirit Strings and stabs Byron in the back.)

MinionScript.pngMinionI wonder...

(Minion kicks Byron down.)


MinionScript.pngMinionWill it be enough to heal that?

(Minion turns their spear into an axe.)



MinionScript.pngMinionIt won't matter.

(Byron tries to heal himself.)


(Minion slashes Byron with the axe.)

(Cut back to Gale riding on the horse. Gale sees a portal appear.)

GaleScript.pngGaleWhat th'--?

Page 24

(Sinu comes out of the portal and makes arrows with his Spirit Strings and shoots them and Gale and his horse through the head.)

(Cut to Buzz, Jessie and Colette.)

BuzzScript.pngBuzz (thinking)Can't beat the beach on a day like this.

(Jessie and Colette disappears.)

BuzzScript.pngBuzz (thinking)Especially with everyone here...

BuzzScript.pngBuzz (thinking)...Wait a second.

BuzzScript.pngBuzz (thinking)Jessie and Colette both just went under.

BuzzScript.pngBuzz (thinking)Maybe they're just diving together. Or having a breath-holding contest.

BuzzScript.pngBuzz (thinking)But I wouldn't be the lifeguard I am today by leaving anything up to chance!

BuzzScript.pngBuzz (thinking)Plus, I could use a swim.

(Buzz jumps into the water.)

BuzzScript.pngBuzz (thinking)Time to make a--

BuzzScript.pngBuzz (thinking)--splash?

(It’s revealed that two of Minion’s skeletons have dragged Jessie and Colette under water.)

Page 25

(Buzz elbows one of the skeletons and brings Jessie to the surface.)

JessieScript.pngJessie>koff koff< Colette...

BuzzScript.pngBuzzI know. I'm going back.

(Buzz jumps back into the water. He gets cut in the back by one of the skeletons. Buzz chomps its head off. But the skeleton stabs Buzz through his arm into his upper jaw.)

BuzzScript.pngBuzzGRAAAAAH!! What the hell!?

(Buzz pows the skeleton to the bottom of the water.)

BuzzScript.pngBuzzHang on, Colette! I'm coming!


(The skeleton stabs Colette through the back.)



(Buzz throws his stuff board at the Skeleton. Buzz then grabs Colette and brings her to the surface.)

BuzzScript.pngBuzzI failed you, Colette...

BuzzScript.pngBuzz...I failed...

(Brock, Buzz, Jessie and Penny to up to a cliff where Sinu, Minion and a bunch of Minion’s skeletons are standing.)

Page 26

(The skeletons start attacking.)

PamScript.pngPamGet close, kids!

(Pam starts sucking in and shooting back the skeletons' arrows.)

PamScript.pngPamBuzz! Jessie! There you are! You kids all right?

PamScript.pngPamThese things are everywhere! Where the hell are they even coming from?

BuzzScript.pngBuzzThey're under the water. That's how they got to us. Jessie and I are all right--

BuzzScript.pngBuzzBut, Colette, I...

BuzzScript.pngBuzz...I couldn't save her. She's gone.



(A skeleton throws a molotov at Pam, and it explodes.)

(Sprout throws a spike grenade at 3 of the skeleton and it explodes, but they get stabbed by a bunch of Sinu’s Spirit Strings.)

SinuScript.pngSinuI'll have no more of that.

PennyScript.pngPennyBrock! I think that guy on the cliff is causing all this.

BrockScript.pngBrockYeah, I see him. Makes my skin crawl just looking at him.

PennyScript.pngPennyWe need to take him out. How about some air support?

(Brock jumps into the air.)

BrockScript.pngBrockOn it!

(Brock shoots his rockets towards Sinu.)

BrockScript.pngBrockLet's dance, jackass!

(Sinu destroys the rockets with his Spirit Strings and shoot Brock.)


PennyScript.pngPennyYou're gonna pay for that, bastard!

(Penny gets ready to shoot her cannon at Sinu.)


(But Minion uses their Spirit Strings to redirect the cannon at Penny, killing her.)

(Cut to Stu fighting some skeletons.)


StuScript.pngStuIt'll ta-ta-take more than that to take the Spec-Spec-Spectacular--

(Stu stops after he realizes that he’s surrounded.)


(We see Stu get beaten to death, Spike slashed in quartered and Lou frozen and shot.)

(Cut to Piper waking up after being knocked out.)


(Piper sees all her friends dead.)


SinuScript.pngSinu (offscreen)Ah, a survivor.


PiperScript.pngPiperYou did this! Why?

SinuScript.pngSinuBecause I can.

SinuScript.pngSinuBecause I must.

SinuScript.pngSinuBecasue I enjoy it.

PiperScript.pngPiperI reckon you'll expect me to, what?

PiperScript.pngPiperBeg for mt life like a runt pig?

(Sinu makes a sword with his Spirit Strings.)

SinuScript.pngSinuIf you must.

SinuScript.pngSinuIt won't affect your afte.


SinuScript.pngSinuYou are with child.

PiperScript.pngPiperKillin' a mother and her unborn child makes you happy, huh?

PiperScript.pngPiperMakes you feel real powerful?

SinuScript.pngSinuI don't need to feel powerful.

SinuScript.pngSinuI am powerful.

PiperScript.pngPiperThere must be a special place in hell for dirtbags like you.

SinuScript.pngSinuIf you you knew how right you are.

(Sinu stabs Piper in the stomach and leaves through a portal.)