Candy Kong

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Candy Kong

Biographical info
Physical description
Species Gorilla
Gender Female
Skin color Brown
Hair color Yellow
Eye color Blue
Personal information
Allies Rouge
Enemies Donkey Kong
First appearance Chapter 18, Page 2
Last appearance Chapter 20, Page 2
In real life
Actual name Candy Kong
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Franchise Donkey Kong
...Wait, why were you with Rouge? (Knuckles), i gotta get my sex somewherez.
Candy Kong talking to Knuckles, Chapter 18, Page 3

Candy Kong is a female ape from the Donkey Kong franchise. She makes a minor appearance alongside Jessie and Rouge, being one of four hookers brought to Cheeto Man's home by Knuckles. She is killed shortly afterwards by Cheeto Man.


Candy Kong wears a pink crop top with her name printed on it, as well as pink shorts. She also has yellow hair and wears pink lipstick.


Not a lot is known about Candy Kong's past, other than she is in a relationship with Donkey Kong. According to Donkey Kong's account in Chapter 11: wild tempers, she had received the clap from him and as a result she is now avoiding him.

Candy Kong is eventually called to join Cheeto Man's party by Knuckles. She arrives with Rouge and Jessy, while mentioning that Knuckles had called while she and Rouge were having sex. She mentions that Donkey Kong had attempted to have sex with her but she turned him down (due to the clap) to have sex with Rouge instead, saying that she "gotta get her sex somewherez". Afterwards, she goes to smoke with Cheeto Man and Patty.

At the party she engages in some friendly banter with Patty, stating that she should have made the first move on Doug. After Amy reveals her past to Tails at the party, Candy, Cheeto Man and Tonya move to go in the hot tub after Tails' group awkwardly leaves it. As Tails and Hello Kitty leave together, Candy very bluntly states that the two are going off to have sex when Cheeto Man asks, shocking everyone. This is the last that is seen of her before Knuckles confronts Cheeto Man and escorts Tails away from The Defenders' hideout to show him Cheeto Man's dumping grounds, where Candy's corpse is spotted alongside others (such as Amy, Patty, and Rouge) after Cheeto Man learns that they were all infected by the clap.


Like Donkey Kong, Candy Kong appears to have a fondness for sexual activities, as seen by her relationship with Donkey Kong and Rouge. Candy also appears to have a disdain for men, referring to her lover as "Donkey Kunt" and flat out stating they they are dumb while talking to Patty about Doug.


Candy has not displayed any abilities of note in Tails Gets Trolled.

Real Life Origins

Candy Kong is a reoccurring female Kong that appears in the Donkey Kong series. She provides assistance to the main cast across their various journeys alongside other members of the Kong family.


In Tails Gets Trolled Candy Kong is not as close or supportive to the Kongs as she is in the games. Though her relationship with Donkey Kong is still present, it appears to be strained due to the clap. Her appearance in Tails Gets Trolled is also based off her more modern incarnations as opposed to her older designs used in Donkey Kong Country or the Donkey Kong TV series.