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Biographical info
Physical description
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Skin color Pink
Eye color Blue
Personal information
Allies Garry (Halloween Special)
First appearance Chapter 1, Page 13
Last appearance Tails Gets Trolled - The Halloween special., Page 3
In real life
Actual name Kirby
First appearance Kirby's Dream Land (1992)
Franchise Kirby

Kirby is a cameo character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled.


Kirby appears as a small, round pink creature. He has pink "feet" and blue eyes, and is noted to be ugly by Alex (cute in Ultimate Alternate reality), and does not appear to have a penis.


Kirby appears on the first page of Chapter 2: trolls attack. He appears stunned as Alex verbally lays into him for his lack of a penis, before Tails appears. He is not seen in the scene after.

In the Ultimate alternate reality, Kirby appears once more being complimented by Alex. He then gets angry as Tails (Ultimate Alternate reality) makes Alex cry, but then runs away as Alex is shot to death by Tails. Kirby also appears on Tails Gets Trolled - The Halloween special., Page 3, attending Garry's funeral. Once again, Kirby is shown to flee as Garry's body is reanimated and begins attacking the guests.


Kirby flees in terror after witnessing a shooting.

In the side stories, Kirby appears to be somewhat of a coward as his first instinct when danger appears is to run away.

Real Life Origins

Kirby is the main protagonist of the aptly named Kirby series.


In his first appearance, Kirby's eyes appear to be colored differently as he has white sclera instead of being pure black.