Chapter 15: The Guardians part 1

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Chapter 15:
The Guardians part 1
Release dates
Cover date December 28, 2012
Page date December 29, 2012 -
January 24, 2013
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Script Script
Character debuts Pikachu, Foot Ball Player
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Chapter 15: The Guardians part 1 is the fifteenth chapter of Tails Gets Trolled. The battles of Rob and Coyote against their enemies rage on. Tails also completes his training with Ronald McDonald but not without issues.


Hindo throws off Rob's tracking by splitting himself up into multiple electrical figures. Rob is able to dodge the barrage with his Whirlwind Sprint, and he knocks Hindo outside. Rob remarks that the sky is red, which Hindo ignores. Hindo tries threatening Rob, who has to remind him that he doesn't have ears. Also outside, Demaro and Coyote begin their battle. Demaro attempts to encase Coyote in vines, but Road Runner tears the vines apart with ease. Coyote easily dodges a series of attacks from Demaro and Dusk Hunter, while the Yin Yang Serpends creep up on Demaro. The snakes attack, narrowly missing Demaro, who encases himself in a spirit shield. Recognizing Road Runner doesn't stand a chance against Demaro's Guardian, Coyote utilizes both strings and Road Runner, using the former to break Demaro's shield and the latter to help him dodge an oncoming attack. Demaro is unable to quickly build shields back up, forcing him to watch for the prowling Serpends. The Serpends use their fast bodies to create a tornado of leaves that force Demaro to flee his Guardian. He struggles to ward off attacks from both Serpends and Road Runner, leaving him to create a dome of vines for safety.

The Road Runner using his blinding speed to help Coyote.

With the Troll Slaiyers, the Bounty Hunter wonders why the sky has gone red, to which Shadow insists he doesn't give a shit as he works on his knitting. Suddenly, Teemo casually returns, despite dying several chapters ago. Everyone is stunned, even The Narrorator can't believe what he's seeing. Teemo explains that because he's from League of Legends he can revive, but it took a moment to return to life. He's taken so long to return because they had moved shortly after his death, and he was able to find two of his friends to help them: Pikachu and a Foot Ball Player. Guy mistakenly refers to Pikachu as from China, and the Foot Ball Player as a player of baseball, to which Chucky Kong politely corrects. Teemo asks where Silver, Rob, and Elmer Fudd went, to which Shadow insists he doesn't care about them -- he doesn't even care where Tails is. Bowser notices this, and is disgusted at how Shadow treats his allies. He decides to keep working with Shadow, but keeps a watchful eye on the hedgehog. Teemo suggests they strike another pose, and the team reflects on the names Shadow gave them this time, with the Bounty Hunter being severely hurt by the insult Shadow gave him. Shadow states that he does not care and goes back to knitting.

Tails, meanwhile, is having difficulty maintaining his illusions under Ronald McDonald's tutelage. Ronald insists Tails should take a break, but Tails refuses, choosing to keep pushing to form the shadow copies of himself. He finally succeeds, draping the illusions in black and forming them in his shape. Ronald explains where illusion powers continue from there. He explains that making an illusion of oneself is easiest, and modifying things in the world or impersonating others will be much harder. He warns Tails that a good illusionist needs to be aware of details, as he needs to be ready to battle another illusionist. Ronald is impressed by Tails' ability to master copying himself so easily, to the point that he feels threatened by Tails' proficiency. Ronald puts Tails in a chokehold, and begins mocking him, trying to degrade Tails for still being weak. Ronald begins breaking down, his rage increasing as Tails' childlike innocence reminds him of a time before something in his life changed. He attempts to kill Tails, sadistically cheering that he'll kill the chosen one hero, but Cheeto Man enters to check up on them and stops them when he sees what Ronald is doing. Displaying great combative ability, Cheeto Man downs Ronald (who escapes), rescuing Tails. A few of The Defenders enter from the commotion, including Kermit and Hello Kitty. Kermit takes Tails' account of the attack, which Kermit promises to report to Pacman. Hello Kitty is relieved Tails is okay, and Cheeto Man offers to take Tails outside for a moment of relief.

Tom and Sylvester, meanwhile, continue their fighting, arguing over their puppets and the lack of intelligence the other possesses. Sylvester suggests they stay quiet, as trolls could be waiting for them, to which Tom insists is an impossibility. Sylvester hears a noise nearby, which is revealed to be Troll Face, wielding Fudd's shotgun. He fires at Tom, but Sylvester tries to get Tom out of the way. He takes the full force of the shot, taking the blast as a direct strike to the chest and stomach.

Goofs and Errors

Teemo is able to survive death because he can revive in League of Legends. Most games involve some form of one up or revival system though, making this a bit of an inconsistent rule, seeing as Sonic remains dead despite revival being possible in his series.