The Troll Slaiyers

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Not to be confused with The Troll Slayers.
Troll Slaiyers

The Slaiyers as of Chapter 15.
Location of base Various
Purpose To defeat trolls
First appearance Chapter 2, Page 8

The Troll Slaiyers are a group formed by Shadow to fight The Trolls.



The Troll Slaiyers circa Chapter 2 (besides Silver).

Shadow establishes the Troll Slaiyers in Chapter 2: trolls attack as backup for Silver after he was trolled by Alex. The original members then gather together. Mario and Luigi are chosen for the group because they each have their own unique way to prevent themselves from being trolled, thus giving them an advantage when fighting trolls.

Teemo learned while playing League of Legends that it's pointless to talk back to the trolls, so he just agrees with them, which pisses them off. Bugs figured out that trolls can't troll him if he does "all kinds of stupid and gay shit" like dressing up as a girl and kissing them. Hulk was trolled until he became bigger and stronger than the trolls, which caused them to fear him. Rob has no ears, so he can't hear trolls when they try to troll him.

The Slaiyers then move to Bugs' rabbit hole to establish a hideout, stating that they will never be found and eventually create an plan to deal with the trolls.

The Awesome Fucking Plan

The Awesome Fucking Plan (referred to as the Fucking Awesome Plan by Hulk) was a fake Justen Beaver concert suggested by Luigi to lure all the trolls into a stadium, ready to troll Beaver, only for the Slaiyers to detonate the stadium, killing them all. However, little did they know that this was just part a plan invented by Mario to convince the Trolls that Luigi was on their side.

The building of the stadium goes as planned (with financial assistance from Coyote in return for Shadow, Knuckles, and Bugs helping him kill the Road Runner) and the trolls fill up the venue in preparation to troll Beaver. However, the plan goes awry when Alex reveals that the trolls have taken Daffy hostage. Fudd also shows up to kill Bugs and Daffy, but due to his stupidity Shadow is easily able to convince him to join the Slaiyer's side. Shadow notes that the only reason Daffy was taken hostage is due to the fact that someone knew Bugs was a part of his team and demands to know who told them.

Luigi then admits that he was the one who tipped off the Trolls that Bugs was part of their team, and he and Mario proceed to fight a staged battle, which Mario loses on purpose. As Luigi goes to deliver the final blow, Shadow murders Daffy to end the hostage situation and threatens to detonate the stadium, killing everyone unless the trolls allow the Troll Slaiyers to leave with Mario. Bugs, distraught by the loss of his lover Daffy, takes the detonator from Shadow and destroys it, greatly angering Shadow. He then proceeds to unload a full clip of bullets into the head of his corpse, turning his brains into mush. Soon after, Garry arrives and assists Alex and Luigi with backup. Shadow, Teemo, and Hulk were forced to retreat back to Bugs' hole, while Silver and Rob (joined by Fudd) deciding to leave the team to secretly follow the Trolls back to their headquarters at Troll City.

Upon returning to their base, Vector appears, injured from his previous encounter with the Trolls. He warns Shadow that the Troll King is hunting him next. Mario pulls Shadow aside for a moment and explains his actual plan to the Slaiyers. Furious, Shadow and Hulk, joined by Bowser who is seeking Mario, begin to fight, but are unsuccessful in stopping Mario from escaping. As Mario gloats, Shadow swears that the Slaiyers will destroy him.

Later that night, the Slaiyers are seen brainstorming a way to defeat Mario. Knuckles soon appears, asking about Amy's status after the death of Sonic. He suggests using a cannon to launch Teemo into the troll's base and ambush them. The two get to work, but after launching Teemo, Teemo slowly comes to the realization that this plan might not work out because Knuckles does not know the location of the troll's base to begin with, and is splattered against a mountain. Knuckles apologizes and promises to come back after smoking his smart weed.

The Fucking Genius Plan

Knuckles eventually brings Amy to watch the Slaiyers train and annoys Shadow with his plan to get high. Later, the Slaiyers then begin to train for their upcoming battles by sparring with each other. Shadow violently attacks Hulk, sending him flying into a wall during a mock battle and is called out for it. Knuckles attempts to calm Shadow down but is punched and angrily yelled at by Shadow. Frustrated by the events that have passed, Shadow leaves for a brief moment and destroys an entire village of innocents in his anger in the mistaken belief that it is a Troll village. Knuckles, shocked by what Shadow has done, leaves the Slaiyers.

Upon return, Shadow reveals that he has thought of a new "completely flawless plan", shocking the others when told, with Hulk describing it as "fucking genius". He then introduces new members of the group brought by Donkey Kong: Tiny Kong and Chucky Kong, alongside an unnamed man. Later that night, Shadow also hires a bounty hunter (known as Booty Hunter) to join their team.

Later, while Coyote and Demaro's battle rages on, the Slaiyers are joined by a freshly respawned Teemo. Teemo introduces two more allies to the group, Pikachu and a Foot Ball Player. The Slaiyers then regroup and pose (as per Teemo's suggestion.)


Every member has their own nickname given to them by Shadow.

Original Members

Name Nickname Notes

the awesome

the power

the gay Died in Chapter 3, betrayed group in Chapter 27.5

the bastard

the guy with no ears Left group in Chapter 3 (off-screen)

the fire power Betrayed group in Chapter 5

the sissy Betrayed group in Chapter 3, died in Chapter 5

the money guy Left group in Chapter 3 (off-screen)

The only members of the original Troll Slaiyers who remained after the Awesome Fucking Plan were Shadow, Hulk, and Teemo. Mario and Luigi double-crossed the Slaiyers (the latter also being killed by the Troll King), Bugs was murdered by Shadow, and Rob and Silver abandoned the group.

New Members

Name Nickname Notes

The awesome Founding member

THE POWER Founding member

The annoying Founding member

The butt pirate Joined in Chapter 4

The real fire power Joined in Chapter 5

Foot Ball Player
the retard Introduced by Teemo in Chapter 15

the rodent Introduced by Teemo in Chapter 15

the guy with no name Introduced by Donkey Kong in Chapter 11

Booty Hunter
The douche Hired by Shadow in Chapter 11

Chucky Kong
The fat gay monkey Introduced by Donkey Kong in Chapter 11. Also has at least two Rambi rhinos.

Tiny Kong
the dumb bitch Introduced by Donkey Kong in Chapter 11

Knuckles was temporarily associated with the group from Chapter 6 to Chapter 11, but was never given a nickname. He left after witnessing Shadow murder an entire village that he mistook for a Troll camp. Knuckles' friend Donkey Kong introduced Tiny, Chucky, and Guy to the group, but couldn't join himself as he says he was too busy trying to make it up to Candy Kong for giving her the clap.


  • Contrary to misconception, "Slaiyers" is not a typo according to Lazerbot’s old DeviantArt account.[1]


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