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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles the rodent
Place of birth Japan
Physical description
Species Pokémon
Type Pikachu
Gender Male (see notes)
Fur color Yellow and brown
Red (on cheeks)
Eye color Unknown
Personal information
Affiliation Troll Slaiyers
Allies Troll Slaiyers, Teemo
First appearance Chapter 15, Page 13
Last appearance Chapter 27.5, Page 2
In real life
Actual name Pikachu
First appearance Pokémon Red & Green (1996)
Franchise Pokémon
pika... pikachu
Pikachu, Chapter 15, Page 13

Pikachu is a friend of Teemo's and a member of The Troll Slaiyers. Teemo meets up with him after respawning and introduces him to the group, who notes that he is from "Japan or China or some shit like that" (later clarified by Chucky to be Japan). He is given the nickname of "the rodent" by Shadow. Much like Teemo, his eyes always seem to be closed.


Pikachu is a small rat-like creature (according to Teemo). He has yellow skin and red cheeks. While posing for the Slaiyers, he wears a blue hat over his head.

Like Teemo, his eyes are always shut which causes others to mistake him for being Chinese.


Pikachu is introduced to the group by Teemo after respawning and meeting up with the Troll Slaiyers. Shadow then assembles the Slaiyers and poses with everyone. Pikachu is nicknamed "the rodent" and then dons a hat and strikes a pose as the group gets together.


Pikachu does not appear to have any particular quirks of note due to his short appearance time.


Pikachu has not displayed any notable abilities thus far, though he is noted by Chucky Kong to be able to speak the Pokémon language, which apparently consists of him repeating his own name.


Pikachu is presumed to be male due to the shape of his tail, as female Pikachu have a differently shaped tail in the Pokémon universe beginning with Generation IV. However, it is not known if gender differences between Pokémon also apply to the Tails Gets Trolled continuity.


Pika pika pika pika pikachu
—Pikachu, Chapter 15, Page 14

Real Life Origins

Pikachu is one of the most iconic Pokémon from the Pokémon franchise. Number 25 of the National Pokédex, Pikachu is often used as the face of the franchise.


The Pikachu in Tails Gets Trolled appears with its eyes shut in a similar fashion to Teemo. His cheeks are also larger than they are in his main series, appearing to take up the full size of his cheeks as opposed to being spots in his official artwork. He also has a smaller tail.