chapter 10: silver's plan and tails training

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chapter 10:
silver's plan and tails training
Release dates
Cover date May 29, 2012
Page date June 4, 2012 -
July 18, 2012
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Script Script
Character debuts Amy Rose, G. I. Jerkoff, Nickacado, Rage Boner of Africa, Bowser Jr.
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chapter 10: silver's plan and tails training is the tenth chapter of Tails Gets Trolled. As the title suggests, it goes over Silver and The Neutrals preparations to rescue Fudd, as well as Tails various exercises with The Defenders.


Coyote finishes explaining his backstory to Silver's group and together, they decide to come up with a plan to rescue Fudd from The Trolls. Tails is also shown training with Batman to help improve his combat abilities. Elsewhere in Troll King's castle, Fudd is shown being tortured by the King in order to threaten him into using the deceased Eggman from the dead, so that Troll King can create a robot army.

Meanwhile, The Troll Slaiyers continue to brainstorm of a new plan. They are joined by Knuckles who brings a mourning Amy along with him. Shadow promises her that he will avenge Sonic while Knuckles reveals his smart weed plan. Using an online chat room of trolls he had found, Knuckles managed to learn of the location of one of the troll's camps and set out for the area by posing as a newbie. Knuckles shows up incredibly blazed and offers the trolls some of his weed, to which they accept and the gang proceeds to have a wonderful time smoking together. Annoyed, Vector and Shadow ask him what the point of his plan was to which he replies that his plan was to simply get high all along, irritating Shadow even more. The Slaiyers then decide to spar with one another in order to train.

Back in Troll City, Silver reveals the use of the device he had planted within Troll King's castle. It is shown to be a scanner, allowing Silver and his group to get a map of the castle's structure. Coyote joins Silver in thinking of another plan since Silver's original plan to storm the castle involved using Fudd, who has been captured. Moving over to the Troll King and Fudd, Fudd decides to eat Eggman's brain as instructed by the King out of fear of losing his penis. He learns of Eggman's escape plot and then gets to work. Elsewhere in Troll King's castle, Demaro appears after being called by his brother, Garry. Garry attempts to recruit Demaro officially into the Trolls but he refuses and leaves.

Patience and Flying

Meanwhile, back to Tails, the fox finishes his training with Batman and is instructed to move on to train with Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty explains her power to Tails and together they begin to train. He is quickly able to learn Hello Kitty's barrier skill and moves on to train with Kermit the Frog. Kermit wishes to train Tails in the art of patience by explaining to him his reasons for joining the Defenders. He and his friends, the Muppets, were involved in a trolling competition that went from friendly banter to geniune trolling and hatred. Many of his friends went mentally insane or commited suicide, leaving just Kermit, Animal, and Miss Piggy. Kermit drives Miss Piggy into madness and nearly falls to Animal but is able to "win" in the end through patience. Unfortunately for Kermit, Tails is not willing to pay attention to his story at all and is dismissed to go train with Spyro.

Spyro trains Tails to help improve his flight abilities deep within the Cocoa Jungle, near the Defenders hideout. They are joined by Pori who decides to watch from the sides. After some struggles, Tails slowly gets the hang of things and Spryo decides that they will finish their training tomorrow. Pori leaves for his secret lab where he deposits a part of Silver's DNA (gotten from the device he had planted in the castle) to use for an unknown purpose.

The scene briefly moves to Troll King who meets with his messenger bird, Travous. He tasks Travous with finding the location where one learns the Words of Death so that he can teach them to The Man in the Ice, a man whose power is said to rival Troll King himself. Alex spies on the two, plotting to learn the Words for himself. Mario is also given a scene, joined by Toads order by Peach. He plans on going back to the Trolls to continue his battle and tasks the Toads with gathering power-ups for him to use. Bowser Jr. is also seen with Goombas, who are spying on his group. Silver and Coyote are also shown (interrupting Tom's pornography) and they continue to think of a good method to storm the castle with.

That night, Hello Kitty visits Tails and the two talk about Sonic and Hello Kitty encourages Tails to press on. The next day, Spyro and Tails (joined by Hello Kitty and Kermit, who watch from the sidelines) finish their training and celebrate. Kermit appears, informing Tails that Pacman wishes to speed his training along and he moves to train with Cheeto Man. The chapter concludes with a shift back to the Troll Slaiyers who continue their sparring.


  • The total amount of characters in Kermit's backstory totals to 6676, which is lengthier than the entire scripts of Chapter 3 (5358) and Chapter 4 (5326).