Chapter 25.5: Wicked Influence Part 2/Script

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Stats (of the whole chapter)

  • Character count: ~61000
  • Character count (no spaces): ~51000
  • Character with most lines: Tom (36)
  • Characters with least lines: Little Timmy, Trunks, Teemo, David, Binky, Forever Alone Face, Y U NO Face, Pal, PFFFTTTCHH Face, Nicolas Gay, Trobo, Square Head, Olimar, Boyfriend, Gene Jorts, Heimerdinger, Ronald (1)

Stats (of this section)

  • Character count: 29048
  • Character count (no spaces): 24023
  • Character with most lines: Tom (34)
  • Character(s) with least lines: Gene Jorts, Leon, Heimerdinger, Ronald (1)

Page 1


Sister Fister..I'm very happy to see so many familiar faces... It proves that in the face of true evil and in hard times, we are still able to stand united...United in the Lord's Grace.

Brian Damage..Yes Sir!..

Sister Fister..I apologize again, i am not worthy of bringing you the message of God, as our fallen messengers... But, I will continue to try my best to make sure the void is filled... As you may know, we will be holding another memorial service for Pastor Henrey, Father Bartholomew and Father O'mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reilly'O'Brian'O'Sullivan, among others, on Wednesday. May we not envy their peace in heaven, in Jesus' name Amen..

Church attendees (together)Amen..

Chad...Thank you Sister Fister, those were very kind words and I feel like we all needed to hear them... We are all so blessed to have you..

(Boah appears pouting in the background.)

Boah..Why did you force me to come here, you know I don't do things like this, Alice...

Alice..I know you only came because I wouldn't stop asking, but please understand that this is important to me... The Church has long suffered great losses and we need to keep being supportive, and I'd hope that you would care about what means something to me..

Vinny the Piss (Christian)..Shh!...

Boah..Excuse me!? Fuck you, you slain in the seizure havin prick! .. I'll kick your ass!

(Vinny the Piss appears offended.)

Alice..Boah!, mind your manneers, this is The House of God!..

Boah..Me!?.. This moron should mind his manners!..

Vinny the Piss (Christian)..How rude!!..

Alice...We can just leave then!..

Boah..I won't fucking argue with that!..

Sister Fister...Hello, quiet in the back... Please be quiet in the back, I'm trying to share the words of God...

(Sinu's face appears as the scene darkens.)

Sinu..The hatred of Satan surges through our veins!..

SinuLord, lend us your might in the face of all who opposes us..

Brian DamageWhat in the Holy Father is going on!?..

(Green portals open as armored skeletons emerge. Some wield katanas, others wield crossbows.)

Page 2

Mrs No Kisses...


Sister Fister...

Brian Damage...What in the Holy Spirit!?...

(Alice appears afraid. A purple portal appears and Sinu emerges with a grin on his face.)

Sister Fister...You're a Neutral!... How dare you step foot in the House of God!..

Al Sex..Satanists!?.. You monsters killed my brother!..

(The church members pull out their weapons together. A skeleton also unsheathes his katana.)

Sinu..The House of God you say? How misguided.. There are four higher power beings that reside in the heavens, they are known as Giants.. Cowards really, and they do not desire to be worshiped.. Your entire religion and purpose here is a lie, and your influence is a stain on society's sanity and reality..

Sister Fister...You walk into our place of worship, and spread ignorance to our sheep!? ..You will be smitten in the name of the Lord Almighty!!..

Sinu..I will only give you one opportunity to cooperate with me and tell me what i need to know, or i will kill you.

Boah (thinking)...I don't like the look of this! Fuck, i didn't bring my axe!.. I need to get Alice out of there so we don't get involved in some religious blood feud!..

Sister Fister..The Lord has given me the strength to stand strong against evil men, and the groundless threats that come from them! ..You must be held accountable for your wicked ways, and your wrong doings. Your soul will be judged by God, to be condemned back to hell from which you came, demon!..

Sinu...Oh, how i very much hate stupid people...

SinuKill her!!

(A skeleton fires its crossbow, piercing Sister Fister in the chest and impaling her against the wall, beneath the cross.

Page 3

(Two framed images of Father Bartholomew, Father O'mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reilly'O'Brian'O'Sullivanand Pastor Henrey fall to the floor)



Boah...Alice! Get behind me!...

Al Sex...You wretched servant of Satan! I will have justice for the murders of Sister Fister and my brother Father O'mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol-

Al SexAAAH!!

(Al Sex runs towards Sinu with a knife in his hand. A skeleton slashes him vertically in half)

SinuAnyone else?

(Radiant Tanner, Brian Damage and Brogan don't say anything)

Sinu..Good... Now i will be open with you, i never had intentions of asking your spiritual leader any questions.. No, her death was retaliation for the deaths of our Legion members that has been done by your hand over the years.. See, i am a very busy man and i couldn't find the time to spare, to join in on all of the excitement..

SinuAs far as the questions go, well.. I have planted informants within your disgusting church for all of the information I need..

(Evangeline and Chris Chin are smiling evilly)

Page 4

Evangeline...Does this mean we finally get to go home?... I'm so done with these delusional people...

SinuOf couse, you've both done a wonderful job and you will be rewarded for you efforts indeed..

Mrs No KissesBetrayal of the Church!! You both are exiled!!

SinuKill her too, and anyone else who speaks with intimidation in their tone.

(Mrs No Kisses gets shot by an arrow.)

Chad...My wife.... You killed... My wife.... I mean, she never wanted to get intimate with me but i was still very fond of her whenever she wasn't on her menstrual period... You sons of whores!...

Chris ChinSo what was the questions you wanted to ask, Master?

SinuThe fountain has been destroyed, by whose hands?

Chris Chin...We investigated it earlier today, but we came up with zero leads.. Whoever it was, it wasn't from this church..

MinionBjorn and Kelic were supposed to be guarding the fountain, what happened to them?

Chris Chin...I don't know were Kelic is, but Bjorn's and the rest of their corpses have been moved to the drop off point..

Minion...Freya will be at peace, knowing we've found her Brother's body... And furious when she finds out her suspensions were correct... I will collect their bodies with one of my corpses..

Chris ChinThe church is responsible for Bjorn's death..

Sinu...Are they now? Well, i may have a remedy for that!..

Page 5

Brian Damage..Radiant Tanner! Vinny the Piss! Where are your firearms!?..

Radiant Tanner...We never bring guns into The House of God!...

(Brogan walks up to Chris Chin)

Brogan...Are you really one of them?..

Chris Chin...Aww.. Brogan, i know you looked up to me... But that doesn't mean you have to be left behind...

Chris Chin..This Church has been lying to us all.. I'm just going home to our true place of worship and leaving the old dead skin behind... I want you to come with us, we would welcome you with open arms...

Alice...Brogan, don't listen to him!!..

Boah...Don't get involved, Alice!..

Brogan..I can come with you?...

Chris Chin..Precisely.. You're like the little bother i never had, i would be your new family... But before you can join us, you would have to complete the initiation ritual..

Brogan..Initiation ritual?..

Chris ChinYes, just like we've talked about remember? When i was training you to fight the bad men? It's time to act on that practice, and kill one of these bad liars... Once you do it, you're one of us and we'll never turn our backs on you...

Brogan....Okay, just like you showed me!

Chris Chin..That's it Boy!.. Now, pick someone you like the least and point to them for me...


(Chad, Vinny the Piss and Alice are scared)


(Brogan points at someone offscreen)

Page 6

Vinny the Piss (Christian)...What!?... Why me!?...

Brogan..Cuz, I don't like you.. You're mean to me..

Vinny the Piss (Christian)..I can make it up to you! I promise!...

(Chris Chin stabs Vinny the Piss with his spirit strings)

Vinny the Piss (Christian)...Ahhh!!

Chris ChinLet me see that bat I made you...

(Chris Chin wraps his spirit strings around Brogan's bat)

Chris ChinNow give him a good smack to the head that's all you need to do, little Brother...

Vinny the Piss (Christian)....Please, please don't do this!.... I have a cat named Maggie, she has no one else but me!...

(Brogan smacks his bat into Vinny the Piss's face)

Vinny the Piss (Christian)GULLLL!!!....

Vinny the Piss (Christian)....I'll find you, Maggie!..

Page 7

Evangeline..Congratulations Brogan!

Brian Damage..Ok!... Ok!!... We've received your message, loud and clear!... Now, please leave our Church!... There need be no more killing this night!..

Sinu..You see, my intentions were to murder you all, regardless of how your church killed my lover's Brother... but now? I am going to enjoy it.. Burn this Church to ash!

(Chris Chin and Evangeline summon four molotovs with their neutral power’s. They throw them at Sister Fister and the walls. Sinu picks up Brian Damage with his neutral power and pops his eyes out. Bob of Booey get shot in the face by an arrow)

Radiant Tanner...Lord, please have mercy on our souls!...

(Radiant Tanner gets a molotov thrown at him)

Radiant Tanner....AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!..

(Cut to Minion. They see a star)


(Cut back to inside the church)

MinionSinuu! Someone is approaching the Chruch from the skies, swiftly!..

Boah (Thinking)....We can escape through the window!..

(Kit, who’s riding Narrow, flies into the window)

Page 8

(Kit takes out his sword)

SinuYou're intruding on official business, may I help you with something?..

Kit..Narrow, what are we seeing here? What are your senses telling you?..

Narrow..Seems to be some kind of religious battle.. This is a one sided fight, I can feel fear and sadness... And that man, he has a wicked soul and murderous intentions..

Sinu...Interesting!.. You, bird! You're one of the Legendary Birds of Mr. Clair, correct?..

(Alice coughs.)


NarrowYou know my family!? ...Where are they!?..

Sinu..Oh, now I understand... You are a lost birdy, seeking the reunion and familiarity of what has been stolen from you, unaware of the circumstances of this continent.. Yes, I am a business partner to the one who claims to own those you call your family.. I could take you to them..

Kit...Don't listen to him! ...He's manipulating you, can't you see that!?..

Narrow...If I go with you, will you spare these people?..

Kit...What are you talking about!? You can't go with them, we must defeat them in battle and then find other means of finding your family...

Narrow..Kit, listen to me... You've grown to trust my senses during our travels, so please trust me now...

NarrowI have an instinct that something happened to my body just a moment ago, and it makes me feel like we've already lost this... I just know that if we fight, we will die... This might be the only way to save the ourselves and the survivors.. I'm terribly sorry my friend..

Kit..But how do you know he won't just kill us all once you surrender to him?

Sinu..Are you done speaking to one another?.. Yes, I will spare them as a show of good faith.. Hurry and choose, before this building burns to ash..

(Mike Power appears)

Mike PowerI'm going to kill them for their asses



(Everyone is shocked)

Page 9

Narrow...Take me to my family...

SinuThen we have a deal, excellent..

Kit..Take me with you!

Sinu..Sorry, I am giving no free rides this night...

(Sinu opens a portal which he then walks through. Narrow fallows him)

Kit...Stand clear, I'm going to make an opening so we can clear out of this building!..

(Kit makes a hole in the wall. Everyone gets out)

Chad and Gene Jorts..Cough!.. ..Cough!..

Alice..Cough!.. ..Cough!..

(Alice falls to her knees, crying. Kit also falls to his knees)

Mike PowerI'm going to kill them for their asses

ChadFor the love of God, please someone make him stop!!

Page 10


LeonGot it, Boss!..

(Leon disappears)

Mauller..What do you need from me?

Troll KingWhile we wait for laborers to arrive from Troll City, we're going to review The Book of Ryzel...

MaullerOf course.

(Cut to Troll Fortress. Heimerdinger comes out of the rubble)

Troll KingHm!?..

Troll KingHeimerdinger...

Mauller..You've actually managed to find and capture one of the Three Geniuses!?..

Troll KingHindo did... One of the other Geniuses were found dead, i will fill you in soon enough..

Troll KingThere is something unusual about Heimerdinger... I had Leon sever one of his legs, but somehow he was able to recover the limb since the last time I've seen him...

Mauller...Strange.. I'll go restrain him until we have a place to hold him...

Heimerdinger....I'm.. Alive?... But... How!?... I felt the pain of dying, Garry!... How can this be!?...

(A pink orb appears behind Heimerdinger)

Page 11

(Mauller’s eyes start burning white)

MaullerWhat is that!?

Troll KingHmm..

(Zaygar comes out of the orb and then put Heimerdinger in an orb)

Mauller...He's not familiar to me!.. And He's about to snatch up our prisoner?

(Troll king uses his same move that he used in Chapter 4, Page 15. Zaygar deflects the attack with the orb Heimerdinger is in. Zaygar then walks back into his orb with Heimerdinger. The orb disappears)

Mauller...I haven't learned any long range spells yet...

Trol KingAHHHHH!!!

(Troll King does a Hulk smash.)

Mauller (Thinking)He seems to be slipping... Interesting, I'd never thought I'd see the day where he'd be taking such significant defeats.. He's falling apart.. Also, what the hell happened to his arm!? ...I can't believe I didn't notice that until just now... Probably not a good time to ask about it...

MaullerIt's getting dark, I'll have food, lumber and other building materials hauled on over... We're going to need to build tents and fire pits...

Mauller..It's going to be a long night..

Page 12


(Cut back to hell)

Jackal...Obtain this tool, and join the others... You will regret what happen to you if you refuse...

Jackal..Your power's essence has been returned to its reservoir... Any attempt at defying us will be met with horror... And so you never forsaken these words...

(Jackal whips Hindo across the face)


Jackal...Another lashing, for one who will not lift his tool immediately...

(Hindo tries to pick up a pickaxe, but is burnt on the handle. Jackal points to some people mining. Hindo goes there)

Underbite Troll....So you died too? Man, that's a fickle bitch... Who killed you dude? Did Troll King finally get like, tired of you or some fucking shit?... About time..

Hindo...You.... You know me?....

Underbite Troll...No shit, dumbshit.. You're that boring electric guy... When i was alive, i lived in the totally sick Troll City...It was super killer, but then some douche bag cut my fucking head off...

Page 13

Underbite TrollI'm not going to lie to you, this place is not super killer... You will be tortured by Demons... Butt raped anally, with magma dicks, it's beyond butthurt.. And a bunch of other creative and fucked up stuff... It's better here at the mines, trust me.

Underbite TrollI haven't even been here that long and i know that much... Also, this place has no lunch breaks... The only lunch you'll get is molten jizz... Similar to Troll City but without the molten.

VolunteerHello fellow comrades! Great night for a good ole pick-n!

Underbite TrollIgnore him, he's a dumbass noob that volunteers.

VolunteerOh, i thought we've had a good discussion about that sour-puss, downy attitude, Bucko! I find that a little bit of positivity and optimism help with the long night!

Underbite TrollSee what I'm talking about?.. This insane mother fucker be receiving Satan's dick, and then he'd be asking for seconds.

VolunteerOh Boy, there's an inspiring philosophy that i try to learn and live by! "No insufferable agony? No dignity."

VolunteerAnd if someone were to give you a gift? Accept it, say thank you and have a wonderful day! It's always a nice feeling to be polite!

VolunteerBesides, I've gained a taste for eternally scalding demon sperm, and i find it to be refreshing, and it's rich in protein too!

Underbite TrollSee?.. Shit, uhh.. What was your name again?... Hindu? Anyways, he likes being stabbed, burned alive and so on... He's one kinky little slut

VolunteerMy Pa always called me a dirty whore, while he kissed me on the mouth! Gotta make em proud!

Underbite TrollI know you're not trolling but if you were, you would be a God at it.

VolunteerWhat if I'm just making all of this up to cope with the three hundred some darn years of endless torture?

Underbite TrollNo, something tell me you were always like this.

Underbite TrollSpeaking of coping, how do you guys cope with all of these voices in your head? Satan's real asshole for doing that one.

VolunteerVoices? Listen comrade, I've been here for along time.... I ain't heard anything about no voices, that's just some-n unnatural.

Underbite TrollWhatever, i forgot about how your answer would be retarded and now i regret asking you, but what about you Hindu?

HindoVoices? I...


(Jackal whips Hindo’s back)



Page 14


(Cut to Tails in a tree, puking)

TailsOh, God!... Why do i feel like this!?... Was it because i smoked too much weed?.. I'm so thirsty..

TailsI think I'm going to die.... Sonic, Amy.... I wish you were here right now, i don't know what to do.

Vivian (Hidden)I'm sorry kid, I'm sorry that we've snatched you up from your world and brought you into this hell...

Vivian (Hidden)Not our preferred option, but Cheeto Man had his mind set on you... It's not often we see someone so, innocent and oblivious... You were clay for the manipulator.

(Vivian reveals herself with a lantern and bag)

VivianOh, and Tails... You look like shit, and it's only been one night for you out here... Did no one teach you how to boil water?

VivianYou're suffering from drinking out of the swamp, who know how many parasites you have in you.

TailsVivian... What do you want from me!? Are you here to take me back!?

VivianFUCK NO!

TailsWhy? Wouldn't that be bad for you?

VivianThere's a lot you still don't know about us... Many of us aren't here by our free will and are looking for any opportunity to free everyone and their captive loved ones...

VivianMost of us aren't on Cheeto Man's side, we wouldn't leave you to die if we can help it.

TailsEveryone lied to me!.. I was such a fool.

VivianWe didn't want to lie, we were forced to... We tried to give you hints, Tails... But you were too damn stubborn and wouldn't pay attention to your surroundings and I'm truly sorry for what happened to you.

TailsWhat did you expect from me!? Before all of this, i was clueless.

TailsIt was unfair of you all to feed me this hero prophecy bullshit, after everything that happened and continues to happen to me... I'm no Hero, Heroes save their friends.. Mine are dead!

VivianThe system here is very complicated. One wrong word, one wrong look and our loved ones are punished for it... The illusion you were fed was Cheeto Man's and his alone..

VivianWe had no part to play in the unfairness that has been bestowed upon you.. Please listen to me, Pacman is our leader and we have a plan to liberate ourselves from this hell.

VivianBut we need you, Pacman believes you to be the missing and the most important aspect to freeing us all... Please, help us.

VivianIf you do, you will have your chance to get justice for the death of your friends.

TailsWhat happened to Hello Kitty?

Page 15

Vivian...Her and Spyro are being being punished for what they've done, they're chained to a well that he has outside of the compound.. But you must know that i blieve you will find her true self to be poisonous... You should leave that bitch where she lies..

Tails..I didn't have any intentions on repeating that mistake..

VivianThen why are you curious about her whereabouts?


VivianI see, so you're beginning to see what her actions have caused... Better damn late than never, i suppose...

Tails...I have to talk to her, one more time...

Vivian..In your condition, you aren't going to be alive another day to do much of anything... Let us help you, and then you might have your chance.

Tails..Ok... Tell me what i need to do...

(Vivian gives Tails the bag)

VivianIn this pack, hold the gear and medicine you'll need to survive out here... It is very important that you read the notebook in the bag, for it will explain how to use everything. Pacman has written his instructions for you, please listen to what he has to say..

Vivian..You will be given a task soon, just focus on getting well for now.. Blessed Be, Tails..

(Vivian disappears)


(Tails pukes on the bag)

Page 16

NarrateurMeanwhile, back to Coyote.

(Cut to Coyote, knocked out on the ground next to Demaro)

Garry..Oh, so fucking close! But you couldn't quite snuggle up to spoon with you bestiality lover, before passing out like a pussy ass bitch, could you!?...

GarryThis will give me time to practice my astro earth bending, without anyone knowing any fucking thing about it... And when they least expect it? Hahahaha...

Garry..They'll be too dead to know what hit them, and then I'll find a way to leave this shithole and then go on a killing spree...

Nothing else to do while being fucking dead...

NarrateurMeanwhile, back to the Underworld..

Satan...Coyote eludes my will...

Satan..As punishment, his bonds will pay with their blood...

Satan..My vision reveals, Pori is as well on the hunt.. So we must take his life, while we take theirs...



SatanDispatch and lead the hounds, serve me and kill, you must kill them!..

(A hole opens up in the ground. A Hell Hound comes out of the hole)


Page 17

(Cut to a group of trolls, one of them is Pori)

Jasper....What the crap, man!.. I never heard any sound like that before!...

FabGhettoZuko..Oh hell no, that's a demon!.. My pussy ass don't like no dying!

Perky Jackson..Calm yourself..

(FabGhettoZuko runs away)

FabGhettoZuko.....I is not stayin here any longah!!!

Hogwart...Sir!? Where you be go-n? If ya leave, you will be b.. Branded a deserter of the Troll City City!

Perky Jackson...Let him run, I'm here to fight..

PoriThe sound came from Hell Hounds, there is no outrunning them.

(Pori is starting to glow a black aura)

Jasper..What is the plan, Pori? Are those things hunting us, or what? Should we continue to follow the enemy's trail or set up a defense perimeter?

PoriThey're after me, we will wait for them here.

Perky Jackson..Now why would a mythic creature be after you, huh? Either you're trolling us, or there's more to you than you're showing...

(Perky Jackson starts sweating)

Perky Jackson...Now that i think about it, I've always found your activities and body language to be strange... So you might as well drop the act..

PoriThis should be entertaining.

(Jasper and Hogwart starts sweating)

Page 18


Hogwart...Pori!?... What is this!?... This, feeling.... It's... Terrifying... What, are you!?...

(Hogwart throws his torch into the ground)

Hogwart.....Sorry team, i had a lapse of concentrat-n... I don't know what is happen-n, i feel so bad...

Hogwart...I think I'm have-n an anxiety attack or some-n...

(Cut to a shot of Silver hiding not that far away from the trolls)

Silver (Thinking)...I'm such a fucking idiot! I didn't even think to clear our tracks whenever we left!... This is not good!..

RobSilver, what is it? Do you see anything?..

Silver..They've found us.. Pori and a small group of trolls have been following our trail... Something is off about this, I'm getting a really bad vibe...

Rob..Tom, what is Silver saying?..

Tom....The Trolls found us..

Silver...He's staring straight at us, he knows we're here... Looks like we have no choice but to fight...

Silver (Thinking)...I guess it was double edge sword to stop here for the night... We needed the rest and i needed to replenish some of my mana, but it gave the chance for them to catch up to us... I guess the upside is that we didn't lead them to our base... We might've prevented an ambush..

SilverRob, you protect Blaze! Me and Tom will fight Pori and the Trolls. Let's go!

Rob..Tom, what is Silver saying?.. I can't see his mouth..

(Tom stands up)

TomProtect Blaze, Rob! We'll take care of the Trolls!

Page 19

(Tom and Silver reveal themselves)

Silver (Thinking)Sonething's off about Pori... He seriously looks scary as fuck, i don't know what he's capable of and i never seen him like this before...

Silver (Thinking)Not to mention that strange loud sound we just heard, i don't know what the fuck to think about that shit...

Silver (Thinking)I guess Rob couldn't hear it... Since, he has no ears... I sould tell him about it but i think it's kind of too late for that, i already left the area and it would be weird for me to turn back now.

JasperWe found them.

HogwartI don't know if i can handle this.... I think i needa return tuh Troll City so i can be hospitalized.

PoriAttack them now, or I'll kill you for disobedience!

Tom (Thinking)This is all my fault, i see that now.

Tom (Narrating)Distracting Sylvester, acting like a fucking child... He should've just let me die...

(Flashback to when Sylvester sacrificed himself.)

Tom (Narrating)And Porky...

(Cut to a Flashback. Tom is knocking on a door. Petunia comes out)

Petunia (Flashback)What do you want!? Did Porky send you!?... I want nothing to do with him, so please leave!

Tom (Flashback)Listen, i uhh... I wanted to explain what happened.. I mean, why it happened... You know how Porky is, he has no backbone... What happened was not his fault, it was ours.. We peer pressured him to come to the bar and were being complete dickheads to him... We should have been taking care of our friend, we fucked up Petunia..

Tom (Flashback)It's our fault, not his... I promise you... If you can find it in you to forgive him, then just know that it will never happen again... We will even stay away from him if you need that...

Tom (Flashback)He's just not the same without you and little Porky Jr.. I can't stand seeing him like that, and knowing that I'm the piece of shit who helped put him there.

Petunia (Flashback)I want you to have your way with me.

Tom (Flashback)What!?.. Shit, uhh...

Petunia (Flashback)That's the only way I'm going to take him back after what happened... He thinks he can cheat, then so the hell can I!

Tom (Flashback)Ok, I'll do it.

(Tom walk into the house)

Page 20

Tom (thinking)If it weren't for my actions, Petunia and Jr wouldn't have been on the battlefield and would still be alive..

Tom (thinking)Porky wouldn't have killed himself...

Tom (thinking)This is my chance to redeem myself for my fuck-ups! No one else will ever die because of my again! I will protect them!!

(Pori and his group ready themselves for battle.)

HogwartI don't know if I can do this..!

(Tom and Silver begin running at Pori's group. Silver is terrified. Perky Jackson remains in the back.)

Perky JacksonShit is about to get dangerous...

SilverTom! I will focus Pori, you get the Trolls!.. You got this, man!?

TomI got them!

JasperI won't die today! Just follow my training! Either I kill my enemy or he kills me!

(Tom claws at Jasper's face, scarring him. Jasper's nose slides off. He looks at his fallen nose in shock.)


(Perky Jackson fires some bullets towards Tom.)

Page 21

(The bullets fired at Tom are stopped by Silver inches away from hitting Tom's neck. As he struggles to stop the bullets, Silver also holds Pori in place with his powers.)

Silver (thinking)There's a gun on the field, what's fucking worse is i can't take the gun because I'm out of range... Plus i can't re-fire the bullets while I'm holding Pori, he's taking everything i have to keep still... I'm not sure how many more bullets i can stop, I'm just too tired... And I'm in a lot of pain due to my fucking rib... This isn't looking good!

SilverTom!! We need that gun!

TomOn it!

(Hogwart rushes towards Tom and attempts to punch him in the face. Tom grabs Hogwart by the shirt and slams him onto the ground. Perky Jackson takes aim once more and fires another round.)

Perky JacksonI better be promoted for this!

(All but one of the bullets are stopped by Silver.)

Silver (thinking)Shit! I missed one!

(The bullet flies through Tom's ear, scarring him and causing some blood to spill.)


(Silver panics.)


(Silver's psychic grip on Pori begins to vanish.)

Silver (thinking)He's starting to overpower my telekinesis!

(Pori lets off a wicked smile as his dark aura flares up.)

Page 22

(Rob appears, struggling to stand, while moving through the forest.)

RobThey need my help. I have to do something..

(Rob falls down, but pull himself back up.)

RobI won't let my friends fight alone.. I won't let what happened to Elmer happen again!! Damn it!! I have to get up. I have to fight.

(Perky Jackson attempts to reload his gun with a panicked expression on his face. Tom begins to move towards Perky.)

JasperGuys... I don't think I have my nose anymore..


HogwartNo... No.. Jasper you have no nose. How do you smell things now? Can you still smell things?

JasperNo!! I can't smell shit! I don't have a fucking nose!!

Perky JacksonThat sounds like a YOU problem. Now shut the fuck up, I'm trying to reload this gun. It's taking so long. Just like me in bed.

(Pori appears moments away from Silver, who is struggling to hold him back and panicking. Pori's sword is held above his head ready to swing.)

Silver (thinking)I.. I can't hold him back..

(Pori slashes Silver across the face.)

Page 23

(Silver is in shock as the cut across his face bleeds.)

Silver. . .

(Silver musters his strength together and pushes Pori a distance away using his powers.)

Silver (thinking)Sigh.. sigh.. that was way too close.. if he got any closer I would be dead..

Perky JacksonFinally, reloaded. It takes time, just like me, it takes a minute for me to reload my balls. But once it's ready, it packs a punch.

JasperStop wasting time! We're in the middle of a fucking battle! Stop talking! Why don't any of the Trolls understand this! Talking wastes time! Maybe that's why trolls always die!! I want my momma! I'm scared. I got doodoo in my pants.

(Tom and Perky Jackson struggle for the gun. Perky's aim is thrown off by Tom reaching for the gun and he fires it at Tom's leg, injuring him. Tom swings at Perky Jackson and grabs the gun once more with a firm grip.)

Perky JacksonHands off pussy!! This is mine!!

(Perky Jackson punches Tom in the face. Tom begins to bleed. Tom slashes at Perky, knocking him to the ground and stealing the gun away from him. Tom then blasts Perky in the chest.)

Perky JacksonAhhh .... Holy shit... fucking shit balls...

(Tom finishes off Perky by blasting his head off, then aims at Jasper. Hogwart begins to cry.)

HogwartNo!! We yeild!! We yeild!! Please don't!!

JasperFirst my nose? Now my life? What more are you gonna take from me?

(Tom kills Jasper.)

HogwartNOOOOOOO!! Noooooo!

Page 24

(Tom points the gun at Hogwart, who begins to panic.)

HogwartNo.. please.. I never wanted any of this.. they came to me, they said if I helped them capture you that my wife and two children would be put in a better living condition..

HogwartI've never fought like this before. I've never killed anyone or raped anyone. I never supported that nonsense. I just worked at the factor to give my family food and a place to live.

HogwartI'm no warrior, I'm just built this way because of all the hard work.. please.. don't do this..

(Tom continues to aim the gun.)

HogwartMy youngest daughter wouldn't get an education without my income, and my older daughter is in her emo stages and she'll get suicidal if her daddy is not there for her. And ever since their mom's passing things haven't been the same. And without me, they'll all just crumble over the weight of life. And I can't leave them like that. Have a heart.. I'm sure you have people you love...

SilverYou guys were literally sent here to kill us!!! Don't listen to that guilt trip bullshit. He just said he had a wife a minute ago. Now she's dead? Fuck that. Just kill him.

HogwartPlease.. I have a sick grandma I have to take care of.. she doesn't have long without me.. my family needs me.

SilverOh my God, how he has a grandma?? Seriously?

(Tom's facial expression softens as he begins to lower the gun.)

TomI'm fucking tired.. I think I killed too many people today..

SilverWhat are you doing? We can't leave any survivors..

(Hogwart bows is head and puts his hands together in prayer.)

HogwartOh thank God! You're a good man! My family and wife will appreciate everything! My sick grandpa! And my emo stepson! And my adorable husky!

(Silver is angry.)

SilverYou can't be serious Tom...

TomI'm just tired of this.. perhaps he will be more useful to us as a prisoner..

SilverI can't carry him too..

Tom...I will..

Page 25


Pori (thinking)Mmm.. Silver launched me surprisngly far, It might take some time before I catch back up with them. But judging by the strength of those Trolls they'll likely be dead by the time I get there.

PoriBut that's not my concern anymore, I hope Satan's pawns are worth my time.

(A Hell Hound runs at Pori and leaps at him. Pori swings his blade and cleaves the Hell Hound. As the hound's body dissipates, Kryzeal watches from a distance.)

PoriApparently not..


KryzealI will drag your meaningless soul down to hell! Now prepare to die!!

(Kryzeal's hand glows red. He forms a red spear with a mouth and a face on it, and throws it at Pori. The spear explodes when it hits the ground, but Pori manages to evade. After dodging, Kryzeal moves in to attack Pori using his talons/feet, but backs off when Pori swings his blade.)

Page 26

(Pori tries to swing his sword at Kryzeal, but he catches it by his feet claws)

KryzealLend me your power, Lord Satan!!

(Kryzeal slashes Pori in the face with his hand claw, but Pori doesn't feel anything)


(Pori slashes Kryzeal across chest and then decapitates him. Pori’s skin regrows)

PoriOh Satan, You disappoint me. Why would you send such a pathetic demon to kill me? And one foolish enough to stand on my sword. You're going to have to do much better than that. I'm not afraid of fighting you, But I know you're too much of a coward to come up here and face me yourself.

Page 27

NarrateurBack to Tom and Silver.

HogwartArrrghhh... I think you broke some of my bones when you threw me to the ground...

TomDamn.How weak are you?

SilverWe don't have time for this. I don't have enough mana to lift Sylvester or Blaze. We're gonna have to dispose of him and carry out friends back.

HogwartPlease no!! I won't say anything..

TomSilver... you're acting like Shadow right now.. This guy already surrendered. We don't have to kill him.

SilverThat's a completely different thing. Shadow literally killed his fucking teammates! Don't compare me to him. This dude is trying to convince you to spare him because of his shitty sob story.

SilverDon't be a dumbass. He was sent to kill us! He's a meaningless Troll that has no purpose but to die here! So just kill him so we can go.

SilverHow is this Troll any different than the last several Trolls you've killed?

TomI suppose you make a good point.. Honestly I'm just tired.. But it kinda feels different when they appear innocent.. Like I'm the enemy here.. what happened to mercy..?

SilverHurry up and kill hi so we can go. There's no mercy in war. He's just a stupid Troll. It's not gonna take Pori long to get back here and I'm pretty sure he could kill both of us..

Tom (Thinking)Coyote would probably want this guy dead too.. Maybe this is the right thing to do..

Tom (Thinking).. I just.. I feel like I'm losing myself.. This isn't what I wanted for our future.. This isn't how we honor Sylvester.. But maybe he'd be on Silver's side on this as well..

Tom..I'm sorry but I gotta kill you now..

(Hogwart pulls snoot out of his nose)

HogwartPlease.. I don't even like Troll King, he's a dickhead.. I've never trolled anyone before.. I just happened to live there.

TomEven if that's true.. I can't take the risk.. I'm sorry.

(Hogwart takes out a photograph and takes it to his chest)

HogwartMake it quick..

HogwartIthink I see something.. something with red eyes...

(A Hell Hound appears)

Page 28

HogwartWatch out!! Behind you!!

(Hogwart picks up a rock and throws it at the Hell Hound. It deals no damage)

SilverHoly shit!! What the fuck is that!!

(Tom tries to shot the Hell hound, but nothing happens. Another Hell Hound appears and bites of Silver’s left hand)



(Silver holds the second Hell hound back. The first Hell Hound breaks Tom’s gun. It then rips out Hogwart’s spine using its teeth. We see the photograph the Hogwart was holding; an image of his family)

Page 29

Tom (Thinking)Maybe I'm not so different from the beast that stands before me.. perhaps this is my reflection..

(Cut to a flashback where Tom and Petunia are having sex. Porky Jr. is watching)

Petunia (Flashback)I always knew you would be this good..

Tom (Narrating)Why did I go inside that house...? He was one of my best friends.. and I betrayed him. That moment.. I cursed us all..

Tom (Narrating)I blame myself for all of it.. the adultery.. the death.. why wasn't I better?

Tom (Narrating)Why am I still not better..

Tom (Thinking)I have to do something right.. for once..

(Tom runs towards the Hell Hound)


(The Hell Hound slashes Tom’s arm)



(Tom tries to slash the Hell Hound's face, but misses. He then punches it and hits it. The Hell Hound then slashes Tom’s chest, pushing him back)

Tom (Thinking)Even if I was at full stength.. I doubt I could handle this monster... I can't win this.. I've never been able to handle my own demons.. they win every time..

TomYou guys must surive..

(Tom tries to hold down the Hell Hound)

Hell HoundUUAAAA

TomGuys!! Escape while I hold him down! You have to make things right! End this fucking curse!

(Tom’s head gets bitten of)


(Silver goes super)


(Silver grabs and throws the two Hell Hounds away. He then passes out)

Page 30

NarrateurMeanwhile back to Tails

TailsThere.. all cleaned up...

(Tails checks the bag)

TailsI'm glad the sun is coming up.. otherwise I woundn't be able to read any of this.. God I wish I could rest somewhere comfortable..

(Tails finds a letter. “From Pac Man, Wakka Wakka)

Pacman (Letter)Dear Tails..
I'm sorry all this misfortune has been bestowed upon you. I know you're struggling from severe loss, Wakka wakka. Trust me, I know that pain, that's how I felt after William died. I never wished this for you Tails. Please have faith and patience with us, we are in the midst of planning our next move. Your training will continue soon. You will learn to do the soul bind. This isn't the end, We will free ourselves and get our vengeance. But we will need your help to stop Cheeto Man and free our families. You will be strong enough to defeat him.

I won't lie to you, Tails. things are going to become a lot more challenging for you though, worse than anything you've dealt with previously. but if you stick with us we'll make it through the storm and we'll stop the trolls and purify this world of their corruption. We will speak soon. This environment is harsh. Stay focused and alert. There are dangerous creatures out here, be carefull and Goodluck Tails. Wakka wakka.

PS... Wakka Wakka..

TailsOh hell yeah..

TailsI'm gonna fuck you up Cheeto Man. I swear it..

(It starts snowing)

TailsIt's winter already? Oh shit.. that's gonna make things even harder for me..

Tailsoh.. okay.. remember my training. I can do this..

(Tails starts thinking of Sonic and Amy)

TailsI have to do this, for you guys.. I won't fail.. I have to end him.. I don't care how hard it gets I won't let that mother fucker live after what he did to us.. I'll kill him.

Ronald (Hidden and thinking)Oh, you have no idea you naive fox. I'll be surprised if you survive afew days out here.. hehehe..


(Cut back to Rob)



RobPlease.. please Silver.. wake up.. we have to get out of here..

RobIf Pori doesn't kill us, something else might..

(Some white strings appear and grabs Rob, Silver, Sylvester, Blaze and Tom)