chapter 4: Deceit

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chapter 4:
Release dates
Cover date January 12, 2012
Page date January 13, 2012 -
February 20, 2012
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Script Script
Character debuts Espio, Emerl, Cream, Vector
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Previous chapter the truth
Next chapter tails kid napped

chapter 4: Deceit is the fourth chapter of Tails Gets Trolled. Picking up from where the last chapter left off, the Troll King and Sonic continue their battle.


Sonic unleashes a beam of energy at the Troll King, but is the attack easily destroyed. The King charges at Sonic, knocking him to the ground. Sonic desperately attempts to stab the King using his knife fails to do any meaningful damage. As Sonic's super form begins to dwindle, he attempts to get away but it stopped by the Troll King's muscle-weakening shock-wave attack. Sonic collapses on the ground, but before he can be killed by the King, his friends -- Espio, Cream, Emerl, and Vector arrive. Unfortunately for them, backup for the Troll King also arrive in the form of Alex, Garry, and Luigi.

Espio is immediately put down by Troll King's shockwave. Alex moves in to fight Espio, but Cream moves in the way to protect him and his kicked aside. The King refocuses his attention on Sonic and gets ready to finish him, but is stopped when Emerl, using his adaptive powers to learn Troll King's shock-wave attack, manages to stall him. The King then decides to deal with Emerl first, and is surprised when Emerl is able to out-speed him.

Back to Espio who is still stunned from Troll King's earlier move, Vector moves to protect him but is easily beaten by the trio of Alex, Garry, and Luigi. The two lie helpless as they are kicked. In the meantime, Cream is left badly injured from Alex's previous attack. Luigi approaches and finishes Cream using a wave of intense fire, leaving her body charred.

Vector and Espio scream helplessly as Alex and Garry continue to kick them. Garry rips out one of Vector's eyes (as per Alex's suggestion), incapacitating him. The Troll King urges them to quickly finish the pair off to assist him with Emerl. Emerl intervenes, using Luigi's fire power to scar Garry's face much to Alex's amusement. Luigi moves to crush Espio using his hammer, leaving Emerl alone against the trolls.

The robot is quickly overwhelmed by the King and his cohorts. Emerl valiantly attempts to fight back, but is destroyed after Alex "Peter Pan kicks his ass", giving the King an opportunity to pierce through his chest using a thrown stone and cleaving him in two afterwards. Enraged after seeing his friends die, Sonic becomes Dark Sonic once more but grabbed by the King and choked. The Troll King squeezes his grip, beheading Sonic, and finally killing him. As the battle ends, Troll King leaves Vector alive and orders him to warn Shadow that he is next.

Back to the Troll Slaiyers headquarters, Shadow is urging everyone to get moving before the trolls find them. Outside, a badly injured Vector calls for Shadow and explains everything that has happened, including Sonic's death which shocks the group. After hearing the news, Mario pulls Shadow asides and tells him the real truth behind what happened, revealing his the fact that his battle with Luigi was staged in order to provide an opportunity for Luigi to infiltrate the trolls. Enraged, Shadow attacks Mario.