Chapter 25: Wicked Influence/Script

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Stats (of the whole chapter)

  • Character count: ~61000
  • Character count (no spaces): ~51000
  • Character with most lines: Tom (36)
  • Characters with least lines: Little Timmy, Trunks, Teemo, David, Binky, Forever Alone Face, Y U NO Face, Pal, PFFFTTTCHH Face, Nicolas Gay, Trobo, Square Head, Olimar, Boyfriend, Gene Jorts, Heimerdinger, Ronald (1)

Stats (of this section)

  • Character count: 31963
  • Character count (no spaces): 26567
  • Character with most lines: Leon (34)
  • Character(s) with least lines: Little Timmy, Trunks, Teemo, David, Binky, Forever Alone Face, Y U NO Face, Pal, PFFFTTTCHH Face, Nicolas Gay, Trobo, Square Head, Olimar, Boyfriend (1)

Page 0.1

(A recreation of chapter 11. There are a lot of happy people)

VegetaScript.pngVegetaI'm going to destroy them all!!

(Vegeta jumps in the air and starts floating)

VegetaScript.pngVegetaPrepare to die!!

VegetaScript.pngVegetaGalick Gum!!

(Vegeta turns into a monkey and uses Galick Gum)


LittleTimmyScript.pngLittle TimmyTake a gander yonder, a monkey with a mullet! Huzzah!!

(Vegeta destroys the village with Galick Gum)

TrunksScript.pngTrunksPapa Daddy, you slaughtered some Floridians! The gators will go hungry tonight!

VegetaScript.pngVegetaHush now, their driving capabilities would have done the same in time..

VegetaScript.pngVegetaThis is all apart of the plan, beloved child... There are simply too many gators, and the world would be better off it they were all dead or in cages.. We can also torture them by making watch episodes of Honey Boo Boo..

Page 0.2

ShadowScript.pngShadowWe have all these balls.. Make a wish!

VectorScript.pngVector..We wouldn't need this dragon, if Knuckles didn't kill Teemo..


ShadowScript.pngShadowFuck you, Knuckles..

BowserScript.pngBowserWe get to see the dwaggie!! Yay!!

HulkScript.pngHulkHey, I've got a question!!

NarrateurScript.pngNarrateurQuit hiding behind those balls, Shenron!!

(Shenron comes out of the balls)

VectorScript.pngVectorEww.. What's wrong with that dragon's face!?

ShenronScript.pngShenron...My name is Sharon Osbourne, uhh.. I mean Shere Khan? No, fuck.. Uhh...? Kaio-shin? Shit, Tien Shinhan.. Fuck, uhh i mean Shinichiro Ohta... Shino, Shikamaru? Damn it, It's uhh... Chafe Shape Shifter, it's.. God damn it, why can't i fucking remember!!??!?.. GOD DAMN IT!!! FUUUUUCK!!! FUUUUUCK!!! GOD DAMN IT!!!!

ShadowScript.pngShadowIs it Shenron?...

ShenronScript.pngShenronYes, it's Shenron..

PacmanScript.pngPacmanHoly Shit! Wakka, i thought the dragon's balls were a myth.. Wakka, wakka!!..

HulkScript.pngHulkI have a question, more of a wish i suppose..

HulkScript.pngHulkCan i finally do something in this comic?

HulkScript.pngHulk..Other than throw a giant rock?..

ShenronScript.pngShenronWish granted!!

HulkScript.pngHulkOh thank God!!..

ShadowScript.pngShadowYou know you didn't need a wish for that, you fucking retard!! You could have just stopped being so lazy fucking did something!!

VectorScript.pngVectorShadow, you should wish for all of the Trolls to die.. Then we would win.. Of course, there always seems to be an unrealistic limitation, preventing us from magically committing murder..

ShadowScript.pngShadowYeah.. It makes less sense to bring someone back from the dead..

VectorScript.pngVectorUnless, there's some kind of afterlife that records the soul, body and mind of each existing individual in some kind of spiritual databank.. Or copying everything they were and pasting that son of a bitch in a different realm or planet..

(Shadow gives two middle fingers)

ShadowScript.pngShadowYeah, otherwise.. the only other way would be to use some kind of clairvoyant time magic, to visually or mentally reverse time enough to capture a person as they were, right before they died.. And then, you know.. Either recreate them off to who the magic user/i guess necromancer gathered from character profiling during their time vision scenario, or has some kind of spell that capture who they were, in the flesh, and then pulls them out of time and space all together.. And then just, throws that mother fucker out of a portal to whoever wished for it..

VectorScript.pngVectorThat makes no fucking sense..


ShadowScript.pngShadow..Why would they grant a wish for free in the first place? What do they get out of it?

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckles...Maybe it requires some of our soul in order to have them grant our wish.. I think that's how Vodun works.. It usually takes something from the one who is practicing the ritual? I don't know.. Better not dip our hands in it too far, i knew someone who was given cancer from playing with magic, not knowing what she was getting into...

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesBesides, do we really want Teemo to come back to life? I didn't think i needed to explain why i shot him out of the cannon... Lol.

Page 0.3

VectorScript.pngVectorI don't know, i like my theory better...

BowserScript.pngBowserDwaggies are so cool

ShenronScript.pngShenron..Uhh hey guys, please just request two more wishes... Don't overthink it, it's gonna be fine i promise.. Just don't wish for panties please...

ShadowScript.pngShadow..Do we fucking look like pigs to you?

ShadowScript.pngShadowAlright, we know what we're going to wish for..

VectorScript.pngVectorHuh?.. We do?..

ShadowScript.pngShadowWe wish Teemo, and William were brought back to life.. That's all, not Sonic, not anyone else.. Fuck them!..

VectorScript.pngVectorSeriously? Fuck you, Shadow..

ShenronScript.pngShenronYour wish has been granted!..

(Teemo has now come back to life)

TeemoScript.pngTeemoThanks guys..

VectorScript.pngVectorNo problem man! It's just nice to see you again, Bud!..

(..Bam!.. Shadow pulls out a gun and shoots Teemo in the head)

ShadowScript.pngShadowDie again, mother fucker!!

HulkScript.pngHulk..Woah.. I think it's safe to say, he's dead..

KnucklesScript.pngKnuckles..Bro, not cool..

VectorScript.pngVector..What the fuck, man!?

ShadowScript.pngShadowFuck you, Teemo!..

VectorScript.pngVector...You just wasted a wish!!

ShadowScript.pngShadowTotally worth it..

ShadowScript.pngShadow..And trust me, everything i do from this point on? You'll never see coming.. Hahaha!!..

(William has now come back to life)

PacmanScript.pngPacman..I missed you, old friend...

(Pacman and William hug)

NarrateurScript.pngNarrateurBRO HUG!!

ShadowScript.pngShadowThanks for the wishes, bitch.. Now get your stank ass out of our sights or I'll kill you!!

ShenronScript.pngShenron..Well, since you undid one of the wishes..... I stil owe you a third wish.. What might this one be?

ShadowScript.pngShadowWe wish for all of the Trolls and Mario to...

VectorScript.pngVector (Thinking)Please say, you'll wish them all to be dead!!

Page 0.4

ShadowScript.pngShadowTo be, dickless..


ShadowScript.pngShadowWhy? Your feeble mind might be asking.. Because they don't deserve to have a dick! Hahahahaha!!





NarrateurScript.pngNarrateurMario V

NarrateurScript.pngNarrateurs Troll King

(Cut to Mario and Troll King fighting)

TKScript.pngTroll King..What's next?..

(Mario pulls out a boomerang)

TKScript.pngTroll KingReally, Mario!?.. A boomerang? How is that going to kill me!? Is the primitive survival tool that's made out of wood gonig to give me a splinter? Is it gonig to some how chop off my head!?..

TKScript.pngTroll KingDon't you know by now!? My fists are harder then titanium alloy, harder then sandstone..

MarioScript.pngMarioWait a sec..

(Mario pulls down his pants)

TKScript.pngTroll KingEw!! What the fuck are you doing!? Don't pull your pants down!!


TKScript.pngTroll king...AHHHHHHHH!!...

(Mario and Troll King sees that Mario is dickless)

ShadowScript.pngShadow (Flashback)We have all these balls.. Make a wish!

MarioScript.pngMario...Where's my dick!? ...AHHHHHHHH!!...

TKScript.pngTroll King..What the fuck!! ...AHHHHHHHH!!...


TKScript.pngTroll King...Wait, no....

(Troll King pulls down his pants to see he’s also dickless)

TKScript.pngTroll King...AHHHHHHHH!!... Where's my dick!?...

Blank200x200.pngMario and Troll king...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!...

Page 1

(Mew Two is floating in space)

MewtwoScript.pngMew Two...From the first moment i was disgarded from that madman, Eggman.. Apparently for being a failed experiment...

MewtwoScript.pngMew TwoI've been drifting in the cosmos, in search of a purpose.. It's been so long, just to find nothing!..

MewtwoScript.pngMew Two.. What am i? Why did i survive?

MewtwoScript.pngMew TwoWhat is this existence?.. What was created from nothing, that developed into what we are now?

MewtwoScript.pngMew Two.. How can something be formed from nothing

MewtwoScript.pngMew TwoWhy can i not find an answer!?

MewtwoScript.pngMew Two.. Perhaps, all i am meant to be is a creature soaring through the universe, searing for I am meant to be..

MewtwoScript.pngMew Two.. Perhaps, i shouldn't search..

MewtwoScript.pngMew TwoPerhaps, i am not suppose to exist at all..

(A big pink orb has appeared)

Page 2

MewtwoScript.pngMew TwoHm!?

MewtwoScript.pngMew Two..I sense a strange presence!

(Zaygar appears from the pink orb and starts shooting from his arm cannon)

(Mew Two is put into a pink ball after getting hit by balls)

MewtwoScript.pngMew Two...

(Mew Two is trying to get out of the pink ball)

MewtwoScript.pngMew Two..What is this? ..What are you!?

(Zaygar goes back into the big pink orb)

MewtwoScript.pngMew TwoWhat is happening!? I don't understand!

(Mew Two gets sucked into the pink orb which is now turning a dark purple)

Page 3

NarrateurScript.pngNarrarteurThree Years Ago.

(Cut to what seems to be a bar)

(Narrorator is siting next to the counter with a beer bottle next to him)


M13Script.pngM-13Another one?


(M-13 is pouring beer in to the beer bottle that was next to Narrorator)

NarroratorScript.pngNarrorator (Thinking)...Man, i can't believe I've been replaced... And by someone so stiff, and who doesn't play around with the Meanwhile's in a comedic fasion...

NarroratorScript.pngNarrorator (Thinking)...I need to find a way to make a comeback and get my life back...

NarroratorScript.pngNarrorator (Thinking)..First, I'm going to enjoy myself with what little money i have left..

NarroratorScript.pngNarrorator (Thinking)..God, i miss my ex.. Having some pussy was so nice..

(Cut to Dorothy standing next to a door way)

DorothyScript.pngDorothy (Thinking).. What is taking so long?

(Cut to Spongebob and Patrick sitting together. Spongebob appears angered.)

Page 4

PatrickScript.pngPatrick..Do you really believe she could help us?..

SpongebobScript.pngSpongebob..Stop questioning it.. She comes highly recommended.. My sources say that she's not even from this world, she comes from a planet called Hallow's End..

PatrickScript.pngPatrick..Right, so she named the Inn after her planet? Is she an alien? I heard the rumors too but that doesn't mean it's true..

SpongebobScript.pngSpongebob..Believe whatever you want, but i trust my sources.. If it bothers you so much, then leave..

PatrickScript.pngPatrick..You know why I'm here.. I don't want to hear you say that again, I'm not leaving your side... I followed you into this foreign land and I'll follow you into the depts of hell.. But this is.... I don't know if i like what we're doing here, And Sandy wouldn't agree with any of this..

SpongebobScript.pngSpongebob...So what, you believe we should turn back then?..

PatrickScript.pngPatrick...I just don't want you to lose yourself in search of revenge..

SpongebobScript.pngSpongebob...Yeah? That's humorous, you must not have cared about her then..

PatrickScript.pngPatrick...Why would you say that to me!?... She was like a sister to me!..

(Patrick starts crying)

(Spongebob starts crying)


SpongebobScript.pngSpongebob... I didn't mean that, forgive me..

Page 5

(Cut back to Dorothy standing next to a door way)


(Cut to Ms. Frizzle and Saralite sitting together in Saralite's room)

SaraliteScript.pngSaralite.. I am sorry for you, i don't mean to waste your life... The potion is not brewed fully...

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle..Ok, i don't have much time so please hurry.. And i hate to be pushy, but did you find Arthur?.. Please tell me you did, i don't know if i can handle anymore bad news...

SaraliteScript.pngSaralite..This boy you are looking for, he is hiding... Gaining power, to murder a man named...

SaraliteScript.pngSaralite...Troll... Trollface?..

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle..I know this much, Dear.. I need to know where he is located...

SaraliteScript.pngSaralite..Yes, he is in Cocoa Jungle.. But you will not find him without much devotion...

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle..I see...

SaraliteScript.pngSaralite...Can i ask you much?.. I will make it fully, but why is it you need this potion? I ask because it is not easy to brew...

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle..I need it to kill someone who has taken control over a close friend and student of mine... To free him, you understand?

SaraliteScript.pngSaralite.. To kill a bad man?...

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. FrizzleYes, to kill a very bad man... I'm paying you a fortune, what dose it matter what it's for, Dear?


MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle..Ok? When will it be ready Please, i need to know..

SaraliteScript.pngSaralite..It will be done soon... Come back later...

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle..Okay, i will be back soon.. Time is important, please keep that in mind.

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle..I'll be back in one week.. If you haven't finished it by then? I'm afraid i may take my money elsewhere, Dear..

SaraliteScript.pngSaralite..I understand..

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle (Thinking)..Hmm... She is hard to read, no body language... I can't tell if she's telling the truth or not.. She might be dangerous,

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle (Thinking)and the potion she is making for us might be poisonous.. Can i really trust in it? I don't even know what it is supposed to do... And she doesn't expain herself thoroughly..

SaraliteScript.pngSaralite..You shouldn't worry about me or my potion, it will not harm you.

(Ms. Frizzle is shocked)

Page 6

(Cut back to Spongebob and Patrick. What seems to be two trolls appear.)

VagenessScript.pngVagenessGo, go do it!..

HailyonScript.pngHailyon..No way man, that's just really mean.. You might hurt its feelings.. You should never make fun of anything, unless they're a manly woman, gay black guy or an ugly disfigured animal..

VagenessScript.pngVageness..Come on man, don't be a pussy! Go over there, just like we've rehearsed!.. It will be so freakin wicked dude!!

HailyonScript.pngHailyon...Ok fine.. Spot pressuring me, man..

VagenessScript.pngVageness..Hurry, let's do this!

(Vageness and Hailyon walks over to Spongebob and Patrick. Patrick turns around and look at Vageness and Hailyon. Vageness pulls out a gray sand guitar)

Blank200x200.pngVageness and Hailyon (singing)When Big Larry came around just to put him down..

Blank200x200.pngVageness and Hailyon (singing)Spongebob turned into a clown..

(Spongebob is getting angry)

Blank200x200.pngVageness and Hailyon (singing)And no girl ever wants to dance..

Blank200x200.pngVageness and Hailyon (singing)With a fool who went and, ripped his pants..

(Spongebob and Patrick are now standing up)

SpongebobScript.pngSpongebob..Shut the fuck up!! ...That was ages ago!!..

VagenessScript.pngVageness..lolz, lmfaO, Rofl, that was freakin sick man..

HailyonScript.pngHailyon..I don't even know what gender, race or species he is, hahahaha!.

HailyonScript.pngHailyon...Hahahaha!! So worth it dude..

(Vageness leaves the gray sand guitar behind broken)

Page 7

(Cut back to Dorothy next to the door way) (Ms. Frizzle walks out of the door way)

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle...Let's go, it isn't ready yet.. We have to come back in on week..

DorothyScript.pngDorothy..What about?...

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle...She could only give me a vague answer on where Arthur's being kept..


MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle..Don't worry, Dear.. We will find him ourselves.. We know of the area, now we just need to put in a long search.. We won't give up until we free him!..

(Dorothy is now smiling)

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. FrizzleCome, let's be on our way!

(Ms. Frizzle and Dorothy walks away) (Cut back to Spongebob and Patrick) (M-13 Appears)

M13Script.pngM-13Excuse me, Lady Saralite will now see you

SpongebobScript.pngSponebobAbout time...

Page 8

(Spongebob and Patrick walk into Saralite's room)

SaraliteScript.pngSaraliteplease, sit.

(Spongebob and Patrick takes a seat)

SaraliteScript.pngSaraliteWhat is it you desire?

SpongebobScript.pngSpongebob..We've heard many rumors about this place, and what you are able to do.. I need to know, are they true?

PatrickScript.pngPatrickSpongebob, beware! There is a strange feeling in the air!

(Spongebob and Patrick are staring a Saralite)

SpongebobScript.pngSpongebob..Someone who i once held as a brother at heart, murdered my wife and children out of envy....

PatrickScript.pngPatrick..Spongebob, wait..

SpongebobScript.pngSpongebob..Like the coward he is, he left our homeland after.. We've tracked him to West Troll City and discovered that he had joined the Troll army.. He is untouchable... At least, as of our current capabilities..

SpongebobScript.pngSpongebob..I must hunt this murderer down, and bring him back to my homeland to suffer for for his actions.. But, for me to succeed in my mission, i must become far stronger.. If the rumors are true, then I've come to the right place...

SaraliteScript.pngSaraliteYou have.

Page 9

(Saralite starts glowing a purple aura) (Spongebob and Patrick are shocked)


SaraliteScript.pngSaraliteI AM SPEAKING TO YOUR MIND



(Spngebob and Patrick are scared)

SaraliteScript.pngSaraliteGIVE ME YOUR COMPANION'S SOUL!

PatrickScript.pngPatrick (Thinking)WHAT IS HAPPENING?

SaraliteScript.pngSaraliteA LOVED ONE MUST CONSENT!

SaraliteScript.pngSaraliteANSWER NOW!!

SpongebobScript.pngSpongebob...DO IT...

(Patrick jumps out of his seat and runs towards Saralite)

PatrickScript.pngPatrickFIRE BALL JUTSU

(Patrick starts breathing fire)

Page 10

(Saralite absorbs the fire from her eyes, nose and mouth. Patrick falls from the table and lands on the ground. Saralite summons purple spirit strings from the floor and latch onto Patrick's legs and arms, binding him. She then forms a spike out of spirit strings and exhales purple aura onto it.)

PatrickScript.pngPatrickSPONGEBOB!! DON'T LET HER DO THIS!

(Spongebob is scared and covers his eyes)

(Saralite then throws the spike into Patrick's chest and sucks out his soul through his eyes and mouth. The spike returns to Saralite's hand as she grabs it.)

Page 11

(Patrick falls to the floor face first. Apparently, there was smoke, and it’s going away.)


SpongebobScript.pngSpongebob...Now, give me what you have promised!!

(Saralite takes out a book and opens it)

SaraliteScript.pngSaraliteI will open access to my world... You will practice there for a time.. It will make you strong..

SpongebobScript.pngSpongebob...How strong!? I paid a lot....

SaraliteScript.pngSaralite..It will make you a champion...

SaraliteScript.pngSaralitYou will return when it is time, somewhere in this world...

(Saralite opens up a green portal from her book)

Page 12

SpongebobScript.pngSpongebob...Are you trying to exile me, so that i may not attempt to come after you for failing to give me your end to the bargain!?

SaraliteScript.pngSaraliteEnter or not, or you can leave.

(Spongebob waits for a while. Then he goes into the green portal which closes behind him. Saralite looks a the the spike that she used to claim Patricks soul)

NarrateurScript.pngNarrateurIn The Present, Back to Arthur

(Arthur is meditating)

Page 13

(Flashback to when Arthur, his friends and family meet Rage comic faces)

YaoMingScript.pngBitch Please Face / Yao MingBingo! Look what we've found! A whole group of friends and family.. I can't wait to start!

TFScript.pngTroll FaceYou can't spell therapeutic without "Rape" after all.

YaoMingScript.pngBitch Please Face / Yao MingThere's 11 of them, that gives all of us our very own! And when we want some change, just trade so i can have some sweet sloppy seconds..

(From left, to right, the Rage comic Faces group is, Forever Alone Face, PFFFTTTCHH Face (who is doing bunny ears behind Obama), Obama, Jacky Chan Face, Me Gusta Face (who is smiling creepily), Y U NO Face (who is eating a chicken leg), LOL Face (who is giving the bird), Troll Face, Yao Ming, Troll Doll and Poptart Cat.)

TFScript.pngTroll FaceMmmm... I like the sound of using your cum as lube..

(David holds a knife.)

DavidScript.pngDavid....I don't know who you are, but back off!!..

(Buster, Arthur, Brian, and D.W. are seen scared. The scene then shows Binky, with Muffy and Francine hiding behind him.)

BinkyScript.pngBinky..Guys, i have a really bad feeling....

ForeverAloneScript.pngForever Alone FaceI call dibs on the Milf, i think she would be nice to cuttle with after.

YUNOScript.pngY U NO Face...Uhhhhh.. Ahhhhh.... I have such a raging boner right now.. Hmmm.. Dibs on that sexy baby..

MeGustaScript.pngMe Gusta Face..I'm going to see how long i can go without blowing my load, i have a three month stockpile going on right now and i want this to be special..

TFScript.pngTroll FaceDamn it, i wanted the baby... I'm a nice guy so I'll let you have it, I'll just buttfuck this dog, I'm not even going to use lube, just straight up natural precum.. My balls are empty right now so it's going to be a rough experience for the both of us, you dirty mut whore..


YaoMingScript.pngBitch Please Face / Yao Ming....Hahahahaha!! Oh my god, hahahahaha.. This is so much fun, it's almost as if we don't do this often.. But it's been so long, that it feels like new again!..

MeGustaScript.pngMe Gusta Face (Singing)You let me violate you.. You let me desecrate you.. You let me penetrate you.. You let me complicate you..

PFTCHScript.pngPFFFTTTCHH FaceI'm going shove all kinds of objects in their gape... Hold on guys, don't start yet.. Let me plan this out some more...

TFScript.pngTroll FaceI'm going to give this dog my special treat.

Page 14

NarrateurScript.pngNarrateurMoments After

(Arthur is on the floor naked, he’s covered in bruises and blood. He looks up to see Troll Face’s cum on Pal’s body. Arthur tries to reach for Pal)


TFScript.pngTroll Face...Well, i wasn't expecting this to take two and a half hours but like i said, my balls were already empty lol...

(Someone offscreen pulls out a knife and takes it to Arthur's throat. Arthur starts sweating)

TFScript.pngTroll FaceNo, leave them two alive. Something tells me that they're special and would truly appreciate our good work here today. I just know they'll carry on, reminiscing often of our masterful technique and pray to the hevens that they were as so lucky to witness and experience it with us.. And it will make me very happy and horny, knowing that someone worthy of our jizz, admires us dearly so..

(Someone offscreen pulls out a knife and takes it to Arthur's throat. Arthur starts crying)

NarrateurScript.pngNarrateurBack to the present..

(Arthur can’t take it anymore and he falls to the ground. He’s sweating bullets and crying)

Page 15

(A projection of Ms. Frizzle appears in front of Arthur)

ArthurScript.pngArthur..Teacher!.. I thought you... I thought you gave up on me....

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. FrizzleListen Arthur, the coven has been captured by two sister witches.. They are extremely powerful.. I beg of you, and i know it is a lot to ask... But please, find a way to save us!...


MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. FrizzleI know this is so sudden, but you really are our last hope... Our lives are now in your hands, i wish this weren't the situation, Dear...

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. FrizzleIf you come, be extremely careful or you will join us here..

ArthurScript.pngArthur....I will find a way, i just don't know how to balance my limitations here in order to make it happen... I don't even know where you are!... And if he notices strange behavior from me,he will kill D.W!...

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle...Hell has become our way of life, i know... We shouldn't have made mistakes... And i can't find the answers for us this time...

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle..It has taken us 2 years to gather the ingredients required to cast a powerful spell to discover your location, but it came at a price... My soul now belongs to Lord Ryzel, whenever i die..

ArthurScript.pngArthur..You told me never to resort to Ryzel's magic!..

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. FrizzleI know, Dear... But we are very desperate, please understand the urgency...

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle..Another year has passed before we've gathered the ingredients required to cast an astro projection spell..

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle..We are being held just south of you..

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle..I can't sustain this spell any longer, so i must go... But before i do, there is something very important to mention.. The reason our coven's been inprisoned, was my fault.. I obtained a divine, other worldly potion, to murder your captor and free you.. To our worse outcome, we couldn't find you....

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle..These witches have stolen this potion... You can't allow them to keep it!.. Such potent power in the hands of those who are powerful as they? Dear, i fear them tobe unstoppable.... Fortunately for us all, i have casted a seal spell. When i die, the seal will be broken...

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle..So Arthur, please hurry..

(Cut to Ms. Frizzle and her students, they all look like hobos)

MsFrizzleScript.pngMs. Frizzle..We're running out of time...

Page 16


(Cut to Rob and Blaze. Coyote's bubble has popped. They’re falling. Rob is trying to catch Blaze.)

RobScript.pngRob (Thinking)...Something must have happened to Coyote!...

RobScript.pngRob (Thinking)...I need to grab Blaze!I have to use Unrelenting Force right before we hit the ground, or else...

(Rob has got Blaze, but they’re still falling. But Silver catches them with his psychokinesis)

SilverScript.pngSilver (Thinking)...Got them just in time, but.... Whenever I dove, I think I landed on a rock and brock one of my ribs!....


(Rob is holding Blazenow. Silver stops using his psychokinesis)

RobScript.pngRobThank you! I wasn't confident that we would've survived that fall...


SilverScript.pngSilver..What's wrong with Blaze!?...

RobScript.pngRob..She passed out from exhaustion, I think she will be ok..

(Cut to Tom looking at Sylvester’s dead body)

Page 17

TomScript.pngTom (Thinking)....My friends...

(Flashback to when Porky committed suicide. Then, cut back to Tom)


(Silver picks up Sylvester’s dead body, and Blaze’s unconscious body)

SilverScript.pngSilver (Thinking)...Carrying Sylvester around has been draining my mana, and now i have to carry Blaze?...

SilverScript.pngSilver..Let's go, we need to get to the base before it gets too dark.. I'm sure Coyote can handle himself... Hopefully he will bring Elmer back with him...

SilverScript.pngSilverOh, i forgot you can't hear me Rob.... Wait, did you respond to my question a minute ago?

RobScript.pngRob...I don't think this is the right time to bring that up..

NarrateurScript.pngNarrateurMeanwhile, Back To Coyote

(Coyote is on the ground and he gets up and looks at his hands, He has lost his neutral powers)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)...I'm.... I'm alive!?... How!?...

(Coyote looks at his book which is glowing a lite blue and floating)


(Coyote looks at his book which is glowing a lite blue and floating)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)...Have i been healed by that Guardian, as Demaro was?... And by its own free will?.. I can't believe that it would do such a thing after the battle we had...

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)...I can't feel any of my spirit strings... They must have vanished, but... That would mean that i was indeed dead... And that would also suggest that Rob and Blaze fell to their deaths.... Ineed to go retrieve their bodies and return to base...

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)....What is going on!?..

(Coyote sees something)

Page 18

(Satan appears from behind Coyote, placing his hand on Coyote's shoulder)





SatanScript.pngSatanSUBMIT TO ME AS YOUR LORD...


CoyoteScript.pngCoyoteNO. I WON'T BE YOUR SLAVE.

SatanScript.pngSatanYOU DENY ME?









SatanScript.pngSatanI CAN TASTE YOUR FEAR

SatanScript.pngSatanI OWN YOU!

SatanScript.pngSatanSUBMIT TO MY WILL!

(Coyote starts praying. An angel appears)


EyaelScript.pngEyaelBE NOT AFRAID

(The angel descends and high tens Coyote, replacing the Satanic marks on his hands with the cross)

Page 19

(Coyote looks at his hand)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)....Angels and Demons? ...I suppose that it isn't too difficult to believe, after seeing Porky's Spirit, and the souls that has flown out of that guardian...

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)...I can feel my emotional limitations again.. It seemed that no matter how angry i got, i couldn't feel the limit... It was as if i was being flared, i couldn't control myself... Perhaps this was all done by that Demon?... The Neutral power seems to be tied to him somehow...

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)...The feelings that he made me feel, i never want to feel again....

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)..But now? I feel so... lifted, like the stain of dread has left my body...

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)...I feel so, light....

(Coyote starts glowing a light yellow)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)...luminance!?..

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)...I feel like i can, float...

(Coyote starts floating. He’s miley surprised)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)...So i can levitate with my spirit strings, within? It feel so, effortless...

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)..Wow... I can't analyze it, this feeling... It's incredible!.. I need to experiment with this new power as soon as i have the opportunity.. Hmm... I can't get too excited, calm down...

(Troll King has come back and he is pissed)

Page 20

(Coyote turns around)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)...I am completely exhausted, i can't fight Troll King right now... I underestimated the Trolls...

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)..I'd imagine, he wouldn't have anything to say.. He just wants me dead, i can see it in his eyes...

(Coyote’s book have come to Coyote)

(Coyote starts sweating)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)..I need to flee...

(Troll King uses his special muscle weakening move, Coyote is stunned)

(Coyote starts sweating more)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)...Hm!?..

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)....I can't move my body...

Page 21

TKScript.pngTroll KingAHHHH!!

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)However...

(Troll King tries to punch Coyote with his normal arm, but Coyote flies up and dodges the punch)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)..I can still levitate with my spirit strings, they aren't apart of my physical body..

(Troll King jumps up into the air towards Coyote)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)..I don't believe I've ever seen anyone leap this high without some kind of special capabilities.. So his muscle mass is the root of his power? But then again.... His abilty still has me frozen, and I can't figure out how to break free of it!.... He isn't just a fighter of brute force!.

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)..What else might he has up his sleeves?!...

(Troll King punches Coyote but a shield protects Coyote, making Troll King fall to the ground, but he saves himself by landing on his feet and normal hand. He then uses his robot arm to use Mario’s special move towards Coyote. The fire dissipates as it hits Coyote's shield. Coyote turns around, worried as he escapes.)

Page 22

TKScript.pngTroll KingLeon, reveal yourself.

(Leon reveals himself)

TKScript.pngTroll KingWhat happened here?

LeonScript.pngLeon..Where do I begin, Boss?...

TKScript.pngTroll KingHave your clone draft any remaining fit trolls from the city and bring them here, at once..

LeonScript.pngLeon and his clone..On it!..

TKScript.pngTroll KingNow, tell me everything...


(Cut to Sinu looking at ruble covered in blood)

MinionScript.pngMinion...Sir, what do we do about this!?... Kelic was supposed to be protecting the fountain... Where is he?.. We should kill him for this!..




(Sinu’s eyes turn purple)


SinuScript.pngSinu..There was a battle here, Kelic may have been defending the fountain and was killed for it...

(Sinu walks away)

MinionScript.pngMinion..Sir, there's a church in the distance.. Should we go pay it a visit, ask around? Or kill them..

SinuScript.pngSinu..Oh, i like the sound of that... Very much so...

Page 23

NarrateurScript.pngNarrateurMeanwhile, back to Coyote

(Coyote is floating over Troll City)

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)Troll City... This is a foul place, I would be doing the world a great justice in doing what I'm about to do...

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)..But at this moment, I am just going to plant a bug in them. I need to keep track of what they're doing at all times, from now on..

(Coyote raises his hands to make ‘bullet spirit strings’ to rain on to Troll City)

ButtholeLipsScript.pngButthole Lips..Oh my God, this will be my first official golden shower!..

TwatSandwichScript.pngTwat Sandwich...Not mine..

OldManPaperTowelScript.pngOld Man Paper Towel...Vibes come and go you know? You only feel the true thrill of it, just once.. And then? It is gone forever.. From all of my years of living, my advice would be to enjoy every drop of piss.. Really get lost in the salty taste of salt, as the stream hits your tongue... Enjoy it, before the magic dies.... Leaving you with nothing but the stink of shame, and the realization that you should probably drink less soda, and more water...

TwatSandwichScript.pngTwat Sandwich...Words of Life...

(Then, the trolls realize that it’s not pee. It’s something that makes you feel pain)

ButtholeLipsScript.pngButthole Lips...AAAAAHHHHHH!!!

TwatSandwichScript.pngTwat Sandwich......Ahhhhhhhhh!!..... AHHHHHH!!!!... 💕

OldManPaperTowelScript.pngOld Man Paper Towel...Ehh, I've felt much worse..

NicolasGayScript.pngNicolas Gay...Oh my fucking Shrek! WOOOOOOW, OMG!!! OMG!!! The bees are stinging my eyes!!

Page 24

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)...Shit!.. That took too much out of me, I'm getting really dizzy... I need to find somewhere to land and rest!..

CoyoteScript.pngCoyote (Thinking)....I'm about to pass out...


(Cut to Coyote’s bok, where Garry and Demaro are)

GarryScript.pngGarry..You fucking piece of ugly cat shit!! You should be dead, not me! You should have died!! I beat you!!...

(Demaro does not say anything)

GarryScript.pngGarry..Do you really have nothing to say!?...

DemaroScript.pngDemaro...What are you!?..

GarryScript.pngGarry..I'm a soul, you fucking retard!!.. You got me killed, remember!?...

DemaroScript.pngDemaro...So, I'm alive?..

GarryScript.pngGarry...I couldn't possibly describe "retarded" any clearer. Yes, that Doge faggot spared your pathetic life... Probably so he can fuck your third eye hole later..

GarryScript.pngGarry..I wish I could kill you right now!!..

DemaroScript.pngDemaro...Shut up, I need to think..

GarryScript.pngGarry..You actaully believe you have the ability to think!?...

DemaroScript.pngDemaro..I don't have the energy for your trolling garbage right now..

GarryScript.pngGarry....I fucking hate you!!..

(Some rocks start floating. Garry is confused)

Page 25

GarryScript.pngGarry...I have something in store for you, you sack of uncircumcised baby dicks...

(Demaro sits up)

DemaroScript.pngDemaro (Thinking)...I can't feel his strings anymore, why?...

GarryScript.pngGarryFuck you, take this!

(Garry tries to punch Demaro in the face, but his hand goes through Demaros face)

GarryScript.pngGarry..Damn it!!..


(Demaro and Garry stare each other down for a second before Demaro turns around and walks away, offending Garry. Garry gives him the middle finger on both hands. Coyote is flying through the air in the background)

DemaroScript.pngDemaro (Thinking)..I'm stuck in this prison with Garry, while unable to progress... But since I don't feel any of Coyote's strings inside of my skin, this might be the best time to escape! ...But how am I supposed to get the fuck out of here!?...

(Garry sees Coyote)

GarryScript.pngGarryWhat the fuck!?..

(Coyote crashes into the ground. Demaro is shocked)

Page 26

(Cut to the news)

Blank200x200.pngTVBREAKING NEWS!

NewsScript.pngNews NarrationBreaking News in Troll City!

NewsScript.pngNews NarrationIf the loud noises from a dumbass battle at the dumbass fortress wasn't enough, now we have worm acid rain! That's right! Worms that burn while they crawl in yo ugly ass recently sky piss covered face! We're all going to die!

NewsScript.pngNews NarrationWe are going to the streets to ask inhabitants of Troll City of their experiences with this acid rain phenomenon!

(Cut to an interview)

HenryScript.pngHenryHow did it feel whenever the worm filled acid rain touched your skin?

TreversJamesRobertsScript.pngTrevers James RobertsIt burn.

HenryScript.pngHenryWhat happened whenever the worms landed on your body?

TreversJamesRobertsScript.pngTrevers James RobertsDem crawl.

HenryScript.pngHenryWould you recommend this experience to anyone in Troll City?

TreversJamesRobertsScript.pngTrevers James RobertsNah.

(Cut to another interview)

HenryScript.pngHenryHow did it feel whenever the worm filled acid rain touched your skin?

TroboScript.pngTrobo..What's happening?.. I was sleeping in my own piss and shit and then worms started crawling into my ears.... Not the first time I've had worms of course, but dang man...

(Cut back to the News Narration)

NewsScript.pngNews NarrationWe highly encourage you to go to your local Troll City Hospitals for a anal checkup, or otherwise remain indoors.. More news on this emergency soon!.. This broadcast was brought to you by our sponsors!

(Behind the News Narration, there are some names; El Lolo., Justin Carr., Muffin-Dono., Ryan Kitain., Soggy Wrist., Aubrey., Ellis Stothard. and Puke Fukem.)

Blank200x200.pngTVBREAKING NEWS!

Blank200x200.pngTVIf we said your name twice then ohwell, fuck you and thank you for supporting our cause. We fucking love you or something

Page 27

NewsScript.pngNews NarrationWe'll get back to your program right after these messages.

(Cut to Ad)

Blank200x200.pngTV VoiceDo you enjoy huffing celebrity farts? How about double sounding while socking with a special friend?

Blank200x200.pngTV VoiceIf you do, then you'll love Cereal Roulette!

Blank200x200.pngTV VoiceYou'll never know what crazy and disturbing things you'll find in your everyday breakfast! Here are real interviews!

(Cut to interviews)

SquareHeadScript.pngSquare Head...Uhh... Yea, i got rocks in mine.. It chipped my tooth, it was a very expensive dentist bill..

TwatSandwich2Script.pngTwat SandwichI'm like, pretty confident with my ability to decipher flavors... I'm pretty sure i got cumin mine, and i can tell that they recently ate pineapple..

OlimarScript.pngCaptain OlimarI had a dirty crack needle on mine, now I have an std! God, i love Cereal Roulette!

Blank200x200.pngTV VoiceYou heard it folks, It's not just rat shit anymore. You're getting the full Mcdonalds treatment now, but in your household breakfast! You can find our brand at your local Troll City Super Market!

(Cut back to the News)

NewsScript.pngNews NarrationAnd now, back to Racial Shenanigans.

(Cut to a redneck next to a Ford)

RedneckJohnScript.pngRedneck John..We live in a day and age where it's considered progressive to put a damn negro baby on the box of diapers... What the hell is wrong with the world!?...

(Smoke-n-Token appears)

RedneckJohnScript.pngRedneck John..Oh shit, i didn't mean anything by what i said Sir..

SmokeNTokenScript.pngSmoke-n-TokenWhat you say about my wife!?..

RedneckJohnScript.pngRedneck John...What?..

(Smoke-n-Token grabs Redneck John by his shirt)

SmokeNTokenScript.pngSmoke-n-TokenYou looking at my wife!?

RedneckJohnScript.pngRedneck John..I don't even..


RedneckJohnScript.pngRedneck JohnLook man, I don't want any trouble..

(Smoke-n-Token kicks Redneck John in the balls and then in the face)

Page 28


(Cut to the feet of Boyfriend)

BoyfriendScript.pngBoyfriendHey shithead! Beep boop, suck my dick, asshole!

(Hulk, offscreen, throws a boulder at Boyfriend, crushing his head)

HulkScript.pngHulkGod... What an annoying midget, I hate short people...

NarrateurScript.pngNarrateurMeanwhile, In the Underworld.

(Cut to Satan sitting in a pile of dust. A skeleton like demon is pulling a chain around Hindos neck who is naked)

JackalScript.pngJackalLord Satan, Hindo. As you have requested.

SatanScript.pngSatanSend him to the mines for refinement.

JackalScript.pngJackalBy your command, Lord.

SatanScript.pngSatanYou will know of our struggle...

SatanScript.pngSatanthen you shall serve me!

(Hindo is shocked)

Page 28.1

NarrateurScript.pngNarrateurDuring the debrief

TKScript.pngTrol KingNow, tell me everything...

LeonScript.pngLeon..First off, Demaro and Garry had some kind of incest battle in one of the secret tunnels.. Demaro revealed himself to have the same power as Elmer Fudd, which didn't matter much because he still got his ass kicked.. The battle was thought to be pointless and long, many fans complained at the time of creation, Garry even mentioned something about the fans, as he broke the forth wall..

TKScript.pngTrol KingGet to the point!..

LeonScript.pngLeon..Right, uhh.. Garry and Demaro both were hiding their capabilities behind your back, and was just using us for our resources. They had their own agendas..

LeonScript.pngLeonGarry defeated Demaro in battle, but to everyone's surprise? He was sliced in half by some massive giant eyeball creature, that seemed to be living within Demaro head somehow.. They called it a "Guardian"

(Leon shows an image(?) of Miladox)

LeonScript.pngLeon...Ok, so it's pretty fucking unusual right? Not exactly sure what to think about but... Demaro continued on, as i followed him with my cloaked clone..

LeonScript.pngLeonMy actual body was watching this bloody fight outside...

LeonScript.pngLeon...Seriously, a lot of blood.... Like, too much blood... Anyway, some group trapped our trolls in a cage and stabbed them to death with spears and weren't really morally phased by it, kind of fucked up if you ask

LeonScript.pngLeonSome guy named Coyote ended up fighting Demaro..

LeonScript.pngLeonThe guy you just attacked, you need to know about him... He has three Guardians in his possession now, inside of that strange book.

LeonScript.pngLeonHe has the same power as Fudd, they call it being "Neutrals" and he sick.. Demaro, had two insanely powerful Guardians, Coyote effortlessly defeated Demaro and then stole the Guardians from him... Hell, he even stole Demaro...

LeonScript.pngLeonBy then, Troll City was fully aware of the attack on the Fortress and sent a bunch of mentally challenged useless trolls to try to kill Demaro? Yeah, Demaro.. You know, instead of the intruder... Quite a lot of trolls died and many fans complained about it, like why wouldn't trolls defend their own medieval castle?...

LeonScript.pngLeon..Meanwhile, Hindo is fighting a super hero that keeps getting more ripped and heroic everytime you see him.. If i was gay, then damn....

LeonScript.pngLeonAnyway, so this Coyote guy sneaks up dehind uhh... I guess, demonic Hindo? And murders him in cold blood in one attack.. I kind of shit my pants and definitely wanted to remain cloaked, for real..

LeonScript.pngLeonMauller returned and began fighting one of the enemies.. Mauller also has learned some strange magic, so i assume his mission to retrieve the book was a success... Mauller was about to kill the girl. Before he did, she displayed an intense wall of flames around her... Fire so intense, that it turned rock into dust...

LeonScript.pngLeonI thought for sure that Mauller would have died, but he survived thanks to his new magic.. So, he then followed her and was stopped by the Corpse of Garry that Coyote has patched back thogether, smothered Mauller in magma..

LeonScript.pngLeonIf you seen the fire attack that he survived before that, then you wouldn't have any doubts about him sprouting out of the ground like a Pikmin at any moment now...

LeonScript.pngLeonCoyote then sent in a flock of birds into the collapsed fortress, that he summoned from his book.. Not sure what that was about, i didn't have a vision on the inside at that point.. All i know is that he has some kind of link to the objects that he controls.. Like, to their senses..

LeonScript.pngLeonYour son and Sonichu did a sneak on Coyote.. Troll Face had Sonic's gem in his hand, so i guess he figured out how to activate it like you've asked.. It gave him insane speed and made him glow gold like a super saiyan... Kind of jealous..

LeonScript.pngLeonThey ended up killing Coyote, atleast that is what it seemed.. There was an explosion, i couldin't make out what was going on but, Coyote ended up recovering.. As if he was never hurt.. Some kind of resurrection i think.. I haven't seen Troll Face or Sonichu since the explosion..

LeonScript.pngLeon..Then you showed up..

Page 29

NarrateurScript.pngNarrateurBack To Troll King.

LeonScript.pngLeon..Then you showed up..

TKScript.pngTroll King....Where is Pori?..

(Leon takes out his lollipop)

LeonScript.pngLeon..Not sure, Boss..

(Troll King looks at a pool of lava. The lava starts to burn a white fire. The lava starts floating, turning into a ball and begins to crack. The lava ball explodes revealing Mauller to be inside the ball. He has a white fire-like aura. He stops burning and lands on the ground)

LeonScript.pngLeon..Yeah, see?

MaullerScript.pngMaullerI assume Leon's already filled you in.

LeonScript.pngLeonYeah, i did. Also, I've sent word to the First Order. They may send someone to assist, but since tensions are high with Mushroom Kingdom, she might not want to spare any of her fighters and leave the outpst less defended..

TKScript.pngTroll KingDo you have the book?

MaullerScript.pngMaullerI acquired The Book of Ryzel, but it wasn't easy. Mushroom Kingdom's Military has been extremely high and on alert.

MaullerScript.pngMaullerI couldn't find out why.

MaullerScript.pngMauller..Toadrake almost withdrew from the deal that we've made with The Triad.

MaullerScript.pngMaullerI understand why though, this book is divine and there's only one of them... I wouldn't want to give it up either..

TKScript.pngTroll KingI didn't tell you to read and learn the book.

MaullerScript.pngMauller...You didn't tell me not to... Besides, there is only a few pages that were translated as you know, and the temptation is stronger than you might think... There's something about it, it makes you crave it.. Drives you mad to not read it.. Apparently my soul belongs to Ryzel now..

LeonScript.pngLeon..Can, can i hold it?.. I want to hold it for a minute...

(Mauller takes out the book underneath his cape and gives it to Troll King)

LeonScript.pngLeon..Oh come on, please!?..

(Troll King looks at the book, and it begins to emit a dark aura.)

Page 30

MaullerScript.pngMauller...So where's pori at?...

LeonScript.pngLeon..No idea, but do we even want Alex back? He's kind of a dumbass... And he's not much stronger than a common Troll..

MaullerScript.pngMauller..Hey now, i trained that dumbass! ... But he was too dumb to learn anything! Hahahahahaha!!...


MaullerScript.pngMaullerHahahahahaha!!.. Oh God...

TKScript.pngTroll KingDon't worry about Alex, i will focus on him.

(Troll Face appears)

LeonScript.pngLeon...Why can't i ever predict when you're going to show up?...

(Troll Face hugs Troll King’s normal arm. Troll Face starts to cry)

TFScript.pngTroll Face...Daddy.... I tried to stop them but they were too strong!....

TFScript.pngTroll FaceI promise I tried!...

TKScript.pngTroll KingWhere is the stone!?

TFScript.pngTroll Face...Gem, while i was running away from the explosion, i dropped it and it was devoured by Sonichu's suicide bombing power! I was almost caught in the explosion myself!

TKScript.pngTroll KingHmm....

TFScript.pngTroll Face..I promise, Daddy!!...

LeonScript.pngLeonOh look, Pori's back...

(Pori is running really fast)

Page 31

PoriScript.pngPoriMauller, you're back!.. What happened here!?..

LeonScript.pngLeonI guess the better question would be, where the hell were you during all of this?..

PoriScript.pngPori...I will explain that after you tell me what happened to our fortress!

LeonScript.pngLeonWe've been attacked, it was very organized.. They brought some heavy hitters, the strongest we've seen in along time.. We lost Demaro and Garry, Alex is also M. I. A. The enemies escaped shortly before you got here..

PoriScript.pngPori...I see..

PoriScript.pngPoriI wish i were present, i might have been able to assist... I was out investigating.. I've received a letter from one of our southern camps of enemy activity.. At first, i figured that it was troops from China, but witnesses have confirmed that it was attacks from the Troll Slaiyers...

PoriScript.pngPori...I hate to inform you that all three of our southern camps have been completely destroyed... Shadow hung our Trolls from trees and put their heads on stakes... I've tracked one of their members back and it lead to a grocery store in Troll City... I was going to question the employees but there was no one there.. After i left the building, i noticed the smoke in the distance.. So, the Troll Slaiyers attacked!?..

MaullerScript.pngMauller...Seems so.. But, who are the Troll Slaiyers?..

LeonScript.pngLeonThey're a group that wants to kill Trolls, ran by a guy named Shadow.. Not much else to say about it really..

TKScript.pngTroll King (Thinking)..Shadow!!.. I will kill you for this!!..


(Cut to Eyael whose arms are hanging from chains. She is hanging above a pentagram)


EyaelScript.pngEyael..Release me at once!..

LordNemScript.pngNem (Hidden)...Eyael.. It has certainly been so very long since an angel has graced our mortal world.. This time, we were prepared... Now, why would you risk such exposure to where you would crawl out of your safe little heavens, hm?.. It must have been very important..


LordNemScript.pngLord Nem (Hidden)Lord, Nem.

EyaelScript.pngEyaelI only serve the Giants... You are no Lord to me!..

(Nem reveals himself)

LordNemScript.pngLord NemBefore long, they will be serving me as well. You however, are a valuable resource...

LordNemScript.pngLord NemYes, there is so much we can do with your precious angel blood...