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Biographical info
Physical description
Species Yordle
Gender Male
Skin color Gray
Hair color Dark yellow/brown
Personal information
Allies Eggman, Fudd
Enemies The Trolls
Weapons/powers Revive
First appearance Chapter 6, Page 8
Last appearance Chapter 25.5, Page 11
Alive (Technically immortal), captured by Zaygar
In real life
Actual name Cecil B. Heimerdinger
First appearance League of Legends (v0.9.25.34) (2009)
Franchise League of Legends
if one of us should go down.then it should be me, i can't do what you can, its safer this way, we can't let him get all three of us or he will get what he wants
Heimerdinger, Chapter 10, Page 7

Heimerdinger is a genius appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. One of the smartest men in the universe of Tails Gets Trolled, he is captured by Troll King and forced to work for him and develop an army of troll bots.


Heimerdinger is a short man, sporting a brown afro (with his tools sticking out of it) and mustache. His eyes are obscured by his glasses, hiding what they look like underneath. Heimerdinger is shown wearing a brown labcoat, with yellow boots and gloves.


Heimerdinger imprisoned inside Troll Fortress.

Before his life in captivity, not many details are known about Heimerdinger's past. Upon being captured by Hindo at some point in the past, he and Eggman are placed in Troll King's off limit laboratory and forced to develop a robot army for the King. At some point during their captivity, Heimerdinger and Eggman attempt to escape from the castle. Their attempt is unsuccessful, but Heimerdinger sacrifices himself to provide an escape for Eggman. Eggman vows to rescue Heimerdinger before running off, leaving him to be captured again. Since then, he is kept in the off-limit section of Troll King's castle to work by his lonesome.

Silver eventually stumbles upon Heimerdinger during his infiltration mission. Heimerdinger explains to Silver what Troll King's plans are (to create an army of troll bots to help the trolls) and urges him to hide, as he hears the Troll King approaching. Hindo informs the Troll King that Eggman has been killed, surprising Heimerdinger as his hopes of escape are dashed. Troll King then brings Eggman's corpse in the room and demands that Heimerdinger transforms him into an android. He refuses, stating that reviving the dead is outside his limits and that the task would be impossible for anyone to do.

Silver attempts to make his escape, but ruins it when a wrench is dropped, alerting the Troll King of his presence. Heimerdinger throws a wrench at Troll King, providing Silver with an opportunity to get away though not unnoticed. The King demands that Heimerdinger tells him about Silver but he refuses, leading to the King tearing off one of his legs.

Later, Fudd is captured by the Trolls and brought to the lab where he is coerced into assisting them by reviving Eggman from the dead. Heimerdinger watches as Fudd's newfound genius is put to use before Demaro appears after battling Garry. Demaro traps Heimerdinger (alongside Fudd's puppets, Bugs and Daffy) within a cage of his Neutral strings and prepares to kill Fudd, but Coyote's group sets off an explosive outside, allowing Fudd to escape after Heimerdinger urges him to do so. Demaro realizes that Coyote will inevitably cross paths with him and waits in the lab. Heimerdinger insults Demaro, wishing death upon him and hopes that Coyote will destroy him, setting Demaro off on a maniacal rant where he mistakes Heimerdinger for Kelic. As Coyote arrives, the two leave to do battle, leaving Heimerdinger trapped in the cage.

Later on, as Coyote begins his attack on Troll Fortress, Heimerdinger is seen hiding in his laboratory. He mistakes Magma Garry's corpse for being the actual Garry and attempts to convince Garry to free him. Coyote responds by impaling / burning Heimerdinger's face using his Neutral strings.


Heimerdinger can be quite friendly with non-trolls. He is quick to assist Silver by telling him about the troll's plans and does not hesitate to provide a chance for him to escape. On the contrary, he has an immense dislike for his captors and is not afraid to sass them when given a chance, as seen with his replies to the Troll King as he asks Heimerdinger to revive Eggman, where he rudely tells the King that he won't be able to ressurect Eggman because he's not God.

He also appears to care much for his fellow geniuses and for the "greater good" of the world. He is shocked to hear of Eggman's death, and willingly sacrificed himself in the past to ensure that Eggman could escape, preventing the trolls from building their robot army.


Heimerdinger has not displayed any physical abilities of note. He does appear to be somewhat resilient as despite his leg being cut off for his defiance, he is still able to move and speak properly. He later is shown to survive being impaled through the face by Magma Garry, though Heimerdinger himself appears confused as to how he did so. It is presumed that he may have the ability to respawn like his fellow League of Legends character, Teemo.

He is also one of the geniuses in the world of Tails Gets Trolled and is wanted by the trolls for his massive intellect. However, he admits during his escape attempt with Eggman that Eggman is smarter than he is.


i cant make a dead person a android. i can't rise the dead im not god. even if i could make him a android he woldn't be egg man. he would be a dumb robot
—Heimerdinger when asked if he can revive Eggman, chapter 6: silver's mission, Page 10

Real Life Origins

Cecil B. Heimerdinger is a playable character in League of Legends.


Heimerdinger does not appear to have any of his arsenal available to him in Tails Gets Trolled.

Notably, in Tails Gets Trolled, he appears very human-like compared to his original incarnation, lacking the fur he once had. His eye goggles are also different in Tails Gets Trolled, where they lack the red rim.