The Defenders

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The Defenders

Several members of the group, not including Doug, Skeeter, Trix Rabbit, Pori, Arthur, Frogger, Leap Frog, or Pacman.
Location of base Defenders' Base, Cocoa Jungle
Purpose Fighting the trolls in secret, "protecting the families and children who can't protect themselves"[1],
working for Cheeto Man's drug and prostitution ring
First appearance Chapter 5
we are a secret group thats fighting the trolls. even the trolls dont know of us. we stay in the shadows we make sure we are never seen and we are called the defenders
Pori, Chapter 5, Page 13

The Defenders are a group of characters banded together to fight the trolls in secret. They consist of some of the most "well known people ever" and are led by Pacman. Tails is kid napped into this group and begins to learn of the group's more complicated past and each of their members reasons for joining in the first place.


Following the loss of his home, Pacman spent some time wandering the world in search of the Dragon Balls. After a long search, he came to the conclusion that the Dragon Balls were a myth and began training to defeat the trolls. Realizing that he would be unable to fight against them alone, Pacman sets off to form a group of characters that would later be known as "The Defenders" and establishes a base underground deep within the Cocoa Jungle.

The Defenders eventually kidnap Tails and begin to train him to be able to defeat the Troll King. While training, Tails meets with most of the group and learns various abilities from them.

He faces some trouble when learning from Trix Rabbit and Ronald McDonald in particular. Trix Rabbit refuses to train Tails due to his trust issues, as Ronald puts it, while Ronald is initially uncooperative until Pori has a private talk with him making Ronald more willing to help. After Tails finishes training with Ronald, Ronald snaps and attempts to kill Tails by choking him out before Cheeto Man appears and fights Ronald, forcing him to retreat. Tails is then put into the care of Cheeto Man and Spyro, while Ronald goes to apologize to Pacman for his actions. He later goes with Kermit the Frog to attempt to apologize to Tails, but Tails is unwilling to accept his apology. Kermit is then seen alone with Ronald, using the Intellect Bond to attempt to find the reason for his outburst, but is unsuccessful.

While under the care of his new bodyguards, Tails reunites with Knuckles and the group smokes weed together, joined by Doug. Tensions begin to ramp up as Knuckles invites sluts to the party and Hello Kitty begins to feud with Amy who is also present. Amy and Hello Kitty get into a fight but are broken up by Knuckles, who then takes Amy and leaves, with Tails going with Hello Kitty. In another area, Arthur and Vivian are working together, trying to make sense of a strange vision that Arthur sees using his powers.

Following the conclusion of the weed party, Knuckles gets into a minor fight with Cheeto Man as he gives up Amy to join Cheeto Man's prostitution business. As Tails interrupts the two, Knuckles takes him outside and they escape, unknowingly watched by Ronald. Knuckles explains to Tails the real nature of the group. He explains that Cheeto Man is the actual head of the group, who uses it as a large drug/STD-free prostitution business. Cheeto Man rules over the others through intimidation, going so far as to capture some of their loved ones in order to keep them in line. Knuckles also reveals that Ronald is Cheeto Man's right hand man, and that Trix Rabbit runs his own ring where he sells children for sex. He then takes Tails to a dumping area where Cheeto Man leaves the corpses of the STD-ridden whores, shocking Tails as he finally sees the type of person Cheeto Man is.


Name Notes

Joined in Chapter 5. Underwent training with the other members to prepare for his battle with the Troll King.

The "leader" of the group. Formed the group after unsuccessfully searching for the Dragon Balls.

Kermit the Frog
A former troll who mentally destroyed Miss Piggy in a massive trolling battle between him and his fellow Muppets. Joined after being the last survivor of said trolling war.

Hello Kitty
Claims to have joined because she thought it would be fun.
Cheeto Man's wife. According to Knuckles she is "determined to fuck everything that walks".

Has the power to see visions of the past, present, and future.

Former friend to Mario and Luigi. Joined when the Defenders reached out to ask her after hearing that she murdered some trolls in a fit of rage.

Gets rowdy when smoking weed. Joins after his dog, Porkchop is raped to death by The Trolls.

Doug's friend. Mentioned to have given Doug a handjob in the past.

Teaches Tails how to fly better and becomes a close friend. Joins to seek revenge against The Trolls for trolling his entire race.

Provides Tails with Sonic's old Chaos Emerald and a wrist-mounted rocket launcher.

Helps improve Tails' reflexes. Joined after Snoopy is gangbanged to death by The Trolls.

Helps teach Tails how to improve his hand-to-hand combat skills. Joined after killing the true leaders of crime in Gotham City, involving Alfred and Robin.

One of the two leaders under Pacman who helped originally establish the group.

Leap Frog
One of the two leaders under Pacman who helped originally establish the group.

Ronald McDonald
Master of illusions. Attempts to fight Tails but is stopped by Cheeto Man. Joined some time after his sister is trolled to death.

Acts as the spy for the group by pretending to be a troll. Was the 7th member who joined. His friends were often trolled, leading to him joining the group to begin with.

Trix Rabbit
Mentally unstable due to kids stealing all his Trix.

Cheeto Man
Joined after he was saved from The Trolls by the other Defenders.
The true mastermind behind the group.