Leap Frog

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Leap Frog
Leap Frog.png
Biographical info
Physical description
Species Frog
Skin color Green
Eye color Black
Personal information
Allies Pacman
Enemies The Trolls
First appearance chapter 5: tails kid napped, Page 15
Last appearance Chapter 20: The Storm part 2, Page 15
In real life
Actual name Leap
First appearance Unknown
Franchise LeapFrog Learning Friends
all of us here have one goal and thats to end the trolls for good but we cant just attack them head to head because we are out numbered
Leap Frog, Chapter 5, Page 15

Leap Frog is a member of The Defenders, appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. He, alongside Frogger, act as the two bosses of the group working under Pacman.


Not much is known about Leap Frog's life prior to joining The Defenders. At one point in time, he meets with Pacman and helps him form the Defenders, acting as one of the two bosses of the group alongside Frogger. As explained when he meets with Tails, Pacman had created the idea of the group, but Frogger and himself "made it start".


Not much can be said regarding Leap Frog's personality other than he appears to be cooperative with Pacman.


It is not known if Leap Frog possesses any powers of note.

Real Life Origins

Leapfrog actual.png

Leap Frog is based off of a character from the educational company LeapFrog Enterprises, known as Leap.


In Tails Gets Trolled, Leap is referred to as "Leap Frog" rather than just Leap. His clothing, while not his usual attire, may be based off the clothing worn on the cover of Letter Factory.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning Notes
English, etc. Leap Frog
Japanese リープフロッグ Leap Frog
Russian Лягушка путешественница Frog traveler As noted by the translators, LeapFrog and its products do not exist in Russia, so they used the name "Frog traveler" in reference to a Russian folk tale named "Frog Went-A-Traveling".