chaper 8: the neutral's

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chaper 8:
the neutral's
Release dates
Cover date April 23, 2012
Page date April 24, 2012 -
April 30, 2012
Link Chaper 8
Script Script
Character debuts Jacko the Troll, Bluebert, Chinese John, The Man with No Plan, Alfred, Sylvester, Tom, Porky Pig, Bart Ender, Lemon Stealing Whore
Other chapters
Previous chapter mario vs king troll
Next chapter fuds choice

chaper[sic] 8: the neutral's is the eighth chapter of Tails Gets Trolled. The story focuses on Silver's group escaping from The Trolls and learning of Coyote's history, as well as some details regarding Tails' training.


The chapter begins with Mario escaping from his battle with the Troll King through the use of a Warp Whistle. Elsewhere, Tails is seen training with Woodstock, who uses an automated gun to train Tails reaction speed.

The scene then shifts over to Silver's group resting at Underbite Troll's residence. After awkwardly trying to talk to Blaze, the group is ambushed by a group of trolls including Jacko the Troll, and are held at gunpoint (with Markus quickly being shot in the head). It is at this point where Fudd reveals his powers of necromancy and re animates Bugs and Daffy to help fight off the trolls.

Fudd eats the brains of the two gay lovers and feels sad as he learns of their memories. Together, Daffy and Fudd fight off their attackers (though Underbite Troll is beheaded in the process) while Bugs awakens Rob and the group sets off. Elsewhere, word quickly reaches Hindo and the Troll King about Fudd's powers to revive the dead. With Eggman dead, Troll King realizes that Fudd's powers could be of use to the Trolls, and instructs Hindo to capture Fudd. Hindo moves out, using electrical cables to fast travel to the group's location and ambushes them, kidnapping Fudd.

The scene then moves back to Tails, who manages to pass Woodstock's test after dodging a bullet from Woodstock's BB gun. Tails then moves on to train with Batman, who explains his tragic backstory to him and how he was betrayed by his closest allies (led by Alfred, his butler). The two then begin to train.

Meanwhile, Silver and his friends meet up with Coyote and introduces them to his friends, Tom and Sylvester. Coyote then reveals the existence of a group of necromancers known as The Neutrals and how they must maintain emotional neutrality to control their powers. He then goes into his backstory explaining how they all gained the power to control the dead. One day, Coyote and his friends (Tom, Sylvester, Fudd, and Porky) planned to go to a bar to get drunk. Coyote asks Porky to be their driver for the night, to which he reluctantly agrees. Later that night the group drives to the bar with Tom blurting out his interest in the fact that even with seat belts, people die all the time in car crashes.

At the bar the group gets incredibly wasted, singing and puking everywhere. The bartender eventually convinces Porky to drink a couple of beers, getting him drunk. Later on, a woman approaches Porky and drags him off to have sex in the bathroom while the rest of the group wonders where their driver (Porky) went off to.