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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Mr Arthropod, The Guardian of Souls[1]
One-off names FUCKUUU ASS HOLE (Chapter 13)
dickheaded bug, fucking thing (Chapter 23)
Physical description
Species Guardian
Gender Unknown
Skin color Brown
Eye color Red sclera, whitish pink iris/pupil
Personal information
Allies Demaro
Enemies Garry, Coyote
First appearance Chapter 13, Page 4
Last appearance Chapter 23, Page 17
In real life
Actual name Miladox
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 13, Page 4 (2012)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
wh...... what the.... fuck it that?
Garry, upon seeing Miladox, Chapter 13, Page 3

Miladox is an original character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. It is a bizarre being residing inside of Demaro's forehead, within a dimension of its own, only taking action whenever Demaro is in danger.


Miladox is a large, floating centipede/worm like monster that exists in a realm located inside Demaro's third eye. Its main body structure contains one long spine with several sharp "claws" floating near the central spine, which grow in size the closer they are to the eye. At the top end of the spine is the large, singular eye, with two antennae extending from the top and additional claws from the sides.

After absorbing several souls, Miladox gains flesh/armor, connecting its floating parts all together. The area underneath its eye and the top part of the spine is stretched out, giving it a "smile" of sorts.


Not many details regarding Miladox's origins are known. It first manifests itself within Demaro when he successfully becomes a Neutral, appearing as a third eye. It is first seen when Demaro is on the brink of death during his battle with his brother Garry. Demaro's third eye flashes and transport Garry to a mysterious world moments before he can kill Demaro. Garry tries to repel Miladox as it charges at him but is unsuccessful. Miladox slashes at Garry's jaw before slicing him in two. It then absorbs his soul into its eye and a portion of its tail gains armor.

Miladox does not appear again until Demaro is once again put in a near death experience after dueling Coyote and being injured by trolls who had joined the battle. This time, Miladox empowers Demaro, causing him be covered in a white aura as his hair also turn white. The possessed Demaro slaughters the trolls around him before Dusk Hunter is seen similarly powering up in the distance. The Hunter and Demaro, now joined together and powered up by Miladox, begin to attack Coyote and the trolls around them.

Dusk Hunter swallows Demaro, allowing him to be safe inside as they move around the battlefield, killing all in their path. Dusk Hunter eventually launches Demaro from his mouth towards Coyote, and Miladox's arm manifests itself over Demaro's missing arm. Demaro slashes Coyote using Miladox's claw, grazing his neck. Demaro's rampage is soon ended when Miladox's blessing wears off, and he returns to normal. Shortly afterwards, however, Coyote provokes Demaro to the point where the eye of Miladox is empowered again, but this time, the eye draws Coyote into it and sends him to its dimension.

Miladox after absorbing several souls into itself.

Within the mysterious world, Miladox confronts Coyote one on one. It charges at Coyote but is stalled by Coyote using his powers to blast its eye. Coyote then summons the Poppy Bros Jr. to throw bombs, but one is quickly killed and absorbed into Miladox's eye, gaining another piece of armor/flesh on its tail. The Bros. throw bombs at Miladox in a panic, freeing the souls of Garry and the recently slain Poppy Bro. Miladox quickly manages to kill the remaining bros and stores them within himself. Miladox is then strapped to the ground by Coyote's strings but escapes shortly afterwards. He then charges straight at Coyote and manages to slash his ears off. However, the corpse of Garry, repaired by Coyote and controlled by him, manages to entrap Miladox and hurls him away into the ground. Miladox quickly recovers and chases Coyote off, slashing his back and injuring him in the process.

Garry's body, assisted by Coyote's strings, once again manages to trap and swing Miladox, crashing him into a nearby structure and slamming pillars into it. Miladox again recovers, but this time, looks up to the sky and takes control of Demaro in the real world. He controls Demaro and absorbs the bodies of the trolls slain in the battle beforehand into its dimension and absorbs all their souls at once. Miladox then transforms, gaining spikes and armor everywhere, while screeching menacingly. It then watches as Coyote escapes into his book.

Coyote releases a Goomba from within the book to observe Miladox, who responds by tearing the Goomba into pieces. After some time, Garry's corpse emerges from the book and reforms into Magma Garry. From within his book, Coyote launches an orb of his strings into Miladox's eye and pins it on the ground. Miladox is then covered by magma by Garry and crushed in a move resembling how Demaro crushed Garry's android robot. However, moments later, Miladox immediately revives and begins to charge at Coyote's book. It slices Magma Garry in half, nearly entering the book, before Coyote quickly reforms Garry's corpse and uses strings to hold the beast back. Miladox quickly manages to break free, tearing Magma Garry's arms off, managing to enter the book at last.

Unfortunately, Coyote finishes preparing his special attack and with the aid of Dusk Hunter, he launches himself outside his book and back into Miladox's realm. Miladox immediately turns back and chases Coyote, but is then trapped by Coyote's spirit chains. It then watches as Coyote smugly explains how he managed to win in the end before the door to the real world appears. Coyote then drags Miladox from within its' own dimension and yanks him through Demaro's third eye, de-powering Demaro in the process, before sealing him within his mysterious book.


Miladox observes as Coyote brings Garry inside his book.

Miladox is a silent beast. It does not appear to have much of a personality, though it is shown observing Coyote's book after he retreats into it indicating that it might not be as mindless as it may seem. It is also noted by Coyote (as seen during thier battle, particularly when Coyote escapes into his book) that Miladox has a habit of observing foes before taking action, further showing that it has intelligence. Coyote also describes it, while controlling Demaro, to be more intelligent than him due to it creating new strategies and attacks such as hiding inside Dusk Hunter and shooting himself out of its mouth from inside. Its intelligence is also seen when it takes control of Demaro once more and sucks in more corpses for it to use and power up from during the showdown with Coyote.

After being subdued by Coyote, he does confirm Miladox to be intelligent, but also notes that it has an incredible lust for absorbing souls. He notes that Miladox could have easily won by destroying the book outright and trapping Coyote within, but the creature instead chose to chase Coyote in an attempt to absorb his tasty soul.


Miladox has displayed several different powers, some used by itself while the others are used by those it can possess. Miladox itself has powerful claws used to cutting its opponents to pieces and breaking through Coyote's Neutral strings. It also can use its eye to absorb the souls of those in his realm. Each soul appears to power Miladox up, as seen by it growing a thicker layer of flesh/armor when Garry is first absorbed into it. The souls of those trapped can be freed however when Miladox is damaged enough, as evidenced by the souls of Garry and a Poppy Bro being released. However, Miladox does not appear to be able of reabsorbing the actual souls themselves after they are freed, as noted by Coyote.

It is also capable of flight. When it is moving, it appears to distort its surroundings slightly and leave after-image effects as it moves. A similar distortion can be seen happening to Garry's speech bubbles after he is slashed.

Miladox is also able to grant power to its host, Demaro. It was able to patch up Demaro's arm even after being cutoff, stopping his bleeding and turning it into a stub. It was also able to create a claw coming out of Demaro's arm stub to use in the real world. It should also be noted that Demaro himself is unaware of Miladox's presence, as he does not recall what was happening while glowing white, and credits his power to Satan instead.

As a Guardian, it changes the color of the sky when it appears. In the case of Miladox, the color of the sky becomes white when it is around. It also shares the Guardians trait of being both dead and alive, making it seemingly unkillable as Coyote discovers when it quickly reforms after being crushed by Magma Garry.



  • Miladox is unnamed until the initial script for Chapter 23 was released (before the chapter was drawn by volunteers), referring to it as Miladox.