Addy the Demon

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Addy the Demon

Biographical info
Physical description
Species Demon
Gender Male
Skin color Dark brown
Eye color Black, red schlera
Personal information
Allies Demaro (formerly)
First appearance Chapter 9, Page 21
Last appearance Chapter 23, Page 18
In real life
Actual name Addy the Demon
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 9, Page 21 (2012)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
say hello to addy the demon
Demaro introducing Addy to Kelic, chapter 9: fuds choice, Page 21

Addy the Demon is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. He is one of Demaro's summoned allies.


Addy appears as a giant, humanoid demon with a wide, toothy grin. His head is colored red while the rest of his body is colored brown.


Addy the Demon first appears at the end of Chapter 9: fuds choice. He is summoned from afar by Demaro and enters the scene by crashing down on Kelic, destroying his arms. Addy then holds up Kelic in his grasp and tightens his grip, snapping Kelic in two and killing him.

During Demaro's battle with Garry he boasts about feeding Addy to Dusk Hunter, but this is shown to be a bluff as Addy appears once more at the end of Demaro's battle with Coyote. Addy is once again called from a portal and stands before Coyote. However, he looks back at Demaro and is then pulled into Coyote's book, leaving Demaro defenseless.


It is unknown if Addy possesses free will or not, but he appears to be obedient to Demaro at first. However, when he appears at the conclusion of Demaro's battle, Addy does not fight Coyote and instead looks back at Demaro. It is not clear if this occurred due to Demaro not being able to control Addy (as he needed his strings to control Dusk Hunter, but it is unknown if his strings are needed to control a demon/non-Guardian) or if Addy has a will of his own and chose not to fight.


Addy is shown to be physically powerful, as he is capable of breaking Kelic in two by merely closing his hand.