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Biographical info
Physical description
Gender Female
Skin color Dark green
Hair color Turquoise
Eye color Pink (sclera), black
Personal information
Weapons/powers Magic, potion brewing, spirit strings
First appearance Chapter 25, Page 5
Last appearance Chapter 26, Page 5
In real life
Actual name Saralite
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 25, Page 5 (2021)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled

Saralite is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled.


Saralite appears in a brown wizard / witch's outfit. She is shown with short, turquoise hair which covers one set of her multiple eyes. Her upper eyes are able to be closed independently from her larger, lower ones, making it appear as if she has eyebrows, such as on Chapter 25: Wicked Influence, Page 11.


Saralite first appears on Chapter 25: Wicked Influence, Page 5, speaking to Ms. Frizzle. She is revealed to be tasked with brewing a potion capable of killing the person who has taken one of Ms. Frizzle's students hostage. However, she is not done creating the potion to Ms. Frizzle's disappointment, but assures her that it will be done and will not cause her any harm. After Ms. Frizzle leaves, M-13 escorts Spongebob and Patrick into the room. Saralite then speaks to Spongebob through his mind, offering him power in exchange for the soul of his companion. Spongebob agrees, leading to Saralite stealing Patrick's soul after revealing her Neutral powers.

Saralite opening a portal.

After the deal is done, Saralite retrieves a book from her bookshelf and opens a portal, instructing Spongebob to enter. Spongebob enters the portal after some talk, leaving Saralite to look over her spear infused with Patrick's soul by herself.


Judging from her interactions with Ms. Frizzle, Saralite is secretive, not showing much emotion when speaking. She also appears to be greedy, as she states to Spongebob that she desires wealth (in addition to charging some form of payment from Ms. Frizzle).


Saralite speaking to Spongebob through her mind.

Saralite appears to be a reputable potion brewer, as she is tasked by Ms. Frizzle to create a potion that can easily kill another. She is also seen to be able to read and speak to minds, as she is aware of Ms. Frizzle's cautiousness over her potion. This is further shown when she speaks to Spongebob through his mind, leaving Patrick in the dark about their deal. When speaking to someone telepathically, a white shine/diamond seems to appear over her and the person she is speaking to.

Saralite is also a Neutral. She is able to use her spirit strings to bind others to the ground as well as forming a spear from her strings. Saralite is also capable of absorbing the Fire Ball Jutsu technique from Patrick, negating its effects.