Chapter 24: Coyote's Wrath/Script

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  • Character count: ~21000
  • No spaces: ~17000
  • Character with most lines: Coyote (37)
  • Character(s) with least lines: Cameo Crocodile, Shadow, Vector, Troll Face (1)

Page 1

NarrateurThe Second Neutrals Night.

(Coyote is seen warming himself by a fire.)


SylvesterWe have to get Porky and Porki's family back from the Satanists..

CoyoteSomething tells me you already have though...

SylvesterYeah, I did.. You know, these strings are powerful.. It almost feels like the only limits to these powers are within the wielder themselves, i tested it.

SylvesterI know you're aware of the strings that I've slipped into everyone's body.. I did so in almost complete secret. Except for you, nothing gets passed you does it? And i know you know that i knew of your awareness towards what i did. Which gives me the impression that you've been practicing with this power as much as i have.. But i know of us both knowing that we both hold our secrets with this power..

CoyoteIf we're aware of this, and we both know. Then you most certainly have a different purpose for mentioning it. I feel like you might be as tired of this silence as much as i am.. I was about to confront you as well, i don't believe we should be devided anymore..

CoyoteWe should speak to one another as much as possible, whether kindred or not. There are benefits to being sociable. And most importantly, cooperatively strategic.

SylvesterI couldn't agree more.. But then, you already know what i want to discuss..

CoyoteTom and Elmer, amongst other things? They still haven't spoken since Porky's death... I know the blame themselves just like we do.

SylvesterCyote, Porki's death is on us.. We were being complete dickheads by forcing him to come with us to that bar... We all paid for this, we have given our karma... And Porky paid the most...

CoyoteI can see it in your eyes, you feel like my regrets are the most justifiable... And you're correct, it is.. What could i possibly say to you to make that not a reality?

SylvesterYou were suppose to be the most responsible! If i weren't as much to blame then you would have lost all of my respect! The truly troubling aspect to this, is that we aren't allowed to even care much... I hate this feeling...

(Coyote and Sylvester sit by the fire in silence for a moment.)

Sylvester (thinking)I can feel the limit to my emotional state approaching.. I should calm my nerves...

SylvesterIt's all trapped within my mind... I've been going through it in my head endlessly, thinking about all of the things i could have done differently... Not able to use my usual methods for venting, forcing myself to find new ways.

SylvesterThe sadness, this pain lingers... Grief has a sway over the soul, crippling it. And yet, somehow even with our new laws of being someone in a permanent state of something cold and numb, we still feel this dreadful emotion. That doesn't sound very neutral or fair to me, does it to you? But why can we not feel happy?

Page 2

CoyoteI'm not sure if we can ever feel normal emotions again, especially happiness.. Not without risks..

SylvesterExactly my thought. Which is why I'm making it my life's goal to discover a way to sever these powers, and without losing any of our lifespan.. Mark my words!

Sylvester..I'm not doing this for me, i know we're both willing to sacrifice ourselves if it means they can get through this, Until then? We should consider..

CoyoteTraining them..

SylvesterMe and you aren't like..

CoyoteElmer and Tom..

Sylvester..Bitch, stop..

SylvesterOur minds and soul work differently than theirs.. I was a Neutral long before i even became one in many ways, i know that now..

SylvesterYou are all my family, and the only one's i have left.. We have to show them the way, and to make damn sure they keep pushing forward..

Coyote..Or they're as good as dead...

Sylvester..We can't let them die too, man..

Coyote..I know, i feel the same.. I understand that our lives will never be as they were, we survived something evil.. Something we will never forget, but something is driving me to keep holding onto hope..

SylvesterSo we're going to play in the race then? Outrun death itself.. Still, i wonder if it's possible for us to keep our memories of what we've lost alive, being in this state..

CoyoteI suppose we should never exclude the possibility, not anymore.

SylvesterThen we'll master this power, and we'll overcome every obstacle in our wake! With our hearts intact!

(Coyote thinks to himself. He then looks to the stars and tears up as the markings on his hands spin. He smiles to himself before giving Sylvester a thumbs up.)

Page 3

NarrateurBack To The Present

(Coyote glares.)

Silver (thinking)I know i won't be able to stop him...

CoyoteLeave, Now!

(Coyote makes for Troll Fortress.)


(Coyote stops and looks at Silver.)

Silver...I wasn't able to find Blaze, and Rob is still fighting with that electric troll...

Silver..Please bring them back, even if they're dead..

(Coyote turns around, grimacing. He then continues moving towards Troll Fortress, without saying a word to Silver.)


(A loaf of Wonderbread is seen on a checkout counter. Hulk is then shown as the buyer.)

Wanda BreadHey, Hulk! It's you! So, how's that Troll Slaiyer gig going?

HulkWell, You know... It's been going very well.

HulkI killeded a lot of people..

Wanda BreadHahahahah.. Oh, that's just like you..

Wanda BreadThat'll be $2.74, hun.

(Hulk hands over some Troll Face branded money. On it features Troll Face's face and a pair of boobs as well as the Illuminati sign.)

Page 4

Wanda Bread..Hey, when are you going to settle down and get married?

HulkI just haven't found the right one yet..

Wanda BreadYou're a nice guy, put yourself out there.. I'm sure you'll find someone!

Hulk..You really think so?

Wanda BreadOh, absolutely! And here's your change and receipt.


Wanda Bread..Hell, who knows.. Maybe you've already found the right one, and just don't know it yet!

HulkNo, i haven't.. I never been the type to not know what i want.

Hulk..Hold on, I'm going to read the Bible real quick..

(The Cashier appears confused.)

Wanda Bread..Ok..

HulkMhm.. Oh, he said that!? Damn.. Is what i would have said if i could read it, but i don't have my glasses...

HulkWell, I'll talk to you later.. I got Troll Slaiyer shit to do..

Wanda Bread..Okay, Hun. Good luck and have a nice day! Oh, and tell everyone I said hi..

Hulk..Yeah, they don't know you. So, why would i do that?..

Wanda BreadPlease?..

HulkUm, no..

Wanda BreadYou need a bag for that?


(Hulk grabs the Wonderbread and leaves. As he goes out the door, his plump ass is focused on as the cashier stares from a distance. The camera zooms in on the cashier as she blushes.)

Wanda Bread (thinking)Damn, nice ass.. I want that green thumb in my bum, mmm.. Oh yeah, just like that you sexy ass bitch.. Yeah, that's right! You eat that bread slowly now.. I'm getting so moist..

Page 5


(Troll King, Sirpigsalot and Eddy stand by a campfire in the jungle.)

SirpigsalotActivating humor algorithms...

Eddy..Your robot impersonation is so lame..

Sirpigsalot..Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. Nice one..

Troll KingWhat are you, a retard!?

Sirpigsalot..Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. Nice one..

(A nearby branch is snapped.)

Troll KingHm?!

Troll King (thinking)That sounded like it was made from something that weighs around 100 pounds, distributed with two legs! Someone is watching us..

(The scene moves to show Alex, panicking.)

Alex (thinking)..Did that ugly bastard notice me!?

EddyDo you wanna hear my bird call? COCKAAAAH!!! COCKAAAAH!! I'm a bird!

(Eddy flaps his arms as if he was a bird.)

Sirpigsalot...Activating Aves algorithms..

Sirpigsalot..Tweet.. Tweet..

Troll King..Shut up!!

(Eddy is suddenly enraged.)

Eddy..You shut up! I want to get me a mother fucking jaw breaker! I'm so hungry, for candy.. But i don't have any money! You have money, don't you? Can i have some money?! Give me your fucking money, you stupid hairy Troll..

EddyYou smell worse than Ed, and he shits in his pants! He's retarded!

(Eddy makes a dumb face.)

Eddy..Are you a caveman!? "I am Caveman, i make fire, i fuck animals, i wear skirt, i have too much hair, lot of butt hair, too much butt hair, poop get stuck to butt hair, Troll King eat poop from butt hair!" Fucking idiot..

(Eddy waves his finger and grins.)

Eddy..Hey! I have a proposition for you.. I believe the benefits would be glorious! We need to do business Sir! If we discover a way to make real money, that would be a 90/10 split. No offense, but you're not what people would call "Good with money" That's why your son's on the dollar bills, isn't it? Anyway, if we make real mother fuckin money, i can get me a whole bus of jaw breakers! Let's get down to brass tacks!

(Still grinning, Eddy is suddenly punched in the jaw, breaking it by Troll King.)

Page 6



(Troll King lifts Eddy by the head and prepares to throw him. He looks at the nearby tree where Alex is hiding. He then tosses Eddy's body with enough force that it splits in two upon hitting the tree. Sirpigsalot stares. Alex braces himself as Eddy's body zooms by before deciding to reveal himself.)

Page 7

Alex..Woah, what the fuck!.. I was trolling this lizard..

(Alex holds up a lizard.)

AlexYou're such a useless creature, and you will be until the day you die..

(Alex grasps and murders the lizard.)

Alex..Which was right then..

(Alex drops the lizard.)

Troll King..Alex, what are you doing here!?

AlexActually, i was trying to find you.. One of the Trolls said they've seen you walking into the jungle..

Alex..I thought he was retarded, apparently i was wrong..

Troll King..What do you want!?

Alex..Uhh.. Well, there was a street fight.. One of them died, i didn't know who to tell..

Troll King..I don't fucking care, thats why i gave you the task! Don't waste my fucking time!

Alex..Sorry, i won't waste your fucking time then..

(Sirpigsalot looks at the blood left on the tree by Eddy's corpse.)

Sirpigsalot...Activating hemophobia algorithms..

Sirpigsalot..Oh no, blood! I don't like it!..

Alex..What the fuck?..

Troll KingAlex, get out of here!!

Alex..Alright Sir! I'll see you later..

(Alex turns as if he is leaving but then stays hidden behind the tree.)

Page 8

(Travous descends from the sky, sweating. He lands on a nearby log next to an unamused Troll King.)

Travous..I found nothing, again..

Troll King..Keep looking!

Travous..I'm tired, I'm so tired... I need a nap! Are you trying to kill me!?

(Troll King points at Travous.)

Troll KingIf you don't fly your lazy ass back up there and keep looking, I'll crush your skull!

Travous..I wouldn't do that if i were you.. Mr. Clair wouldn't be too happy with you, would he? It wouldn't be a wise decision to burn bridges with the only friends you have, Sir.

Troll KingHmm... Fine, take a nap and get back out there!

TravousThank you Sir, at long last! Sweet, sweet sleep..

(Nearby, a shadowed figure enters the scene, stepping on a tree branch. He comes forth and reveals himself as General Plastro.)

Troll KingHm!?

(General Plastro makes his way to Troll King and bows.)

General Plastro...

Troll King..What is it!?

General Plastro..Sir, Troll Fortress is under attack! The enemy is powerful, Sir!

(Troll King is surprised.)

Troll King...

(The scene darkens as it zooms on Troll King. He is then enraged, gritting his teeth in pure anger.)

Page 9

(Troll King leaps into the air.)

General PlastroDamn.. I've never seen the Boss this mad before.. He's really fucking mad bro..

(Troll King lands with enough force to create a crater where he lands. He then leaps once more, moving through the jungle.)

Travous..Sigh.. Looks like I'm not getting that nap afterall..

Sirpigsalot...Activating military algorithms..

Sirpigsalot..We have to strike at the heart of them!..

Alex (thinking)Damn, Shadow.. Attacking the base when the Boss is out looking for something else to drag his nutsack on?.. You're bold, I'll give you that..

General PlastroReturn to base! We are now at a state of emergency! Be ready to defend Troll Fortress with your life!

(General Plastro exits. Meanwhile, Ronald's face is seen etched onto a tree, smiling.)

Ronald (thinking)Oh, this is good.. I wasn't expecting to find Troll King himself all the way out here, in search of The Words of Death.. I should inform Pacman of this.. How unexpected indeed..

Ronald (thinking)So, The Trolls are under Attack? Oh my, this day has been very interesting Heeheehee..

Page 10

(Rob, his dragon, and Hindo continue their battle on the roof.)


(Fudd and Luigi burst through a wall and exit Troll Fortress. A purple hair troll named Machick (from the Austim Squad) tries to hold Luigi back. Luigi grabs Machick by his clothes.)


Machick... Let go!..

(Fudd makes a stern expression.)

Machick..Let go of me, you stupid mother fucker!

MachickYour costume looks stupid! You're not a super hero!

Machick..Eat my pubes, you stupid mother fucker!

MachickThat's it, isn't it? You're one of those stupid people right? That's cute..

MachickIt's really obnoxious, you should look into getting that stupidity fixed..



MachickYou stupid..

MachickYou're so stupid..


(Fudd clenches his fist in anger. Machick begins to grin.)

Machick..Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid!

LuigiYou're misreading the situation.. You're insulting the person who has power over your life.. Now, there's nothing more stupid than that..

Page 11

MachickLet, the fuck, go of me! You damn Denisovan!

(Fudd makes a serious face.)

LuigiTake this, you stupid bitch!


(Luigi moves his hand in front of Machick's face.)


(Fire spews from Luigi's hand.)


(The fire dramatically rips through Machick, melting the upper half of his body to a crisp.)

Page 12

LuigiNever call me stupid, especially not that many times.. That was a lot of times..

(Luigi drops the remains of Machick.)

Fudd (thinking)I need to return to the hideout, if i were to ever get lost.. Just like Coyote and Sylvester told me to do..

Fudd (thinking)Making a slow and stealthy approach towards making my escape, may be the safer option. It would lessen the risk of detection, but..

Fudd (thinking)The longer i remain here, the more likely i will be confronted by one of the higher ranking enemies, in order for them to recapture me.. So, making a quick escape it is..

(Fudd and Luigi flee.)

NarrateurMean while..

(The scene moves to an exhausted Tails. A tree branch nearby snaps and falls down.)

Tailswhats thats noise?

Tails (thinking)...Why did i just give away my position! I'm an idiot!


(Another tree branch snaps and falls over.)

Tails (thinking)..What was that!?

(Tails hides in a nearby bush.)

Tails (thinking)..I guess no one's there..

Tails (thinking)...My mouth is so dry, I'm so thirsty...

(Tails looks around and spots a nearby lake.)

Tails (thinking)..Water! I need to get over there without getting seen!

Page 13

(Tails rushes from his bush to another bush. He hides for a moment before running to the lake. Once at the lake, he places his hands in the water and drinks as much as he can. The scene then focuses on his emerald as it is revealed that Dexter is spying on him via the emerald.)


Page 14

VivianThe fake chaos emerald seems to be working as expected.. And he doesn't suspect a thing, so Pori's information was accurate.

(Vivian emerges from the shadows.)

DexterIt's working fine now that Hello Kitty made it into a necklace like we told her to do..

Dexter..What we didn't tell her to do is spite fuck Tails to piss off Cheeto Man, and completely fuck Tails over!

(Dexter clenches his fist and slams the table.)

DexterThat bitch..


VivianShe has betrayed us, but Pacman did predict that..

DexterThat selfish bitch..

VivianSo how's Tails doing?

Dexter..Not good..

Dexter..Where the fuck do i begin!?

DexterKnuckles' dumbass left him in the jungle alone to fend for himself! Why did he do that!?

DexterWhy wouldn't you just take him with you!? Knuckles, you're retarded!!

(Dexter gets increasingly angry.)

DexterTails has no fucking survival capabilities what so ever!

(Dexter throws up his hands in anger.)

DexterHe's drinking fucking swamp water! YOU GOT TO BOIL IT FIRST, TAILS!! YOU GOT TO BOIL IT!!

DexterYou're going to have so much poopoo problems!

VivianHmm... It seems like he wouldn't survive the night.. I'll help him when possible, so he doesn't die.. Just make sure you inform me of any serious events..

DexterYeah yeah..

DexterIf you want my opinion, this is all fucked and I'm wasting my time watching this fucktard drink swamp water..

Page 15

Tails..That's better..


(Tails sees some rustling in a nearby bush and is utterly mortified. An ordinary fox then emerges. Tails lets out a sigh of relief as the fox leaves. In the water, the familiar cameo'ing crocodile approaches.)


Cameo CrocodileAhhh!!

(Tails runs away in fear, making his way to a nearby tree. He sits down and trembles, putting his head in his hands as he begins to tear up.


Page 16

(A young Tails appears with Amy in a dream. They are playing near an anthill.)

AmySee? When you add an unknown element to their environment,

Amythey all try to determine if it's a threat or not.

AmyBut be careful, if they discover you to be the source of disruption? They will make you out to be the culprit.

(A small ant is on Tails' finger as he stares in awe. Tails slaps his hand as the ant bites him.)


(The dream Amy smiles. The scenery then darkens as Amy begins to decompose/rot in front of Tails until her body begins to resemble the one found in Cheeto Man's pipe, complete with all her injuries.)

AmyI wanted to die, Dear Fox... I wanted this...

(The rotting Amy grabs Tails by the arms and pulls him close.)

AmyCome over here and give me a kiss.

(Amy pulls Tails closer and kisses him, drool from her mouth spilling into his. Maggots also come forth from Amy's mouth and make their way into the young Tails' mouth.)


Tails..I can't breath!...

Tails..I, can't, breath!...

(Tails passes out.)

Page 17

Narrateurmean while

(Rob is seen riding his dragon. They face off against a demonic Hindo clad in black.)

Rob..I don't understand, how is he this powerful now!? He keeps getting stronger and more accurate, we can't get close!..

HelgrimYoung Rob, i sense a disturbance.. Be cautious!

(Rob notices a badly wounded Blaze climbing a ladder.)

Rob (thinking)...Blaze, no! You'll die!..

Rob..Helgrim! My friend is making her way up to the roof, she will be killed!..

(Demon Hindo charges a black lightning bolt.)

Hindo..Hold still, scum!!

(Hindo shoots out lightning, striking Helgrim in his gut.)


Page 18


Helgrim..This is.. Demonic energy!

Rob. . .

HelgrimYoung Rob, my life is fading..


Helgrim..With my final will, i shall attempt to guide you to your friend... You must save her and flee! You will not win this fight...

Rob...Please don't die!..

Helgrim...We will meet again in the afterlife... My Brother..

(Helgrim faces Troll Fortress and rushes towards it. Blood begins to leak from his mouth and eyes. Rob tears up and shakes his fist and Hindo smiles.)

HindoHahahah!! Another Dragon, turned to dust! Troll King will be proud of this glorious achievement! Hahaha!..

Mauller. . .

Page 19

(Mauller notices the floor he is standing on crumbling. He jumps to a wall and slides down it, into the crater where he is standing.)

Mauller (thinking)..Woah.. What was that?

Mauller (thinking)...I've never seen so much power.. Troll King should know that our enemies aren't those who we can take for granted, if he's even still alive...

Mauller (thinking)..Assuming, the almost complete destruction of Troll Fortress wasn't a clear enough of a state➜
➜ment for him to understand what we're dealing with..

Mauller (thinking)We haven't seen this kind of power in several years.. Good, something to practice my new power on..

Mauller (thinking)..I have to stop her..

(Mauller leaps out of his crater and towards the Fortress. Meanwhile, Helgrim slams into the roof, with Rob flung from his back. Rob rolls over on the roof, injured with many cuts, bruises, and a black eye as Helgrim slides off.)

Page 20

(Rob coughs up blood and stands as Hindo watches from above, grinning.)


NarrateurBack to Mauller

Mauller climbs a ladder and is suddenly grabbed by Magma Garry, who drops down after touching him. Mauller turns and looks down.)


(Mauller jumps down from the ladder and gets angry.)

Mauller...You traitor!

(Magma Garry spews lava from his mouth, covering Mauller.)

Page 21

NarrateurBack to Hindo

(Hindo charges up a black lightning bolt and aims at Rob. From the distance, Blaze arrives and tosses a fireball at Hindo, burning his hand.)


Hindo..Very well, you can join him!!

(Hindo charges up bolts in both of his hands, taking aim at Rob and Blaze. Yellow strings then suddenly emerge from Rob and Blaze's bodies, covering them in a barrier. Hindo unleashes his bolts, but the black lightning is stopped by the spirit strings.)

Page 22

(Rob, Blaze, and Hindo are in shock. The barriers containing Rob and Blaze are lifted into the air and merge into one.)

Hindo..What the fuck is happening!?

(A yellow spirit string ties itself around Hindo.)


(Coyote leaps from behind with the other end of Hindo's string being attached to his arm. As he flies upwards, Hindo is pulled upwards. Coyote spins in the air, twirling Hindo alongside him before tossing his body down into the castle, causing mass destruction. Coyote, angry, descends using his strings and lands near Magma Garry.)

Coyote..I will cause you devastation! I will sap your means of progression!

(Coyote poses menacingly.)

CoyoteWe will see if you are able to crawl out of the rubble, the ruin i leave in my wake!..

(Coyote's golden strings begin to turn red. Road Runner moves to his side as Coyote's eyes change to being black with red pupils similar to Demaro.)

Coyote..You will be my eyes for me here, while my focus is on the task..

(Coyote hands his book to Magma Garry who leaps to the roof of Troll Fortress. Strings emerge from Magma Garry's hand as he reaches into his book. Coyote sits and meditates as Road Runner guards him. A huge swarm of birds then appear from Coyote's book and fly into the castle.)

Page 23

(Coyote meditates.)

Coyote (thinking)It is very challenging for me to focus on so many separate consciousnesses and their senses...

Coyote (thinking)Not to mention how straining it can be, when controlling a complicated corpse..

Coyote (thinking)..Birds may fly like breathing but flying isn't second nature to me, so it takes effort to make each individual bird fly.. I regret not eating their brains in order to gain a better understanding of it...

(Coyote begins to sweat as he struggles to control the birds.)

CoyoteYou will be my eyes, while you all soar through the fortress..

CoyoteGo forth, find me anything of relevance for me to obtain!...

(Magma Garry jumps into the hole left on the roof. Birds appear in the morgue where Luigi was found.)

Coyote (thinking)A Morgue? This is an opportunity to replenish my corpses..

(Magma Garry bursts into the room. Strings shoot from his hand and open a cabinet, revealing Sonic, who's head has been stitched back on.)

Coyote (thinking)Hmm.. This corpse is quite preserved.. This will do!

(Magma Garry opens more cabinets and pulls more bodies into his book.)

Page 24

NarrateurMeanwhile, Back To Elmer.

(Fudd and Luigi continue their escape from Troll Fortress.)

Fudd..Due to the attack on the fortress, it wouldn't be possible for Troll City to not be on high alart, we can't risk being seen escaping through the city..

LuigiSo you want to go around the city? That will take us several hours longer to reach the base..

Fudd..Indeed, but it's the method with the highest odds of success..

(Luigi's eyes suddenly widen. Elmer's does as well as he screams while Luigi drops onto the ground while Fudd kneels. Fudd holds his head in pain as he recalls a scene showing Eggman and his assistant robot, M-19, in a dark room. They are overseeing an experiment being conducted on Sonic's body, where a large orb glows inside his stomach. His intestines are visible.)

Eggman...This, is perfection!! My most extensive project is complet!! Hahahahaha!!..

M-19Well done, Master.

Eggman...You will surpass my father's creation! You will become greater than Shadow!!

Eggman..Sew him up, and use the scar removal ray. He must not become aware of this experiment. And inject the tracking device in his arm.. Hmm.. Perhaps we should deactivate the core for the moment, it would be unfortunate for us to lose such valuable parts in case of any, unforeseen events..

M-19Yes, Master.

(Eggman smiles with an evil expression on his face. The scene then shifts to Fudd who has recovered.)

Fudd...These memories are appearing at random intervals.. It's becoming straining, and it's difficult to piece i together in a manner that makes sense.. I have to keep going!

Page 25

NarrateurBack to Coyote

(Heimerdinger is seen hiding in the laboratory as birds enter. Magma Garry also appears. Heimerdinger peeks out from his hiding spot.)

Heimerdinger (thinking)..Oh, it's Garry in his magma form.. But, that's his last resort! He wouldn't use that unless things were really bad..

Heimerdinger (thinking)This would be the perfect time to escape! But considering the condition of my leg, speed and stealth will not be an option...

Heimerdinger (thinking)Not to mention, someone removed all of my rebotic equipment sometime after i used them to make Garry's robot clone.. Troll King must have presumed that i would use them against him if i ever had the opportunity.. So my escape options are very limited..

Heimerdinger (thinking)My original plan was to remain here so i can try to assist from the inside, but without my robotics?... I don't feel confident in that approach... And if Troll King no longer trusts in my craftmanship and forced loyalty, then he may dispose of me..

Heimerdinger (thinking)My only hope is to try and convince Garry to free me, to return the favor for me helping him create the robot clone without Troll King's awareness of it..

(Heimerdinger leaps out from his position.)

HeimerdingerGarry, what's going on out there?

(Flames and magma begin to come out from Magma Garry. A blade formed from Neutral strings also forms from his hand as he rears it back and approaches Heimerdinger.)

Heimerdinger....Wait!! Garry, no!!

(Magma Garry impales Heimerdinger through his face.)

Page 26

(Coyote's orb containing Rob and Blaze floats in the sky.)

Rob..Blaze! ..Why did you try to help me!?.. You could have been killed!

Blaze...For the same reason why you wanted to save Elmer.. None of our friends should be left behind!..


Rob..My enemy was stronger than i could imagine, and he wasn't even their leader..

Rob..Coyote needs to escape before Troll King returns..

Rob...Uhh.. I mean, What!?..

Blaze..I know you can read lips... I had a little sister who was deaf, she learned how to do it.. So i know what it looks like...

RobOh... I apologize, i should have said something..

BlazeYou don't need to say sorry, i understand why you would keep it a secret..

(Blaze smiles.)

Blaze..The less you speak, the less you sound like a Dragonborn..

BlazeI grew up with the stories of Troll King, how he hunted down your people out his his own fear of being opposed.. You had to do what you had to, so you could survive..

Rob..Wait, you said "had" a sister?

Blaze...Yes, we were both captured by Eggman...

(Flashback to Eggman and M-19 looking over a generic Sonic the Hedgehog franchise like character. Eggman prods at the specimen's brain.)

Page 27

EggmanNo, no this won't do... Another unviable specimen...


M-19Yes, Master?

EggmanTake this filthy creature to the holding room, and bring me another untested specimen!

M-19Yes, Master.

(M-19 lifts the specimen and carries him through a hallway. He passes by a holding cell with a label above stating "Viable Objects". In it, Sonic, Sonichu, Silver, Knuckles, and Blaze are seen being held in shackles agains the wall. Other Sonic-like characters are also seen.)
(As he walks by, M-19 brushes by Shadow. Shadow turns to face M-19 after he walks by.)

ShadowGet the fuck out of my way, you defective machine!

(M-19 continues walking and makes his way to a cell labeled "Unviable Objects" containing more generic Sonic franchise-like characters as well as Vector, Espio, and Cream.)

Vector...Let... Let us go...

Page 28

(Blaze wakes up, groggy. She looks over and sees M-19 dragging her younger sister, Pyro, along the floor.)


(M-19 walks by, ignoring Blaze.)


Sonichu...Will you shut the fuck up!?.. You're giving me a headache!!

Sonic..Don't talk to her like that, you son of a bitch...

Sonichu..Eat my chode, faggot! You're not the only one with problems.. God, if i ever get out of here, the first thing I'm going to do is eat your Mom's juicy hairy pussy..

(Sonic, weary, looks at Sonichu with a face of annoyance.)


(In the present, Rob appears concerned.)

BlazeHe did horrible experiments to us... He... He did other things to us too... Things no one should go through...

BlazeAnd my sister, she was so young... I will never forget her screams.

(Blaze tears up.)

Page 29

(Blaze weeps openly.)

Blaze..I survived, but she didn't.. I owe my freedom to a man named Sonic, he was recently killed by the Trolls.. My sister died before he could save her too...

Blaze..If i ever find Eggman, i sware i will end his life!.. So no one else will have to suffer the way that we did!..

RobBlaze... I don't know what to say...

Blaze..I know this is a strange time to bring all of this up, but there is something very important that i have to tell you... Something i should have told you all so much sooner, i just couldn't find the words...

Blaze..I overheard Eggman speaking one day.. He installed some kind of high powered energy infused bomb into all of us that were viable candidates.. I don't know what he was trying to project, but..

Blaze..If anyone tries to remove the robotic parts that he put in our bodies? The bomb will be triggered and it will explode.. if any of the robotic parts in me are damaged, or if he triggers the kill switch? It will also detonate...

Blaze..He said that he can't risk his technology and prized specimens falling into the wrong hands...

Blaze..Lucky for us, Sonic and our other murdered friend Epsio were able to remove the tracking devices that he also put into our bodies..

(Blaze looks at Rob in the face.)

Blaze..Rob, all of you are in danger.. Just being near me and Silver puts lives at risk!..

(Rob looks back, surprised.)

RobDoes Silver know about the bombs?..

Blaze...You're the only person I've told... I had to tell someone... I...


(Blaze falls forward, passing out.)


(Rob catches Blaze and rests her on his knee.)

Rob...You wore yourself out... Please, try to rest...

Page 30

NarrateurBack to Coyote

Coyote (thinking)..I find it difficult to believe that someone with so much power over the land, can have such little resources of value.. Their whole system is built on lies and illusions..

Coyote (thinking)A power structure, using fear to force his minions to spread his parasitic way of life.. Disgraceful!.. They must be purged, they must be removed from existance..

(Coyote opens his eyes with a glare shining forth.)

Coyote (thinking)...Hm?.. Elmer's corpses, but where are you being contained?... Has Troll King relocated you!?.. Or?...

Coyote (thinking)..There should only be one room of interest left, according to Silver's map.. Elmer, you should be there..

NarrateurBack to Elmer.

(Elmer and Luigi continue to run. Luigi suddenly falls over as Fudd grips his head and kneels.)

Fudd...Not again!!..


(The markings on Fudd's hands spin. The scene moves to a dark room with Eggman standing menacingly over a mentally and physically broken Amy, dressed in a hospital gown. An oxygen machine is connected to her nostrils as she is strapped to a surgical bed.)

NarrateurGirl, my love grows stronger each day, baby please. ♩
Don't hurt me just because you'll know I'll forgive. ♫
Girl, my love grows stronger each day, baby please. ♩
Don't hurt me just because you'll know I'll forgive.

(Eggman finishes the prep work on Amy. Amy's stomach appears large, indicating that she is pregnant and in labor.)

NarrateurHold me until we die. ♫
Weather together the storms of life.
It won't always be sunshine.
Baby we're blends of imperfection.
Give me your heart and soul.
Love me like you've never loved before.
Beautiful morning dew.
I'll be your shoulder to cry on to.

(Some of the lyrics are obscured by Eggman who is smiling as he peers into Amy's vagina, preparing to deliver a baby.)

EggmanIt will be over soon, my Darling

EggmanWe will be a family now, as you've always desired.

(Amy screams in pain as she sweats and tears up.)


(A baby crawls forth from Amy's bloodied vagina. Eggman holds the baby in his hands as its disfigured face stares, mouth agape. The baby has a small version of Eggman's nose and black, void-like eyes with small green pupils staring forth. His umbilical cord is still attached.)


(A close up on Fudd's eyes as he is in horror.)

Fudd...I have a son!...

(Fudd opens his mouth in terror.)

Page 31

(A figure emerges outside, from a trap door. Tails is then seen lying on the jungle floor, bugs on his face.)

NarrateurBack To Tails.

(Tails slaps his face, knocking the bugs off.)

Tails (thinking)...That was a nightmare, i must have been asleep..

Tails (thinking)...My face is on fire... Damn it, it hurts really bad..

Tails (thinking)..It's getting dark, i need to find a tree to climb... This isn't like home, there's incects everywhere i look... I shouldn't sleep on the ground..

(Tails holds his stomach as it rumbles.)

Tails (thinking)..Oh no, i got to go!..

NarrateurBack To Coyote.

(Birds appear in the Ice Chamber's, looking at the Man in the Ice. Magma Garry enters from below.)

Coyote (thinking)This is the last room in this entire underground bunker, so where are you?...

Coyote (thinking)...Elmer, where are you!?..

(Strings emerge from Magma Garry's hands, slashing the Man in the Ice. The ice block is cut clean in half, as the top part slides off, cracking when it hits the ground.)

Page 32

Coyote (thinking)...These machines and this corpse could be useful.. This armored person must be important, Troll King seems to be attempting to revive him somehow..

Coyote (thinking)..I'm done here, i should reunite with Silver and Tom.. Elmer, i promise i will find you soon, please be strong willed..

(Coyote suddenly opens his eyes.)

Coyote (thinking)Hm!? ..

(Road Runner suddenly zooms behind Coyote as he gets up and turns around.)

Coyote (thinking)My body is too slow to react! He's going to!...

(Road Runner is caught in an explosion. "Shrapnel" fires past his body, injuring Coyote in different parts of his body and covering him in blood. The scene then shows a figure in gold holding Fudd's stolen cock standing over the remains of Road Runner, slowly revealing it to be a powered up Troll Face using Sonic's Chaos Emerald.)

Page 33

(Coyote repositions himself. Super Troll Face moves in to elbow Coyote in the face, with a smug expression. Coyote grits his teeth and forms strings from his hands, and slashes at Troll Face. Troll Face effortlessly dodges, smiling. He then backflips from Coyote, moving a distance away. From behind him, a yellow spinball emerges and rushes towards Coyote. The spinball unravels revealing it to be Sonichu, who pounds Coyote in the head with the power of electricity, knocking him down with a manic expression on his face.)
(Sonichu continues to attack Coyote. He throws a powerful electric haymaker, knocking Coyote away. As his body is flung, Sonichu grabs Coyote by the legs and holds him, smiling before kicking his body into the air like a football. On the ground, Troll Face takes aim with Elmer's shotgun and fires a shot towards Coyote. Moments before Coyote is hit, he raises a barrier using his strings.)

Page 34

(Coyote lowers his barrier and looks down on the two from above. He is furious.)

CoyoteIf I'm going to die, then I'm bringing you down to hell with me!

(Coyote raises his arm. A spear of Neutral strings begins to form from Road Runner's remains. The spear flies towards Sonichu, impaling him in a gory fashion and holding him up in the air. The bomb inside his stomach is penetrated. Moments after, light glows from the bomb and Sonichu is engulfed within a bright light. The light expands, showing Troll Face and Coyote who are in shock.)

Troll Face...

(The explosion engulfs the battlefield.)