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Biographical info
Physical description
Species Robot
Skin color Blue
Eye color Yellow
Personal information
Position Eggman's servant
Allies Eggman
First appearance Chapter 24, Page 24
Last appearance Chapter 24, Page 28
Alive (in flashbacks)
In real life
Actual name M-19
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 24, Page 24 (2021)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled

M-19 is a robot subordinate of Eggman usually seen in flashbacks of various characters working on people.


M-19 is a humanoid robot with a blue theme. Various parts of M-19's body are colored in red, with a medical cross also appearing on his shoulder pads.


M-19 first appears during one of Fudd's flashbacks during Chapter 24. He is with the doctor overseeing an experiment being performed on Sonic. In a different flashback told by Blaze, it is also seen with Eggman, watching as he prods at the brain of a random creature. Declaring the subject to be a failure, Eggman asks M-19 to take the body to a room of "Unviable Objects" where a few familiar faces are chained up. He then pulls out Pyro and drags her away to be experimented on.


M-19 is loyal to Eggman, following his orders without question, though it is unknown if he is simply programmed this way and has no free will of his own.


Given that M-19 is present when Eggman is performing his operations on the various characters, it appears that he seems to have some medical prowess.


  • Since Lazerbot didn't leave any concept art for M-19, it is the first to be designed by the Art Team.
  • According to Peper, the cross on the chest was removed while designing M-19 because it looked too much like a cross necklace.[1]