General Plastro

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General Plastro

Biographical info
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color Gold
Hair color Black (mustasche)
Eye color Unknown
Personal information
Position Member of Troll King's army
Affiliation The Trolls
Allies Troll King
First appearance Chapter 24, Page 8
Last appearance Chapter 24, Page 9
In real life
Actual name General Plastro
First appearance Army Men (1998)
Franchise Army Men
Damn.. I've never seen the Boss this mad before.. He's really fucking mad bro..
General Plastro, Chapter 24, Page 9

General Plastro is a minor character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled.


General Plastro appears wearing a military outfit and black shades. Every part of his being is colored golden, with the exception of a short black mustache on his face, and the color of his glasses.


Plastro first appears emerging from the shadows to inform Troll King that Troll Fortress is under attack. He expresses surprise as he sees Troll King enrage, before running off to make his way back to the Fortress.


From what dialogue he has, General Plastro appears to be loyal to Troll King as he warns him of the attack on Troll Fortress. He goes so far as to say to his other troll companions to be ready to use their lives to defend the fortress, indicating that he does have some level of loyalty to their group.


It is unknown if General Plastro has any special powers of note.

Real Life Origins

General Plastro is the main antagonist of the Army Men series.


Due to his limited appearances, it is difficult to say if he has any differences from his actual series counterpart and Tails Gets Trolled.